Astral Pet Store Chapter 794

Chapter 891: Void God Ruins Two In One

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"How about it, did you add it?"

As soon as Su Ping opened his eyes and returned to the store, he heard Garland's nervous questioning.

Su Ping glanced at him, thinking about what he had just been in the circle, and the corners of his mouth moved slightly, and said: "You have left this circle, do you have other ways to contact the people in the circle?"


Garland glanced at him and said: "In the circle, I have a better relationship with Ren O'Neal. Didn't you see him in the circle just now?"

"No, what is his name inside?"

"It's called Zeus."


Su Ping was speechless. After a while, he asked, "The rule he understands is the Thunder Element?"

"No, it's the inflammation element."

"...Then his body is Thunder?"

"No, it's the inflammation element."



Without detaining Garland, Su Ping asked him to leave.

In addition to the Xinghaimeng circle, all the stocks and real estate belonging to Garland were cashed out in the fastest way and transferred to him.

This sum of money is actually a trillion!

This made Su Ping clearly realize how rich a starry sky realm is, and that this is a starry sky realm without its own territory, like the one from the Wren family, who relies on the tax revenue on the planet Leia every year. .

This is also normal.

On a prosperous planet, the richest man on a continent has more than this savings.

After all, the GDP of the entire planet is amazing.

Unfortunately, this money cannot be converted into energy and can only be deposited in Suping's Federal Bank.

Su Ping intends to use this money for the construction of Blue Star, as well as doing his own lord's duty.

Seeing Su Ping really let himself go, Garland was both a pleasant surprise and an accident. He didn't expect Su Ping to let him go so easily.

You know, Su Ping squeezed him to this point, which is tantamount to offending him.

It is absolutely unwise to allow an enemy of the Starry Sky Realm to leave now.

"Is this guy confident or innocent?"

When he left the shop, when the sun outside shone on him, Garland felt like a world away. He looked back at the shop, his eyes a little complicated.

However, thinking of his losses, the touch in his heart immediately dissipated, and he quickly tore the space and left here.


In the shop.

Su Ping looked at Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong who were doing nothing in the store, and said, "I will nurture pet beasts in a while. You can go out and get familiar with the environment. This is the third-class planet of the Federation. You can also contact the world of the Federation."

Tang Ruyan pouted: "I don't want to play, I want to practice."


"Teacher, I want to learn too." Zhong Lingtong said with a good face.

Su Ping glanced at her. The basic knowledge of nurturing is very limited, unless she is directly preaching, but in this way, she can only live in her own shadow forever, and it is weakened and meaningless.

Since she has been accepted as an apprentice and has been in contact for so long, Su Ping is also willing to see her as a young man, so that he is also honored as a master.


Su Ping took out the lord star order, and the positioning inside had been switched to the planet Leia.

Su Ping searched inside, how to become a cultivator on Rhea planet.

Soon, a piece of information appeared, because he is the authority of the lord, some more confidential information can also be searched.

In these materials, some need to be paid, and Su Ping directly paid to unlock it. He just got trillions in hand, and he was not short of money.

When the Blue Star develops and becomes a higher planet in the future, the annual tax revenue will be more than that.

You know, taxes are huge. The wage tax, consumption tax, corporate tax, etc. of all workers on the planet add up to astronomical figures.

A few minutes later, Su Ping finished watching.

He understood, thought a little, and said to Zhong Lingtong: "If you want to learn, I suggest you get in touch with the federation's cultivation knowledge first. Our Bluestar's previous cultivation technology is relatively backward and derailed from the federation. Here you are. Can learn more advanced cultivation techniques."

"You have two choices. You can go to the Educator Association here to apply for a job and work and study there, or you can find another nurturing teacher and let the other person teach you."

Zhong Lingtong was stunned, and hurriedly said, "No, I don't want to look for a teacher anymore. My teacher is only you!"

"The teacher I'm talking about is the kind of professor who likes to accept students to give lectures. You just need to go to the lectures. As for the money for lectures, I can pay you." Su Ping said.

Zhong Lingtong suddenly understood, and her nervous body relaxed. She thought she had done something wrong and Su Ping didn't want her as a student anymore.

