Astral Pet Store Chapter 800

Chapter 897: Super Spirit Fruit Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Senior, the junior came here to visit, and have been queuing for several days. However, there are so many customers here that I am offended."

Pablo's attitude became very respectful.

Since Su Ping had admitted that he was the only educator in this shop, he could only regard Su Ping as the educator.

He came here a few days ago. He wanted to be humble and didn't show his identity. He lined up here for a few days in silence.

As a result, he came too late. If he continues to wait in line, it is estimated that it will take a month before he can see Su Ping.

"Any advice?"

Su Ping asked.

He glanced at the crowd outside, and there was indeed no end in sight.

Now he doesn't need to think about customer issues anymore, he just needs to hurry up and cultivate his pets to make money.

The faster you cultivate, the faster you earn.

"Where, how can the juniors dare to say any advice, the juniors are here to ask the seniors for advice. I don't know when the seniors will be free, and they can give the juniors a bit or two. The juniors are grateful."

Pablo bowed his head respectfully.

As he spoke, a silver light flashed in his palm, and a scroll appeared.

He handed the scroll to Su Ping, saying: "This is an ancient cultivation secret that the younger generation got from a ruin, but it's just a broken scroll, which may be useful to the older generation."

Su Ping raises his eyebrows, the ancient secret technique for nurturing?

He was slightly interested and took it and opened it.

Ancient characters appeared in the scroll, which could not be distinguished, but there were a few characters in it, which were ancient characters of the Protoss.


Su Ping only recognized these two words and muttered to himself.

"If you advise, I have nothing to teach. When you find the remaining fragments of this thing, maybe I will consider communicating with you."

Su Ping said to Pablo after hesitating slightly.

Pablo's eyes lit up, but soon he smiled bitterly, and said: "Senior, I have been searching for the other part of this fragment for decades, but there is still no clue. Can I change the individual request?"

"I haven't found it for decades, so you are giving me useless things?" Su Ping squinted.

Pablo's face changed slightly, and he quickly said: "Don't dare, seniors have misunderstood. I think the horizons and connections of seniors may be able to be found, so I dedicate this to you. After all, there are other things in juniors, seniors. It may not be worth seeing..."

Seeing his sincere look, Su Ping's expression softened, and said, "Okay, since you can't find the remaining fragments, then do a few things for me. When it's done, I will consider it again."

"Senior, please." Pablo was a little nervous.

"The first thing, I have a student who is an educator, you will take care of her for me, teach her nurturing skills, and be sure to make her a nurturing master like you as soon as possible." Su Ping said.

Pablo was stunned, a little surprised: "This..."

"Of course, whether she can become a nurturing master by her own efforts is her problem, but whether she will teach her as much as she wants is your problem, I will judge." Su Ping said.

Pablo understood, and quickly said: "The younger generation must do their best to teach, and treat them as their own disciples!"

"Okay, this second thing is the matter of super spirit and fruit."

Su Ping said: "You are the master of the cultivator of the Rennes family. The pet competition on this planet of Rea is held by the Rennes family. The prizes are also provided by them. As the master of the cultivator invited by the Rennes family, you can Have this super spiritual fruit?"

Pablo's face changed slightly, unexpectedly Su Ping had already seen his origins, and quickly said: "This super-spirit fruit tree belongs to the Ren family, they only have one, and the output is limited, even I dont have a few. ."

"How many do you have?"

"Uh, four, four, right?"

"give me?"


Pablo was speechless and wanted to cry.

Asking for Super Spirit Fruit as soon as we meet is a bit too difficult.

You know, the super-spirit divine fruit is an extremely precious spiritual fruit, even if it is a strong person in the star main realm, it will not be too much. This is the hard currency that is always scarce in the Federation universe.


Pablo gritted his teeth slightly, and said: "These super-spirit fruits in the hands of the juniors are all accumulated over the years. Two of them are already planned to be used on the pets. If the seniors want them, the juniors can only take out Two!"

Su Ping stared at him for a moment, nodded and said, "OK."

Pablo breathed a sigh of relief. If Su Ping wanted more, he would really give up communication.

After all, although the guidance of the cultivation master is valuable, the two super-spirit divine fruits are equally valuable. If you increase the price more, he can still get guidance from other cultivation masters.

"Senior, do you have any other requirements?"

