Astral Pet Store Chapter 797

Chapter 894: Promotion Two In One

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Su Ping quickly turned this vast star power into the infrastructure of a bridge to communicate with cells throughout the body.

In an instant, his whole body was like a piece of iron, although it was not a virtual cave, it was equivalent to a half-step virtual cave!

The rest is the space rules!

In fact, based on Su Ping's current background, he was able to make a breakthrough in one breath, but Su Ping wanted to make this bridge stronger, and he didn't build it with the space mystery he now understands.


Su Ping's perception penetrated all around. At this moment, he could no longer care about the life and death of those customers' pets, including the fight between the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and the Two Dogs. He had no time to stop him.

As for the hidden dangers in this fifth dimension, he also ignored them, comprehending the rules of space.

The space here is full of energy, and the rules of space are as visible to the naked eye, giving Su Ping a feeling that he can touch it with his hand, but when he touches it carefully, it seems like a cloud and mist, visible and invisible.

Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!

Su Ping can only calm down his mind completely.

Time flies by, unaware of it.

In this fifth dimension, there is no concept of time, one can only judge by one's own physical memory.

Space folds, jumps, shuttles... Su Ping has already mastered the mystery of space. At this moment, he is pulling the cocoon again and looking for their roots through the appearance of these skills.

At the root is the Tao!

Dao is like a seed, and the branches and leaves that emanate are the various skills that can be seen on the surface.

But the core of these skills is still space.

"The system has said that the secrets of the universe are hidden in deep space..."

"What is space?"

"If the universe is an egg, space is the shell of the egg."

"But inside the egg shell, the huge space is also space..."

"Super acceleration... time... timeline..."



Su Ping's thoughts keep radiating, and slowly penetrate into the comprehension of the space under the rich void energy around. The feelings brought by these void energy are like letting people be deep in the ocean, and naturally people understand water. The various rhythms.

In the process of comprehension, Su Ping was killed by something unknown.

But he didn't care, he chose to resurrect in situ, and then was immersed in sentiment again.

He turned a blind eye to all the dangers around him, and he was completely absorbed in it.

When thinking about space, Su Ping thought of time through the medium acceleration skills he had acquired. Time and space are inseparable.

It's just that time is more obscure and more unpredictable.

Moreover, time is also one of the four supreme rules, and few people can understand it.

When his thinking diverged somewhat, Su Ping had to gather together and return his mind to the way of space.

I don't know how long it took. Su Ping felt that he had died dozens of times. He didn't know what killed him. He didn't pay attention to the resurrection. He didn't even remember the specific number of resurrection, and he had no time to think about it.

"Space, everywhere..."

"Even a piece of paper can be stripped into countless spaces."

"Space is cut, one-sided, and the'segment' composed of countless one-sided is the wall of space..."

"This is space..."

Su Ping opened his eyes slightly, and there seemed to be chaotic blades flying in his eyes. He raised his hand, and a transparent regular force appeared in front of him. The regular force was invisible, but in his perception, it was extremely sharp, like an irregular The blade!

This blade can follow his thoughts, invincible!

This is a pure space blade.

This blade can cut the gap between the second space and the third space. If there is a virtual cave realm teleporting in front of him, as soon as he escapes into the second space, he can cut off the space where the opponent has escaped and peel it off. come out.

"Space rules, cut!"

Su Ping silently named it in his heart.

He felt that what he understood was not a complete road of spatial rules, but despite this, he was satisfied.

If you can comprehend the complete avenue, you can become a star master, incubate the dao fetus with rules, and build your own unique world.

Having understood the rules of space, Su Ping didn't hesitate, and quickly mixed all the star power accumulated in his body with the rules, and built a bridge in one breath, opening up the whole body.

With a hum, Su Ping felt his whole body trembling, countless cells surging, seeming to be boiling, squirming vigorously.

And during this peristalsis, a large amount of star power oscillated in his body, the life energy lurking in the body was stimulated, and the cells all over his body were reborn.

Su Ping immediately used the two rules of Thunder and Thunder to swim in the body, cutting the hair and washing the marrow. With the characteristics of these two rules, the impurities in the body were completely removed, the blood vessels became crystal clear, and the acupuncture points were covered. Opened up, the whole body is like colored glaze, exuding a dim splendor.

The divine power in his body was also driven by the star power, wandering around his body, becoming purer.

Soon, the transformation is over.

Su Ping had a feeling of coming out of the hot spring bath, and he couldn't help but sigh slightly.

