Astral Pet Store Chapter 817

Chapter 915: Tree Of Rules Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Sure enough, it's a battle pet!"

"Still Dragon!"

"Dragons in the Conferred God Realm, should this be called Dragon God, right?"

As the old man appeared and left, everyone present was shocked.

After the figure of the old man disappeared, someone suddenly reacted and led the crowd to rush to the whirlpool.

"Damn, let's rush too!"

"Hurry up, hurry up!"

Seeing someone taking the lead, everyone else reacted. The outer space battleships and space aircraft carriers did not dare to directly sprint, but the power engines were already humming. Be prepared at any time. When these starry sky realms are all in, it will be their turn. Them.

"Let's hurry up!"

Ahead, the girl leader quickly said: "You all have entered my world."

She raised her hand, and an illusory world of birds and flowers appeared beside her, like a picture scroll dreamland, as beautiful as a fairyland!

The deputy leader stepped in first, and his figure actually stood in this illusory fairyland like a scroll.

When other people saw this, they quickly followed.

Su Ping had seen the exposed world of the Star Master Realm, but all he saw were those of the monsters, and their worlds were all shaped desolate and vicious, like wasteland inside, the ground was cracked, magma Eruption is not suitable for survival at first sight.


Su Ping and Ren O'Neal also stepped into this illusory world.

As soon as he entered this place, Su Ping felt that the cosmic radiation was resisted. In addition, the cold temperature in the universe disappeared. The place is extremely warm, and you can smell the scent of flowers. There are mountain springs and waterfalls in the distance, as well as strange birds and beasts flying in it. .

When everyone entered the girl's world, the girl's figure suddenly moved, encircling everyone, stepping into the whirlpool, extremely fast.


On the other side, the people of the Thousand Feather League also acted. Many members all entered the world of one of the star masters. Following this star master's method, they jumped directly into the vortex and moved forward at tens of times the speed of sound.

In this vortex, the space is chaotic, even if they are the star master realm, they don't dare to tear the vortex and teleport.

If you are not careful, you will most likely step into the fifth space, or even the deeper sixth space!

If it were in the sixth dimension, even these star main realms would be feared like a snake and scorpion, once they stepped into it, they would basically have no return!

No one knows what they will encounter in the deeper sixth dimension.

It is estimated that only Fengshen Realm knows about it.

Standing in the girl's world, Su Ping could see everything outside of the world, and the swiftness of the girl's actions could be seen in the vortex.

Its figure is like a flying phoenix, showing an extremely magical body, and it will be a thousand miles in a flash!

And the ancient fairy mansion in the whirlpool, seemingly close at hand, actually gathers together for thousands of miles!

The depth of this vortex alone is comparable to the area of a continent.

After a few minutes, the girl and several other star host realms with her, finally flew out of the whirlpool.

I saw the world behind the whirlpool, the ancient fairy mansion as if standing in the illusory cloud, looking the same size as before, without any change, no matter how far they moved forward, it was always this size, enveloped by mysterious power.

Under the fairy house, there is an extremely long corridor, and outside the corridor is a lotus pond.

It is said to be a lotus pond, but in fact it is called a lake, extremely vast.

Many lotus flowers inside are in full bloom. These lotus flowers are different species. The lotus leaves alone are seven or eight meters in size. The blooming lotus is hazy with aura and the petals are tender and dripping. The lotus seeds inside are amazingly golden. Yes, it exudes brilliance, and at first glance it is not a thing!

"Well, is this an ancient immortal lotus?"

"Golden lotus seed, is this a relic lotus in ancient records?"

"Relic lotus?"

"Yes, the legend is that thousands of years of flowering, thousands of years of fruit, thousands of years of psychic! It takes three thousand years to be born relic lotus seeds, which contain the supreme celestial spirit, and the power of the gods, which can greatly improve your understanding. Mao washes the marrow and builds the body, in short, it is the treasure that can enhance the qualifications!"

"This, so much?!"

Seeing the situation in this lotus pond, everyone was shocked.

Many of the starry sky realms are well-informed, and they are very excited when they recognize this relic golden lotus.

This golden lotus relic alone can make their trip worthwhile!


Immediately someone stepped out and flew towards the lotus pond.

But at this moment, a terrifying aura suddenly swept out, and a hideous giant suddenly jumped from the bottom of the lotus pond, and the blood basin gnawed past.

With a puff, the person who rushed into the lotus pond was bitten by the giant beast and sank to the bottom of the pond.

