Astral Pet Store Chapter 798

Chapter 895: Pet Fight Two In One

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Su Ping continued his fierce battle in the Void God Ruins for half a month.

Outside, about fifteen hours have passed.

The next day, when the sun was shining and it was approaching noon, Su Ping's shop still hadn't opened.

This made the people waiting outside the store a little worried.

"Today seems to be later than yesterday."

"It opened at nine yesterday. Will it not open today?"

"I don't know how many people can be received today. With our ranking here, it is estimated that we will have to wait until a week later."

"Don't even mention my position here. Someone wanted to buy it from me yesterday for 30 million. I didn't even sell it."

Everyone in the line was communicating in a low voice.

The team lined up here is getting longer and longer. Those people who have previously cultivated pet beasts from the Suping shop have been exposed one after another, and the pets cultivated have all reached A-level qualifications.

This news was absolutely shocking, and it attracted countless people.

Some people also questioned that it is marketing, it is all gimmicks, how can it be so magical, unless it is the master of cultivation.

But soon these doubts were slapped in the face, and the battle between Su Ping and Jialan and the others showed the power of the starry sky realm. This is what countless people can prove in full view.

How could a starry realm boss care about this little money?

How can you engage in such gimmick marketing?

Under the dominance of this concept, the popularity of Suping's shop is completely overwhelming, and it gradually swept out of Camp Island and spread its name to all parts of the Rhea planet.

Just a single queue position can be auctioned for tens of millions of high prices, and one can imagine how many people will be attracted.

Today's Warfite City is completely famous in Camp Chau.

In the shop.

With a brush on the ground, Su Ping's figure appeared.

The clothes on his body are tattered, his hair is scattered, and he is extremely sloppy, like a veteran returning from the battlefield.

But a pair of eyes are as bright as sharp eagle eyes.

Soon, this sharp aura receded, and Su Ping returned to his usual appearance, but his temperament had changed a lot.

The battle in the Void God Ruins for the past half month has made him almost completely reborn, and his combat power has skyrocketed.

His understanding of the space rules is getting deeper and deeper. Except for the first time he entered, he was lucky enough to enter the fifth space, and most of the next few times he exercised in the fourth space.

Later, he was able to tear the fifth dimension with his own strength.

Su Ping tried to touch the deeper sixth dimension, but with his strength and perception, even the sixth dimension could not be sensed.

It's like ordinary people cannot perceive the second space.

"Void Cave Realm Peak..."

The gains in the past half month have been tremendous. Su Ping found some remains of the Star Master Realm in the Fifth Dimension, including humans and monsters. Some of these remains are bones and skeletons, leaving only the remaining faith. Power is sealed in it, protecting the immortality of bones.

And in some of the remains, there are also star powers contained in the cells. These star powers are extremely large, not inferior to the thousand-year star power blocked by Nie Huofeng.

After absorbing these star powers, the star power in Su Ping's body was already filled, and he was only one step away from the fate realm.

In addition to the increase in cultivation base, Su Ping's combat skills, void combat experience, etc., have also been greatly improved. Today, he is completely at two levels from a day ago.

When encountering Garland again, Su Ping felt that he could easily defeat him, and the opponent didn't even have a chance to escape!

"Is it the next day..."

Seeing the dimly shining light outside the store, Su Ping was a little dazed.

Even feel dazzling.

After staying in the Void God Ruins for too long, he hadn't seen the sun for a long time.

After refreshing his mood a little, Su Ping changed into a set of clean clothes, tidyed up his beard and hair, washed his body, and stepped forward to open the door.

"Open the door, open the door!"


"It's finally out."

The people waiting outside the door saw the store door suddenly opened. They were all taken aback, and they were immediately surprised and excited.

Su Ping had already sensed the situation outside, and he was not too surprised, but this hot situation was also a bit beyond his expectations. He didn't expect that he would be able to do business so quickly when he first arrived on a strange planet. .

"Anyone here to receive the pet beast? Come here." Su Ping said.


"And I."

In the crowd, many people soon came forward to receive the cultivated pet beast.

Su Ping nodded. At this moment, Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong didnt know where they were going, and he didnt bother to call them back again. After greeting these people, he turned around and returned to the store, and began to fight these people according to the registered list. Return the favor to them.

"Thank you boss."

"Boss is kind, thank you very much."


The people who came to receive the battle pet were a little excited, and were very polite and respectful to Su Ping. After all, Su Ping's Starry Sky Realm cultivation base was obvious to all.

Su Ping is a little speechless, I just cut leeks for business, why do you thank me?

Do you think I dont want to charge more, I cant do it!

Most of these pampered customers left directly, did not test in the Suping store, and ran directly to the opposite evaluation store as soon as they left the store.

The data obtained through the evaluation is obviously more accurate than their own test, and they are more accustomed to this federal evaluation system.

However, a few of them chose to leave silently and go to other places to take tests to avoid being targeted.

Now this commercial street is completely popular because of Su Ping's shops.

Originally, this street was only a second-class commercial street in Warfit City. There are dozens of commercial streets like this, but now it is a super first-class commercial street. Although the other shops on the street are not luxury stores, But the wealthy people who come to gather on this street are not inferior to those first-class commercial streets.

