Astral Pet Store Chapter 811

Chapter 908: Blood Coagulation Dragon Crystal For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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In the previous sea elections, the little skeleton was famous in Camp Chau.

So everyone recognized it when they saw it, with their mouths open.

Previously, in various media, people from all walks of life outside have speculated a lot, and they don't know who the owner of this skeleton species is.

I didn't expect that this turned out to be Boss Su's favorite!

This is the favorite of the starry boss!

In other words, in Boss Sus battle pet, there will be varieties that are not in the starry sky?

However, with the qualifications of this skull species...its no wonder that even if its not in the Starry Sky Realm, its value is not bad at all. This kind of superb pet that crushes A-level, once cultivated in the Star Realm, it will be outstanding at the same level. By!

"Whose battle pet I said, so powerful, turned out to belong to Boss Su."

"No wonder, no wonder..."

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I said that my little dragon is usually so irritable, how can he ran away when he saw this skeleton seed during the sea election?

"Cultivate together? Tsk, this is probably a big psychological shadow!"

Everyone talked about it, and for a while, even the Starry Sky Realm of Xiumia Academy lying next to it in the big pit was temporarily set aside.


The white-robed youth and the charming woman did not forget the Gulanqi on the ground and hurriedly stepped forward to help.

Gulanqis mouth is stained with blood and his face is ugly. At this moment, his body is still like a dragon, covered with scales and a burly physique. But at this moment, blood is seeping from the scales on his chest, including the muscles of his arms. It came out, it was squeezed out of the pores with too much force to resist Su Ping's attack.

From this one can imagine how fierce the attack he had suffered before.

Seeing Su Ping untie the fit, Gulanqi gritted his teeth and untie the fit.

As the strength pulled out of the body, the pain suddenly became stronger. Even with his endurance, he couldn't help grinning slightly, feeling hot in his chest, and breathing like a twitching firebox, which was extremely uncomfortable.

"you can go now."

Su Ping looked at Gulanqi who stood up and said indifferently.

Just that move was considered as an attempt by him. Combining the power of the four rules, coupled with the blessing of the power of faith on the bone knife, was enough to severely damage the top of the starry sky!

Moreover, it was not his full strength just now.

After all, he can be combined again, and the combination with the little skeleton is its skill.

Both the white-robed youth and the charming woman looked at Su Ping in shock. They couldn't imagine that this person could seriously wound Gulanqi here. Although Gulanqi was only in the early stage of the Star Realm, his battle pet was terrifying, and he was just a battle pet. Can sweep most of the big guys in the middle of the starry sky.

At this moment, he was defeated by Su Ping in a short time!

Could it be that this young man's combat power is at the top of the Starry Sky Realm?

If this is the case, then their student... really died unjustly!

He actually provokes a character who almost touches the Star Master Realm, can he still not die?

Gulanqi gritted his teeth and stared at Su Ping with his eyes fire-breathing, but in the end, he still resisted the cruel words, his skills were not as good as humans, and now he has nothing to say.

Not to mention.

Behind this young man is a character from the Star Realm, this possibility is 90%!

Don't let me find a chance in the future... He secretly gritted his teeth in his heart. Such cruel words are childish and defensive.

The real vital person must be hidden.

There is a saying, the real secret, you cant even tell the gods!


The white-robed youth glanced at Su Ping, quickly escaped into the second space, and left with the charming woman with Gulanqi.

As the three of them left, everyone in line outside the store couldn't help but cheer.

Su Ping glanced at the lively crowd, didn't say much, turned around and entered the shop, letting Tang Ruyan close the door.


After entering the store, Su Ping's thoughts returned to the store.

The battle just now gave him a taste of the terrifying power of faith.

Otherwise, relying on the power of the four rules of his own fusion, I am afraid that he is not the opponent of this person.

According to Joanna, the division of the Starry Sky Realm and the comprehension of the three rules are the top in the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm! Comprehension of the four realms can be included in the mid-starry sky!

Comprehending the seven realms is the late stage of the starry sky!

Reaching the nine realms is the peak!

And if you understand the ten rules, you will be at the top of the starry sky realm, and you will also have the opportunity to integrate into the real and complete road, step into the star master realm in one fell swoop, construct your own world, and absorb the power of faith.

In addition, there is another situation, that is, a single-rule practitioner!

In the starry sky of this path, only one rule is practiced and desperately studied.

When comprehending the middle level of the rules, one rule can be comparable to the three, and it can also be regarded as the middle stage of the starry sky.

When comprehending to the very deep level, it is comparable to the power of the seven or eight rules, and it is considered the late stage of the starry sky!

And to the extreme, after studying thoroughly, mastering the avenue of this rule, thus establishing one's own world and stepping into the star realm.

Su Ping checked on the Lord's Star Order.

As far as the current federation is concerned, the multi-rule faction and single-rule faction in the starry sky are basically two to eight.

Multi-rule faction is two, single-rule faction is eight!

Although a single rule is more difficult, the probability of becoming a star master is higher. This is a conclusion drawn by some top powerhouses in the Federation, and it is also widely circulated common sense.

If you study a single rule, it is difficult to dig deeper, but if you keep digging and comprehending, as long as you understand it thoroughly, you will surely be able to build the road and the world.

However, multiple rules are different. First of all, the mind is confused and needs to be involved in multiple fields. It is not easy to understand the rules. It requires a deep understanding and consumes a lot of energy.

In addition, when practicing with multiple rules to the top of the starry sky, when you master the ten rules, you may not be able to integrate into the avenue 100%. If you can't successfully integrate, you need to continue to understand!