When he reached the bottleneck earlier, he was holding back with force, but at this moment, it was a huge drop. This kind of comfort...everyone who has had a diarrhea understands!

Su Ping felt that the cells in his body had become more elastic, and in the inner walls of the cells, perhaps because of the rules of space, the inner space had become extremely wide.

If the inside of the previous cell was like a pond, it is now a lake.

It is more than ten times the previous!

Su Pings cultivating chaotic star force diagram can hide star power in all cells of his body. Now he is in the star realm. The cell has its own star swirl, and it is solid. The star power inside is rolling like a star. Rotate the suspended planet.

This is true in every cell.

When it rotates, it brings out a strong pulling force, so that even when Su Ping is not cultivating, he can absorb the star power from the surrounding world all the time to fill himself and continue to grow stronger.

This is the horror that the system gave Su Ping this set of cultivation techniques.

The cultivation technique of the pet master is the foundation of one's body, which is especially important.

In the past, Su Ping didn't understand and had no choice, but now, if he chooses from the many rewards in the system, Su Ping can give up even medium acceleration and other cultivation techniques, and he has to get this set of exercises.

"My star power capacity can be so large, in addition to refining and fighting life and death again and again, it is inseparable from this set of exercises. I feel that with my current star power, it is estimated to be comparable to many mid-Starry Sky Realm powerhouses. ."

"If I encounter the starry sky realm of the previous level of Garland again, I should be able to kill quickly, and will not give them a chance to escape!" A sharp flash of Su Ping's eyes flashed.

The fighting battle in the starry sky is of course very dynamic, even more terrifying than the nuclear war. If the battle continues, even the planet may be implicated and destroyed!

However, it is very difficult to kill each other in the Starry Sky Realm.

Especially when the realm is the same and the strength is similar.

Once the situation is not good, one of them wants to go, and the other is difficult to keep.

Unless it's a realm crush, such as the starry sky realm top vs. the starry sky early stage, it can be done.

Otherwise, even in the middle stage of the starry sky, although it can easily defeat the early stage of the starry sky, it is quite difficult to keep it.

After all, the starry sky realm fights to the end, can directly tear the space and escape to the fourth space. Unless it is the enemy of life and death, few people will chase and kill the fourth space. It is too dangerous here, and they will be killed if they are not careful. , Or die together.


Master the four rules and be promoted to the virtual cave realm.

Su Ping's trip was very rewarding, and he felt that he had not come to the wrong place.

At this time, Su Ping's attention turned away from him, looking around.

Little Skeleton and Ergou, Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and the battle pets of those customers are all dead, but Su Ping was previously immersed in his feelings and had no time to resurrect them.

Around him, at this moment, there is still the fifth space of nothingness, it is pitch black, and the surrounding scene can only be "seeed" by perception, which is muddy nothingness.

Su Ping didn't hesitate, and immediately resurrected all his pets.

"Looking for the Void Monster Beast here to practice hand skills, it is rare to enter the fifth dimension. With my previous strength, it is too difficult to tear the fifth dimension by myself, but now its much easier, but in the outside world, I wont be driven to a dead end. , Still enter carefully, no one knows what's lurking in the fifth space where the tear is located."

Su Ping's gaze scanned a few battle pets.

He didn't choose to fit together. The big deal was to resurrect. Once fit together, he couldn't give the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Ergou a chance to exercise.

"You already have the first-class qualifications. You can charge here and try to reach the first-class."

Su Ping looked at the Bailin Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

After a period of time with the battle pet that came back from the task of catching Su Ping, Su Ping also had some feelings, but compared with the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Ergou, they were still a bit alienated.


Hearing Su Ping's words, the White Lin Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast roared, as if responding, meaning he knew it.

It has always been very obedient.

Even if he knew that Su Ping was the human who hunted it back, he didn't have much hostility towards Su Ping, and Su Ping didn't understand this.

"When you have enough abilities to return to Leimingzhou and your parents, I will let you go back. If you want to stay, stay, and if you want to follow me, follow me." Su Ping Chuannian said.

This is the choice he gave to each other.

He knew that this little guy worked hard to become stronger, rushing to the first one every time he fought, and what he did his best to fight.

Just to return to your parents and reunite.

It is precisely because of his feelings for it that Su Ping is willing to give it such a choice.

Otherwise, with so much effort, Su Ping would definitely have to stay with him for his own use.

Hearing Su Ping's words, the White Lin Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast froze for a moment, a pair of purple dragon eyes swayed slightly, staring at Su Ping, and Su Ping's smile was reflected in his eyes.

