Astral Pet Store Chapter 805

Chapter 902: Exhibition Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Under each void barrier, there are three judges.

There are nine people in total, and they are all drumming in their hearts at the moment.

I have never seen such a battle before!


Count the farts!

There are almost more referees than players!

I heard that the battle pet inside is the battle pet of a starry boss, and they will be polite later.

Soon, the time is up.

The referees immediately came to the front of the void enchantment, and under the attention of all the people, a loud voice came out: "The one who holds the banner is out!"

This voice contains spiritual power, even monsters and poultry can understand the meaning.

The many pets in the three void enchantments looked at each other, then turned to look at the top of the mountain.

In the boundary of the vast sea realm.

The Violet Python, entrenched on the top of the mountain, raised its eyes slightly when he heard the words. Previously, it drooped its eyes and swallowed snake cores, and defeated all the pets that came to fight for it.

Hearing this sound at the moment, it looked outside the barrier and immediately swam around, curling up the hundreds of battle flags on its back, and heading down the mountain.

Along the way, group pets evade.

Looking at the many battle flags behind it, these battle pets were a bit greedy and angry, but no one dared to go, the gap was too big!

Even if some of them are A+ grade Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, they can barely make one or two moves in the ordinary destiny state, but in front of the purple snake, they are all a tail.

The thunder rule contained in the tail was so strong that it was so painful that it was so painful.

No one dared to try again.

Soon, the purple snake swim out of the barrier.

On the other side, the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast suddenly spread its wings and took off from the top of the mountain, curled up with countless battle flags, and flew out of the enchantment under the unwilling gaze of the pets below.

In the Destiny Realm area, the small skeleton, Ergou, and Purgatory Candle Dragon swaggered down the mountain and left the enchantment.

On the way, a destiny dragon pet jumped out, trying to attack and snatch.

But as soon as he appeared, before he was even close to the little skeleton, he was held down by the inferno candle dragon beast with a claw, knocked out a huge hole, and then flew out with his head, severely injured.

With such power, the previously eager battle pets extinguished their fighting spirit, and they could only watch them leave with resentment.

As for the three destiny judges outside the barrier, their expressions changed slightly. From this dragon beast, even them felt a great threat.

Soon, several battle pets stepped out of the enchantment one after another.

After they left the enchantment, several battle pets suddenly flew out of them. As soon as these battle pets flew out of the enchantment, they took out the battle flag from their bodies to prove their identity.

Their battle flags had long been snatched, and before the little skeletons had entered the void enchantment, they had already been incorporated into their own bodies, hidden away without being noticed.

There are many battle pets like this. A total of more than 30 flew out of the three void enchantments. They dared to come out when these overlords left the enchantment, for fear of being noticed by the opponent and snatched away.

The referees were a little speechless when they saw the cautious appearance of these pets. They could almost imagine how much pressure they were under...

Soon, the list of pets eligible for promotion was completed.

A total of 42 people.

The number is not bad, and there is no annihilation as many people imagine.

Seeing this scene, everyone didn't know whether to cry or laugh. This is probably the least number of auditions in the past.

And the quality of this audition is nothing to say, comparable to the finals.

Every guy who takes the mountain as king has the potential to stabilize the champion of the same level!

With the end of the audition, the next step is to announce the rules and timing of the selection battle.

The time is set for tomorrow.

The rules are simple, the old rules are randomly drawn.

As for the battlefield, there were originally eight battle platforms. According to the previous selection battle time, it lasted for half a month and won the top ten in the city.

But now this amount... it is estimated to be able to compare in one day.


Su Ping was relieved to see that the sea election was over safely.

Just do not cause trouble.

It would be a bit embarrassing to destroy the void enchantment.

"Let's go back."

Su Ping passed on to a few battle pets, and when they flew, they opened the summoning space in the air and brought them in.

At this moment, many eyes were staring at Little Skeleton and Ergou. If Su Ping let them fly in front of him, it is estimated that he would immediately become the focus of the audience. This ordinary face that has been changed will also be instantly It was published on the headlines of various media and hit the entire Campo.

Although being famous has the benefits of being famous, Su Ping's shop is no longer lacking in celebrity. He is not used to being crowded around when he is away from home.

It feels like being a monkey.

After taking back the little skeletons, Su Ping quickly left the square.


With the disappearance of battle pets such as the little skeleton and the candle dragon beast, the entire square was boiling.

Someone noticed a detail!

These battle pets... were included in the pet beast space at the same time!

Is it a coincidence?

It's not such a coincidence.

There is only one explanation, and that is that these battle pets... all obey the same master.

