Astral Pet Store Chapter 804

Chapter 901: Unprecedented In History Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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In the void enchantment of the Destiny Realm, at the moment on that majestic mountain, the little skeleton, accompanied by the Purgatory Candle Dragon and Two Dogs, walked towards the top of the mountain like a king.

Most of the monsters encountered along the way retreated.

Occasionally, there are some violent temperaments who want to resist. Before the little skeleton can take action, they are hit by a dragon from the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, directly hitting the bones all over and rolling down the mountain.

Soon, the little skeleton came to the top of the mountain.

The flags plundered along the way were as many as cow feathers, hundreds of flags, all suspended in the void behind it, floating, like a thousand arrows ready to go.

In the entire void enchantment, countless battle pets all looked up at this scene on the mountain.

Those flags were flying, but no one dared to **** them.

The three figures standing there are condescending, two high and one short, overlooking the entire sacred mountain.

"All the battle flags inside have been robbed, this, this will not get to the end, just three of them will advance?"

"The entire audition, only three passed?"


When everyone in the city saw this scene, they were all shocked and speechless, not knowing what to say.

At this time, a roar suddenly sounded.

It sounded from the barrier of the second Void Cave Realm rank next to it.

Everyone looked around, dumbfounded again.

I saw in this relatively small enchantment, a vast sky thunder dragon beast covered with snow-white scales, its dragon wings flapped, galloping horizontally and horizontally in it at this moment, on its body, the star power picked up dozens of battle flags, flying Behind it, like a row of erect scales!

These battle flags are blessed by regular forces and cannot be destroyed unless regular forces are used.

At this moment, under the swooping of this Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, the flags planted on the entire sacred mountain were uprooted and taken into its back.

Those pets who wanted to **** from them greeted them one after another, and the thunder burst in the sky, knocking back all the pets.

"Me, my Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast!"

"My Shura magic sickle!"

"What kind of mutant dragon seed is this, it's terrifying!"

Seeing this scene, the originally silent city boiled again, shocked.

Felius and Mia in the crowd were a little dumbfounded, their pet was among them, and was defeated by Su Ping's pet, and the defeat was extremely easy and thorough!

Not an order of magnitude at all!

You know, their battle pets were bred in the Suping store. They are of the highest quality, and their bloodlines are rare. At this moment, they are like straws, and they are defeated!

There is no difference!

A large number of battle pets rushed up, but they were all easily defeated by the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast with the power of thunder.

"One becomes a hundred!"

"Even in the Destiny Realm, isn't it possible? Is this Dragon Seed a super best pet with S-level qualification?"

"I feel that the S-level qualifications are not so scary. These contestants are all high-quality excellent pets, and they have never been able to fight in group attacks!"

"Too strong, this is a sweeping sweep!"

"This dragon beast, and that little skeleton, seem to belong to the same owner?"

As the battle situation within the Void Hole Realm escalated, everyone became more and more horrified, and in the end they were a little sluggish, unable to speak.

Exaggeratedly strong, it is like slinging apprentice ninth rank in the virtual cave realm, just like two big realms, directly crushed!

The popular battle pets that had been bet on before were defeated in the battlefield like the wind, and were easily defeated. The various skills displayed did not in any way hurt this white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon.

at the same time.

Someone soon discovered that the same scene was happening in the Void Enchantment of the Vast Sea Realm.

A giant python wandered in it, like swallowing the sky, exuding a terrible aura, swept all the pets encountered along the way with a snake's tail, swept all the way, and climbed straight to the mountain.

All the battle flags that I saw along the way were taken up on the back of the giant python, like spikes that were erected.

In the three void enchantments, the previous fierce battles of a hundred schools of thought suddenly turned into a side-to-side crushing battle.

In the vast sea, this giant python became a unique protagonist, sweeping all the way, facing many powerful skills, relying on his own body to resist, showing a staggering terrorist defense.

And in that virtual cave realm barrier, the variant white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast demonstrated the true majesty of the Dragon Beast, suppressing all pets!

"Su, shouldn't Boss Su want to include all the quotas in the audition into the hands of his favorites?"

In the crowd, Mia watched this scene blankly, a little dazed.

She had never expected to see such a scene, even though she was well-informed and was a student of Amir Royal College, she was shocked at this moment.

On the other side, Felius was about to cry. He worked so hard to cultivate several battle pets from Su Ping. When he saw the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, he directly confessed, threw the battle flag, turned and ran. , Not even the courage to fight with it.

He remembered that after his pet was nurtured, he didn't seem to be so embarrassed!

He was murderous and violent on weekdays, but now he acts as a tortoise with his head shrunk.

He also wanted to compete for the top three or top five in this city, but now...the audition seems to be sad!

The sights in the three void enchantments caused the entire Warfite City to fall into a trap. This situation seems to have never been seen in the arena of a pet match.

In the square, the contestants who had planned to take the last shot were a little dumb when seeing this scene.

All the battle flags were looted, and then the battle pets were sent in, it was just for the show.

as time flows.

The three void enchantments gradually became quiet, and the three hills were all occupied.

The battle flags in the enchantment were robbed and gathered around the three battle pets.

The other pets gathered on the mountainside, looking at each other, looking up at the top of the mountain, but did not dare to go up.

