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Chapter 892: Fifth Space For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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In the third dimension, there is space chaos that contains the power of rules.

Those regular forces are broken and incomplete, so it is difficult to comprehend Dao rhyme from them, but these regular forces are attached to the chaotic edge of space, but they are extremely destructive.

In the fourth dimension, there are more chaotic blades containing regular energy, and there are more murderous opportunities!

Even the top powerhouses in the Starry Sky Realm have to be cautious in the fourth layer of space, and they may encounter relatively complete rules attacks inside, and the destructive power is terrible.

As for the fifth dimension...

Su Ping heard from Joanna mentioned that this is a place where the master **** (star master) realm is strong, and they are not willing to get involved easily. Inside, you can hear calls from the ancients, as well as some ancient and mysterious whispers, those sounds are chaotic and violent. , Mysterious, hideous, crazy, crazy!

Even a strong star in the main realm can only rely on their own power of faith to barely resist!

At this moment, in front of Su Ping's eyes, the deep space kept cracking. Su Ping saw the fourth dimension and the fifth dimension that was torn apart in the fourth dimension.


The hollow cry like an ancient whale, with a reckless and gray feeling, came from the fifth dimension and passed into Su Ping's mind.

Su Ping suddenly felt the pain of tearing in his soul, it seemed that the whole brain was about to be split, but the hollow calling sound became clearer.

"Send to me!!"

Su Ping gritted his teeth and suddenly roared in the stars of the sea of knowledge.

This roar sounded like an ancient dragon chant, trembling in his whole mind, calling out the hollowness that had penetrated into it, and the feeling of tearing gradually healed a little, not so strong.

Su Ping's eyes were a little frightened, and he felt that if he continued, he would really lose control and go crazy!

Once he goes crazy, he doesn't even know who he is and will be completely lost here!

Fortunately, he can be resurrected.

"Is this the fifth dimension that the Star Master Realm is afraid of? Just the leaked aura quickly made me unable to bear it. Fortunately, I am also a person who has seen strong winds and waves..." Su Ping looked at the constant distortion. In the fifth dimension that was torn more and more in the fourth dimension, the eyes flashed.

Suddenly, he made a decision.


Su Ping's figure rushed directly towards the fifth dimension.

Soon, he took the lead in entering the fourth dimension. The darkness of the fourth dimension surrounded him. The space was more viscous and firmer than the outside, giving Su Ping a feeling of being restrained, like entering water. The movement slowed down, as if he was wearing a hundred layers of quilts, it was difficult to break free.

Suddenly, a dangerous breath struck.

Su Ping's perception instantly recognized that it was three spatial chaotic blades, and on these three chaotic blades, there were three terrifying rules of atmosphere!

Two of the regular auras are more broken, while the other regular aura is extremely powerful, as if a road that tends to be complete, slashed like a great axe.

Su Ping's pupils shrank slightly, and the star power all over his body suddenly exploded, and the star power in the cells in his body rushed out, like countless planets burst, bursting out a vast star power.

There was a thud.

Su Ping punched out with a punch, and the power of the three rules was intertwined in his fist, with an amazing momentum.

Two of the chaotic blades in the space were immediately overwhelmed by the light of the divine fist, while the giant axe blade with the deepest and strongest regular aura slashed the divine fist alive, and even the three rules of power above were all slashed together. Break!

Su Ping's expression changed, and he hurriedly shot again.

But the giant axe and the sharp blade came quickly, followed by the regular breath that hits his face, making Su Ping's mind instinctively emerge two words: sharp!

This is the rule of this great axe and sharp blade!

Unbreakable, sharp to the extreme!

Su Pings face held up several star shields in succession, and at the same time, he blasted out again. This time the punch was not suppressed by the front, but hit the side. The fist broke, and the sharp axe was beaten obliquely. The top of the head flew straight to the distance and disappeared.

Su Ping was startled in a cold sweat.

Although he has the ability to resurrect, every time, he hopes that he can do his best to survive.

"The power of this rule should be realized by the top of the starry sky, it is almost complete..." Su Ping looked at the disappearing sharp rule, and when he passed by, the strong sharp rule breath made him remember. However, this rule is completely natural, and it is difficult for him to understand it.

Unless there is a strong person who can catch him, help him peel off layer by layer, break up the rules and mysteries inside, and let him slowly absorb and digest it, it is possible to realize it.

But such a strong person must at least have the Fengshen realm cultivation base to do it.

This is already the strength of Joanna's deity level, and Su Ping can't ask Joanna to help. Her deity is limited in a certain place and can't get out.

"This fourth dimension is really dangerous. The two of Nagaran's previous companions were forced to escape into the fourth dimension by me. If they don't have any skills, they might have to lie in it." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

He didn't care much, summoning the little skeleton, the two dogs, and the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

Among them are the favorites of customers.

