Astral Pet Store Chapter 792

Chapter 889: Join The Union Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Su Ping looked at each other suspiciously, "Is this the starry sky circle you mentioned?"

"That's right, the leader inside is a star master realm. Dont offend you. The second in command is also a senior star master, with a mysterious origin... Anyway, its basically a background and status. , At my level, it can only be regarded as the bottom."

Garland didn't exaggerate his identity, he was already defeated by the opponent, and it was meaningless to brag about himself.

And he didn't want Su Ping to be too arrogant, if he offended the leader in it, not only would Su Ping die miserably, but he might also be implicated.

After all, Su Ping entered this circle because of him.

"So..." Su Ping nodded, but didn't feel much.

The star master realm...in the demigod land, that is, the master **** level.

This kind of song nickname reading is just a wage earner under Joanna.

With his current cultivation level, he is still unable to cultivate the starry sky realm's battle pet, and he is not very interested in this circle. Although most of these starry sky realms have descendants and influences, they can allow future generations to cultivate and patronize in the store. But... his current business is already too busy, and he doesn't need to win any more.

When he can nurture a star war pet in the future, people in this circle will be able to train him.

"It seems that my cultivation level will also be improved as soon as possible." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

After absorbing the thousand-year star power that Nie Huofeng had deliberately blocked on the blue star, Su Ping only reached the peak of the vast sea realm. He thought that with that vast and vast star power, he could rush to the peak of the destiny realm in one breath, but the result was in the virtual cave realm. It was defeated.

Unlike the previous time when he sensed the catastrophe, Su Ping can now feel the bottleneck of the virtual cave realm at any time, and can step through it at any time.

But he had no choice to break through so easily.

Normal war pet masters who cultivate to the virtual cave realm need to understand the mystery of space, use the mystery of space to break through the bottleneck and build a bridge!

And his understanding of the mystery of space has long surpassed the normal virtual cave realm, and even deeper than some destiny realms. He has already broken through the bottleneck and built a bridge!

However, Su Ping did not want to build this bridge casually. He wanted to fully understand the way of space, and then use the complete space mystery to break through this bottleneck and build an extremely solid bridge.

Such a bridge will be a hundred times stronger than the normal Void Hole Realm, and can withstand the impact of his vast star power, making the explosive power even more terrifying!

"Are you free now, give me your virtual communication number, and I will transfer it to that senior, and let him pull you into the league." Seeing Su Ping's indifferent appearance, Jialan stopped talking, and finally smiled bitterly. Said.


Su Ping didn't care, flipped his palm, and the turquoise lord star order appeared. Now his communicator and all network information are in this lord star order.

This is his communicator, and it cannot be deciphered. Even some sophisticated hackers cannot break it, nor do they have the guts to break it.

"Lord Star Order?"

Seeing this star order, Garland was stunned and a little surprised.

He didn't expect that Su Ping in front of him was a lord!

But soon he came back to his senses, with Su Ping's cultivation base, he was indeed more than enough to be the lord, not to mention that this was only the lowest level 5 star order.


Su Ping reported his communication number to Garland.

The communicator and communication number made by the private company he bought on Blue Star has long been obsolete. When he inherited the status of Blue Star as the lord, all his identity information was entered in the Star Order, and a unique federal universe was created. The communication number of the genus.

Of course, he can continue to apply for his own communication trumpet.

Time precision management.

However, in the case of a single dog like Su Ping, this is not necessary.

Unless it's oneself to tease oneself...

Garland took down the communication number, and his thoughts rushed.

As a lord, Su Ping actually ran to the planet Rhea, what did he intend?

Do you want to include the planet Rhea in the bag?

He thought for a while, and it seemed a bit unexplainable. If Su Ping wanted the planet Rhea, he should go to the lord of the Zeruprun galaxy, the Laifa family?

Isn't it a matter of words to please the upper Leifa family and replace the owner of the planet Rhea?

In his thoughts, Garland didn't stop moving, worried that Su Ping would see his thoughts, so he immediately contacted the senior of the Star Alliance.

After a few words of greeting, Garland reported Su Ping's communication number.


Within a few minutes, Su Ping received the message reminder that the lord Starling had transmitted to his mind through the information wave.