In this remote place, she wouldn't know how to live without Su Ping.

"Teacher, I want to apply for a job at the Educator Association here, half-work and half-study, and then use the tuition I earn to find a master to listen to the class. You have taught me the skills of an educator, and I havent repaid you anything yet, and then use your money. I'm sorry."

Zhong Lingtong bit his lip and said, with a bit of determination on the goose-egg-like round face.

"It's okay. If you don't have enough money, please find me at any time. Your teacher and I have a lot of money now. The money is too much to spend." Su Ping smiled lightly.

Seeing his promise, Zhong Lingtong breathed a sigh of relief and nodded vigorously.

Tang Ruyan next to her turned her eyes and said, "If I want to cultivate, can you give me some money?"

"No, you can borrow it." Su Ping glanced at her.

Tang Ruyan suddenly became angry, "Why does she do it, I can't. Although she is your student, but I am your employee, you haven't paid me a salary!"

"Temporary employees, where's the salary."

"You, you vampire!"

"I don't **** the blood of the poor."

Tang Ru smoked his feet straight, and finally compromised, saying: "Okay, just treat it as if I borrowed it from you. When we return to Blue Star in the future, I will return it to you, or when I become stronger, I will make money back to you. , You just robbed that strong man in the starry sky realm, so much money, first lend me 10 billion!"

"You have a big appetite." Su Ping rolled his eyes, but didn't refuse, and said: "You can save some money with this money. It is not easy for me to rob someone."

Seeing that Su Ping was really willing to borrow, Tang Ruyan's heart warmed, but his face was not so easy to soften, and he hummed softly: "Of course you need money for cultivation. I don't know the price of this federation. If there are more, I I will find it back to you. I will first go and see the cultivation techniques here."


Su Ping said.

After the two guys settled down, Su Ping asked them to go out and get familiar with the surrounding environment. They went to find their own things to do, and contact him when they encountered problems.

After the two of them left the store, Su Ping closed the store door and went to the petting room to prepare for the journey of breeding.

This time Su Ping didn't plan to go to the demigod land, mainly the dangerous places where the demigod landed, he had basically been there, and there was less than a slap in the rest of those who had not been.

Almost walked around.

In every dangerous place, his traces and name were also left. Today, he is considered a celebrity in the Demigod Land, and he is more famous than some main gods.

After all, a person who often runs rampant in various dangerous places can hardly not attract attention.

However, Joanna helped to block the news, plus the information to protect Su Ping, everyone did not know that Su Ping was an outsider from another world.

"Not going to your hometown this time." Su Ping said to Joanna.

Joanna was about to leave, she was slightly taken aback when she heard the words, and said in a low voice: "Oh."

Su Ping didn't explain much. Although the Demigod Landing is good, it is also a high-level cultivation site, but he feels that he has gradually adapted to the rhythm of the Demigod Landing Landing.

Some of the monsters' fighting methods in it, including the operation of energy, Su Ping had already seen too familiar, he wanted to go to unfamiliar places to give himself different excitement.

Although in those dangerous places, he would often encounter the top monster beasts in the Starry Sky Realm, and Su Ping could hardly resist and would die, but it was difficult for him to stimulate more potential from the oppression of life and death.

He has become accustomed to absolute calm in the battle, with a calm mind, looking for the opponent's flaws and loopholes, so as to defeat them and win!

"Void God Ruins!"

Su Ping suddenly saw a cultivation site in the cultivation list, which was also a high-level sequence.

This means that the cutting-edge power inside is an existence beyond the Conferred God Realm.

Just like the four supreme gods of the demigods, they are above Joanna!

Su Ping checked the information of this cultivation area.

Void God Ruins: Rumor has it that in the Ninth Yang Period, a cemetery where a **** of war left over from ancient times fell, when it fell, it shocked the sky to cry and the void burst!

His body was concealed in the deep endless void. Countless people searched for his body and the ancient artifacts left behind. They went there, and finally gradually formed a forbidden land...

In this area, there are many void monsters inhabit, be careful!

"Void monster?"

Su Ping's eyes lit up, and he was about to deeply understand the way of space. The void monsters here can be said to be his perfect partner for training!