Anyway, the resurrection of these pets is free of charge. It is easy to die here and its okay. You will get used to it.


Su Ping chose to fit with the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, his physique skyrocketed, his energy surged, and he became a tyrant-like dragon.

He then merged with the little skull, to be precise, let it use the skills of the bones to be attached to himself.

Under this second level of pseudo-combination, Su Ping's combat power has doubled, even if he encounters the previous sharp rules again, he will have to deal with it.

"Fifth Space!"

Su Ping looked at the front and turned over, as if the fifth space healed was about to disappear, he didn't care too much, and quickly rushed over.

Next to them, Ergou and Ziqing Kuan are used to suddenly coming to a strange place, and it is a dangerous place that is mortal. Apart from a little helplessness in their eyes, there is only a struggle to survive.

They each used their skills and followed Su Ping.

The white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast followed Su Ping and fought in the demigod for a long time. It was also somewhat adapted to the sudden emergence of dangerous places. In addition, it had the bloodline of the Void Monster Beast in its bones. In this fourth dimension, it is not only I didn't feel the oppression, but felt familiar and kind.

However, it didn't care to enjoy it either, it could perceive the dangers hidden everywhere, and immediately followed Su Ping.

The other customers' favorites were embarrassed by this sudden place.

When I perceive the various shades of regular aura permeating here, they are all a little frightened and tremble.

Soon, a battle pet was pierced by the flying blade, and the regular power contained on it directly tore its body.

Su Ping received a reminder in his mind, and without much thought, he chose to resurrect.

And he himself rushed toward the fifth space in front of him more and more quickly.

As it approached, a clearer call came from the rift. The call was a little jumbled. It seemed that many people were moaning and praying in it, some ethereal, some crazy, some weird.

"Even if it is a living true god, I have seen it all, let me go!!"

Su Ping's eyes were red and his head was about to tear, he roared in the sea of knowledge.

He tried his best to guard his consciousness, and behind him emerged a potential area, and inside it was a scene that shocked the world, all of which were seen and heard in the Chaos Necrosphere.

There, Su Ping glanced at the Bone Lords in the floating world, the Pluto floating in a sea of blood, and the giant ghosts walking in the world of the undead.

Although Su Ping was very weak at the beginning, but because of this, he was deeply impressed with those creatures. He felt that even Joanna's deity could not have those creatures terrifying. Those creatures were already beyond the Conferred God Realm and reached the real Immortal creatures of the gods!

Neither time nor time can erode or destroy them.

Compared with these creatures, this kind of god-like demonic murmur in front of them is nothing.

Even if these murmurs were the words left in the space by some true gods who had disappeared and died, or the words left over by some unimaginable power, they only contained a little bit of the true god's power.

And he, with creatures of that level, really looked at each other, including the blood crystals condensed in the Skeleton King bloodline of Little Skeleton, which he grabbed from the feet of this creature.

When his scalp was about to burst, Su Ping rushed into the fifth space.

In an instant, those murmurs suddenly disappeared, becoming extremely quiet.


Su Ping was suddenly puzzled by this tranquility.

He felt like he had suddenly come to another world.

At this moment, Su Ping suddenly felt a breeze on his face, and the breeze was accompanied by a stench.

Su Ping was startled slightly, looking forward, his pupils suddenly contracted.

I saw that the space where his body was located was actually in an extremely huge strange mouth.

This mouth is like a whale, wide open, and Su Ping is in his mouth, full of hideous fangs, densely packed...


The huge mouth suddenly closed, like a million tons of space pressure, the white bones wrapped around Su Ping's body surface instantly shattered, the blood pressure in his body was also squeezed out of the pores, and his entire life was squeezed to death.


As soon as he arrived in the dead space, Su Ping chose to resurrect.

When he appeared again, he was outside the strange mouth, because the strange mouth had left its previous position, and his resurrection was a fixed-point resurrection in space.

At this time, Su Ping also saw the owner of this strange mouth, who was an extremely huge void monster, like a kun in mythology.

This behemoth that is too big to be imagined, when it turned around, its huge and cold eyes noticed the indifferent and half-open eyes of Su Ping who had been resurrected in place, and suddenly opened completely, somewhat surprised and surprised.

"A void monster in the Star Realm..."

Su Ping was shocked by the momentum of this giant beast, but he didn't have much fear in his heart. He quietly looked at the opponent. If the opponent wants to eat him again, he will still resist with all his strength, but in the end he already knows that the resistance is dead.

Therefore, Su Ping did not focus all of his attention on this giant beast, but instead looked at the fifth dimension around it.

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