It did not respond this time, and did not make a sound.

Su Ping smiled slightly, touched its head, then turned around and unabashedly released his own energy to attract the monster in the fifth dimension.


Su Ping himself was a little surprised by his star power and his aura.

It's like a hurricane of star force, swept away suddenly, if it is outside, the star force alone is enough to tear a street apart!

"The star power in my body seems to be hundreds of times that of the ordinary Void Cave Realm..." Su Ping was measuring in his heart.

at this time.

Suddenly a strange wave came.

Su Ping's eyes suddenly squinted, flashing a sharp color, and turning his head to look around, he saw a sharp wave suddenly hit, which was a void blow.

Su Ping immediately raised his hand, and the rules of space were thrown out, and a ruled blade that was thin as a cicada wing greeted him, cutting off the void wave.


Then came a roar directly resounding in the soul, it was a spiritual penetration, and then an extremely huge figure, the size of seven or eight aircraft carriers, would definitely frighten a group of people if it were outside. It was Wang Beast who looked petite and lovely by his side.

"The starry sky is top!"

Su Ping squinted his eyes slightly. If he was outside, he would turn around and run away in fright, but if he could resurrect here, his eyes would burn with fighting spirit.


Su Ping didn't fit together, and directly greeted Little Skeleton and Ergou, and they rushed forward together.

Su Ping ignored those customers' pets, they were all struggling to stand here.

Soon, Little Skeleton and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast rushed up first, followed by the White Lin Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast. At this moment, it is already the Beast of the Beast Sea, but its qualifications are superior, and its combat power is comparable to the top of the Destiny Realm. , And comprehend a vague thunder system rule by his own ability.

This rule is not fully understood, but it occasionally releases a breath of rules. This is due to it being by Su Ping's side in usual battles, inspired by the thunder rules of Su Ping, and also because of its own. The savvy is extremely high, after all, he is already a B-level qualification in the wild.

Over time, Su Ping believes that after a period of cultivation, it will be able to comprehend its own rules.

In addition to it, Little Skeleton, Ergou, and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast have all realized their own rules one after another, and their combat power has been greatly improved.

In the past countless battles, they failed to comprehend the rules, mainly because the opponents who fought at the time were only king beasts. At that time, the king beasts encountered in the destiny state were devastating to them.

But now, with Su Ping, they often fight with the demigod monsters and beasts in the starry sky. They have seen various rules and powers, and over time, they have been forced to have an epiphany.

Seeing Su Ping and the many battle pets rushing forward, this void monster was obviously furious.

Soon, the power containing the rules of horror shook out, and the little skeleton who was the first to be shattered on the spot, but the body was resurrected again, not relying on Su Ping's resurrection, but resurrected by his own ability.

This is the horror of Little Skeleton, even if it is a monster in the Starry Sky Realm, it can't be easily killed without specifically targeting it.


Su Ping resurrected the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and the White Scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, and then stepped out, releasing the four rules of power, and slammed it on the monster beast.

However, after the four rules were smashed, the monster body had no wounds, including the spatial cutting rules that Su Ping had just comprehended, and it was unable to cut its flesh.

Su Ping felt that his power of rules seemed to be dissolving. The aura of rules pervading the monster's body was close to Dao, crushing all his four rules.

"Is this the close to complete rule power..." The closer Su Ping gets to the opponent, the more he can feel Dao Yun's feeling. He didn't leave his hand, the star power in his body shook, and his whole body cells burst like a burst of all star power. The power of the rules was compressed to swordsmanship, and he blatantly killed the opponent.


After exhausting the battle in the Void God Ruins, Su Ping returned to the store, picked out the pet beasts of the second batch of customers, and returned to the Void God Ruins again.

When Joanna saw Su Ping, her eyes fluctuated, showing a bit of shock, and she immediately sensed that Su Ping's breath had changed significantly, becoming a virtual cave.

Moreover, unlike the ordinary Void Cave Realm, the energy contained in Su Ping's body is extremely terrifying. She has a unique ability to perceive God's eyes, and she can clearly feel that Su Ping's body seems to contain a sun. How can this stellar power be the Void Cave Realm? Yes, even the powerhouses in the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm are far less vigorous!

"This guy... really is a monster." Joanna paid more and more attention to Su Ping, and she felt that Ren Su Ping continued to grow and could even surpass her in time.

Here she refers to her deity, not her reincarnation.

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