Astral Pet Store Chapter 801

Chapter 898: Capture The Flag Two In One

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"This is the audition office?"

Su Ping came to the place of registration.

There was a crowd of people in front of me, and there were noisy voices everywhere.

At least 100,000 people gathered in the entire large square. There were also many people wearing portable battle pets around them, their bodies shrunk to a miniature appearance.

There are also some war pets, petite like elemental spirits, sitting on the shoulders of their masters.

"Are you... the boss?"

As Su Ping was looking at it, a surprised voice came, turning his head to see that it was Felius.


Su Ping raised his eyebrows.

He had a bit of impression that this guy was an early customer in the store.

What surprised Su Ping was that when he went out, he adjusted his appearance slightly to become more ordinary and ordinary. Can this guy recognize it at a glance?

"Really the boss? I have seen this suit of yours..." Felius was a little surprised and excited when he saw Su Ping's reaction. He didn't expect to meet Su Ping here.

Now in Warfite City, the most famous and thriving person is Su Ping.

A starry sky realm powerhouse, and there is a cultivation master behind him, even the ruler of the planet Leia dare not offend.

Except for accidents, it is almost impossible to meet Su Ping.


Su Ping looked at the clothes on his body, and suddenly realized that he was a bit speechless. He didn't expect the clothes to be exposed, and he blamed him for not paying attention to this because of his recent thoughts.

"Don't say anything."

Felius nodded with excitement on his face.

"Boss, did you come here to be a judge?" Filius asked cautiously, his eyes full of awe and gratitude. Every time he received a pet beast, he would choose to cultivate again.

Several of the battle pets in his hand are already A-level qualifications, and one of the battle pets that has been bred three times is already A+!

This is also his confidence to come here to participate in the audition!

If there was no Su Ping, he would have the first place in Warfit City, and he would not have too much hope in his heart. Although that was his goal, he knew in his heart that it would be difficult to do it.

But now, he is very confident.

And because of the fact that he was able to cultivate in the Suping store, he was known by his family, which caused his status in the family to rise.

He also received a large amount of funds transferred from the family, which allowed him to cultivate professionally in the Suping store!

In addition, his family also spread the news, making some of the forces that had previously exerted pressure on their family, or the wealthy and wealthy of the scattered organizations, were more polite to their family.

If you talk about this kind of thing, you will almost be regarded as a lunatic, but Felius knows that all this is only because he can cultivate in the Suping store.

As long as he has money, he can choose to continue nurturing every time he receives a battle pet!

Once he gives up and continues to nurture, then if he wants to nurture next time, he can only queue up obediently.

With the terrifying long queue outside the Suping store, who knew that it would go in the Year of the Monkey?

"No, I came to sign up."

Su Ping said.


Filiuston was a little dazed at the time, and said: "You, are you here to sign up? But the starry sky pets are not allowed to participate in the pet match..."

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly realized that Su Ping didn't have to use his own battle pet, he could use someone else's!

Even if it is an unowned battle pet without a contract, anyway, the battle pet game only plays the battle pet, who is the owner?

There was a sudden nervousness in his heart.

Su Ping also came to sign up, which is the first to go.

Su Ping glanced at this guy and shook his head without telling him much.


At this time, suddenly another light voice sounded.

Su Ping was stunned, then turned his head and looked at Mia.

"It's really Boss Su?" Mia saw Su Ping turning her head, and she was surprised, and said, "Are you here to be a judge?"

"..." Su Ping was a little speechless. Why did everyone think that he was a judge? Couldn't I be a contestant?

Felius saw that Su Ping was silent, and hurriedly replied dogmatically.

Mia looked incredible, "Are you here to compete?"

After reacting, she immediately realized that she was a little misbehaving, and quickly said with a smile: "Then I wish Boss Su win the championship in the pet competition. That super spiritual fruit is for Boss Su."


Su Ping nodded, not taking this as a flattery, but an established fact.

Seeing that Su Ping was so confident, Mia became more envious in her heart. She came here to sign up too. She wanted to have fun here before returning to the academy. As for whether she could get any ranking, she didn't expect much.

