Astral Pet Store Chapter 808

Chapter 905: Xiumia Academy For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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Pablo didn't think much about Su Ping's thoughts. Anyway, he could teach as much as he could. What kind of teachings can be really taught. This little girl will also recite his kindness to teach karma and solve puzzles in the future. Why not?


Zhong Lingtong looked at Su Ping, eyes full of dismay, she said: "Can I come back to see you again?"

"Of course."

Su Ping smiled and said, "Anytime, it doesn't sell you, it's on the planet Leia."

Zhong Lingtong breathed a sigh of relief and said, "That's good."

"Study hard and strive to become a nurturing master as soon as possible in the future, and come back and help me." Su Ping smiled.



Sending off Pablo and Ren Dornier and others, Zhong Lingtong also left with Pablo.

At the time of parting, Tang Ruyan was quite reluctant. The two sisters had been together for such a long time, and in the Suping store, they had become close girlfriends.

Now he is in this foreign land, and the relationship is even closer.

"Can you find me a teacher too?"

When Zhong Lingtong left, Tang Ruyan came to Su Ping's face to request. Her eyes were shining, with euphemism and pleading, she was charming.

"No way."

Su Ping didn't even look at it, so he refused.

"Why?" Tang Ruyan couldn't help but said.

"You are gone, who will work for me?"

"...I can come back after studying."

"No way."

Su Ping looked righteous and confident, and said: "Although you are only a temporary employee, there is no employee contract between us, and I will not pay you, but you still have to fulfill a basic employee standard, and you must serve us wholeheartedly. How can store service be half-hearted?"


What kind of face is it that allows you to say such things without shame?

Damn capitalist!

Tang Ruyan puffed his mouth and looked straight at Su Ping.

However, she was soon disappointed. Su Ping didn't care about her gaze, and counted the accounts by herself until she saw her eyes sore, and the other party didn't look up at her.

Vampire... Tang Ruyan was a little unhappy, turned around and left with anger.

Su Ping glanced at her back and thought for a while, it was indeed time to train her.

Otherwise, the customers that will be received in the future will be in the starry sky, and it is estimated that the natural breath will scare her. This will obviously not be able to serve the store well.

"Could it be the same as last time? But that time there were system items, which erased her memory, but this time... Speaking of system items, the system store should be refreshed."

Su Ping's heart moved as he was about to check the system store. Suddenly, a few breaths of vastness swept across and descended outside the store.


Su Ping's eyes condensed and looked outside the store.

He is extremely sensitive to murderous intent. Among these figures, there is a starry sky realm, and there is a murder intent. Are you here to find something?


"right here?"

Outside the store, three figures landed on the street, and when they saw the line of growing dragons next to them, their indifferent faces were a little moved.

It's not that they haven't seen a shop where the business is so good, but it's the first time they have seen the pomp of the shop in front of them.

Mainly because of the number of queues...too many!

The team stretched endlessly, and they couldn't cover it with their range of perception, and they were almost out of the city.

"My perception does not extend into this shop, it is really weird."

A white-robed youth on the left squinted.

The burly middle-aged man standing in the middle frowned slightly, and said, "Don't be impulsive. The barriers in this shop are very rare. You shouldn't be able to buy them without a background."

He made this judgment because he realized that his own perception could not penetrate.

He is in the Starry Sky Realm, and the perception secrets he has cultivated are considered to be superior and rare. At this moment, except for things that can be seen by the line of sight, the rest can't be perceived!

"Go, ask the owner inside to come out and talk."

The middle-aged man whispered.

He did not step into the barrier of this shop, worried that in addition to the defensive barrier, there was a killing formation.

The white-robed youth's face changed slightly, but he dared not defy, and he believed that the other party should not dare to do anything to him.

"The people inside come out!"

The white-robed young man took a few steps, did not enter the shop, and shouted directly.

As soon as he said this, the people in line next to him were surprised.

They saw that these three auras, especially the white-robed youth, did not conceal their cultivation level. They were at the top of the Destiny Realm. Such cultivation level was sufficient to deter the audience.

It is precisely because of this that when they suddenly appeared, no one yelled at them and asked them to go in line and never want to jump in.