Several other people who were just about to step out of the fight were all frightened by this horrible sight, and their lives stopped.

"There are monsters at the bottom of this pool!"

"The breath of that monster beast, at least in the late stage of the Starry Sky Realm!"

"My God, are there monsters in the late Starry Sky Realm to guard these golden lotus?"

"I found that it is impossible to take it directly with power. There are special rules in this lotus pond, which isolates power!"

Many people wanted to use techniques to ingest Jinlian, but they all failed. For a while, their mentality exploded.

Seeing such treasures in front of my eyes, I can't get them.


In the Star Sea Alliance, many people in the early and middle stages of the Starry Sky Realm all looked at the girl lord, begging.

The girl hadn't spoken yet, but the deputy leader next to her said indifferently: "I'll try it."

After speaking, he shot directly and flew to the lotus pond.

Soon, a giant beast burst out from the bottom of the pool, with scales like black iron, glowing with cold luster, and its mouth full of sharp, fine teeth.

The deputy leader snorted coldly, raised his palm suddenly, and shook the monster to the ground, splashing waves of thousands of feet, scouring everyone, but was resisted by the star shield propped up by everyone, and no one got wet.

Soon, the deputy leader picked up quickly in the lotus pond, and giant beasts popped out of it from time to time, all being forced to retreat.

Some other Star Master Realms of the War Alliance also took action one after another, jumping into the lotus pond to quickly pick them.

"It's just the golden lotus relic, and it has some effect on the starry sky realm. When it comes to the star master realm, this is just a broad bean snack." The girl leader ignored the deputy leader who went to pick the golden lotus and walked forward. This was for Su Equal people listened with superficial arrogance.

Everyone was speechless, and such a treasure was actually described as a broad bean snack.

However, they had already seen the atmosphere of their leader.

This girl, the leader of the Nine Heavens Goddess, has a great background, and maybe it is possible for someone to use such treasures as broad beans.

"Why, don't you Xinghai League want these golden lotus?"

Just as the girl led the people of Su Ping on the way, a handsome young man in white flew on the other side. His white clothes were not pure white, with silver trim, they looked luxurious and straight, with a very elegant temperament.

"Huh, what's the matter with you?" The girl squinted coldly, not having a good air.

This young man is the leader of the Thousand Feather League. There had been a festival before, and now he was the enemy.


The young man sneered slightly, and his figure suddenly rushed forward and rushed into the passage.

There are these golden lotus just outside, who knows what treasures will be inside? Naturally first come first served!

But when the young man first stepped into the corridor of the passage, his face suddenly changed, and the space in the passage became chaotic, and a series of weird rules and forces shot out from the chaotic space.

He flicked his fingers, and several transcendent ethereal breaths flew out, shattering the rules.

"Even the passageway hides murderous intent." The young man's face was slightly cold. If he was only in the starry sky, he would probably suffer a lot here, or even hang up.

"Weak chicken!"

At this time, the young girl had already rushed into the passage with Su Ping. She seemed to have expected it, and the extraordinary power of faith poured out all over her body, resisting all the surrounding rules.

This scene shocked everyone in her world. Although this girl was second, her strength was really strong.

Next to him, the young man's face was slightly cold, his strength exploded, and he quickly caught up with the girl.

At this time, bleeding war broke out in the golden pools on both sides of the passage.

Except for the people of their war alliance, those scattered people in the Starry Sky Realm do not care about so many, they can get this relic golden lotus, for them to earn.

Even if there is a strange animal lurking inside!

Many scattered people in the late stage of the Starry Sky Realm have already fought fiercely with alien beasts in the lotus pond, but their battles are not as big as the outside world. There are power constraints here, and some rules are used, and the destructive power caused is greatly weakened.

Soon, the blood in the pool was stained red, and the golden lotus was almost mined.

Some people who failed to grab the golden lotus can pull the lotus body out, sell it for some money, or cultivate it by themselves.

At this moment, the deputy leader had collected enough golden lotus, rushed through the passage, and caught up with the girl.

In addition to the leader of the Thousand Feather League, there were seven or eight people who were chasing with the girl leader, all of whom followed closely, and were the star masters of the other war alliance.

"what is that?"

Behind the passage, there is a garden, but the flowers and plants in the garden are withered and there are only a few trees. At this moment, everyone's eyes are on the giant tree in the middle of the garden.

Fruits are formed under the giant tree, which exudes an extremely ancient and holy atmosphere.

"This, this is the tree of rules?!" Someone said in shock.

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