Astral Pet Store Chapter 806

Chapter 903: Gifts For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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"Are you sure? Is there something wrong with the void enchantment?"

Ren O'Neill recovered and couldn't help asking.

As soon as he finished asking, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly. The other party had just asked this question.

"If the other party is behind the cultivation master, it is not difficult to understand..." Pablo next to him murmured.

His eyes flickered and gradually became hot. At this moment, he was 100% sure that the store really had a nurturing master!

Only by cultivating the masters abilities, can the destiny realm battle pet be cultivated to comprehend the power of the rules and have the power comparable to the starry sky realm!

Hearing Pablo's words, there was a bit of silence in the room.

After half a minute, Ren O'Neal took a deep breath and said slowly: "Fortunately, there was no impulse before, otherwise, because of Randall's matter, the consequences would be disastrous if you provoke such a guy!"

Their Wren family has stood for thousands of years on the planet Rhea, and they have received countless VIPs. Although they have made small mistakes and provoked some ruthless characters, they have never made a big mistake.

Right now, they almost made a big mistake.

The power of cultivating a master is enough to easily subvert their Ren family and turn Ren's name into dust!

"O'Neal, the other party wants that super-spirit divine fruit, do you think we...take the initiative to send one as a gift?" The old man next to him suddenly proposed.

Ren O'Neal was startled slightly, frowning, lost in thought.

After a few minutes, he sighed, his eyes were a little painful, and he said, "It is no longer a matter of face. A master cultivator is worthy of our friendship, and we dont care about the predecessors, and if we take the initiative to show our favor, we believe that the other party should do it. It will give a bit of thin noodles."

Garland and the black-haired woman were a little surprised. They didn't expect him, who has always been better for face, would actually bow his head.

However, the other party is a nurturing master, and if he becomes the lord of the first-class planet, he will probably bow his head.

"The patriarch is thoughtful, it should be so." Pablo returned to his senses, nodded and said: "It's better to leave this gift to me."

you go? ...Ryan O'Neal looked at him and didn't say a word. You old fox, you went to visit him earlier, thinking we didn't know? Now I want to borrow a gift from our Wren family to make a relationship with myself. It's beautiful!

"This kind of thing won't be troublesome for the master. Since it's a friendship, I will naturally go there personally. This will show the rules. It just happens that I have other things to do, so I just get together." Ren O'Neill said very politely.

A trace of regret flashed in Pablo's eyes. He really wanted to take the opportunity of giving gifts to visit Su Ping again, showing his face in front of the other party and getting close.

"Anything else?" Garland stared at each other with O'Neal. He suddenly knew what the other party was referring to. He sighed secretly in his heart. It seems that the other party is really ignoring the predecessors and wants to meet Su Ping with all his strength. Now, even such important news is willing to share it.

But... even if he doesn't share, that guy has already entered the Xinghai League, and he will probably know sooner or later. This can be regarded as an advance notice, borrowing flowers to offer Buddha.


Little naughty shop.

Su Ping had returned from the Haixuan Plaza, directly torn the space and appeared in the store.

Although Warfite City prohibits ordinary people from flying, the strong of the virtual cave realm can tear through the space, but it is not restricted. This is the privilege of the virtual cave realm.

Of course, if your cultivation base does not reach the Void Hole Realm, you will be able to tear the space apart, so naturally you have this privilege.

When the teleportation returned to the store, Su Ping called out the little skull and Ergou and asked them to go to the higher foster place to rest, and then greeted Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong to open the store.


"Finally opened for business. I have just contacted my family and am ready to sell the house at any time. Even if my family is bankrupt today, I have to cultivate it all!"

"The skeleton species and dragon beasts in the sea election battlefield just saw my chills stand up. They are too strong. If such a battle pet is given to me, I won't need to practice anymore in my life!"

"That's right, those pets are definitely S-level qualifications, or even super S-levels. It is estimated that even those giants in the star master realm will fight for it. If the blood of those battle pets is the star realm, or Star host realm, tut, I dont know how much it is worth, it is estimated to be worth more than half of the galaxy!"

"I heard that there are professional trainings here, which cost 10 billion. Those who are generally cultivated are all A-level qualifications. Is this professional training the cultivation specifications for S-level pets?!"

