Astral Pet Store Chapter 818

Chapter 915: God's Right Hand Two In One

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"What is the tree of rules?"

In the world of the lord girl, someone in the Star Sea Alliance asked in doubt.

Someone immediately answered, both shocked and excited: "The tree of rules, this is a legendary Tao-level treasure, and the fruits formed under the tree are all complete rules!!"

"Eating this fruit can directly comprehend the rules. If it is obtained from the Destiny Realm, it can directly become the Starry Sky Realm!"

"Yes, if it is some years old fruit, even contains the rules of the Tao, it can directly become the late Starry Sky Realm!"

"This kind of legendary treasure is actually placed at the gate? No, not even the gate. This is just the orchard in front of the gate, my God, how rich is the owner of this fairy house!"

"I don't know what the deeper treasures are, it's hard to imagine, it just blinds me to death!"

Everyone in the small world boiled, shocked and excited.

Although the relic golden lotus in the lotus pond outside the passage was also a treasure, it was completely two levels from the tree of rules in front of you!


No matter how high the level of comprehension is, it is only limited to the starry sky, but this is 100%, directly allowing people to understand the rules!

Each fruit is a complete rule that can be digested and absorbed when eaten and turned into your own use!

"The tree of rules? There is such a treasure, and the background of the Conferred God Realm is really terrible. From this point of view, there are probably many more treasures in Anna's private possession..." Su Ping's eyes flashed slightly when he heard the discussion around him.

In a small shop on Leia Planet, a beautiful figure that was busy from the vulgarity suddenly shivered, feeling a cold back, as if being stared at by something.


"Rules Road Tree!"

This time, the leader girl also stared at her.

Although the star master realm does not need to comprehend the rules, the tree itself is useful to them. The reason why the regular Tao tree can bred regular fruits is mainly because it is a Tao-level item!

The tree itself is a complete road condensed, if it can be smelted and turned into a primitive road, it will be of great use to their star realm!

"I want this thing!"

Suddenly, a figure whizzed past, and the speed of sound was over a hundred times as fast as it teleported!

If it hadn't been for the space of this Immortal Palace to be imprisoned and unable to teleport, someone would teleport and **** it at this moment.

But such a terrifying speed is not inferior to teleportation.

"Want to grab? Did you ask me!"

There was a cold snort on the other side, and then suddenly several powers burst out. Although only one person spoke, but several shots were made. The incomparable strength of faith mixed with the chains of the Tao, halfway the figure that rushed out. Stop.

The man's face changed slightly, a little angry, and he could only stop.


When this person stopped, someone on the other side burst out at a faster speed, wanting to take the opportunity to pick up the leak.

But the others were all star masters after all, and the reaction was extremely fast. In an instant, three people shot to stop it, including the person who was intercepted. They also shot angrily, releasing a condensed sword energy, cutting the path towards that person. Forcing his life to stop.

If you resist, your speed will definitely be hindered, so it's better to stop and save effort.

"I can't grab it, do you still want to grab it?"

The person who had been forced to stop before was the leader of the Thousand Feather League. He stared at the missing figure coldly, and the opponent was the star owner of another Star Alliance.


Hearing the words of Qianyu League Master, this person snorted coldly, but he didn't bother to speak.

"There is only one rule tree. Since you all want it, how do you divide it?" a burly star master said, with indifferent eyes and a domineering look.

"Huh, since ancient times, it has been the home of the able, whoever has the big fist!" said another short but extremely strong middle-aged man.

"Oh, if you want to say that, you will be the first to be out. Anyway, your fists are not big!" The leader of the European Emperor chuckled lightly. He looked like a young man with a golden needle like a toothpick in his mouth. Cool, the hairstyle is also a little fancy, how can I say, a bit like killing Matt.

Su Ping glanced at the leader of the European Emperor. The other party seemed to notice his gaze and glanced at him.

When he saw that Su Ping's cultivation was only in the Void Cave Realm, his casual gaze suddenly condensed, revealing a somewhat surprised expression.

He knows the rules of the Star Alliance, and those who join the alliance must be in the Starry Sky Realm!

Looking at Su Ping's appearance, hiding in someone else's small world, this is definitely not something that the Star Master Realm can do. In other words, this guy can only be a Starry Sky Realm.

However, he actually couldn't see the real cultivation level of this guy? !

"You said this, are you looking for death?!" The short and sturdy middle-aged man was furious when he heard the words, and said: "Want to take my punch?"