In the meantime, some of the battle pets couldn't hold back, they still burst out of strength and slammed to the top of the mountain, but they were immediately knocked down and ended in a miserable situation.

The original fierce audition suddenly turned into a silent confrontation.

In Warfit Citys City Lords Mansion, the office responsible for the selection of the urban pet competition, received numerous complaints and protests at this moment.

This was all sent anonymously by other contestants to protest the hegemonic behavior in the enchantment.

The battle flags were all robbed, and their A-level battle pets did not even enter the audition, which is too deceiving!

"My Lord City Lord, how can this be good?"

The person in charge of the office was a little flustered. They had never encountered this kind of situation. They thought of the various problems that would arise in the game and took precautions, but they did not expect that there would be a battle pet to suppress the community. Skip all the battle flags in the air.

In the past, there has never been a limit to the number of battle flags plundered by war pets.

The capable ones live there.

Those who are strong have the ability to plunder more, and if they are dissatisfied, they can compete with their ability.

But now... Suddenly a few overpowering ones popped up, what else is going on?


The old city owner looked at the office director who looked worried and panicked in front of him, and he was also a little speechless. He looked at the three void enchantments above his head. Although he had long expected that Warfite Citys fighting pet competition would be extremely competitive. fierce.

After all, the recent birth of so many A-level aptitude battle pets is likely to be turned upside down.

It turned out to be good, these A-level aptitude battle pets were all suppressed, and even the audition was impossible!

Based on the current situation, it is estimated that only a few will pass the audition.

After the sea election, it was the city selection battle.

How to select just a few of them? Still need to be selected?

He feels that these few pet beasts who occupy the mountain as the king are estimated to be able to compete for the championship of all ranks in the global finals!

"Milli, go and investigate immediately, who is the owner of these pets?" The city lord whispered.

Next to him, a woman with an enchanting figure and a beautiful dress nodded gently and disappeared out of thin air.

At this moment, the time outside was still slowly passing by, and there was some commotion everywhere, discussing how to solve this situation.

Someone bluntly said that these few pets were too domineering, and that they could pass the audition, but it was too unfair to **** others' rankings.

But some people objected that the number of battle flags to be seized has never been stipulated. Who said that you can't seize all the battle flags by your ability?

When approaching 12 o'clock, a figure returned to the old city lord, saying: "My lord, from the news I just investigated, plus my own visit, these pets... are all the same person, and that person is exactly The owner of that little naughty shop!"

Speaking of this, there was a wave in her beautiful eyes, her eyes were a little strange, and she looked up at the old man in front of her.

The old man of the city owner was stunned.

Are all the same person?

And it's that guy?

Didn't the opponent capture the starry sky realm elder whom Garan enshrined alive? How could there be such a low-level cultivation base?

He turned to look at the woman, "Are you right?"

"It's true."


The old man of the city owner was somewhat silent.

It suddenly occurred to him that the opponent opened a pet shop. Could it be that the opponent had specially cultivated a pet in order to win the global championship?

Did you go to the Super Spirit God Fruit...

He somewhat understood, and sighed secretly in his heart.

This thing is too tricky!

If the target is this guy, some of the countermeasures he thought of before can only be eliminated.

Such things must be recognized.

If the rules are modified again, if the starry realm boss turns his face, he can't afford to offend, even the Lane family...may not be able to offend it!

The rumors of the nurturing master that have spread recently have already scared him. This Warfite city is under his jurisdiction. He can't sleep well these days, for fear that someone will pop up and provoke the nurturing master of that store. .

The grandmaster was angry, let alone him, the entire Leia planet could be affected!

"Immediately formulate new rules for the selection battle. If the number of pets passed in a while does not exceed ten, the selection battle will be cancelled and the subsequent global finals will be directly entered." The city owner elder ordered.

Hearing this, the people in the office were a little bit stunned, and immediately understood what the other party meant. They were relieved and a little bit emotional.

Those who have no power must obey the rules.

The powerful, let the rules turn!


It's 12 o'clock.

The sea election is finally over.

In the last five minutes, there was some commotion in the three void enchantments, and some of the battle pets united and prepared to kill the mountain and grab the battle flag together.

But the final result was a disastrous defeat, and even the waves did not rise.

With an invincible posture, crush the group pets and win all the battle flags. The audition ends.

Seeing this scene, Su Ping was a little speechless and smiled bitterly. He blamed himself for not saying clearly. This time, it was a bit arrogant...

However, seeing the little skeleton and the purple python standing on the top of the mountain, overlooking the scene of many popular confederate favorites, he also felt a little inexplicable emotion and comfort.

once Upon a time.

Ergou is just a moon chasing dog abandoned by its owner, a petty pet of a mere trifle.

The little skull is just a second-order skeleton species!

Throughout his life, he can only reach the second order.

Although the blood of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast is very high, it is only limited to the vast sea realm, and its blood is not king!

Now... they are all grown up.

Even in this cosmic starry sky, in the vast territory of the Federation, you can lead the way and become the best in the same level!

Seeing them so majestic, Su Ping felt like seeing his children grow up.

At this time, outside the void barrier, the referees of the sea elections are already in place, ready to count the pet beasts that have won the battle flag and be included in the list of promotion.

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