Astral Pet Store Chapter 814

Chapter 911: Super S Secret Realm 2 In 1

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"Has the news spread?"

"Previously, Raine O'Neal should get the news from other channels first, and sell me a favor before it spreads."

Su Ping's eyes flickered slightly, and he chose to enter the group chat of Xinghaimeng.

His consciousness immediately entered the virtual star sea group.

Surrounded by clouds and mist, like in the clouds, it looks quite compelling.

As soon as Su Ping appeared and sat in his seat, he heard fierce discussions from around him, and saw that on both sides of the round table, almost full of people, all of them were present.

In the chief, the position of the leader and the deputy leader also sat in two figures.

What surprised Su Ping was that, although the figure on the chairman of the league was hazy, he could vaguely see the silhouette of his figure, which was actually similar to the short and cute figure who had passed the word before.

The deputy leader next to her was a stalwart male figure.

Is this leader personally speaking?

This is the giant of the Starland?

"I seem to have heard of this Void Immortal Mansion. I heard that there are investigation reports secretly flowing out. It is a super S-level transcendent secret realm, and it may be the legacy of an ancient fairy god!"

"I heard that even the powerful masters of the gods have appeared, is it true?"

"Are we going to share a piece of the pie? If the Fengshen Realm is really present, which round will we get?"

"You don't understand, this kind of starry sky secret realm born in the land of no owner is not for whoever sees it, but for who sees it! Since our leader has ordered us to be there, there must be a channel to get it. Something."

"The secret realm of Super S Grade, tusk, can't even think about it, this is a treasure land that the Fengshen realm will compete for!"

"What are you afraid of, our lord is invincible in the world, even if it is a strong god, it will give our lord a bit of face!"


Su Ping sat in his seat, surrounded by fog, and his figure was hazy.

He raised his eyebrows slightly as he listened to other people's comments, Super S Grade Secret Realm? He immediately searched in the Lord's Star Order, and soon knew what specifications this Super S Grade Secret Realm belonged to.

After the death of the general Fengshen realm, the heritage treasures left behind can be rated as super S-class secret realms!

In other words, the situation currently detected by the Void Immortal Palace, the palace lord who fell inside, is at least the cultivation base of the Fengshen Realm!

"These Starry Sky Realms seem to have their own channels, so it seems that my source of information is relatively thin, no, it should be regarded as very thin..."

Su Ping secretly said in his heart and couldn't help shaking his head.

Intelligence networks and news channels depend on management. His current energy is only enough to run a store. Maybe in the future he will have to find someone he can trust to establish his own intelligence channels.

Such as those old customers and old acquaintances on Bluestar.

"Everyone, be quiet."

At this time, a soft voice rang, but a cold tone sounded.

All the discussions fell silent for an instant, and everyone looked up at the dimly petite figure above the round table.

"Tomorrow, everyone will gather on time. When I arrive at Shenghui Palace, I will share the detailed information of this Void Immortal Mansion with you." The petite leader said indifferently: "To prevent the information from leaking, please keep it secret!"

"Leader wise!"

"Leader, you are right!"

"The leader has an insight into the order of the universe, and considers it all!"

Several people spoke respectfully and said in awe.

Su Ping was sitting at the end of the table, and he gritted his teeth slightly. This flattering... is more exaggerated than the little skull, it's too explicit!

"I know all the concerns in your heart." The leader's soft voice continued to say calmly: "But this time, our Xinghai League will definitely get a share of it. There is no doubt about that!"


Everyone promised, and their eyes were different.

Su Ping was also a little curious when he heard the confident words of the leader, but he is not currently in the star master realm, nor can he know how powerful this star master realm is, and at the same time, he does not know whether the Void Immortal Mansion is sealed. The presence of the powerhouse of the gods is still a rumor.

"Disband, everyone, go back and prepare." The leader said.

Everyone promised.

Then one by one disappeared and left.

Upon seeing this, Su Ping also withdrew from this virtual world.

In the Xinghai group chat, as everyone gradually finished, only the leader and the deputy leader remained.

"Miss, are you really going to take an adventure? This is an unknown mystery after all. Will it be too dangerous?" The deputy leader suddenly spoke, but his name was surprising, and his voice was quite old, with a sense of vicissitudes. .

The clouds and mist in front of the petite figure sitting in front of the chief's eyes dispersed, revealing a delicate and dexterous cheek, with smart eyes, but with a bit of arrogance, and said: "Uncle Anba, I have cultivated to this day, and there is no danger. Now, what's the matter? There is an old saying, dont you get a dog if you dont enter a cat's den?"

"Miss, you dont want to be a tiger, and what this means is that we are going to take an adventure in this Void Immortal Mansion. Besides, Miss, although you have experienced all kinds of dangers before, they are all in the masters. Within the control range, it is dangerous to you, but it is actually controllable."

