Astral Pet Store Chapter 815

Chapter 912: Nine Heavens Goddess Two In One

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Ren O'Neal is considered an old man in the Xinghai League. Because he is in charge of the planet Leia, he is very sociable, and he usually talks lively in the Xinghai group chat.

At this moment, I met some people who usually chat in the group and greeted them very well.

Many people have seen Su Ping and Ren O'Neal walking so close, although they perceive that Su Ping's cultivation is only in the virtual cave realm, they also regard it as the same as Ren O'Neal's early Star Realm.

It's just that Su Ping's "hiding" ability is so strong that they all took a slightly higher look.

I noticed that Su Ping was not only the early stage of the starry sky that he often talked about with Raine O'Neill, but also some other middle stages of the starry sky, including the latter stage of the starry sky.

It's not because Su Ping's cultivation base is too low, but because I can't see the details of Su Ping's cultivation base!

This hiding method is a bit advanced!

Many elders in the alliance in the middle and late stages of the Starry Sky Realm looked at Su Ping earnestly, and even led them to look at Su Ping a little bit higher.

Some people feel that Su Ping may be in the middle of the starry sky.

Some people in the late Starry Sky Realm felt that Su Ping might be in the late Starry Sky Realm.

After all, they couldn't see the details of Su Ping. They didn't dare to make judgments lightly, and it was very impolite to ask others' cultivation level directly, and no one would really answer.

It's like a gathering of a group of people. You ask others how much their salary is. Isn't this slapstick? Who will tell you the truth?

Through the friendship, Su Ping discovered the starry sky realm in this Star Alliance, and also faintly divided the group.

Most of the people who got acquainted with Raine ONeal were in the early stage of Starry Sky Realm.

And those in the mid-starry sky realm stand together and chat with each other.

As for the four late stars in the Starry Sky Realm, two of them were sitting together chatting, and the other two were sitting separately, next to the middle and early Starry Sky Realm who went to greet them.

Sure enough, classes exist everywhere.

But this is also very normal. You are in the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm, and others are in the middle stage, and your combat power is a notch, so it is not necessary for them to find you a relationship.

Unless you have some scarce resources, it is worth making friends with.

"Brother Zeus, this is the new brother who has joined the alliance. I heard that it is called Defeated Heaven Immortal Venerable. This name is really domineering. The leader of the alliance knows it and will definitely like it very much."

When he was getting acquainted with Ren O'Neal, suddenly a middle-aged man came over and smiled authentically.

Ren O'Neill and the two people next to him, named Magic Venerable and Six Dao Immortal Venerable, were shocked when they saw the middle-aged man, and they hurriedly saluted, saying, "Senior Giant Spirit God."

The opponent was in the middle stage of the Starry Sky Realm, an old man of the Xinghai League, who was older than them.

Su Ping also nodded slightly when he heard the words, saying hello.

"Brother Zeus, I don't know if there are any super-spirit divine fruits from your place. When will I get two more. I will exchange the secret treasure with you, or take you to the Random Meteorite area for cultivation, how about?" The middle-aged man who was a giant spirit **** chuckled and glanced at Su Ping slightly, before he took the initiative to say anything to Su Pingduo.

What if you can't see the details of your cultivation base?

Just relying on you mixing with this Zeus, it is absolutely impossible to be the late starry sky realm.

That's nine out of ten, it can only be the early stage or the middle stage.

If they are of the same rank, he doesn't care. If you can make friends, you don't need to fudge too much.

Strong people who have cultivated to the starry sky realm have their own arrogance, unless they are not as skilled as people, it is difficult to please people.

"Super Spirit Fruit?"

Su Ping's eyes narrowed.

When Ren O'Neill heard the words, his face was slightly embarrassed, and he coughed lightly: "Senior, this super soul fruit is also a rare thing. After a thousand years, it is a consumable. If I eat one, I will lose one, and I don't have it."

The giant spirit **** raised his eyebrows slightly and chuckled: "Then you find a way to get me some, I will naturally have corresponding benefits for you."

"The younger generation must do their best." Ren O'Neill said hastily, with a sincere expression on his face.

But in fact, he has it in his hand, but, as he said, this is a consumable and a rare thing, how can it be given to you casually?

As for the benefit exchange?

The other party didn't have the benefits he needed. Once he spoke, it was revealed that he still had this thing. The other party pushed aside and exchanged secondary things. He refused, but offended people.

"Well, be sure to help me pay attention." The giant spirit **** said in a profound way.