Pablo asked cautiously, for fear that Su Ping would open his mouth again.

Su Ping said: "For the time being, just these two, you give me super spiritual fruit first."

The corner of Pablo's mouth moved slightly. Although Su Ping no longer asked for it, he was so attached to this super-spirit divine fruit that he was really afraid that Su Ping would regret it after taking something.

"Senior, this is it."

With his thoughts turning, Pablo still gritted his teeth and took out two super spiritual fruits from the storage secret treasure.

These are two sealed exquisite secret treasure boxes, and the contents cannot be seen.

But the sealed stripes are black and gold, which is quite low-key luxury.

Su Ping's eyes gleamed slightly, and he took the box and tore off the seal to check.

As soon as the energy on the seal dissipated, Su Ping felt a strong fragrance permeating out. When he breathed, he felt comfortable all over and his brain became much more ethereal.

Even the world in front of him seemed to become bright and clear.

The original thinking becomes more flexible and faster.

"Sure enough, it is a super spiritual fruit!"

Su Ping quickly opened the box, glanced at it, and closed it. It took less than 0.1 second from opening to closing, but the escaping breath still made the surrounding fragrance rich several times.

Su Ping searched the Super Spirit Fruit on the Federal Internet, and the contents of this box were indeed genuine.

Su Ping did not test the second copy, and quickly put it away.

And the fragrance that permeated, surprised the people in the line around. Everyone felt that the smell of the fragrance became comfortable and ethereal, and their thoughts became faster.

The communication between Pablo and Su Ping is sound transmission, so no one knows that the two boxes in Gang Su Ping's hands are the top treasures on the planet Rhea, the super spiritual fruit.

"Senior, the pointing thing..."

Pablo saw Su Ping accepting the gift, and asked carefully.

Su Ping smiled slightly and said, "You take care of my student for me first. I don't have to be anxious about nurturing exchanges. I won't fall back on my account."

When Pablo saw Su Ping say this, he was a little relieved, thinking that the other party, as the cultivation master, should do what he said, otherwise it would be too humiliating to his identity.

Thinking about it this way, he felt more at ease.

He also didn't expect Su Ping to immediately teach him a lot of insights and experiences in cultivating a grandmaster. After all, it is unrealistic to rely on two super-spiritual divine fruits to let the family cultivating grandmaster take his heart out.

"Senior, just call me if you have anything to do. I'm currently staying in Warfitt City and can be there anytime." Pablo said politely.

Su Ping nodded and asked: "You come to me, doesn't the Lane family blame you?"

Pablo's heart shuddered, and he quickly said: "Senior, the younger generation and the Rennes family are only a cooperative relationship. The Rennes family is the Rennes family, and the younger generations are the younger generations. They will never be mixed into your affairs with the Rennes family."

Su Ping understood, and chuckled: "I'm just curious to ask, I have nothing to do with the Lane family, they have already apologized for me."

Pablo thought of Su Ping's method, and smiled inwardly.

When Garland was imprisoned, the Lane family was indeed subdued.

"Senior said that."

"Okay, when my apprentice comes back, I'll call you again, I'll go now."

"Senior, your business is so good in the store. If you can't cultivate these customers' favorites, the younger ones can help." Pablo said quickly, wanting to take the opportunity to cultivate with Su Ping, and by the way see Su Ping's cultivation means.

Moreover, it can also shorten the distance between each other.

Su Ping asked: "Can you cultivate their pets to A-level qualifications in one day?"

"Uh... can't."

"Forget it, I can't smash the sign of my store." Su Ping shook his head.

"But the junior can lay hands on the senior, help or something."

"You can't help." Su Ping shook his head.

Pablo was dumb and had to give up.

Why can't you help? He is definitely more than enough to help a nurturing master.

It's just that the other party doesn't want him to observe the stealing teacher.

Pablo didn't insist anymore, and said a few polite words to Su Ping, then turned and left.

Next to him, the elegant middle-aged man looked in awe. He watched his teacher look respectful throughout the whole process, with a curved back and an extremely humble posture, as if he were usually in front of his teacher.

Sure enough, there is a heaven outside.

This person can make the teacher so in awe, is this the cultivation master?

The elegant middle-aged man also bowed farewell to Su Ping and left with Pablo.

