Astral Pet Store Chapter 810

Chapter 907: Rout Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"The power of rules!"

The middle-aged man's complexion changed suddenly, Su Ping was really in the Starry Sky Realm?

Although he can use the power of rules, he may not be able to reach the Starry Sky Realm. He has been teaching and educating people at Xiumia Academy for many years. The geniuses he has seen are innumerable. Some of the enchanters have suddenly realized the power of rules in the Destiny Realm. Starry sky!

Although such a monster is not a starry sky, it is more terrifying than the real starry sky!

Ahead, the white-robed youth was dumbfounded. He felt the regular breath exploding beside him. The mere leak of energy made him feel like he was frightened and wanted to run away.

The starry sky fights, mortals suffer!

"Since your Excellency is in the Starry Sky Realm, let this matter go!"

The middle-aged man put away his strength and didn't make another move. Since he had already seen that Su Ping was extraordinary, he didn't want to pursue it any more, because it was really a big trouble, and it didn't do them any good.

If it is known that the students of their academy snatched a battle pet of the Starry Sky Realm, they killed their students, and they arrested them, it would make the entire Starry Sky Realm circle boiling.

after all.

How noble is Xiumia's student status, and it's not as good as the real Starry Sky Realm!

"Come here to show off your majesty, you want to give it up?" Su Ping narrowed his eyes and said with a chuckle: "I said, since you are here as teachers, then you can make amends for your students."

The middle-aged mans face changed and he looked at Su Ping gloomily, "You really want to make a big mess? Our student did have a mistake first, but you have killed her. She used her own life to fill this mistake. Want us to apologize?"

"If you don't teach well, the teacher has passed. Since you didn't teach your students well, shouldn't you apologize for her?"

The smile on Su Ping's face slowly receded, and said, "If the person she snatched is not me, but someone else, not in the Starry Sky Realm, would she just let her **** it? Is this what your Xiumia Academy did? "

When everyone in the line heard this, they nodded vigorously.

Deterred by the name of Xiumia Academy, although no one dared to support him, there is no doubt that they are all standing in line with Su Ping.

If they were robbed of their battle pet, with Xiumia Academy's overbearing behavior, they would fight back, but they would still be arrested. Is this wrong?

The middle-aged man looked directly at Su Ping and said, "What if I don't apologize?"

Su Ping also looked at him directly, and said calmly: "It's okay not to apologize. Since you have tested me, then I will test it too. Are you people from the Mia Academy really able to pick me up? I will let you go."

The pupils of the middle-aged man contracted slightly, angrily.

The other party actually dared to get an inch and another again and again, which really didn't put their academy in sight.

"Okay, let me learn it!" He took a deep breath and fixed his eyes on Su Ping. Not only would he catch Su Ping's attack, he would also take this opportunity to fight back fiercely!

This is the price of arrogance!


Su Ping raised his foot and stepped out, suddenly flying straight to the sky.

In a blink of an eye, he appeared two kilometers above Warfitt City, overlooking the nearby city.

Soon, the middle-aged man also stretched his body and teleported to Su Ping.

Countless people on the street looked up, wanting to see the star wars.

"Go to the third space, don't affect my customers."

While Su Ping was talking, a dark emptiness emerged from behind him, overturning and inclusive, infecting the surrounding space and spreading to the middle-aged man on the opposite side.

The middle-aged man's eyes condensed slightly, but he did not resist. When Su Ping made a move earlier, he recognized that the other party had the rules of space.

This is quite a powerful force of rules, and the other party has mastered the rules of space. No matter how subtle the use of this space power, he would have expected it.

Soon, the second space surrounded them.

Then in the second space, a large dark net appeared again, covering the two of them and entering the third space.

This third dimension is the battlefield of the starry sky, surrounded by space chaotic blades and murderous intent everywhere.

"Little skeleton."

A whirlpool emerged around Su Ping, and the little skull stepped out of it, then turned into pure bone energy, wrapped around Su Ping's body, and covered his whole body in a blink of an eye.

Opposite, the middle-aged man's face also became solemn, watching Su Ping's rising and growing aura, he did not dare to underestimate the enemy, and also called out his own battle pet, this is a top dragon beast in the starry sky, emitting an extremely terrifying dragon power.

With a move of his mind, he directly merged with the dragon beast.