Ren O'Neal nodded repeatedly.

Su Ping stood by and said nothing. If it weren't for him on the planet Leia, he would have thought what Ren O'Neill was saying was true.

After the giant spirit **** left, Ren O'Neal turned his head and glanced at Su Ping, the two of them exchanged their eyes, and everything was silent.

Next, Ren O'Neal and Su Ping continued to be familiar with each other, meeting with allies in the early stage of Starry Sky.

Ren O'Neal didn't introduce Su Ping's status as a master of cultivation, and he was relieved when he saw that Su Ping himself did not take the initiative to introduce him.

The fewer people who know Su Ping's identity, the better for him.

Otherwise, everyone will come to curry favor, including those in the late Starry Sky Realm who will be tempted, and it will be even more difficult for him to have a good relationship with Su Ping.

When everyone was chatting, it didn't take long for someone to count, and the number of people was almost there.

Only the leader and deputy leader have not yet appeared.

After waiting for another few minutes, two figures appeared in the Shenghui Palace. It was the figure of the leader and the deputy leader. They exuded an unabashedly powerful aura, with a feeling of transcendence, like standing in the deep. The feeling in the space, visible, but hard to touch, is close to the horizon.

"Are the big guys playing last?"

Su Ping saw the last coming leader and the deputy leader, and the corners of his mouth curled slightly.

The appearance of the leader was fully revealed at this moment. He was exquisite and exquisite. He looked only sixteen or seventeen years old. She was full of girlishness. His cheeks were slightly egg-shaped, quite cute.

However, the other party's face was cold and cold, like Fairy Guanghan, showing the feeling of not eating fireworks.

Next to her is a burly middle-aged man with a wide face and a somewhat weather-beaten feeling in his eyes, but his face is a man of firm character.

"Are everyone here? Well, sure enough, they are all here."

The girl stood on the steps above the palace, looking around the audience, her soft voice was a bit cold and arrogant, and said, "Since everyone is here, let's just talk about business. The Void Immortal Palace over there is about to open. According to According to the information I got, three Conferred God Realm powerhouses have already appeared and divided up the fairy mansion!"

"Shenzhen Realm powerhouse?"

"Three? This..."

"Sure enough, the rumors are not rumors, are they really attracted to the Conferred God Realm powerhouse? This Immortal Mansion is really a super S grade secret realm, tusk..."

"That said, don't we come for nothing?"

As the girl said, there was a sensation in the palace, and everyone was talking about it.

The powerhouse of the Conferred God Realm, this is a powerful figure in the Federation, and the dean level of the five major theological academies!

Such a character is difficult for them to see at a glance, and is more than a million times more honorable than an emperor on a planet!

"Don't worry, this Void Immortal Mansion is extremely vast. The three Conferred God Realm powerhouses will only go to the depths of the Immortal Mansion and look for the strongest fairy treasure inside."

The young girl sat on the first seat of the palace gracefully, her snow-white slender calf also naturally raised Erlang's leg...

"Those middle and outer areas, these Conferred God Realm powerhouses can't even look down on them, and we can fight for it then!"

The girl whispered: "For being able to enter the Void Immortal Mansion so quickly, I have to thank these three Conferred God Realm seniors. It is they who broke the barriers of the Immortal Mansion before we can enter. If we see these three Conferred God Realm then, Seniors, everyone should behave better, thank you very much."

"That's that."

"Fengshen realm powerhouse, the universe is invincible!"

"A strong man in the Conferred God Realm is the dream of our cultivators!"

"It's worthy of being the lord, it's amazing to know so much detail."

"The leader is a genius second only to the power of the Conferred God Realm, and he will become a Conferred God in the future!"

There was a promise in the hall, and those who disdain to communicate with people in the early stage of the starry sky, such as Su Ping and Ren O'Neill, were all flattering at this moment.

And Ren O'Neill and others also praised one by one, saying each one is more exaggerated.

Su Ping had a weird face. If he didn't know that this was a group of guys in the Starry Sky Realm, he would have doubted whether he had joined a certain success school organization.

"Low-key, you can't expose my identity at will." The girl frowned, but there were open smiles in her eyes. It was obviously very useful, and she was very happy.

Su Ping was speechless when he saw such obvious joy.

Sure enough, there was a raging soldier and a raging nest.

This strange atmosphere was brought out by the leader himself.

These guys in the starry sky, including those like Raine O'Neal, have long been refined, so they will tout these brainless flattery.