"But this time is different. After all, this is a super S-level secret realm, and the information detected so far is not complete. Maybe it will even be a god-level secret realm!"

The deputy leader next to him smiled bitterly and persuaded.

"You think too much. If we go to the God-level secret realm, we will be kicked out. It is estimated that those old folks in the Conferred God realm will be crazy."


"Oh, Uncle Anba, I have my own measures. Besides, even if I am in danger, can I still escape with my means? My father has given me a lot of treasures!"



Consciousness returned to the store, Su Ping thought for a while, and felt that he could go to the sidelines tomorrow.

Tang Ruyan and Joanna can take care of the business in the store, and they can also take care of it. Ordinary cultivation can be completed with shadow clone cultivation.

As for professional training, it is fine to cultivate him personally when he comes back.

After all, the normal cultivating of pet beasts can take several years or as short as several months. The time for cultivating pet beasts in his store has far exceeded that of peers. As long as he has agreed with customers in advance, there is more than enough time.

At this moment, Su Ping suddenly received a communication prompt.

He opened it and saw it was a stranger.



Soon, the stranger rang again.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows and picked it up.

"Hello, is it Senior Su?" A face appeared on the communication, it was Ren O'Neal.

"It's you." Su Ping asked: "What are you looking for?"

"Senior Su just learned about the Void Immortal Mansion in the alliance, right? Let's go to Crimson Mars to gather tomorrow, why don't we go together?" Ren O'Neal smiled, very kind and honest.

It didn't look like his grandson was beheaded by Su Ping.

Su Ping was also a little emotional when he saw him like this, is it really just a mere enemy of killing the grandson.

"Okay, I just don't know the route yet." Su Ping readily agreed.

"Um, Senior Su, if we are in the secret realm then, let's take care of each other a lot!" Ren O'Neill sneered.

Su Ping nodded, "So are you, we take care of each other."

"It's easy to talk."


After hanging up the communication, Su Ping replaced Tang Ruyan to entertain the customers.

One hour later, today's seats are saturated.

After closing the shop, Su Ping did not rest, took the little skeletons with them, and continued to train in the world of cultivation.

In the Void God Ruins, Su Ping fought all the way, using his cutting rules more and more skillfully. In addition, Su Ping also faintly touched the Taoism of some other spatial rules, and his strength was quietly increasing.


The next day.

In the morning of Lei Yaxing, not long after Su Ping returned to the store, Ren O'Neal came to the Su Ping store and invited him.

"Isn't it night?"

"Let's pass now, it's the night of Scarlet Mars." Ren O'Neill sneered, with something weird in his heart, Su Ping didn't even know this?

Are you unfamiliar with the Zeruprun Galaxy?

He looked at Su Ping's face, and he felt that he really didn't look like someone from the Zeruprun Galaxy.


Su Ping only thought of jet lag, so fortunately, he would go with this Ren O'Neal, otherwise he would definitely not leave until the afternoon.

"Wait a minute."

Su Ping turned around and handed Tang Ruyan and Joanna the things in the store, so that they could help each other.

After the explanation was over, Su Ping took the little skeleton and the two dogs, and put them into the summoning space before leaving with Ren O'Neal.

"Senior Su, please."

Above the city of Warfite, in a 20,000-meter-high cloud and fog, a spaceship was parked with the emblem of the Wren family engraved on it, which was very impressive.

At the invitation of Ren O'Neill, Su Ping stepped into the spaceship.

The spacecraft is very luxurious and has a huge lounge.

"About how long will it take?"

Su Ping and Ren O'Neal sat down on a sofa, Su Ping asked curiously.

Ren O'Neill smiled and said: "In terms of the time on our planet Rhea, it is one hour."

"That is not bad."

Su Ping nodded.

At this time, the spacecraft had already started, except for the shaking when it started, there was no feeling anymore, it was extremely stable, as if it was docked on the ground.

However, the scenery outside the ship is changing rapidly, the clouds and fog dissipate, and the stars in the universe can be seen in a blink of an eye.

"Senior Su, do you want to drink agave? This is brewed with real agave."


"Then Senior Su would like to drink something, everything is there."

"Drink some northwest wind."


"Nothing, a stick."


"Well, it's a mess."


Ren O'Neill was silent for a while, feeling that the atmosphere was gradually turning towards embarrassment. He coughed lightly and said: "Senior Su, can I ask you to cultivate pet beasts in the future?"


"Senior Su is good at cultivating what kind of pet beast?" Ren O'Neill saw Su Ping agree, and he was a little interested. He didn't dare to speak before, because Su Ping refused.