"Xinghai League-God Apollo invites you to join."


Su Ping was taken aback, this name was a bit familiar.

"Is it a screen name? It seems that the origin of Blue Star's culture has been spread in the Federation." Su Ping felt a little bit of relief in his heart.

He chose to agree.

Soon, the wave of information transmitted by the lord starling formed a virtual nebula area in his mind.

In this nebula, the clouds are misty, and the stars of the universe are faintly visible around them, shining brightly.

In the middle of the cloud and mist, there is a huge round table. On both sides of the round table are high-back chairs. At this moment, there are seven or eight high-back chairs sitting on phantom figures, and the rest are empty chairs.

Su Ping can only see the faint outlines of these illusory figures, but their faces are all covered by clouds.

"There are newcomers?"

"It seems to be invited by Apollo, welcome newcomers."

"I just saw God Roland withdraw, did this newcomer come in for him?"

These people spoke, some with a cold voice, some with enthusiasm, and some greeted casually.

"Is this the Xinghai League?" Su Ping looked at them, and saw that there were two misty figures on the top of the round table, but the two figures, let alone their faces, were made of mist.

"Hello, I am Apollo."

At this time, a soft cough sounded, followed by an indifferent old man's voice, saying: "Roland gave up the position and transferred it to you, newcomer, you first decide your name so that everyone can call it later. In addition, the leader Although the deputy leader and the deputy leader are usually there, they only separate a part of the star mind here. There is nothing serious about it. Don't bother them."

Su Ping looked in the direction of speaking and was an old man with a vague face. He did not expect that the name was actually an old man.

He asked: "How to choose a name?"

"Have you not joined any forces?" The voice of a woman next to her was strange and authentic.

Su Ping turned his head and looked at it, she was a woman with a dim face, but when she heard her voice, she was in her twenties, very young.


"You can use your lord's star order to find out." The old man Apollo said.

Su Ping was surprised and wanted to ask you how you knew that I had a lord Star Order, but soon thought of the reason. Those who can join the Star Sea Alliance are all in the Starry Sky Realm.

The Starry Sky Realm basically has its own planet, and some even have more than one.

After all, to get a planet is to lie down and make money, countless taxes, and many other benefits.

Without saying much, Su Ping immediately asked the lord Star Ling. Soon, the lord Star Ling sent him a large piece of information, and Su Ping immediately understood it and meditated on the name change in his heart.

A naming reminder appeared before him.

"Newcomers, nicknames in this alliance must be prefixed with the Xinghai League prefix. In addition, in this alliance, except for the leader and deputy leader who can claim to be the emperor, the rest can only use the immortal monarch or **** The suffix of the class is also the style of this league."

"In the future, you will meet those who are named as a certain immortal monarch, or the starry sky realm of a god, and the other party will be our own."

"Of course, there will be exceptions. Someone uses the same style of name under the guise of our Xinghaimeng, and when you encounter such a guy, you will learn a hard lesson."

The old man Apollo smiled indifferently: "For example, my name is the **** Apollo."

Su Ping was stunned, is there anything he wants?

In other words, why is this famous style...a bit of a second grade!

Isn't there a group of starry sky realm powerhouses gathered here, how can there be a feeling of confusion?

"My name is Adam God."

"I am the eternal emperor."

Two people nearby smiled and gave a demonstration of Su Ping's name.

Some black lines appeared on Su Ping's forehead.

That's it.

It seems that my long-silent Soul of the Second Middle School should also burn for a while. He thought about it and finished the name: "Xinghai League-Beitian Xianzun."

"Xianzun? This suffix is a bit interesting."

"Tsk tusk, it seems to be very compelling, why didn't I think of using the word Xianzun?"

"It feels like Xianzun, more powerful than my Xianjun."

When other people saw Su Ping's name, they were a little surprised.

Su Ping: "..."

Are these guys already poisoned so deeply?

I will give you Ali!

The old man Apollo snorted and coughed softly: "Since the name has been taken, let's set it up, Immortal Venerable...it should not be the emperor. Well, look back and see how the leader and deputy leader look."

Hearing what he said, Su Ping looked at the big chair above the round table. There was fog surrounding it, but he still couldn't see anything, even the outline of his figure.

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