Before leaving, Su Ping collected the fragments of the cultivation secret technique, and planned to ask Joanna. If Joanna can't recognize the words on it, then go to other cultivation worlds, find a living mouth, and ask again. You can always find The person who recognized the writing on it.


After entering the store.

Su Ping closed the door and called Little Skeleton and Ergou.

There were only two super spiritual fruits. Su Ping looked at Ergou and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and finally chose Ergou and Little Skeleton.

Little Skeleton is his first battle pet. All the rare resources, Su Ping gives priority to the Little Skeleton, guaranteeing the power limit of his battle pet.

And the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Ergou, one is good at attacking and the other good at defense.

If Su Ping has a small skeleton in charge of the attack, and his own offensive ability is not weak, in terms of defense, it can be handed over to Ergou to fill it.

"I'll give it to you next time."

Su Ping said to the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, the White Scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, and the Violet Green Python.

The Purgatory Candle Dragon roared, showing that it didn't care.

The Bailin Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast reacted very calmly, as if he had no hope at all.

Although Ziqing Gu python was a little greedy, he agreed with Su Ping's explanation.

Soon, the two boxes opened, and inside were two fruits surrounded by snow-white aura.

The fruit is like crystal glaze, white and hazy, surrounded by aura and looks extremely mysterious.

Su Ping threw it to Little Skeleton and Ergou, who quickly swallowed it and melted into his body.

However, the fragrance diffused in the air made Su Ping and the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast feel their tongues, feelings soaring, and seem to have a lot of insights, but it is difficult to say what it is.

Soon, the little skeleton's body was the first to change. There was a clicking sound at the shoulder of its bones, and two short bone spurs slowly protruded from it.

This bone spur is on the shoulder blade, which is quite hideous, but a little bit domineering.

On the other side, Ergou's eyes changed, and energy surged in his body, and various pure elemental energies appeared.

These energies are intertwined with each other, something seems to be evolving, and a regular atmosphere is permeated from it.

Especially the three rules of thunder, thunder, and annihilation inside, become more and more intense.

The firm rule of the rock path that Ergou himself understood gradually became apparent.

Su Ping looked at Little Skeleton, and found that Little Skeleton's breath was stronger and deeper than before. This change in its body was obviously caused by the advancement of its own skills.

Su Ping called up its properties panel.

After fighting and nurturing in the Void God Ruins, Little Skeleton has made great progress, coupled with his own understanding of the undead rule of death, mastering the four rules, so that it can easily solve the Void Monster Beast in the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm. It was the Void Monster Beast in the starry sky, and couldn't kill it.

Now, its bloodline skills have changed, and the Bone King has turned into the Bone Demon!

Although it was only a word difference, Su Ping could feel the extraordinary ability of this skill when he saw the image of the little skull today!

"The effect of this super spiritual fruit is no less than a professional cultivation!"

Su Ping was a little frightened.

Although the increase in comprehension is the increase in comprehension, the skills will be further advanced!

The Bone Demon is coming, this is beyond the skills of the Skeleton King family, and it feels a bit variant.

As for the Ergou on the other side, even though Su Ping also identified it, he could tell at a glance that his understanding of several rules has become more in-depth, and the elements of the wind element in it faintly exude an aura of Dao Yun rules.

It is estimated that in time, he will be able to come to his mind and master the new rules!

If you can master the five rules, Ergou's combat power will not be inferior to the mid-Starry Sky Realm!

"It's no wonder that countless people flock to this pet match. This super-spirit fruit is indeed attractive. Then there is a fruit tree in the Lane family... do you want to grab it?"

Su Ping's eyes gleamed, and his heart moved.

But after thinking about it, he gave up. People don't offend me, and I don't offend people.

The other party had already paid the price before they came to look for things, but if they came to look for things, they would be able to do it.

"First get a champion in the pet fighting competition, bring the prizes, and discuss with the Ren family in the future, and exchange things for some super spiritual fruit..."

Su Ping's eyes flashed.


After Ergou and Little Skeleton had absorbed the super spirit fruit, Su Ping devoted himself to the cultivation again.

For some of the common cultivating pets, Su Ping not only bred them by himself, but also gave them to some shadow clones.

time flies.

It was the next day.

Su Ping returned from Cultivating the World, doing business in the morning, and closing the door in the afternoon. He took the small skeleton and the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, and went to the registration office of the pet competition in Warfit City.

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