And recently, due to the Suping shop, the number of A-level pets in Warfite City has skyrocketed. Although she also has A-level pets, she has little confidence in getting the ranking.

She just wants to let her pets learn some combat experience.


The team quickly finished and it was Su Ping's turn to sign up.

Su Ping called out Little Skeleton, Two Dogs, Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, as well as Violet Green Python and White Scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

Except for Little Skeletons and Two Dogs, the appearance of the Purgatory Candle Dragon beasts immediately alarmed the crowd nearby.

But when I saw these big dragon beasts and python beasts of lower bloodlines, I felt like a false alarm.

The white-scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast inside has attracted the attention of many people. When they saw its snow-white dragon scales, they were a little surprised. This was obviously a variant of Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

I just don't know whether it is mutating in a good direction or a bad direction.

Some mutations are degeneration, much weaker than the same level, which is very common.

In front of the judges who signed up in a row, there were exclamations from other places from time to time. They were the pets summoned by other people. Occasionally, super popular pets with strong pedigree appeared and attracted the attention of countless people.

"I'm not mistaken, does this person want to register that python beast?"

"The cultivation base aura of the python beast doesn't seem to belong to the vast sea realm."

"Look, there is still a skeleton species there, dare you take it out?"

"I remember the skeletal species of the Undead. It seems that no race is strong?"

By Su Ping's side, Mia and Filius heard the pointing and talking around, all sweating on their foreheads, these guys, do you know who you are questioning whose battle pet!

However, they also had some surprises.

They thought that Su Ping would use other people's pets to compete, but they didn't expect that these were summoned by Su Ping himself.

It's a bit peculiar that a starry sky realm powerhouse has so many low-level pets.

"Sign up?"

The judge in front of Su Ping Ping was an old man in the destiny realm. Seeing the many battle pets summoned by Su Ping, his eyes were slightly fixed, especially the skeleton species standing in the front and sitting level with him.

Although the skeleton species did not exude any aura, the pair of hollow skeleton eye sockets looked at him, making him feel like his whole body was slightly erected.

Just like an extremely terrifying creature, staring at him in those bottomless eye sockets!


"Please let your battle pet be spiritually engraved, and in addition, give your battle pet a resounding name." The old man said.

He took out a talisman-like crystal plate, which was used to engrave the spirit and leave a mark of registration.

Su Ping immediately asked Little Skeleton to use his mental power to leave marks on the crystal card, then after thinking about it, he said, "Just call it Little Skull."

"Little skeleton?"

The old man was stunned, obviously he didn't expect Su Ping to be named so casually.

But it didn't matter to him, he didn't say much, and said: "What is the rank reported to it?"

"Fate," Su Ping said.

He had understood the rules before he came. Although Little Skeleton's cultivation base was only in the vast sea, he did not limit his cultivation base when he signed up. However, under normal circumstances, everyone will only report for the rank of the same level. Is it not good to take the first one of the same level? If the level is higher, it is easy to fail!

After all, the pets who come here to compete are all top quality.

You are the best in the same level, you could have taken the first place, but the higher the level you encounter, the difference in the natural first-level cultivation base is very deadly!

Even many people, in order to participate in the competition, get rankings and rewards, deliberately let their pets disperse their skills and lower their cultivation level by one level. Although doing so is a bit hurt, if they can get ranking rewards, they can still make up for it. Like a sale, the trade-off between gains and losses is ultimately a good deal.


The old man's eyes condensed slightly, and it was not too surprising. This skull species gave him an indescribable feeling of danger. Although the cultivation base he perceives is only in the vast sea, who knows if there is any false decoration?

Soon, the registration of Little Skeleton was over.

"When you compete, just let it enter the arena. We have already included its breath." The old man said to Su Ping.


Su Ping nodded, and then signed up for Ergou and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, both of which were in the Destiny Realm.

And for the rest, the White Lin Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast also completed the registration, which is the rank of the virtual cave realm.

Ziqing Gu Python is the rank of Hanhai Realm.

Su Ping wants the top of the three ranks.

"You war pet, it seems that you haven't reached the Boundary Sea Realm yet, right?"

The old man asked with some doubts when registering with Ziqing Gu python.