Beside the girl, the burly deputy leader looked indifferent and stood quietly without any words.

"When I go to the Void Immortal Mansion, you all listen to my orders, do not act at will, and the things you get are given to me in a unified way, and I will distribute them. I will reward those who have performed meritoriously, and I will never treat you badly! "

The girl said indifferently.

Everyone promised.

"Leader, it seems that it has already started over there."

At this moment, the deputy leader next to him suddenly whispered.

The girl wanted to say a few more words. When she heard this, she raised her eyebrows slightly, and then nodded solemnly, but she made this solemn expression on her face, which made people feel lovely.

"Okay, then let's go first and talk about it there."

The girl stood up and clapped.

Everyone below looks different, are they going to the Void Immortal Mansion soon?

The great masters of the Conferred God Realm opened up the Immortal Mansion and went to the deep level to search for the treasure. Although the treasures outside the Conferred God Realm could not be looked down upon, they were the treasure!

"Brother Zeus, what is the name of our leader and how to call it?" Su Ping looked at the girl and asked in a low voice to Ren O'Neill next to her.

Ren O'Neill looked admired, showing admiration, and said: "The name of the leader, don't be scared when you say it. The name is Nine Heavens Goddess. The full name is'the supernatural **** who controls the good and evil and the six reincarnations and was born in the nine days and nine earth Descendant'!"


Su Ping: "..."

You really scared me.

"Be quiet, talking about the leader's good name here is disrespect to the leader!" Next to him, the middle-aged man with a slightly fat face and body, Liu Dao Xianzun said loudly and forcefully.

The voice did not conceal it, not to mention that all the people present were in the Starry Sky Realm, even the Boundary Sea Realm could hear clearly.

After all, the palace is so big, as long as it is not deliberately hidden, it is easy to hear.

Sure enough, Su Ping immediately noticed that the girl in the upper position glanced towards them. When he saw Liudao Xianzun's pious and awe-inspiring appearance, although his cheeks were still cold and indifferent, his eyes clearly showed something The color of satisfaction.

Su Ping: "..."

"Follow me!"

The girl didn't seem to have any plans to pursue it, as if she hadn't heard it, raised her hand with a stroke, and suddenly collapsed beside her, and a void vortex appeared.

Inside the vortex is the fourth dimension!

I cut through several spaces with my hand, is this the power of the star master realm?

Everyone under the steps was surprised, and those few stars in the late stage of the Starry Sky Realm also condensed their eyes, showing a bit of surprise.

The girl noticed everyone's reaction, her eyes were quite satisfied, her expression still cold, and she turned around and stepped into the whirlpool first.

"Keep up."

Next to him, the leader said indifferently, his voice was as cold as a stone.

Under his gaze, several Starry Sky Realm came out first in the later stage, and stepped into the whirlpool without hesitation.

Then others followed.

Finally, it was the turn of Su Ping and Ren O'Neal in the early stages of the Starry Sky Realm.

"This is the fourth space. If we go in by ourselves, we might die in it."

"This is the mighty power of the lord." Someone next to him was emotional and still acting.

I have to say that although this girl is in second grade, her power is really terrifying.

Soon, Su Ping and Ren O'Neal stepped into this whirlpool together.

On the inner wall of the vortex, there was a force supporting it, turning it into a void corridor, for everyone to resist the chaotic spatial chaotic force in the fourth dimension.

The corridor was not long, and it didn't take long to leave the whirlpool.

On the other side of the vortex, there is a starry sky in the universe.

Surrounded by a vacuum zone, strong cosmic rays swept in. If you were an ordinary person, you would soon suffocate and die here, and your body would be ulcerated by radiation.

However, except for Su Ping, they are all in the starry sky realm. The physical body can easily ignore the cosmic rays, and can pass the energy inside the cell without oxygen, making it self-sufficient.

Coupled with the power of rules, you can create a small space for yourself to talk.

But no one can speak, it is more convenient to communicate with the stars, and there is no need to open your mouth.

Although Su Ping is not in the Starry Sky Realm, his physical body is not weaker than the Starry Sky Realm, and he has no effect at the moment, floating in the starry sky.

In this place, in addition to Su Ping and the people of the Star Sea Alliance, there are densely packed figures, as well as large military weapons such as space battleships and space aircraft carriers, which surround the inner and outer three layers.

Only when the star main realm easily cuts off the fourth dimension can you jump here directly.

"This is the Void Immortal Mansion?"

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