Astral Pet Store Chapter 796

Chapter 893: Mummy Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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The pressure of the fifth dimension is more than ten times that of the fourth dimension. Su Ping feels like he is standing in the soil, it is hard to walk!

But the previous murmurs that contained unknown powers disappeared, making Su Ping feel a little better.

In addition, Su Ping found that this place was filled with an extremely rich atmosphere of space. Around his body, there seemed to be a series of spatial rhymes emerging, and the feeling was strong.


Su Ping's eyes showed some clear understanding, and suddenly he felt that he had touched the threshold of space rules.

At this moment, the giant beast on the opposite side seemed to feel that he was being ignored by this ant, and was a little furious. From the side of its body, a sharp sharp blade was rolled up, like a giant sword that broke out of the waves, and attacked towards Su Ping.

This sharp blade is as fast as a beam of light and arrives in an instant.

The destructive power was astonishing. Su Ping's thought of resistance just emerged in his mind. As soon as his body was about to act, he suddenly lost consciousness and was killed again.


Su Ping still chose to resurrect in situ.

Seeing Su Ping standing on the spot again, the giant beast's eyes were obviously narrowed, and without knowing what he was thinking, a spatial blade burst out again.

Su Ping was prepared this time and suddenly punched.

He didn't use the Asura Divine Sword, it was a secret treasure in the Starry Sky Realm, and it was fine to use in the battle of the Starry Sky Realm. Facing this giant beast, he probably broke it all at once.

The magic fist containing the power of three rules, like a dough, was instantly cut open, and Su Ping's body was cut off again.

Su Ping stood in the dead space and thought for a while, but still had no head iron.

In case this behemoth is also a stubborn guy, he is just wasting the energy of resurrection here.

Fighting against a guy of this level, Su Ping has no chance of comprehending experience, and the difference in strength is too great.

After silently counting for half a minute, Su Ping chose to resurrect.

At this moment, what he saw was an extremely large giant tail. The area of this giant tail was estimated to be the size of an aircraft carrier, which fluttered past his eyes.

It was the giant beast that turned and flew away.

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that this behemoth did not have the same curiosity as a human being. To it, he was just a worm that was squeezed to death.

If you don't pinch to death once, pinch it a few more times.

As for why it was not pinched to death, humans may think, but creatures of other races may not like to think.

"Unexpectedly, there is such a terrifying thing inhabited here. If you encounter this kind of guy in the outside world, you will have the heart to die."

Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

When the giant beast flew away and disappeared, Su Ping immediately heard the ethereal murmur again, which came from the void, the voice was relatively shallow, but it still made people feel irritable.

Su Ping restrained his inner irritability and the urge to destroy. His thoughts were once again focused on the surrounding fifth dimension. The atmosphere here is extremely strong. Su Ping feels that he can touch the entrance way and the rules of space at any time!


Suddenly, Su Ping's consciousness disappeared.


Su Ping was a little confused, and immediately chose to resurrect in situ.

He was still standing where he was, but there was nothing beside him, and just now, he didn't know how he died.

Like being killed by something passing by...

"It's no wonder that the strong stars in the main realm dare not stay here."

Su Ping quickly converged his mind, and resurrected the little skeleton and the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, allowing them to guard by his side with the two dogs who followed.

He calmed down, feeling the rules of the surrounding space.


Behind Su Ping, Ergou suddenly went mad, his eyes turned red, and roared at the Purgatory Candle Dragon beast beside him, and released his attack skills to kill him.

The eyes of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast was also a little red, and it was hit by the second dog's attack.

Little Skeleton stood beside Su Ping, with scarlet light flickering in his eye sockets, like two groups of ghost fires that flashed and dimmed. He turned his head and looked at Su Ping, who was thinking about it, and slowly pulled out the bone knife on his waist.

After that, it approached Su Ping's side, and then... it turned its back to him, like a guard, guarding Su Ping's side.

Except for Ergou and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, the other battle pets were also out of control, and soon after they fought together, one of the battle pets immediately died.

The two dogs and the Purgatory Candle Dragon beasts were also inextricably fought. This was the first time that they had interacted with each other in real life, fighting with all their strength, but they could not tell the winner for a while.