Such breaking news made many people feel that their bodies were about to burn, and they were too excited and excited.

With these few battle pets, getting any one of them is considered as having no regrets in life, let alone getting all of them!

Almost all of these top-quality battle pets have S-level qualifications, and they are owned by the same person. Who is so sturdy? !

The news spread quickly, and it swept like a hurricane. The media in Warfitt City went crazy, and today's sea election was published on the headlines.


The three overlord-class battle pets actually monopolized the sea election battle flag! Suspected S-level qualification! ?


In the sea election battle, a mysterious and unknown battle pet was discovered, and the pets were alone in the group and won all the battle flags!

Super S-class battle pet turned out! !

The legendary top best battle pet, suspected to appear in the audition battlefield!


The eye-catching news spread all over the city of Warfitt in just one afternoon, and from here, it spread to other cities in Camp.

Segments of videos, photos, and analysis by various professional pet reviewers, along with the title of "Super S-Class", spread wildly.

The entire Camp Island was boiling, and countless people rushed to Warfite City, wanting to witness the selection battle of this super S-class battle pet.

In addition, on other continents.

Some well-informed cross-state forces and organizations, as well as some ancient fate realm families on the planet Leia, have grasped these news through their respective intelligence networks.

For a moment, all the forces that had gone to the Super Spirit Fruit, were somewhat silent.

On Zhongzhou.

In the Thunder Sacred Mountain of the Wren family, the entire senior level of the Wren family was shocked by the latest news.

The live video was passed over, making them feel like they were synthesized, the situation inside is incredible!

Especially according to some of the information they collected, there are dozens of rare A-level battle pets, either dragon or demon pets. They are all tricky characters of the same level, plus the qualifications are A, so it is destined to be a game. Dragons are fighting each other.

As a result, these cruel characters with A qualifications were all suppressed!

"Master Pablo, look..."

"Basically correct, it may even be an SS-class pet!"

In the top secret realm of the Wren family, several figures are sitting in a bungalow built in this secret realm. Pablo looked at the virtual projected video in front of him with shock in his eyes.

He couldn't read it wrong. Although the little skull didn't make many shots, the knife that he slashed definitely had a power comparable to the Starry Sky Realm!

And the other party can enter that special void enchantment, there is no doubt that the cultivation base can never be the starry sky!

Unless, the secret method that the other party has mastered is unprecedented in the entire Federation, but this kind of thing... is almost impossible!

How vast is the Federation?

There are many galaxies all over the universe, and there are countless ancient relics and secrets that have been mined. If there is an unknown secret method that exceeds the federal database, then the value of the secret method itself is unimaginably terrifying!

"Is it comparable to the Starry Sky Realm with the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm..."

A shock flashed in Ren O'Neill's eyes, and his face became extremely dignified. He could also vaguely see some eyebrows from the video, and that knife seemed to contain the rhyme of rules.

In other words, there are nine out of ten species of this skeleton, and the rules have been mastered!

It's no wonder that ability suppresses group pets, this is totally bullying children!

It's a pity that he is not there, so he can't really be sure.

After all, it is just a virtual projected video, and the power of Tao Yun and rules cannot be seen from the pixels.

"How, how is it possible?!"

At this time, there was a shocking loss of sound from the side.

Ren O'Neal turned his head and saw that it was Garland. He knew that Garland had always been calm. Although the situation in front of him was a little weird, he shouldn't be so gagged.

"What?" he wondered.

"This this"

Garland turned his head, but looked at the black-clothed woman and the old man beside him. Both of them were fighting with Su Ping together with Garland.

And during the battle, the three-headed battle pet Su Ping summoned were the little skeleton, the dragon beast, and the dog in the fate realm area in front of him!

These three battle pets...In their battles, they showed extremely extraordinary power, which was completely the combat power of the Starry Sky Realm!

At this moment... actually entered that void enchantment?

Are they just fate? ! !

Not only was Garland a little dazed, the black-haired woman and the old man next to him were also dull when they saw the video. They sat on the sofa and couldn't speak.

"Then, there is nothing wrong with that void enchantment, right?" After a while, the old man recovered and couldn't help asking.

Ren O'Neill frowned when he saw the reaction of the three of them, and said: "No, I specially checked it. Why, you seem to know this pet beast?"

The old man was dumbfounded and opened his mouth slightly, only to find that he didn't know what to say.

He couldn't help laughing bitterly, but his voice was bitter. He explained the situation at the time and said, "It's basically like this..."


The whole bungalow fell into a dead silence.

Ren O'Neal and Pablo were a little confused.

The battle pets of the Destiny Realm... actually match their real Starry Sky Realm? !

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