Astral Pet Store Chapter 813

Chapter 910: Xinghai League Master Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Su Ping left the test room and returned to the hall.

I saw the little skeleton standing in the hall, the original white bones, now there are a little more blood entanglement, and it looks a bit devilish and evil.

In addition, although Little Skeleton did not release any breath as usual, he was very restrained.

But there is a faint deterrence on it, like a king, overlooking everything.

Su Ping was a little surprised, is this the change after absorbing the blood clotting dragon crystal.

He lost an appraisal technique, and soon saw that Little Skeleton's combat power had increased by more than 50 points compared to the previous one, which was almost comparable to comprehending a new rule.

And its bloodline ability has also increased to four.

Dragon Bone Shield:

Use dragon bones to transform shields and pour the power of bone demon, which can be used in the state of white bone demon!

This is actually a defensive bloodline ability.

"Can I use it even if I am possessed? In this way, I can give the defense to the little skeleton during the battle." Su Ping said to himself.

Although he prefers offensive abilities, defense is indispensable at certain times.

Su Ping looked at the little skeleton, and found that the bones on his body seemed to have changed a bit, containing dragon energy, and there were faint scaly bone patterns in some bones.

Especially at a few phalanges, dragon scale patterns are more obvious.

"how do you feel?"

Su Ping touched Little Skeleton's head and asked with a smile.

The little skull raised his head to look at Su Ping. After half a minute, the skull opened his mouth slightly: "Okay..."

"Are you able to speak?" Su Ping was a little surprised, speaking in Federal Language.

Little Skeletons savvy cannot be regarded as low, or even quite high. After all, he has been in the fostering position for a long time. Although it was originally a low-level skeleton species, it has become the best pet step by step.

It's just language, it doesn't seem to be the type it is good at.

"It's fine, let Gouzi and Xiaolong teach you how to talk in the future."


Su Ping smiled, and didn't linger anymore. He took the little skull and two dogs, plus a few customers' battle pets, and went to the Void God Ruins.

The reason for still choosing this place is that Su Ping wants to continue to accumulate here before he becomes the Destiny Realm. If he can comprehend one more space rule, his bridge will be more stable and his combat power will double. This It's not just the benefits of a rule.


When he arrived at the Void God Ruins, Su Ping first looked for the Void Monster Beast to test his combat power.

As soon as he absorbed the blood of the phoenix feathers of the industry, although Su Ping felt that he had become stronger, how strong he was, including the combination with the little skeleton and the extent to which the two dogs were combined, had not been tested yet.

In this fourth space, Su Ping rushed, as if running on land, rushing around.

Occasionally encountering the chaotic rules of power hidden in the void, Su Ping can also catch them in time. This is the benefit of realizing the rules of space.

If it were other rules, Su Ping couldn't make Su Ping so sharp here.

Searching and fighting all the way, and occasionally encountering a crack, Su Ping rushed in directly to fight in the deeper fifth dimension.

In the fifth dimension, with Su Pings understanding and sensitivity to space, he also needs to be cautious, and one who is not careful will suffer a great loss, even lose his life.

Moreover, the most dangerous thing here is the whispers of ancient creatures that were looming at that time.

These languages are in the Conferred God Realm, or even the ancient creatures beyond the Conferred God Realm. They are left over from conversations in other time and space. Their bodies are immortal, and their language contains extraordinary power. Even time is difficult. Obliterated, was stored in this deep space.

These languages contain the spiritual power of these ancient creatures, which are extremely guiding, and will make people crazy if they are not careful.

Fortunately, Su Ping's willpower was strong, and he found the Void Monster Beast in it, and he shot out directly.

Relying on training again and again, Su Ping has become more and more clear and master of his own combat power.


The next day.

Su Ping returned to the store, still doing business as usual in the morning, but today there is a battle pet selection competition in Warfit City. Several of Su Ping's pets have passed the audition and have to participate.

Su Ping didn't close the store, but left the store to Joanna and Tang Ruyan.

If Joanna was in town, even if Tang Ruyan couldn't live there, Joanna could still take action, and no one would dare to make trouble.

When he arrived at the competition venue, when Su Ping reported the name of the little skull, the judges in charge of the competition stood up from their chairs one by one, and stepped forward in awe, bending over to greet Su Ping.

Yesterdays news had already spread, and with the explanation from the city lord, they dare not disrespect.

