Astral Pet Store Chapter 816

Chapter 913: Beichen Conferred God Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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In front of everyone, there was a vortex that collapsed like a black hole.

The vortex is several thousand meters in diameter. In the vortex, there is a towering ancient fairy mansion faintly standing in it, appearing from time to time, and at this moment, one can feel an ethereal and ethereal breath of fairy spirit, escaping from this vortex.

"It's really a fairy mansion, this is the place where the fairy gods in the ancient era lived?"

"This building is primitive, it should be from the ancient times."

"The three Conferred God Realm powerhouses, have they entered this fairy mansion?"

"It attracted so many people..."

Everyone in the Xinghai League looked around, and they all started to communicate with each other.

The people gathered around also noticed the people of the Xinghai League who suddenly jumped into space and appeared here.

At this moment, when I saw the "Invincible Xinghai" emblem on the robes of the late Starry Sky Realm, I immediately understood that this was a rather different Xinghai League in the Sylvie War League circle.

"Look, it looks like the Thousand Feather League over there!"

"These grandchildren are here too!"

"The people from the European Union have also arrived."

"It looks like there will be a fierce battle next."

"What are you afraid of? With our leader, if they dare to provoke us, they will all die!"

Everyone communicated in the established astrology circle.

Su Ping heard what they said, looked around, and saw two groups of people, both clustered in the starry sky, among them there seemed to be giants in the Star Master Realm just like their leader.

"These war alliances have a holiday with us?" Su Ping asked Ren O'Neal next to him.

Ren O'Neill nodded and said: "Yes, the Thousand Feather League is an old rival to us, and we are fighting against our league everywhere. Many guys in our league have been tricked by the Thousand Feather League. Try to avoid those who see Qianyu League. Of course, if we are crowded, we don't have to be afraid."

"The European Union there too?"

"That's right, the European Union once laughed at the name of our leader, and was beheaded by our leader several people, and then became froze with us."


Is it too late for me to leave the alliance now?

Su Ping was a bit speechless. He thought that adding a war alliance would expand his network and discover some secret news in the Starry Sky Realm, but it turned out to be good. This war alliance made enemies everywhere, and he also caught up.


"The brain-dead guys from the Xinghai League are here."

On the other side, in the place of the European Union, the many starry sky realms saw everyone in the Xinghai League, their faces sank, but soon a sneer appeared in their eyes.

These guys in the Star Sea Alliance are an alternative in the war alliance.

At any rate, it is also the starry sky realm that has been famous for a long time, but it happens to use evil names, some of which are so big that it makes people uncomfortable to listen to.

In the Zhanmeng circle, the quirks of the Xinghaimeng are well known.

Had it not been for the two powerful star masters of the Star Sea Alliance's leader and deputy leader, they would have been wiped out long ago based on these owe names.

"A group of weird flowers, they don't know how to cultivate into a starry sky realm."

"It's probably done with toes, right? My brain cramps!"

"Forget it, don't cause trouble, the immortal palace will be opened soon, and it will be liquidated later."

"Yes, it's important to grab the resources of the Immortal Mansion. This is an unowned super S-level secret realm. It is rare in a thousand years. We are fortunate. The secret treasures that are not seen in the Sealed God Realm are invaluable to us!"

"The Thousand Feather Alliance is here too. We may have to cooperate with this Star Sea Alliance when necessary."

"Yes, although this Xinghai League is hateful and a group of brain-dead, it is better than the scheming ghosts of Qianyu League."

The people of the European Union also communicated in the astral circle.

Despise, despise, and even have private enmities before, but when necessary, Xinghaimeng may not be a good partner for cooperation.


"That group of fools are here too."

"Also normal, as expected!"

"The European Union and this Star Alliance over there have heard of festivals. If there is a chance later, we may pick their scars. If they fight each other, we can benefit from it and grab more. A treasure."

"That's right, the European Union is also a group of cerebral palsy, and it is ridiculous that they call out the messy slogans of joining the alliance and becoming the European emperor, and destiny guides everything!"

"Who can say no? People still don't understand the fate of **** even after practicing to our level."

"You don't rely on hard work, you can rely on fate, these two idiots!"

Everyone in the Thousand Feather League looked different, looking at the people in the Star Sea Alliance and the European Emperor Alliance, with a touch of contempt in their eyes.