When the battle spread to Su Ping, Su Ping also awoke from his thoughts, and when he saw the situation of many pets, he immediately knew that they were affected by the words of God here.

Su Ping was helpless to deal with this situation and could only use it as an exercise for them.


Suddenly, Su Ping saw an object floating in the dark space in the distance. The object was not moving fast or slow, as if it was flowing down a river.

When the distance was close, Su Ping immediately saw what it was.

It was half a corpse!

This was the upper body of the corpse, but the head was smashed. He was wearing dark silver armor, and his palms exposed outside the armor. The skin had turned brown and dried up, all wrinkled like a dry corpse.

"Someone died in this fifth dimension, and the physical body was not destroyed and shattered."

Su Ping was a little surprised, Xing Li flew out and salvaged the half corpse in front of him, suddenly feeling that the body was extremely heavy, and it exuded a familiar aura to Su Ping.

He had felt this breath in the demigod's main god, who was Joanna's subordinate, who had picked him up several times.

"This guy is the main star realm? The physical body of the main star realm can actually be kept here. It seems that the time of death is not short." Su Ping was a little surprised. He had fought against monsters in the main star realm, but was usually Spike, unable to deeply appreciate the power of the Star Master Realm, but at this moment, the half-immortal corpse in front of him gave Su Ping a whole new understanding.

If he is here, he will be killed with all his strength.

Don't even know how to die.

But even if the star realm dies, the corpse can be kept here!

Although it may not be retained for a long time, at least it can be retained for a long period of time. You can see how strong this physical body is!

"This armor is good. Although it's a little broken, the energy array on it seems to be broken, but it should be repairable." Su Ping touched the silver armor on the mummy, and immediately took it off without saying a word.

After painstakingly removing the silver armor, Su Ping went directly to the system space.

Subsequently, Su Ping studied the half of the mummy.

In the main divine realm of the demigod, he wouldn't let him study his body so carefully. This was a rare opportunity.

Su Ping's star power penetrated into the dried corpse, and he was surprised to find that the cells in this dried corpse actually contained vigorous star power.

These star powers seem to be locked by cells!

It was these star powers that kept his body still strong.

In addition to the star power, Su Ping also felt a vast, sacred breath in his body. This breath was extremely broad, as vast as facing the stars in the sky, making himself feel small.

"This is the power of faith that Joanna said?"

Su Ping's eyes moved slightly, and he soon discovered that this breath of faith gathered on the chest of this mummy, a little weak.

Su Ping reached out to Little Skull and borrowed its bone knife.

This bone knife is harder than the Shura Divine Sword, and it is a fragment of the fangs of a certain Primordial creature, immortal.

Soon, Su Ping used a bone knife to dug open the chest of the mummy.

When his chest was broken open, the breath of faith contained in it suddenly burst out, like a deflated balloon, quickly venting everywhere.

Unexpectedly, Su Ping quickly burst out star power to seal off the surrounding area and fully absorbed it.

But these breaths of faith actually ignored his star power blockade, intertwined, and directly penetrated out, just like scooping water through a net, useless.

In a blink of an eye, most of the white light dissipated, and Su Ping only used his own star power to capture three strands.

These three wisps of faith were still directly hit on the bone knife by his star power, before it was retained.

He found that he couldn't absorb it in his body. This thing was not bound by him. In the face of this power of faith, his body seemed to slip through the net, and he couldn't hold it.

Only the bone knife of the little skull can lock this breath, and it seems to have absorbed it.

The corpse who had lost the power of faith quickly withered, and the star power in its cells gradually showed signs of overflow.

Su Ping will not miss this star power again, and he will directly surround it with star power without letting go.

The star power in this dry corpse cell is extremely huge, and it is concentrated, so pure that there is no trace of impurities, it is more pure and light than the star power in Su Ping's body that has withstood hundreds of times of tribulation, and contains a special aura.

Su Ping accepted everything and absorbed it into his body.

Soon, the star power in his body reached its peak limit and could break through the bottleneck at any time.

The total amount of star power in this half-dried corpse is almost not inferior to the thousand-year star power absorbed by Su Ping!

The weight of this shock shocked Su Ping.

Is this the powerhouse of the Star Master Realm? Just the star power left in the body after death is incredibly vast!

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