The owner of the little skeleton in front of him is the starry realm boss.

Yesterday, the starry sky powerhouse of Xiu Mia Academy was beaten to vomit blood and retreated. How can they provoke such a ruthless person?

Not to mention them, even if he was the first person on the planet Rhea, Ren O'Neill had to be polite when he saw Su Ping.

Seeing that he was recognized at a glance, Su Ping was a little speechless, and only then realized that the little skull was exposed yesterday.

Well, he simply had a showdown and changed his appearance back.

"The rule is to draw a random lottery, right?"

Su Ping heard the excitement and cheers around him, smiled bitterly, and said, "When will it start?"

"I'll start right away." A judge said hastily, pleasing.

You start as soon as you say.

Seeing this person's attitude, Su Ping's mouth twitched slightly, and once again felt the benefits of strength, the rules must be detoured!

Su Ping didn't intend to break the rules and waited quietly.

Soon, the game began, and Little Skeleton and Ergou were called one by one.

For Su Ping, coming to participate in the selection battle is just a cutscene.

However, in the next game, Su Ping really realized what it means to pass the field.

As soon as they saw Little Skeleton and Ergou, the opponent's contestants all abstained directly, causing them to only walk around the stage for a lap before they had to step down.

To the back, Ergou and Little Skeleton collided with each other.

Su Ping directly let Ergou abstain.

There is no need to PK here. The two of them have fought enough in the nurturing world, and Ergou can't beat Little Skeleton. It's just a waste of time and energy, doing free performances here.

Moreover, if the two of them really want to do their best, these spectators will not see the performance, because they will definitely hit the third space.

Originally, there were not many favorites who passed the audition, plus various abstentions along the way, the competition proceeded very quickly, and the one-week selection battle is estimated to be completed in just one day.

Su Ping yawned a little, just watching the other pets fighting in the competition, there was no fun.

The key is that the fights of those pets are also very immature, just like children playing.

Among them, Su Ping also saw a few battle pets that he had nurtured from his own hands, and had some impressions. However, the performance of these animals also made Su Ping dissatisfied. He felt that if he encountered them again, he should be more targeted. Exercise.

Anyhow, it was also cultivated from one's own hands, how could it be so tuberous?

However, when Su Ping was dissatisfied, the audience was cheered.

I was not able to see Su Ping's performance of the battle pet. Although it was regrettable, the fierce battles of other pets were also very exciting, and the atmosphere on the scene was stirred up.

Su Ping was bored. He found the judges who were watching the game and said, "If no one fights with my pet, I won't be here tomorrow. You can just report your name, OK?"

The judge is an old man in the destiny state. He was taken aback when he heard the words. If someone else said this, he would just slap it over. Who do you think you are?

But it was Su Ping who spoke.

"Yes, of course." He held each other's hands, his face was humble and flattering, and respectfully said: "Senior you don't need to be there for such a small event, I believe no one will dare to challenge your pet."


Su Ping nodded, then took the little skulls and them back.


As soon as Su Ping returned to the store, Tang Ruyan and Joanna were still busy entertaining customers.

Seeing Su Ping coming back so soon, Tang Ruyan took a moment to look up, with a look of surprise, and said, "It's over so soon?"

"No, I came back early."

"Is it too boring, haha." Tang Ruyan saw Su Ping's expression and knew the reason and couldn't help laughing.

Su Ping rolled his eyes and was about to replace her when he suddenly received a message from the lord Star Ling in his mind.

With a thought, he directly sent a message to check.

"Dear Lord Blue Star, you have a notice of the War Alliance news."

War alliance? Is it the Xinghai League organized by the pet division?


Soon, a dim figure appeared in Su Ping's mind, looking extremely slim, but only about 1.6 meters tall, a bit short.

"All members of the League are following the order, Sylvie, at 9 o'clock in the evening on the 18th, gather at the Red Mars of the Zeruprun Galaxy, Shenghui Palace!"

"This time the Void Immortal Mansion, this alliance is determined to win, all personnel must be present, and those who resist are expelled from the war alliance. If there are special circumstances, you can ask me for leave in advance."

Said a soft voice, but it was deliberately compressed into a cold voice.

The tone was high, giving orders.

Su Ping was a little surprised, Void Immortal Mansion?

Was that what Ren O'Neill said earlier.

Xinghaimeng wants everyone to enter?

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