Void monsters are monsters that live in the void of the universe. They are naturally able to walk in the second dimension, feed on void energy, and even the cubs can perform space secret skills.

Like the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast in Su Ping's hands, it has a part of the bloodline of the Void Monster Beast, and has a very high understanding of the mysteries of space, so it is in the Void Realm just as an adult.

For Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, breaking through bottlenecks and building bridges is as simple as eating and drinking water. It is an instinct carved into DNA.

"System, when is the Ninth Yang Epoch? I seem to have seen a lot of nurturing worlds, all left over from the Ninth Yang Epoch." Su Ping asked in his heart.

"The Ninth Sun Era is the nearest era." The system said indifferently.

"Well before the Ninth Sun Era, is it the Eighth Sun?"

The system was slightly silent, and said, "This is still far away from you. I will tell you when your future cultivation base reaches the starry sky realm."

Su Ping was a little speechless, but he was not too curious, he just asked casually, but looking at the reaction of the system, it seemed that there were some ulterior secrets in it.

He called out a few battle pets that he only needed to cultivate, and then brought all the little skeletons and two dogs, without staying any longer, and entered this void **** ruins.

Now for him, the ticket to this advanced cultivation site is negligible.

However, resurrection in it is still a big cost, after all, once to go, usually more than one sacrifice, unless he is afraid of anything and stays alone.

If you really want to exercise and nurture to the greatest extent, you have to be reckless and look for monsters everywhere. This will cause you to step on a lot of minefields and die dozens of times.


The space vortex emerged, sucking Su Ping in.

A dizzy sensation appeared, and when Su Ping opened his eyes again, he immediately felt an imbalance in his body, just like in a rapidly descending elevator, he hurriedly released his star power to stabilize his body.

The feeling of falling suddenly disappeared, and Su Ping realized that there was a void around him, and just now, he really fell quickly!

There isn't even a place to land here, it's chaotic nothingness.

"This is... the third dimension?" Su Ping looked around, and from the sticky space outside his body, he judged that it was probably the third dimension, but it was a little different from the third dimension he stepped into outside. It was pitch black, and could only be perceived by the star's mind, but there was a glimmer of light here.

Su Ping looked along the dim light and found that it was a dim yellow light frozen in the void.

This light exudes a strong breath, it is actually a divine light? !

Su Ping's eyes widened slightly, a little horrified. The dim light was a divine power, like an attack released, but it was frozen in this space at this moment.

Beside this divine power, there are a few slowly crawling figures. The back half of the body is like a spider, with many sharp legs and feet, but the forelegs are like lizards, short but sharp, and the head is like a lizard, and the neck and neck are extremely deep. , Can scale freely.

"Void monster?"

Su Ping's eyes condensed, and he immediately sensed that the aura of these void monsters were all in the destiny realm.

When he noticed these Void Monster Beasts, the other party also saw Su Ping, and they turned their heads, as if seeing a stranger breaking into their home, they all showed unkind eyes and slowly crawled towards Su Ping. Come here.

Without hesitation, Su Ping raised his hand and pointed out Leiguang.


The power of rules bloomed, and the space was roaring like a roar. In the void where no sound could be transmitted, thunder was actually heard. This is not a sound wave captured by the ear, but a kind of Taoist rhyme, directly resounding in the soul.

Bang bang bang!

Several Void Monster Beasts that rushed forward were torn apart by thunder before they approached.

Although this is their territory, the super-dimensional suppression of the power of rules cannot be easily crossed.

After solving these void monsters at will, Su Ping took their corpses and took out the beast cores from their bodies, which contained extremely pure void energy.

The white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast that this thing gave him should be a great tonic.

Su Ping smoothly incorporated into the system space, and then flew towards the frozen divine light.

This divine light exudes extremely terrifying coercion, but it is frozen at this moment. It is difficult to imagine what kind of power and means this is beyond Su Ping's cognition.

At this moment, the void suddenly rippled, and then, this divine light entered the third dimension, where it was hidden, it was a deeper dimension.

When the divine light disappeared, the surrounding void also shook. Su Ping suddenly saw void cracks in front of him. He saw the fourth dimension...the fifth dimension!

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