The lifespan of the starry sky realm is also limited. It takes hundreds of years to comprehend a rule, even thousands of years, and it may not be able to penetrate it.

And even if the fusion is successful, I don't know what kind of avenue I have mastered, and there are some unknown elements.

In this regard, even in the Federation, there is no accurate formula comparison, as long as it is personally explored.

However, I heard that some big powers have their own private recipes, but they are not disclosed. They belong to the core secrets of these big powers, just like the secret recipes for cooking.

Su Ping currently masters the four rules of power, of which Thor and Space Rules are the strongest, and the quality of the rules is higher than that of Oblivion and Thunder, but Su Ping's combat power is only comparable to the mid-Starry Sky Realm.

If you mate with the pet beast, you can burst out the power of seven or eight rules.

After all, the rules of petting beasts can also be borrowed, even if they overlap.

If the two are combined, they will barely be able to fight with the top of the starry sky.

These starry sky realm tops can also be combined, and the combined bursting power is no weaker than Su Ping's dual body.

Su Pinggang's ability to defeat the opponent is mainly due to the power of faith attached to the bone knife. This power is far stronger and heavier than the star power. If the star power is fog, then the power of faith is steel!

This gap is already several qualitative changes, not a dimension at all.

This is also the reason why the Star Realm can easily obliterate the Star Realm!

"Unfortunately, even if you rely on infinite resurrection, you can't nurture the power of faith from the star host realm in the cultivation of the world. The gap is too big, otherwise I nibble more and accumulate, and my combat power will be stronger." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

"You actually got the power of faith."

Joanna came over. She had already noticed the power of faith in Little Skeleton, and she was a little surprised. She realized that she could no longer see Su Ping.

"It's just a fluke."

"The point is that you have something to hold, the bone slices seem a bit unusual."

"I don't know, it was picked up by an ancient beast. In other words, do you have anything else to collect the power of faith, which can only be collected by the world I built?"

"Things that can take over the power of faith are extremely rare and precious. My deity has some weapons of the Star Realm, but these weapons are not what you can use. Even if you give them to you, you can't catch them." Joanna seemed to Seeing Su Ping's mind, he said directly.

Su Ping raised her eyebrows and glanced at her, knowing that she would not deceive herself because of reluctance.

"So, is there no other way?"

"Yes, but it's too complicated, it's hard to tell you clearly. Maybe you can do it in the future, but I can't do it." Joanna shook her head.

She knows Su Ping better, knowing that there is a powerful and mysterious existence behind him, and it is not her turn to give directions.

Seeing her saying this, Su Ping was speechless and had to give up.

"Look at the system store this week first."

With a thought, Su Ping called out the system store that had been interrupted by the three people.

There are still three items, among them is the special trap ring.

The second item is called "Blood Coagulation Dragon Crystal"!

Price 9200W energy!

Description: This is a treasure loved by dragon beasts and undead pets. It contains supreme dragon power and can improve bloodlines.

"Sell more expensive than Lei Ze Divine Fruit?" Su Ping was a little surprised. He glanced at the energy balance of the store. The business has been booming in the past few days. In addition, the consumption power of the Federation is much higher than that of Blue Star. Wang Beast, the store has a lot of energy, and it has a full 1.2 billion energy!

This is enough to upgrade the Chaos Spirit Pool.

And you can upgrade the shop again!

However, Su Ping is not in a hurry to upgrade the store. Although more functions and permissions will be opened after the store is upgraded, his current cultivation ability and repair base are too low.

Even if the shop allowed the cultivation of star battle pets, he would not have this ability.

Moreover, once he upgraded the store, he immediately became poor again.

As for the Chaos Spirit Pool, it is time to upgrade.

The fifth-level Chaos Spirit Pond has a low probability of being able to breed a starry realm battle pet, conceiving one billion energy at a time, that is, ten billion stars!

The price of a starfield battle pet is far more than 10 billion on the market, and it is impossible to buy more than one trillion!

The most important thing is that as the level of the Chaos Spirit Pool gets higher, the aptitude of the battle pet bred will be guaranteed!

The pets bred from the fifth-level Chaos Spirit Pool have the lowest qualifications and are all medium!

Based on the system's urinary sex, if it is an inferior star pet, it is estimated that if it is listed for sale, it will not even be able to collect 100 million incubation fees, but with a medium-qualified guarantee, a star pet can earn at least tens of millions of energy!

"Blood Coagulation Dragon Crystal, buy it first."

Su Ping paid directly and bought both the special-class beast ring and the blood clotting dragon crystal.

Su Ping temporarily put the trap ring in the space.

The blood coagulation dragon crystal that was delivered to the storage space instantly was a golden yellow crystal with blood-colored veins on it, exuding a strong dragon energy. Su Ping considered it, and chose to pile the cutting-edge power to the top first.

Little Skeleton is still the first resource.

"Take it to eat." Su Ping threw the thing directly to Little Skeleton.

Joanna next to him saw the blood coagulation dragon crystal suddenly taken out by Su Ping, her eyes were slightly stunned, she could feel that this crystal was extremely extraordinary, it contained the breath of ancient dragons and beasts, and it was purified and had special effects. , Is definitely a treasure.

Su Ping took it out and threw it to Little Skeleton?

This guy is so proud and still robs me all day?

Joanna was a little angry suddenly, and the more she thought about it, the more angry she got.

At this time, Su Ping looked at the third item, which was actually a drop of ancient Phoenix clan feather blood.

Price, 21000W energy!

Su Ping was a little shocked. The price was a bit exaggerated. The energy of one billion was out of reach for him before. This thing suddenly cost 210 million? !

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