Outside the store, everyone was talking about it.

The previous sea elections above their heads made countless people excited and excited.

The most obsessed battle pet master is the battle pet, especially the rare breed, plus the super-class and top-quality pets.

The situation of the Gangna Sea Election Campaign opened their eyes to them. When they thought of the legendary figure who cultivated the Grand Master in the Suping store, they wanted to push everyone in front of them and use all their belongings as mortgage for the best cultivation. .

"Your little guys... actually became so strong."

After seeing Su Ping teleporting back to the store, Tang Ruyan said in shock.

She just saw the situation outside through the skylight, just like Zhong Lingtong, who was dumbfounded in the store.

Others don't know, but they all recognize that this is clearly Su Ping's favorite.

And these few battle pets... Tang Ruyan remembered that when he first met Su Pinggang, they were clearly only the power around the title realm. Later, although they grew at an exaggerated speed, they had only been in the Blue Stars Battle of the Abyss not long ago. Show the power of Destiny Realm.

But now, in less than half a month, he is so terrifying that he can stand in the fate of battle pets!

And looking at that posture, it is clear that he hasn't really shown his strength yet.

This growth rate is too terrifying!

"I am an educator, can I not be strong following me?" Su Ping said calmly.

Zhong Lingtong's small round face suddenly glowed with a strong brilliance. Although she did not know what level Su Ping belonged to in the federation's educator system, she definitely surpassed the blue star educator of the Holy Spirit!

Her family probably couldn't imagine that she actually worshipped a teacher of this level.

"Let's go for business, so do you. Let's help together. I'll find a master incubator to teach you some basics and integrate with the federal educator system as soon as possible." Su Ping said.

Zhong Lingtong came back to his senses, his little head nodded like a peck.

Although the nurturing master reminded her of the eighth-level nurturing master, that is the name on the blue star. Her current nurturing ability is equivalent to half a little holy spirit nurturing master, and Su Ping can no longer find such a low-level educator. Teach her? She came to teach the other party and it was almost the same.

Zhong Lingtong is obedient, although she doesn't know some things, but she won't ask more, anyway, she will understand by then.

Tang Ruyan glanced at Su Ping, her eyes were somewhat complicated. When she was arrested, she witnessed the growth of this man along the way. The other party became stronger and better, showing more and more things, like a rare treasure, let She even gave birth to a kind of humiliation.

She suddenly understood Su Ping's sister.

That girl is so strong, probably because she has such a good brother on her head.

I don't want to surpass him, I just want to catch up with him.

If one day you walk in front of me, I only hope...I can follow your shadow!


At the beginning of the business, under the reception of Tang Ruyan and Zhong Lingtong, coupled with Su Pings deterrent, the customers entering the door were very disciplined. Although they were excited, they did not dare to speak casually. Under the arrangement of the two, they lined up to the counter in an orderly manner. Place.

Su Ping received, registered and charged one by one.

To Su Ping's surprise, four of the customers received today chose professional training!

These four people alone provided 40 billion stars in the account, that is, four billion energy!

However, Su Ping only received twenty or so people in total. Everyone cultivated seven or eight, and some had as many as ten. The warehouse in Su Pings store was quickly filled.

After the seats were full, Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan to go out and let him go out of business.

Before closing, someone suddenly visited.

Under Tang Ruyan's notice, Su Ping came outside the store and immediately saw Pablo, who had just met yesterday. Besides, there was a familiar face beside him, Garland who had been captured alive earlier.


Beside Garland, stood a burly middle-aged man in purple silk and satin aristocratic clothes, wearing a tall hat, luxuriously dressed, with extraordinary bearing.

The hat covers half of his face, but he still sees the outline of his face like an axe, with a bit of toughness and perseverance.

"Mr. Su, this is Raine O'Neal, the patriarch of the Rain family." Garland saw Su Ping, his eyes were a bit complicated, Transmit said.

Su Ping was slightly startled, but he did not expect that the first person on the Leia planet would actually come to his store.


He nodded and gave a hum, he didn't know what he was coming from, and he didn't say anything.

"Hello, Mr. Su." Ren O'Neal lifted the brim of his hat slightly, with some stubble on the edge of his face, showing that he was quite handsome when he was young.

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