After all, how can the cultivation master easily make a move?

As for the pet beasts cultivated by Su Ping's shop, obviously, they are just for fun.

But if you are from the Starry Sky Realm asking him to help out, that's another matter.

"Basically, it's okay." Su Ping said. He is not critical of this. Anyway, there are any types of planes in the system. Besides, it is not necessary to cultivate pet beasts in a corresponding environment. Throwing your favorite beast into the water world, you can still comprehend water skills.

...As long as the torture is severe enough.

There is nothing in this world that can't be solved by torture. If there is, then two.


When Ren O'Neill heard Su Ping's perfunctory remarks, he felt that he seemed a little rash. Su Ping obviously didn't want to cultivate pet beasts for him. This non-salty or indifferent attitude was deliberately alienating.

Do you still mind the previous thing?

Ren O'Neill was a little angry, his own grandson died, he didn't mind, he had already apologized, and he said good things. You are a bit small.

But my grandson is dead, I can let it go.

"Senior Su is really amazing, and he can handle any type. He deserves to be a master." Although he was dissatisfied in his heart, Ren O'Neill still spoke beautifully.

There is no city at this point, how can you manage a planet?

"The type is the second. Cultivating pet beasts is the same as fighting. It is invariable, as long as the means are ruthless." Su Ping said, he was very sincere.

He had already let go of the previous matter with Ren's family. People didn't mind the death of his grandson, and he didn't care about it.

"Senior Su said that." Ren O'Neill nodded, but he was a little puzzled, feeling that his attitude towards Su Ping was hard to figure out.


One hour passed quickly.

The atmosphere inside the spacecraft gradually turned to silence after the topic cooled down. Su Ping also had time to admire the scenery outside the spacecraft, and saw many planets flying past. These planets were of different sizes and looked like rare scenery.

Su Ping had never thought that he could see the face of the universe so clearly.

It didn't take long before the spacecraft sailed into a scarlet planet. The planet looked crimson all over, like the sun, but it didn't emit heat like the sun.

This crimson is just the largest vegetation on the planet. .

The spacecraft passed the detection of the space station and entered the planet.

Afterwards, the spacecraft docked in a cloud over the planet. Ren O'Neill got off the spacecraft and ordered his men to take care of it. Then, he led the way and flew to the planet with Su Ping.

Shenghui Palace, this is the headquarters of the top power organization on Red Mars.

At this moment, the lord of this top power organization is leading everyone in the organization, standing respectfully outside the Shenghui Palace, welcoming a visiting guest.

Those who had just joined Shenghui Palace were shocked.

In their minds, Palace Master Shenghui, who was as high as the sky, stood outside the palace as a welcome guest.

"Well, who are these people, actually let the palace master bow!"

"My God, is it the Starry Sky Realm?"

"Nonsense, of course it's the starry sky realm boss, otherwise would our palace master be so in awe?"

Outside the palace.

Su Ping and Ren O'Neal also came together. The palace lord of the Shenghui Palace is a top battle pet master in the destiny realm, and has reached the half-step starry sky.

Seeing Su Ping and Ren O'Neal, especially Ren O'Neal's unabashed starry atmosphere, they bowed to welcome each other.

"Senior Su, please." Ren O'Neill gestured to Su Ping.

Su Ping was too lazy to be polite and walked ahead.

This action fell in the eyes of the palace lord of the Shenghui Palace, and he was immediately shocked, allowing the Starry Sky Realm to be honored as a senior. Could this young man be a giant in the Star Lord? !

Soon, Su Ping and Ren O'Neal came to the court of Shenghui Palace.

It is extremely spacious and beautiful, suitable for discussion and enjoyment. Some of the men who have already arrived in the starry sky are surrounded by graceful beauties, while those women around the starry sky are a mix of men and women, all of which are handsome men and beauties.

Su Ping was so impressed that he was full of delicious food and extravagant.

If you want to enjoy the Starry Sky Realm wholeheartedly, then it can really be so cool.

"Brother Zeus!"

"Brother Zeus is here too, sit down quickly."

"Who is this?"

"This is Brother Baitian." Ren O'Neill introduced with a smile.

On the way, he asked Su Ping's group name.

On the way here, Su Ping and Ren O'Neal have also changed their appearances. Some people will show their true colors and are too lazy to hide them, while some people don't want to reveal their information.

Even some people have switched their genders, which is not difficult for the Starry Sky Realm.

Even for some people, its a pleasure...

Su Ping gave a light cough, followed Ren O'Neal, and chatted with these members of the Star Alliance.

This is considered to be a formal meeting in reality. Many members saw Su Ping and were very enthusiastic. After all, the main purpose of joining the Zhanmeng was to expand their network of contacts. It would be foolish to offend people.

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