Astral Pet Store Chapter 809

Chapter 906: Shot Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"What if you say it?" Su Ping said with a smile, standing on the steps, looking down at him.

Feeling Su Ping's contempt, the white-robed youth trembled with anger. He has never been so contemptuous since he became a student of Xiumia Academy.

Even those people with above-the-top eyes in the past saw him, they were in awe of his identity.

This was the first time he met, and the words of Xiu Mia Academy had no deterrent.

"If you say it, you have to apologize and make amends!"

At this time, the middle-aged man behind that spoke up, his eyes were indifferent, and he said, "But you are not in the Starry Sky Realm. You not only killed the students in our college, but also made insults, so you have to die, including your friends and yours. The clansmen must be buried for your words and deeds. Even if the starry sky behind you comes out to protect you, you will have to pay the price!"

"The starry sky behind me?"

Su Ping smiled and turned back: "Anna, someone seems to make you pay."

"Is it?"

An indifferent voice sounded, and then, a beautiful and alluring figure with blonde hair like a waterfall walked into the door of the store. At this moment, the light on the entire street seemed to dim, and the world was pale.

That kind of beauty that does not belong to the mundane, transcendence and peerless, reverses all beings.

The young man in white robe standing in front of the steps shrank his pupils, and for a moment only the blond figure reflected in his eyes.

All the people in the line were dumbfounded, some of them who had seen Joanna had some psychological endurance, while those who had never seen it were all stunned.


The middle-aged man was slightly startled, and soon felt that there was a deliberate and sacred aura on this woman, which was...a breath of divine power!

There is supernatural power in this woman?

Middle-aged people are a little frightened. Divine power is an extremely rare energy in the universe, which can generally only be found in certain secret realms or special black holes.

Even in the Xiu Mia Academy, it takes a very high level of merit to redeem divine power!

Many top students couldn't redeem much, and the divine power naturally revealed in the girl before me was extremely rich, obviously more than a little bit of divine power!

"Who is looking for me?" Joanna's eyes were indifferent, with the domineering look of the crowd, and with the majestic elegance, she glanced at the three people outside the store.

The middle-aged man came back to his senses, with solemn eyes. Although he perceives that the woman's cultivation is not in the Starry Sky Realm, since the other party said that she is in the Starry Sky Realm, plus the comments of passersby around, the other party must be the Starry Sky Realm.

It's just that this cultivation base can be disguised so that he can't detect it, and it's a little unfathomable.

Coupled with this strong breath of divine power... it really has a lot to come!

He took a deep breath and calmly said: "I don't know your honorific name, which conferred **** is behind?"

"You don't deserve to know my name." Joanna said indifferently: "A little bit of divine power is required, it really is a barren and dirty mortal!"

The middle-aged man's face changed and he was a little angry, but Joanna's words afterwards surprised him a little. Could the other party be able to perceive the divine power in his body?

Patchy? His supernatural power is a superb supernatural power of extremely high quality!

"Do you know the consequences of being an enemy of our Xiumia Academy? I believe that you will not be far away to make this matter a big deal and attract the big people behind you to come forward."

The middle-aged man had a gloomy face and said, "The master of our college is a master of gods. Among the top students in our college, there are also extraordinary figures who later became masters of gods. Have you really thought about it?"

By these words, all the people in line on the whole street awoke from Joanna's stunning face, one by one held their breath, and did not dare to breathe.

Conferred God...

What a remote existence this is.

This is a real big shot, stomping can shake the entire Federation!

Su Ping smiled lightly and said: "Your dean is a conferred god, so can your Xiu Mia Academy be arrogant and domineering, and be your enemy? Sorry, I haven't thought about it before, but if you are so I don't mind if you think it, of course, do you think that with your ability, you can speak for your entire Xiumia Academy?"

The middle-aged man's face changed slightly.

He really can't represent the entire Xiu Mia Academy, especially when he can't figure out the details behind Su Ping. With what the woman shows, he feels that it must be a big power.

Even if there are no Conferred Gods in this power, most of them are in the Star Master Realm.

A star master... is also terrible!

Xiu Mia Academy is indeed powerful, but there are many students, and it is quite unwise for the students to stand up enemies everywhere, especially if they provoke a force from the Star Master Realm.

After all, although some top students are expected to become star masters, they are only "hopeful" and few in number.

Not to mention that compared with giants like Star Master, even for Star Realm, their status is far higher than their students.

Only those students who are extremely outstanding can become the Starry Sky Realm, but there is still the possibility of their death in the middle, and they are already in the Starry Sky Realm, so you don't need to think about knowing which one is higher.

"Although I can't represent our entire college, you killed our students. According to our college rules, you must pay for your life!" The middle-aged man looked at Joanna next to Su Ping and said: "If you want to come forward Protect him, I have a specific compensation method here."

Su Ping smiled slightly and said: "Compensation? You really deserve to pay me compensation. Your student tried to **** my pet from the battle, and committed the following crimes. Killing her alone is considered minor. Since you are here, give me a gift for her. , I apologize, and I will reluctantly forgive you for teaching students' unreasonable negligence."

The white-robed young man was dumbfounded when he heard Su Ping's words, and said, "Are you crazy? Let us apologize? What the following is committed? You are only in the vast sea realm, not the starry sky realm!"

"What if I am in the Starry Sky Realm?" Su Ping smiled.

Since others had misunderstood that he was the Starry Sky Realm, he didn't mind using this identity.

"Are you in the Starry Sky Realm?" The white-robed youth was startled.

This can't be said nonsense.

It is not the Starry Sky Realm but pretending to be the Starry Sky Realm, which offends all Starry Sky Realms!

Just like a gangster, but pretending to be a grandmaster, how can other people in the master circle not be angry?

"Of course the boss is Starland!"

"Don't they know that the boss is the Starland Realm..."

"Listening to this, it seems that one of Xiumia's students wants to **** the boss's battle pet. Isn't this too ignorant?"

"Yes, even a student of Xiu Mia Academy can't be so arrogant, what kind of character is the starry sky realm, how can you offend?"

The people in the line next to each other whispered in a low voice.

Hearing the various discussions inside, the white-robed youth was suddenly startled.

The middle-aged man's expression also changed slightly. What they thought was the blonde woman next to him in the Starry Sky Realm, but in the end this young man was himself the Starry Sky Realm?

If this is the case, their students are trying to **** the starry sky realm's battle pet... This is indeed unreasonable!

If the status is too different, you can ignore it.

But if the status is similar, then you have to make sense!

This is the rule of the world.

The middle-aged man's face changed for a moment, and he was silent for a while, and said: "If your Excellency is in the Starry Sky Realm, this matter is regarded as our student offensive, so let it go. If it is not, your offended the Star Realm, should you know the consequences?"

"Stop it? I said, it's an apology to me. Do you think you can leave easily after you come here to yell?" Su Ping narrowed his eyes.

The middle-aged man's face changed slightly, and he coldly snorted: "Stop talking big, then let's see if you have this ability!"

After speaking, he suddenly moved his palm forward, the space split, and the power of rules burst out.

Su Ping felt the extremely tough power of rules. Although he didn't know what the rules were, he also shot and pointed out.

Space rules!

The power of the rules is like a sharp blade, cutting out quickly.

In the invisible void, the energy interaction suddenly burst out with a roar, like thunder on the ground, the strong shock wave made the entire street shake.

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