Astral Pet Store Chapter 802

Chapter 899: Occupy The Mountain As King Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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The three void enchantments correspond to the three legendary realms respectively.

Little Skeleton and Ergou flew directly to the largest and strongest Destiny Realm void enchantment.

The purple green snake and the white scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast rushed to the void enchantment of the Void Cave Realm and the Vast Sea Realm respectively.

Their spiritual imprint has long been integrated into the enchantment, and when they touch the void enchantment, they will directly fly into it without verification.

These three void enchantments are the federation's starry sky realm devices, and they are of three grades, but even the void enchantments of the vast sea realm can withstand a blow from the starry sky!

In the square, in addition to the little skeletons and the two dogs, there are many other contestants' pets, and they all fly into the battlefield one after another.

Some people have good calculations.

It is better to advance early than advance skillfully. It is not necessarily a good thing to go first. It is easy to capture the flag but difficult to guard the flag!

Going in the first place will compete more intensely. It is better to wait for the situation inside to stabilize before going in later.

"Look, that is Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!"

"It seems to be mutated."

Someone soon noticed that the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, after all, is the signature battle pet of Leia Planet, and the proud "special product" of Leia Planet people.

"This will definitely pass."

"It's hard to say that in previous years, Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast passed the primary election without any problems, but this year is different."

"Yes, especially in our Warfite City, here is the difficulty of purgatory level!"

"Who says no? I've heard of that little naughty pet shop. My dear, it's only a few days. I heard that hundreds of A-level pets have been cultivated."

"Hundreds? You are joking. There are already thousands of them. Okay, haven't you seen the statistics on the news? I remember more than 1,500!"

"At least half of this is from Warfit City. Intercontinental News has said that Warfit City is the qualifier for the global finals. If you know what it means, it is our selection battle here, which is similar to the finals!"

"Tsk tsk, my cousins brother-in-laws sister-in-laws brother-in-laws friends next door neighbors friends brother-in-laws sister-in-law, I heard that they had bred their pets in that store, but unfortunately, they are locals and they can only compete here. Battle pet, can you pass the audition..."


Hearing the comments from the people around him, Su Ping knew how much he had influenced Warfitt City.

But then, have you cultivated thousands of them? It seems not.

This rumored...

Forget it, let's watch the audition first.

They should converge a little, forgot to remind them.

Su Ping's eyes showed some worry.

"Brother, don't worry, just rely on your mutant Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast. If nothing happens, it will be fine to pass the audition."

A young man slapped Su Pings shoulder and smiled: "Dont listen to what they say is so overwhelming. Each rank has 500 quotas. Even if the store has cultivated thousands of A-level pets, If it is distributed to three ranks, there are still places left."

"Yeah, brother, you can do it."

A companion beside the youth also smiled at Su Ping.

"Um..." Su Ping didn't know what to say.

Both of them seemed to be kind and enthusiastic, but... what he was worried about wasn't the question of whether he could pass.

If this void enchantment is destroyed, the mountain inside won't fall down, right?

Su Ping looked at the three great mountains floating overhead, and could see the glorious light soaring into the sky. Each glorious light was a battle flag, and the pets were climbing the mountain to grab the flag.


At the same time, Little Skeleton and Ergou had entered the void enchantment of the Destiny Realm.

Little Skeleton, Ergou, and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast are all rare and rare battle pets, so no one pays attention, even if they see it, they ignore the past.

When entering the void enchantment, the aura of the three of them suddenly changed.

The vast aura like the sea of stars radiated from them, and in a blink of an eye, overturned the entire void enchantment!

At this moment, the many pets competing in the void enchantment all felt this domineering and wild and wanton aura, and they were a little surprised.

The pet on the back of the mountain was okay. Although he felt a strong sense of threat, he still didn't stop the battle in front of him.

But the many battle pets around the little skull turned to look at them one after another.

In a pair of dragon eyes of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, the light of thunder emerged, and the previous sluggishness was swept away in an instant, and the body became more and more sturdy, and the dragon eyes were like an abyss, suddenly opening his mouth and roaring.

Roar! ! !

The roar spreads across the world, only hitting the stars of the universe!

Soundwave and Longwei were blocked by the void enchantment, but the voice was still transmitted, and the entire Warfite City heard them.

The countless people who looked up at the void enchantment all heard the sound and were immediately shocked.

This is a variant of Purgatory Candle Dragon?

This is a low-level dragon beast that has no blood in the vast sea realm, so there is such a momentum? !

Roar! !

Hearing the deterrent roar of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, a furious response erupted from the battle pet on the mountain.

Hearing this echo, the dragon's power of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast was immediately violated and provoked, and a pair of dragon eyes glowed with thunder light, suddenly stepped out, and shuttled to the front of the battle pet.

The stalwart dragon's body blocked the sun, and it was full of thunderous riots. It snapped out a dragon claw.

Thunder, like a pillar, swept out, with a bang, patted the pet on the mountainside.

The pet's reaction was also very quick, releasing two flame skills, erupting like a sea of fire, but when swept across the body of the purgatory candle dragon beast, it was unharmed.

The flame resistance of the purgatory candle dragon beast has long been the same as that of Su Ping, and it has reached the special level.

Destiny-level inflammation skills will weaken by 70%.

Only the inflammation skill with regular aura can cause some damage to it.

"Seriously injured in one blow?"

"My God, what's the situation with this dragon beast? The Flame Demon Missing Moon Dragon is close to the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast-level dragon species, and I heard it is still A-level qualification!"

"Yeah, just now the Flame Demon Lack Moon Dragon dashed on the mountain, overbearing and invincible, now he was slapped like this by a paw?"

Countless people were shocked when they saw this scene.

The dragon beast that was shot and flew out by the purgatory candle dragon beast had several huge cracks on its body. It was dripping with blood and twitched in a pool of blood. It seemed to be on the nerves and didn't get up for a long time!

The reason for the twitching is because the attack of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast comes with lightning rules. Although the complete lightning rules have not been released, the thunder energy in it also far exceeds the lightning skills of the ordinary destiny, and the paralysis effect.

Around the purgatory candle dragon beast, several other battle pets saw this scene with their pupils shrinking, showing horror and fear. They are already in the destiny realm, and they understand spirituality. Naturally, they can see that this dragon beast is very terrifying. Even more terrifying than all the pets they saw here!


The purgatory candle dragon beast pulled up the flag on the ground with its sharp claws, turned its head and roared around.

The surrounding pets fled in fright and did not dare to stay by his side.

At this time, Little Skull and Ergou also stepped on the void and walked towards the mountain.

Soon, they came to the foot of the mountain. The competition here was very fierce. Seeing the little skeleton and the two dogs approaching, a battle pet immediately rushed towards them, trying to solve the two guys who were fighting for food.

Little Skeleton stood still, but drew his sword suddenly.

Cut! !

The huge mountain in front of it suddenly shook, and then an incredible scene appeared.

The whole mountain was split apart!

At the cracked gap, the void was cut open, unable to heal for a long time!

The void in that place has been annihilated!

This huge mountain covered with countless battle pets and fierce competition, the cracks spread from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, this scene made the entire Warfite City fall into silence.

And the few pets who were about to pounce, their bodies were stiff in the air, and their eyes trembled, terrified to the extreme.

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