After all, cultivating pet beasts in Suping stores can cost hundreds of millions.

If professional cultivation is needed, tens of billions are needed. Such a large transaction can only be completed under the supervision of relevant departments in other places.

Unless both parties are powerful, and the Universal Commonwealth Bank's account authority is very advanced, it can transfer directly.

"Class A!!"

"My God, there really is another A!"

"It must be from that store. It's been a morning, and there is no evaluation of the favorites with A-level qualifications. That store came out as soon as it opened."

"Tsk, I don't know which lucky guy it is."

"Walk around, hurry up in line, even if it's next year, I have to wait here."

"It's too strong. I heard that the cost of cultivation only needs 100 million, and only 100 million will be able to cultivate A-level aptitude pets. This is simply charity!"

Frying the pan again in the evaluation store, the word A on the test column stung countless people's hearts, all kinds of envy and hatred.

Before long, the A-level evaluation appeared on the inspection column again, but this time it was A-level, but despite this, countless people still sighed and envied it was not themselves.

"This shop... really only sells A's!"

On the second floor of the store, Cleo looked at the data scrolled out on the detection column, a little shocked and surprised.

Because of Tosuping's relationship, the income of her store has also skyrocketed. After all, a pet with A-level qualification is detected, and the charge is much higher than that for B-level qualification.

This is a general charging rule for any testing shop.

"The family should know about this. Anyway, I will report it again. At least it proves that I am paying attention to my duty and I am not an enemy of this guy... The family's choice is correct." Cleo secretly said in his heart.

At this time, the position of Su Ping's store in her heart even surpassed their Ren family.

She knows very well that although the Ren family is powerful, it is the ruler of the planet Rhea, whose surname is Ren, is also her pride, but the Ren family and Su Ping's shop... seem to be really incomparable.

Only when Su Ping defeated Garan and other three worshipers, he could see the terrible combat power.

Coupled with this cultivation method, it is definitely not possible for the cultivation master.

You know, this cultivation time is only a short day!

The nurturing master of their Ren family has absolutely no such ability, and has cultivated so many A-class aptitude battle pets in just one day!


Soon after opening the shop in Suping, the streets were completely hot.

The bursts of exclamation from the evaluation store stimulated the nerves of the people in the line. They were a little hungry and jealous, making them staring at Su Ping's store, just like staring at a peerless beauty.

A-level news came out one after another, making the original line too long, and some people who complained were speechless at this moment.

I was a little dissatisfied when I saw Su Ping only open the door at noon, but now, only crazy.

I want to crush all the people in front of me and rush to the Suping store first.

In the shop.

After sending away the cultivating customers, Su Ping looked at the empty seats in the store and began to receive today's customers.

Among the customers who were sent away, some chose to nurture again, and most of them wanted to nurture again, but they had no extra money.

After all, not everyone is rich.

"Boss, I, I want to breed eight."

The customer who had just entered the door was a young man. He was so excited when he came to Su Ping, he couldn't speak well.

Su Ping smiled slightly and asked him to choose the type of cultivation, general or professional.

Pay money and get favors in one go.


The news of Su Ping's shop had reached the Ren family before Cleo reported it.

The Wren family has its own intelligence personnel, and obtained this information in the first place.

When the news flowed into the family, the top leaders of all parties were shaken.

If there was an accident before, and there were other reasons, then this time, it is almost impossible to have other reasons. There is definitely a nurturing master in this store!

This is beyond doubt.

"Boy, my Randall..." In a magnificent hall, a graceful woman was crying, sitting next to a messy, uncareful middle-aged man.

"do not Cry!"

The middle-aged man growled irritably.

The woman saw him getting angry, but was not timid. Instead, she was a little hysterical, and said, "You know how to shout at me! Randall died like this. He is our child. He is so young and died so young. Now, you dare not say that you are a father, what a father are you!"

"Shut up! Shut up!"

The middle-aged man seemed to be stung, and roared furiously, and said, "Do you think I didn't beg my father? He has already sent Garland to worship them. As a result, they are in the Starry Sky Realm. Now they say that there is a cultivation master sitting in the town. What shall we take? Go for revenge? My father warned me, do you think I will go to the funeral too!"

The woman was stunned, and her roar became weak. She knew how powerful their father, the ruler of the Wren family, was. The other party's words were imperial decree!

"But our children..."

"Let you spoil you, I said a long time ago, let him go to the college to practice, he must stay here, wander around, and cause trouble!" Seeing that she was weak, the middle-aged person became even more angry and accused she was.

The woman was full of resentment, her original graceful and graceful posture was completely absent at this moment, she just bit her mouth tightly and said nothing.

"Don't mention this matter anymore. My father said that he would help Boll cleanse his body as a remedy. We lost the face of the Rennes family. My father did not anger us. It is already very kind!" Gritted his teeth.

Womens eyes are full of resentment and unwillingness, but more fear.

She knew that she could not defy the father's words, otherwise she would lose more and nothing!