When someone else suddenly rushed to the forefront, someone screamed.

"How dare you come here to make trouble, these people are too courageous!"

"The boss here is Starry Sky Realm. With this level of cultivation, they just slapped them to death."

"Tsk tsk, are they from the Rennes family? Shouldn't the Rennes family settled here?"

"Looking at their hair color, you know that it's not from the Rennes family, and it's not from our planet Rhea. It seems to be an alien."

The people in the line whispered.

Hearing the words "Starry Sky Realm" popping up inside, the ears of the three of them moved slightly, and the shouting young man in white robe was even more startled, and his eyes showed a little shock.

Is there a starry sky in this store?

He couldn't help but glanced back at the middle-aged man behind him, and only breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the other person's expressive expression.


Su Ping had already come to the store at this moment, saw the three people at the door, and immediately recognized that two of them were top Destiny Realm cultivation bases, and their energy in the body was extremely large, which seemed to be more advanced than other Destiny Realm that Su Ping had seen. A lot tougher.

But the one in the middle is in the Starry Sky Realm, containing but not revealing, with a restrained momentum.

"What's the matter in this noise?" Su Ping asked.

Tang Ruyan also joined in the fun, came to him and watched.

"It's you!"

When the white-robed youth saw Su Ping, he immediately recognized him. He didn't expect to find it so easily. His face became cold and he said, "You killed the students in our college in the suburbs of this city?"


When Su Ping heard this, his eyes moved slightly, and he immediately knew the identities of these people.

"You are from Xiu Mia Academy? Yes, I beheaded it." Su Ping admitted naturally.

Su Ping's words fell outside the store, like a depth bomb. The people who had been waiting in line for discussion suddenly froze, and immediately looked at the three in shock.

Are they from the Five Great Palaces, Xiumia Academy? !

This is the Tianjiao Academy. A random person is taken out of it. They are all dragons and phoenixes among the people. They are one of a billion people, an absolute genius!

Among them, the best can easily cross the ranks, and will graduate in the future, most of them are in the starry sky, and even a few have become star masters!

Every star master is a galaxy in all directions!

And Su Ping... actually beheaded the students of Xiumia Academy?

Isn't this stabbing a hornet's nest!

Everyone looked at Su Ping in shock. Although they knew that Su Ping was in the Starry Sky Realm, he was too courageous!

"You still want to be cunning..."

The white-robed youth was just halfway through, and suddenly he was stunned, a little surprised.

Just admit it so simply?

Don't explain it?

His face turned dark, and he said gloomily: "Do you know what the consequences of killing our students are?"

"Could it be one life for another?" Su Ping smiled lightly.

Knowing that they were from Xiu Mia Academy, he didn't have a good face, but sometimes he was angry, but he looked very easygoing with a smile.

Su Ping remembered that when Blue Star coincided with the Battle of the Abyss, the group of aliens who came to Blue Star was Xiumia Academy!

They came to Bluestar to enroll students, seeing the disaster on Bluestar as nothing, and taking away carefully selected geniuses from around the world. They didn't even want to help.

Well, although you can't kidnap morally, you can force someone to help.

But as a person in an academy, he can watch the life of a planet in the midst of water and fire, without sympathy or compassion. Such an academy, even if the students who teach the Fengshen Realm, will not affect Su Ping in the least. Disgust and contempt.

Even if you haven't learned how to be a human being, what if you can teach more powerful people?

It's just a group of empty powers, chasing the poor bugs on the path of immortality!

"It's more than just one life for another, it's the nine races!" The white-robed youth had a cold face, and said: "How can a mortal's life be comparable to the students in our college? They are all top talents selected from hundreds of millions. , Worth tens of millions of times that of a mortal!"

"Is it?"

Su Ping smiled lightly and said, "In my eyes, it's just ants, a genius among billions? That's it."


The white-robed youth was angry, but he didn't expect this murderer to be so rampant!

Knowing that they are Xiumia Academy, they dare to speak up!

"Do you think you have the Starry Sky Realm behind you, so you can do whatever you want? Even in the Starry Sky Realm, you dare not say such big words!" The white robe youth said angrily.

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