Astral Pet Store Chapter 807

Chapter 904: Void Fairy Mansion Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Hello there."

Su Ping also replied.

Can't feel the other party's murderousness, and with this gentle and smiling expression, Su Ping suddenly guessed something.

"Hello, Senior Master."

Beside, Pablo spoke respectfully.


When he heard Pablo's words, Ren O'Neillton, who was about to explain his reason, was taken aback, his eyes were a little dazed. When he saw Pablo's respectful attitude, it was clear that it was directed at Su Ping, his pupils contracted slightly, and his eyes showed horror. The color.


Could it be that the young man in front of him is the nurturing master in this store? !

But isn't he the one who fought with Garland and the others and defeated them one by one?

Not only was Ryan O'Neal a little surprised, Garland next to him also looked at Pablo in astonishment.


Su Ping nodded and said, "What's the matter with you here?"

Ren O'Neill came back to his senses, still a little shocked in his eyes. Previously, he only knew that Su Ping had a cultivation master behind him, but he didn't know that this was Su Ping himself!

It is not only to cultivate the master, but also has the combat power of the starry sky, yes, the cultivated masters are at least the starry sky, and the fighting is obviously not what people do, and the training of the master is the identity.

Cold sweat overflowed on his forehead, and he felt chills on his back when he thought of his grandson trying to grab the battle pet of a nurturing master.

"Senior Grandmaster, I am here to make amends for my unfilial grandson." Ren O'Neill quickly lowered his head and spoke with a very sincere attitude.

Although someone had been invited to make amends before, and the matter was dealt with, the higher the identity of the other party, the less sloppy the matter would be.

"This matter has passed long ago, as long as your Ren family doesn't provoke me anymore." Su Ping said with a clear expression, as if he had guessed their purpose.

Ren O'Neill took a peek at him and saw that it seemed that he didnt take it seriously. He was slightly relieved, and said, "I came here this time mainly to make amends. At the same time, I learned that Senior, you are the master of cultivation. Our Ren family has a 30,000-year-old super-spirit tree."

"Flowers bloom once every five hundred years and bear fruit once every five hundred years."

"The super-spirit divine fruit formed by the sacred tree is extremely rare. One is worth a thousand years. I specially sent two of them. I hope the seniors will accept it."

Speaking of this, he flipped his palm and two black and gold boxes appeared, with seals on them, sealing the breath and energy.

Su Ping was slightly stunned, with some surprises and surprises, but he didn't expect to come to give gifts.

And it was the super-spirit divine fruit he wanted very much.

Although this thing exists in the nurturing world, you have to find the corresponding nurturing world, and then search in it. Without goals and guidance, it is quite difficult to encounter.

"Then I will accept it." Su Ping smiled lightly.

This time he didn't check it face to face. Since the other party sent it sincerely, he would naturally not cheat, otherwise he didn't come to offend others.

Ren O'Neal's eyes flashed with fleshy pain, but he quickly recovered as usual.

Garland and Pablo next to each other looked at each other, their eyes were strange. When Ren O'Neal came over, he only planned to give one. Unexpectedly, now that he knew the identity of Su Ping, he would temporarily add one.

This thing is extremely rare. Even the Lane family doesn't store much. In addition, for thousands of years, the Lane family has made some noble guests and needs to use it to take care of it, and there is very little left.

"In addition to these two super-spiritual divine fruits, the junior has another news. I don't know if the senior is interested." Ren O'Neal said anxiously.

Originally he thought this news would interest this young man.

But now that he learned that the other party was an educator, he was a little bit hopeless.

After all, cultivators are mainly focused on cultivating pet beasts, and rarely go out to take risks and fight and kill.

"What news?" Su Ping asked.

"Recently, a collapsed vortex was discovered in the outer starry sky of the Zeruprun Galaxy. At first, it was detected and thought it was a miniature black hole. The result was not, but a starry secret."

Ren O'Neill whispered, "After searching and inquiring, there was an ancient fairy house in this mysterious starry sky. The fairy house is surrounded by divine light, and there must be strange treasures in it. There is no news yet. It spreads, the juniors also learned about it because they had a better relationship with a senior star master."

Speaking of this, he glanced at Su Ping, and said: "There are already several seniors in the Star Realm. In the Void Immortal Mansion secret realm, breaking the restrictions on the secret outside, the best treasure in this fairy mansion is naturally It belongs to the seniors of the Star Master Realm, but other treasures, they look down on, and it is cheaper for us."

"Void Immortal Mansion?"

Su Ping surprised, the secret realm of the ancient fairy house?

"Is the contents good?" Su Ping didn't have much interest in these secret realms. After all, the cultivation world in his hand was equivalent to countless secret realms.

It's just that there are natives in these secret realms, and they collect some of the treasures in them. Some of them have reached the Star Master Realm or even the Conferred God Realm. Even relying on countless resurrections, they can't grab half of their mouths.

Only a demigod fell to the ground. Because of Joanna, Su Ping got a lot of treasures. Otherwise, some of the rare treasures in it would have been occupied by the strong inside. There is no possibility of wild adventures. That probability is too low!

"Well, I can't say good, it should be very good."

Ren O'Neal was choked by Su Ping's question, and immediately said: "Some ancient mysteries, as space becomes loose, will drift out of deep space and appear in various parts of the universe."

"And those well-known secret realms in the universe, even the powerful conferred gods, will be inexhaustible for mining in their lifetime! These top secret realms are in the hands of great forces and are holy places for cultivation!"

"And some small and medium-sized secret realms are also in the hands of all the forces and the strong. Like this kind of secret realm that has just drifted out of deep space and has no master, we have the opportunity to enter and **** it. The information, this secret realm is most likely to be from the ancient times, and some ancient secret techniques that have long been lost may appear in it."

"Ancient fairy clan cultivation techniques, spiritual pet talisman, and various ancient elixir divine pills are all possible to obtain, even the seniors of the Star Master Realm value it!"

Su Ping's eyes narrowed slightly, and his heart moved.

He asked: "Then it must be dangerous, otherwise, we won't have our turn to get a share of the pie, and we would have been raided long ago."

"There are dangers, and I dont know the details." Ren ONeill heard Su Pings words and was not surprised at all. After all, he is an educator, not as **** and murderous as the pet master. If you change to the pet master, I heard Such a precious place, the body was trembling with excitement a long time ago, so how could he consider any danger.

The pet masters have come from the dangerous battles, and they have long been used to it.

Su Ping glanced at him, her eyes thinking.

He had some doubts whether this was a pit deliberately dug by the other party to harm me.

"I'll think about this again," he said.

Ren O'Neill was not surprised, and sighed in his heart, if Su Ping was the favorite of the war, his news would definitely be regarded as an adult's favor, completely worthy of a super spiritual fruit.

But now, it seems that the effect is mediocre.

"Tongtong, come here."

Su Ping saw Pablo next to him, and suddenly thought of something, and called Zhong Lingtong in the store to his side.


Zhong Lingtong cried cleverly.

Then she looked at the three people in front of her curiously. Among them, she knew Garland. She was a little surprised. What did this big figure in the starry sky do?

"This is the nurturing master for you, during this time you will follow him to learn nurturing skills." Su Ping said.

At the same time, he said to Pablo: "Take care of her, I will check when I have time, um, random check homework."

Pablo looked at Zhong Lingtong and found that the little girl was quite cute and cute, and he was relieved and said, "I will."

At the same time, there were some doubts in his heart. What did Su Ping mean to teach him his students? Test his sincerity?

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