The news of cultivating a grandmaster soon reached somewhere in the enshrinement of the Lane family.

"Within one day, cultivating dozens of A-class pets?"

In a flower garden, an old man with silver hair was a little stunned when he heard this.

He is fertilizing a flower and grass, and he is applying dragon urine.

All the precious pet food planted in this flower garden.

"Yes, teacher, it has been spread all over the world. It is said that there is conclusive evidence. The cause of the matter is like this..." The elegant middle-aged man in front lowered his head and concentrated his eyes, and said the matter quickly.

After listening to the old man, he suddenly came over, his eyes showed a little divine light, "In that case, it is really possible to cultivate a master. At least, I can't do this."

When the middle-aged man heard what he said, his heart was shaken.

After all, the old man in front of him is a master of cultivation. Even the starry sky powerhouse must be treated politely. At this moment, he admits that he can't do it?

Doesn't this prove that this kind of ability is indeed possessed by the cultivation master?

Could it be said that on the planet Leia, there is actually a nurturing master who has traveled here?

This is just like the emperor's microservices going to a small village. If the other party reveals his identity, the Rennes family must be at least 80,000 miles away from the planet and grandly receive it.

"Let's go, follow me to pay a visit." The old man immediately stopped fertilizing, his eyes were excited, if he can get the guidance of the cultivation master, his cultivation ability will be greatly reaped. This is a rare opportunity.

The middle-aged man was startled, and hesitated slightly: "Teacher, this Ren family has a grudge against the other party. If we go to the meeting, will the Ren family..."

"You said, it's just a mere homage to killing grandchildren. Does O'Neill lack grandchildren? He doesn't lack any sons. It's okay to die several sons, let alone one grandson!" The old man sneered indifferently.

The middle-aged man's mouth twitched slightly.

Killing the enemy...


In Warfit City, a little naughty shop.

After two hours of busy work, Su Ping received more than a dozen people, and the petting spaces in the shop were full again.

"Sorry, the space is full, everyone come back tomorrow." Su Ping came to the store and apologized to the people in line outside.

Gone again?

The people in the line were stunned, some of them wanted to cry without tears.

It seems to have to wait more.

Everyone felt a little uncomfortable with Su Ping's politeness. This felt very strange. A starry realm boss would actually apologize to them. This is something they would never even think of.

"Where is the boss, you are willing to cultivate pet beasts for us, it is already a great kindness."

"That's right, boss, take a break, your health matters."

Someone in the crowd quickly said, which immediately caused many people to agree.

Su Ping didn't expect these people to be so polite, and he didn't say more when he saw it, and turned around to close the shop.

The people who lined up outside the store naturally did not come back tomorrow, as Su Ping said. Instead, they continued to stand here and wait for tomorrow...they will have no place.


In the store, Su Ping sat for a short rest, and then devoted himself to cultivation again.

He enjoys the process of nurturing, and in the battles inside, he can also make rapid progress.

Moreover, in the battle inside, staying with Little Skeleton and Ergou and fighting side by side, Su Ping really enjoyed this feeling.

This Void God Rumor was rumored to be the place where the ancient gods had fallen, but Su Ping had been fighting in it for half a month without touching the remains of the fallen gods.

But he didn't care either. Taking advantage of the dangerous environment inside was the main purpose and gain.

Most of the Star Master Realm humans he encountered floating in the Fifth Dimension were those who had fallen upon hearing this news and went to explore.

People die for money, this is something that no matter how strong or rich people are, they cannot change.

time flies.

A few days later.

Rhea Planet's pet competition, which has been held for several years, has gradually begun the audition, and all regions have entered the registration stage.

Because of the pet match, coupled with the thunder dragon's birth period in Lei Ming Zhou, the population of the planet Leia has increased recently, and many aliens have come here to join in the fun.

And because of the pet game, the sales of pet pet shops and related stores that serve pet pets have increased significantly.

Among them, Su Ping's shop is particularly popular.

Todays fermenting day by day, every day, the business in Su Pings shop gets very hot, and more people know this news and rush to here from all over.

Nowadays, the queues lined up outside the Suping store have already lined up outside the street. In order to prepare a place for these queuing people, the City Lords Mansion in Warfit City even opened and built a passage for those who lined up outside the Suping store. People prepare.

And these people in line are almost squeezing out of Warfite City!

Even some people who don't cultivate pet beasts come to occupy a position, and then sell their position at a high price, forming a business chain!

Countless people rushed to it, which also made the popularity of Suping's shop stay high, reaching the point where everyone in the city knew it!

"The pet match is about to start, and I will win the Vast Sea Realm Pet King who is selected in the Warfite City sub-field!"

"Cut, it's your turn. My battle pet has been bred three times in the little naughty shop. I have spent all my money on this battle pet. The qualification has reached A+ level!"

"Don't fight, no matter what the A+ level is, I am a starfire mad dragon beast in the vast sea realm, and I have the same qualifications at the same level. I will slap you!"

Outside the Suping store, the people in line were very excited, discussing the upcoming pet match.


Its New Years Eve tonight, I wish you all a Happy New Year, 5000 words in one, and try your best tomorrow~~!

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