In addition to them, there are other war alliance circles here.

But other Zhanmeng circles have less communication with Xinghaimeng, and there is no friction in normal days. Seeing the appearance of Xinghaimeng at this moment, there is not much reaction, just as another competitor has emerged.

The other war alliance circles here are all competitors, so there is no difference.

In addition to the war alliance circle, there are more scattered people gathered here, and there are some groups in the Destiny Realm, which are also full of battleships, but their positions are clearly behind and they are self-aware.

I really want to rob them from these war alliances, because of these fate, they have already slapped to death.

To these guys in the Destiny Realm, many war alliances didn't respond much, just like the three Conferred God Realms, the Conferred God Realm only values the deepest treasures of the Immortal Mansion, and doesn't bother to look at others.

After all, the three Conferred God Realms must compete with each other. If you grab the cheap ones, others will grab the good ones. It's definitely not a good deal for you.

The same is true for their starry sky realms. As long as these fate realms don't grab them, they won't look down on the rest of the tattered ones, but if they look down on them, these guys will have to die.

As for why not clean up here?

The reason is simple. First of all, it is the federal laws and regulations. Wanton killing is obviously not allowed unless the other party offends first! Just like Su Ping beheaded the grandson of the Lane family, the other party offended to the Starry Sky Realm, and if he committed the crime, he was damned to be killed.

In the federal law, the class is strict!

Secondly, the many destiny realms gathered here, including these starry sky realms, have various forces behind them, and the relationship is complicated.

Some people are only in the destiny realm, but their father, or family, has a starry sky realm, or even a star master realm!

If they didn't provoke you, if you go to kill someone, the other's family will investigate it, which is trouble!

If you want to clear the field, you have to kill a piece, which is obviously unwilling to bear.

And the Fengshen Realm did not clear the field, there are also their reasons.


After the arrival of Su Ping, some warships and some war alliances in the starry sky came one after another.

There are also some scattered people in the starry sky realm, tearing the void and jumping over by themselves.

Not long after waiting, less than half an hour, suddenly an old figure flew out of the whirlpool.

This is an old man with a rickety figure. His hair, eyebrows, and beard are all white, and he looks a bit vicissitudes of life. He smiled at this moment and said: "My master, General Beichen, ordered this secret realm to be officially opened. You can enter."

"General Beichen?"

"Is it the Lord Beichen Conferred God who returned from the Frontier of the Federation?"

"In the three Conferred God Realm that came, there is actually General Beichen, my God!"

"Master Beichen is so polite. Not only did he break the ban for us, he also sent someone to inform us that we can go in."

When the people outside heard the name "Beichen", they were shocked and talked a lot.

Some people even made no secret of their compliments and compliments.

After all, no one knows the method of sealing the gods, maybe the other party can hear what they say here!

"This is General Beichen's favorite!"

At this moment, within the star circle of the Star Alliance, the leader girl in front of her suddenly whispered, her bright eyes gleaming with bright light.

Everyone in the Xinghai League was shocked when he said this.

This old man in front of him was actually the favorite of the Master Beichen Conferred God?

That said, the other party has mastered the transformation method!

"This old man, shouldn't he also be a Conferred God Realm?"

Someone said.

Everyone was shocked.

This old man in front of him is also in the Conferred God Realm? Nine out of ten, very likely!

After all, the pets that the battle pet masters usually sign contracts with are all of the same level as their own.

If it is in the Starry Sky Realm, and the battle pet of the Destiny Realm is used, it will not be useful at all, and you will die as soon as you appear!

Unless it is used to visit home or do some other things, there is no other starry sky realm battle pet to replace for the time being.

"The restrictions in this Void Immortal Mansion have been broken, but there are still many formations and killings in some dangerous places where secret treasures are hidden. Everyone enters the adventure and masters life and death. Hope you can do it yourself!"

The old man looked around and said slowly with a smile on his face.

I don't know what power it is, his lips are moving, and his voice reaches the ears of everyone present in the vacuum of the universe.

This kind of power is beyond cognition, beyond common sense!

After speaking, the old man's figure slowly turned around, and his figure changed suddenly, turning into an extremely huge and hideous dragon, swimming towards the whirlpool.

The terrifying aura escaping from his body swept like a hurricane, causing those who stood on battleships and space aircraft carriers to face pale.

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