Astral Pet Store Chapter 793

Chapter 890: China Second League Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Su Pingyuan originally thought that this circle of many starry sky realms would be a tall group.

As a result, the names of each of the second to the top of the table instantly refreshed his senses.

"Is this style of naming set by the leader?" Su Ping couldn't help asking.

The old man Apollo nodded and smiled, and said: "Yes, this is the rule appointed by the leader, and it cannot be violated. Among the many large and small forces in the starry sky, the style of our Star Alliance is unique. This is all about the leader of the hero. Wait for you. I have a chance to see it."


It turns out that you are still a senior social animal licking dog.

The corners of Su Ping's mouth twitched slightly, and he felt like he was in a circle that he shouldn't be in.

These one by one, at any rate, are also planet-lord-level characters, stomping their feet can shake a planet of billions of inhabitants!

In the eyes of the people of the world, these top powerhouses sitting on the clouds are all extraordinary figures who are incapable of emotions and anger, and whose minds are extremely deep and unpredictable.


How can this be half the appearance of an expert?

and many more.

Could it be that they deliberately behaved so second, because they wanted to please the leader?


The atmosphere of a circle is set by the leaders inside. Just like a company, whether it is positive or corrupt depends on whether the leader likes flattering or doing practical things.

The root of the second soul, in this leader, other people cooperate so affectionately, this is acting!

High, really high!

It turns out that this is their real city!

Original, ugly, self?

Su Ping took a deep breath. This is the world of practitioners. The play is like life!

"Baitian Xianzun, did God Roland let the position come in? What kind of friendship does God Roland have with you, are you willing to let it go?" a middle-aged voice asked curiously.

Su Ping's cold hair was slightly erected, and he was called by this name... I feel so ashamed!

He glanced at each other, and now he realized that he could also see the other's nickname.

...Six Dao Xianjun.

Su Ping's mouth twitched twice, isn't it better than acting, who is afraid of whom?

As long as you are not embarrassed, it is someone else who is embarrassed.

"It's just a simple life and friendship." Su Ping said simply.

It is indeed a fateful friendship, nothing wrong.

Just almost let the other party lose this life.

"So that's it." The Six Dao Immortal Monarch made a sudden voice.

The old man Apollo next to him also understood. No wonder that the kid did everything possible to please him and gave him a lot of good things. Then he reluctantly agreed and begged the leader to give him a position.

"Here, you can pinch your face at will, and you can change your appearance. If you are brave enough, you can also directly use the actual appearance. After you set it up, I will give you permission so that you can see We are." The old man Apollo said to Su Ping.

"Pinch your face?"

Su Ping was astonished, seeing their faces shrouded in clouds and mist, and suddenly realized that this is a kind of privacy protection.

He immediately inquired about the lord Star Ling, and soon knew how to pinch his face.

Not long after, Su Ping squeezed out a handsome face. He felt that the value of this face should be one-tenth of his own, and it was enough. It is better to keep a low profile outside.

"All right."


Soon, the Apollo old man was set up.

Su Ping immediately saw the clouds and mist in front of his eyes dissipate slightly, and the mist covering the faces of those people opened up, revealing their appearance. The former Six Dao Immortal Monarch looked like a rough middle-aged man with patterns on his face, like It's a tattoo, but it's like some kind of energy circuit.

Su Ping was a little curious, and noticed a little.

And the old man Apollo had benevolent eyebrows, but his eyes were narrow and long, like the sharp blade hidden under that charity eyebrow.

Su Ping discovered that the faces and hair colors of these people were slightly different from those he had seen before, and they were also different from the faces of people on the planet Rhea.

Different races have their own racial characteristics. Su Ping guessed that since there is privacy protection, most of these people are unwilling to expose their true faces casually, and may even deliberately fabricate faces that are different from their own race.

"Hey, Baitian Xianzun, you look good, and you have never seen it before." said a girl next to him.

Su Ping turned his head to look, his eyelids twitched.

Fairy of Yaochi...

This girl named Yaochi Fairy, looks similar to her voice, and has a face in her early twenties. She is quite delicate and can be called a unique beauty.

"Alright..." Su Ping laughed.

"Isn't this your real appearance? Is your real appearance so beautiful?" Yaochi Fairy asked curiously with her beautiful eyes floating.

"Ten times better than this."


The eyes of the fairy in Yaochi were shining.

Su Ping saw the light in her eyes, and suddenly his heart swelled. How could he look like a wolf?

Sure enough, the boy is outside and should protect himself.

I'm afraid this is a murderer!

"Sister Yaochi, if you empathize so easily, I will be sad." The voice of a young man next to him said.

Su Ping turned his head to look, and suddenly felt that he was going to die.

Huangquan Demon...

This lethality is greater than one.

Well, I don't seem to lose anywhere.

"I'm in the Forest of Meteor Stars, I'll go ahead and talk slowly." At this moment, another grim-faced young man next to him said.

After speaking, his figure faded away, and the chair was surrounded by clouds.

"Brother Poseidon is really hardworking. He went to Luoxinglin to practice again. I really want to go, ah, ah, who can take me?" The Yaochi fairy pounded the round table, whining softly.

The six immortal monarchs next to him sighed, "I want to go, too, please."

"With our cultivation base in the past, it's still a little bit choking, it's better for Brother Poseidon, his star-swallowing primordial beast can fully protect him." Huangquan Demon Lord also regretted and envied it.

Su Ping was a little curious when he heard it, and asked, "What is the Meteor Star Forest? Is it a training place?"

"Brother Baitian doesn't know?"

Several people were stunned, and Six Dao Xianjun asked in surprise: "Brother Baitian came from another galaxy, right?"

Su Ping was speechless, and when he saw the expressions of the other people, he knew that he had exposed some information.

He quickly searched with the Lord's Star Ling.

Related news appeared soon, but some of the news was encrypted and charged.

And the information fee is quite high, one billion!

Su Ping was not short of money in his account, so he paid it directly, and soon he understood that this Meteor Forest is a starry sky secret in the Sylvie Galaxy.

Located in a starry sky, the environment inside is complicated, and there are many fierce monsters living in it. It is a good place for cultivation and exercise in the starry sky.

In it, you can capture starry sky battle pets, and if you are lucky, you can also collect some extraordinary natural treasures and star crystals.

However, if it is bad luck, it will lie in it forever.

"It turns out to be a place of cultivation, it seems to be similar to the top dangerous places in the Demigod Land, and most of the activities inside are starry sky realm monsters."

Su Ping understood in his heart that such a place for cultivation is scarce for others, but it has no attraction to him.

There are so many places for him to cultivate and exercise.

"No, I just ask casually."

Su Ping withdrew from the news of the lord Xing Ling, and said to the six immortal monarchs.

After speaking, he didn't give the other party a chance to ask questions, and said: "I have to leave beforehand, and I will ask you for advice when I have time."

"I don't dare to ask, Brother Baitian is also in the early stage of Starry Sky Realm, let's communicate together in the future."

"Yes, Brother Baitian, go to the virtual gym to play together when you have time."

The fairy girl next to Yaochi also shouted.

"Okay, call me when you have time."

Su Ping responded with a smile.

After greeting a few people goodbye, Su Ping retreated from the virtual nebula.

After all, it was the first time I met, and I didn't know him well yet. Su Ping didn't mention the cultivation of pet beasts. Anyway, he couldn't cultivate the pets of the starry sky.

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