The difference in breath between King Beast and Kings battle pet is very obvious, and it is easy to perceive it. He doesnt think it looks like a disguise, and he doesnt understand why people like Su Ping who can control the battle pet of Destiny are in the contract pet. , There will be low-level pets that are not even in the vast sea realm. Isn't this time to abandon and replace it with a destiny battle pet?

"Well, can you sign up?" Su Ping asked.

The old man didn't expect Su Ping to really admit, he was stunned, frowned and said: "It is possible to be able to do it, but this level of difference...It is estimated that even the election of the flag will be sad, and even die!"

"I can do it."


Seeing that Su Ping didn't care about his words at all, the old man was speechless, so he could only shake his head to sign up for Su Ping.

Anyway, it is the pet beast of other people, who loves how to drop it, but it is a pity that this pet is the wrong owner.


After all the pets were registered, Su Ping took them back and left the team.

In other registration offices, there were repeated exclamations.

Su Ping also took a look at the sound, and immediately saw a majestic dragon beast with black scales, exuding magic flames, and its momentum as vast as an abyss.

"It's Mo Ji Shura Dragon!"

"There is such a rare battle pet, it is even more terrifying than Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!"

"I don't know what qualifications it is."

"A few days ago, I seemed to have heard that someone detected a Moji Shura dragon with a level A qualification. Isn't it the right one?"

There are discussions around.

Su Ping suddenly realized that this dragon beast was a bit familiar, and quickly recalled, wasn't this a customer's favorite he had cultivated before?

When it was being nurtured, this dragon beast followed Ergou and Little Skeleton's buttocks, making trouble with them like a little brother.

Su Ping shook his head and didn't look any more.

"Boss, do you use those few pets to compete?"

Felius and Mia were waiting for Su Ping outside the crowd. They also saw the battle pet summoned by Su Ping, and they were a little surprised at the moment.

Except for the mutant Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, the other battle pets seem to be of poor bloodlines.


Su Ping didn't say much to them, saying: "I'll go back and get busy first, and see you when the game starts tomorrow."

The two still had a lot to ask and ask Su Ping for. Seeing that Su Ping said so, they didn't dare to stay, so they could only regret to say goodbye.

After leaving the audition office, Su Ping returned to the store and continued his cultivation today.

"Which race do you think the font on this is from?" Su Ping asked Joanna.

Joanna didn't even know the words on the cultivation technique of the fragmented scroll.

"It's a bit like an older word, maybe someone knew it in the ancient times." Joanna guessed.

Su Ping's heart moved slightly, more ancient times? Perhaps in the Primordial God Realm, or a top cultivation place like the Chaos Undead Realm, there will be living creatures who know it.

After taking the time to go to the Primordial God Realm with Joanna, Su Ping can find someone to ask.


Another day passed in a blink of an eye.

On the second day, the number of people who came here today to nurture was obviously reduced, but the team was still like a long dragon, with no end in sight.

Many people went to participate in the pet match and left, but some people who knew they had no hope of being famous in the pet match were still waiting here honestly.

Today is the day of the competition. Su Ping will return the pets he has cultivated to the customers who come to receive them. He will postpone the business until the afternoon, close the store door and send them to the pet competition in Warfit City. Sea election field.

This sea election field... is three void enchantments suspended above the city.

There is an extremely majestic mountain in the three enchantments, and these three huge void enchantments can be seen on the outskirts of Warfite City.

When Su Ping came to the entrance to the void enchantment, the square here was the city main palace square in Warfit City. It was extremely huge, but it was full of people at the moment.

There were so many contestants as the crucian carp across the river, which made Su Ping a little surprised.

"The audition time is four hours!"

"From 8 o'clock to 12 o'clock!"

"In these four hours, whoever can win the banner on the King Chongshan will be eligible for the challenge!"

The rules of the qualifiers are very simple, rough, and the flag is the king!

When Su Ping arrived, it was already eleven o'clock in the morning, and there was only one hour left.

Su Ping understood the rules in advance, as long as he can enter at any time before 12 o'clock, and sometimes it may not be as early as possible. After all, you have to hold the flag when you get the flag!

"go in."

Su Ping immediately summoned the two dogs and the little skeletons and let them enter the void enchantment.

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