"Do you know that my current strength is already at the top level of the Starry Sky Realm?" The middle-aged man with a half-dragon body, golden pupils staring at Su Ping coldly.

Long Wei is contained in the eyes, like an emperor.

Although he is only in the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm, he has the top battle pet of the Starry Sky Realm. Under the combination, even if he encounters the top monster beasts of the Starry Sky Realm, he can fight and possibly defeat it!

Su Ping's eyes were still pitch black and deep, and a white bone stretched out from his palm, and it landed in the palm of the bone knife pinned to the waist of the little skull.

"are you ready?"

Su Ping tilted his head to look at him.


The middle-aged man snorted coldly and became more angry. His whole body suddenly appeared golden light, his scales exploded, covering his whole body, and then several complex defense skills with energy circuits appeared in front of him, one of which contained the power of rules, which was mastered by the dragon beast. the rule of.

But under these defensive skills, he prepared an offensive skill.

The moment the defensive skill is hit, the skill will be triggered, counterattack, he will hit Su Ping severely, a lesson!

"Swordsmanship, Four Elephant Purgatory!"

Su Ping held a bone knife, but displayed a sword move. His eyes were cold, and the four rules converged between his arms. There is no doubt that the rules of the atmosphere were revealed. At this moment, under his control, they are all intertwined and compressed, and attached to the bone knife.

And this gray-white bone knife, received the breath of the power of the rules, released a vast and divine breath.

These are the three belief powers that Su Ping captured in the Void God Ruins!

At this moment, the breath of the power of faith escaped, and with the power of the four rules, the space around the bone knife shook, and the fourth space felt like a crack.

"Four Rules?!"

The middle-aged man saw the regular aura condensed on Su Ping's bone knife, his pupils suddenly shrank and his expression was horrified.

Previously, he only saw space rules, and at this moment, in addition to space rules, there are two mine rules and one secret rule!

This young man has actually mastered the power of the four rules, this is definitely a proper starry sky realm!

And it's the middle stage of the starry sky!

In addition to the breath of these four rules, what makes the middle-aged people even more frightening is that on that ordinary bone knife, the power of faith has been released!

After all, he is a teacher at Xiu Mia Academy, so knowledgeable, he will never mistake it.

Behind this guy, there is a strong star in the main realm as the backer! !

"I, I admit defeat..."

The middle-aged man hurriedly spoke.



On the street outside the store.

Everyone looked up at the high sky above their heads, and Su Ping, who had leaped up earlier, and the starry sky powerhouse of the Xiu Mia Academy, all escaped into the inner space.

No one dared to chase down to the second space to watch the battle, thinking and knowing that with the combat power of the opponent's starry sky, most of them would fight in the third space.

Even if people are fighting in the second space, they used to watch the battle to die.

"Will the boss lose?"

"Probably not, after all, the last time I heard that the three worshipers of the Ren family came here, they were all defeated by the boss."

"This is the starry sky realm of Xiu Mia Academy. I heard that it is normal for the people of Xiu Mia Academy to fight beyond the stars under the starry sky, but when it comes to the starry sky, they are all leaders of the same level."

"No, does this person have the top combat power in the starry sky?"

Everyone talked a lot.

At this moment, suddenly a muffled thunder rang out in the void, and then the space swayed, suddenly tore a dark vortex, and then plunged into a figure from inside.


This figure sprayed blood, fell from the void, and hit the street below.

"Teacher Gulanqi!"


On the street, the white-robed young man and another charming woman were shocked, their eyes were almost glaring, this falling figure turned out to be Teacher Gulanqi?

The charming woman reacted very quickly and quickly shot her hands. A gust of wind swept through and caught Gulanqi who was chasing straight to the ground. But at the next moment, the gust of wind was shaken away, and her figure still fell to the ground, shaking out a pothole. .

Fortunately, the strong wind supported it, otherwise it would be enough to smash the ground through ten meters.

When everyone saw the figure in the pit, they all took a breath.

It's the starry boss from Xiumia Academy!

It was actually defeated, and blood spurted out of the inner space!

This is so shocking!

There was silence on the street, and everyone looked at it.

At this time, Su Ping's figure stepped out of the void space at the edge of the pothole, and the white bones on his body shrank and untied, and the figure of the small skeleton peeled off from his body and turned into its shape next to him.

When they saw the familiar figure of the little skull, many people's eyes suddenly became round.

It's the skeleton species! !

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