Astral Pet Store Chapter 803

Chapter 900: Rolling Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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The originally noisy city of Warfite was instantly silent.

Standing on the streets everywhere, in the streets and alleys, there was silence and horror at this moment.

Even ordinary people who watched the excitement were deeply shocked by this scene.

Cut the void together, cut open the mountain, what kind of power is this! ?

There was a lot of discussion before, guessing that the square where the pet would get the most flags was also silent, and the two young men who stood beside Su Ping comforted him watched this scene blankly.

They all remembered that this little skeleton and the purgatory candle dragon beast were both battle pets summoned by Su Ping earlier.

It's just... I thought it was sent to play, but it turned out to be terrifying!

"Uh, fortunately there is no complete rule..."

Seeing this knife, Su Ping was a little relieved. If he used the complete annihilation rules, it is estimated that this void enchantment would be hit hard!

In case he really couldn't resist it, he had to immediately tear up the second space and install the fallen mountain in it, otherwise it would fall down, which would affect countless lives.

He stayed here because he was afraid that the little skeletons would use too much force and cause trouble.

Otherwise, you can go straight back to the store to do your own business.

Now that the little skeletons have been taught the power of their rules, even the starry sky realm may not be able to keep them. On this Leia planet, Su Ping is completely relieved to let them go anywhere.

Once the battle pet is strong, you can restock it, and you don't have to stay around.

Most war pet masters keep their pets by their side, not to take care of their pets, but to take care of themselves.

After all, the main combat power of the pet division comes from the pet.



On the sacred mountain of the void enchantment.

The bone knife in Little Skeleton's hand has been inserted back into his hip bone, don't be there, like a bone on his body.

It lifted its steps and walked forward.

The many battle pets fiercely fighting around, seem to be confined by space, all are frozen in place, and they dare not even shiver!

Some of the pets had already woken up and recognized this little skeleton...It was the pet that they encountered during the nightmare period they were nurturing.

This is the favorite of that devil!

The pupils of various colors, large and small, looked at the little skeleton in horror, not daring to make any changes.

The little skull came to the mountain, and the flags visible to the naked eye around it were all taken by the power and flew to it. These flags are like javelins, suspended behind it, looking domineering and detached, with a kind of footsteps. The feeling of beings fighting the sky and the earth.

Although its body is small, this moment has become the focus of the entire Warfite City.

Hundreds of millions of attention!

A series of battle flags flew, these battle flags were flying in the wind, hunting and hunting!

Some battle flags have been grabbed by some battle pets, and some bitten in their mouths, but at this moment, under the power of the little skeleton, these battle pets dare not let go.

Beside the little skull, the two **** followed, seeing that there was nothing wrong with it, it was also very happy.

In the face of this kind of organization, it doesn't bother to show off his ability.

Even the scenes of standing in a row in the Starry Sky Realm have been seen, these little guys, they didn't even see it.

As the little skeleton walked up the mountainside, all the pets encountered along the way gave way. Inside, there was a dragon beast with golden scales. He saw the five flags suppressed by his own power on the ground in front of his feet. The startled look suddenly turned into anger, and it couldn't help but let out a low growl in deterrence.


You already have so many, are you still not satisfied?

It is also a dignified sacred golden dragon beast, the bloodline of the starry sky realm, so weak, it feels that its dignity has been trampled on.

Hearing its roar, the little skull paused slightly, turning his head slowly, and looking at it.

In an instant, the body of the sacred golden dragon beast was struck by lightning, and its soul was shocked. It felt a strong breath of death, and it seemed to see the death scene of its head being cut off and its body bursting open.

This picture is extremely real and fleeting.

When everything recovered, its heart was pounding wildly, and it felt that the figure of the little skeleton grew rapidly in the line of sight, becoming like a sky-holding giant, looking down at it.

Soon, that power once again ingested the banner in front of it. This time, the sacred golden dragon beast lowered its head and did not dare to stop it.

It is really scared.

With just a glance, it was terrified!

This is absolutely unprovoking, this is a skull demon!

As the five battle flags flew in, Little Skeleton retracted his gaze, and then continued to move forward towards the top of the mountain.

If you come, you will fight, and you will stand on the top of the mountain!

The Purgatory Candle Dragon saw the little skeleton coming, and joined it, and its power scrolled the flag that it had just snatched and followed behind the little skeleton.

The three of them walked towards the top of the mountain together, and more and more flags were picked up.


A demon war pet saw that the little skeleton was about to **** his twelve battle flags, and finally couldn't help being angry. It roared, and the magic mist surged all over his body, trying to roll the battle flag and escape.

But the next moment, the magic mist on the surface of his body was cut away, and his body flew upside down, falling like a rag to a mountain peak, seriously injured and dying!

It was just a blow, and no one could see how it was shot.

The twelve battle flags flew behind the little skeleton, and then it continued forward.

Step by step towards the top of the mountain, the group of beasts evaded, and those who dissatisfied were all defeated by one move, severely injured and defeated.

The original fierce Destiny Realm Void Enchantment suddenly turned into a one-man show. Everyone watching this scene was shocked and speechless.

The power displayed by this little skull is completely crushed!

And it is crushing all the pets of the entire sacred mountain!


What kind of aptitude is this pet?

What kind of blood is it?

No one knows!

In the square, Felius and Mia were also present, and their pets were also competing, but they were all in the Void Cave Realm and the Vast Sea Realm. They only had the cultivation base of the Vast Sea Realm, and they did not have the Destiny Realm war pet.

Looking at the situation in this Fate Realm theater at this moment, I was all confused.

This is Su Ping's favorite?

Isn't it the pet of the vast sea?

If it hadn't been for this void enchantment device, which would resist the battle pet of the Starry Sky Realm cultivation base, they would all think that this little skeleton belonged to the Starry Sky Realm.

Only the Star Realm battle pet has such a crushing power?

Seeing those A-level and even A+-level battle pets shivering in front of the little skeletons, retreating and abandoning the flag to leave, they felt a sense of being subverted.

There are also Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts with A-level qualifications!

With the dominance of the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast under the stars, very few of the same rank can defeat it, let alone a top-grade Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast of positive A grade!

"Yesterday, I seem to have seen this little skeleton yesterday."

"What little skeleton, this is the bone king!"

"It's terrifying, is it the blood of the Skeleton King? But the blood of the Skeleton King, under the stars, can't compete with the Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, right?"

After a long time of silence, everyone reacted with incredible expressions.

The Skeleton Species were originally a weak clan, and the best of them was the Skeleton King clan, but although the Skeleton King was strong, it was not so enchanting in the growth stage!

"Well, I seem to only tell it to take the battle flag, but didn't say how much to take, it won't grab all of it..."

Su Ping was a little dumb as he watched the little skull plundering other people's battle flags. This meaning was obviously misunderstood.

He immediately passed on through the contract, letting it only retain the three battle flags, and more would be useless, but instead robbed others of the qualifications for promotion, so that others would not even have the opportunity to become addicted.

"Uh, blocked?"

Su Ping was suddenly embarrassed as soon as he thought about it.

He felt that his thoughts were resisted by a force and could not be transmitted to Little Skeleton's mind.

He slapped his head abruptly. This void enchantment is unique and will resist the battle pet master's transmission, otherwise, the battle pet master can control his battle pet through transmission outside.

This is an event entirely aimed at the pets themselves.



Seeing that the little skeleton was still plundering the battle flag, Su Ping was a little embarrassed, he could almost imagine what would happen next.

The most important thing is... the purple snake and the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, don't they also understand the wrong meaning?

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