"You are arguing first, our Overlord League is leaving first. The Taoist tree is a mere rule, and this king can't look down on it."

On the other side, a sturdy woman said proudly.

She has a strong figure, but her cheeks are very beautiful. She looks like a complete peerless beauty, but her figure is perfectly round and strong, and muscle marks can be seen on her arms.

On her back is a huge war knife, half of her body taller than her, looking extremely domineering.

After speaking, the woman led the many members of the war alliance in the small world, flew directly from the side path, and left the place.

"Hehe, you continue, and I'm leaving too."

Then someone laughed, who was also a star master, and also stepped into the footsteps of that female overlord.

Since there are such treasures in the orchard outside the fairy house, who can imagine what a peerless treasure in the deeper layers?

Moreover, there are eight or nine star master realms here, no one will accept anyone, no one will let anyone, really fight, may not be able to grab this regular Tao tree, instead of this, it is better to go first to find other treasures, if you are in The treasures inside are rarer than this regular Taoist tree. It would be extremely stupid to fight here!

There were more than two Star Master Realms with such thoughts, but three more came out one after another and left here.

In a blink of an eye, there were only four war alliances left here, namely the Xinghaimeng and Qianyumeng, the European Huangmeng and the Tianquanmen behind the short and strong middle-aged man.

"These dog things are so despicable!"

The short and sturdy middle-aged man became a little annoyed and anxious when he saw the war alliance that had left one by one. He was reluctant to bear the rule of the Taoist tree, and also did not want to delay too much time to fight for this, otherwise the baby inside would be wiped out. Up!

"Damn, I want this thing. Don't grab anyone from me, otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless!" Qianyu's face also turned cold, and he rushed forward again.

But at this moment, the leader of the European emperor and the leader of the girl shot one after another, several attacks were cut down, blocking the opponent's path.

"What about you being ruthless? This lady has long seen you upset. Ms. Shumoto has taken this rule. If you leave me alone, otherwise this lady will unlock the seal on my right hand, and my gods right hand will be uncontrollable. , Pinched you all to death!" The leader girl strode forward, her small face extremely cold and proud.

As she spoke, her left hand was already placed on her right hand, exuding a powerful momentum.

When everyone in the small world heard this, they were all shocked and couldn't help but scream with excitement.

"Long live the leader!!"

"The leader is really powerful, he has the arm of God, who can stop it?!"

"Just ask who else?! Who else!!?"

"My lord, use your right hand to conquer them! Let them see and see the true God-level power!!"


Su Ping was speechless.

He has divine power in his body, which is extremely pure, so he has a keen sense of divine power. How can this lord girl have the slightest aura of divine power in her right hand?

What a hidden right hand of God... You are suffering from secondary disease again!

When Su Ping was speechless, the leader girl's words were quite shocking, so that the leader of the European Emperor and the leader of the boxing box next to him turned around in surprise.

Especially that day, the fist leader, his eyes shrank slightly, and looked at the leader girl in horror.

God's right hand? Is it the right hand of the Conferred God Realm or the right hand of the Supreme God Realm? !

"Is this Star Sea Leader so powerful, my God!"

"There is actually the right hand of God, which was colonized?"

"Horror! So horrible!!"

Everyone in the Tianquan League was shocked, their scalp numb.

The Opposite Thousand Feathers sneered, with contemptuous sarcasm on his face, and said: "Last time you said, use the **** vortex sealed in your left eye to **** me in so that I can't be superborn. As a result, What? You Xinghai League can't show me IQ, talking nonsense all day long, it is also a group of starry sky realms, it is ridiculously ridiculous!"

The lord girls eyes suddenly became cold, and said: "You really deserve to die, last time I was soft-hearted, I thought you were not easy to practice, and spare your life, you still dont know how to repent!"

"Rao Nima, are you capable of that?!"

Thousand Feathers leader's mentality is a bit bursting, and he is too lazy to care about his demeanor. This Xinghai League is simply a bunch of lunatics, all day long talking and exaggerating to death, but Quante is bragging, a group of primary school students!

"To question my ability, it seems that it is time for you to see and see, the real power!"

The lord girl squinted her eyes and slowly raised her right hand, a super strong aura suddenly exploded from her body, and a golden radiance suddenly condensed on her right hand!

At this moment, the Qianyu leader who had originally looked contemptuous, his face suddenly changed and became a little nervous.

Could it be that this little girl is serious?

He had long heard that there seemed to be a secret background behind this Star Sea Alliance leader, leading to the Conferred God Realm, could it be said...

The leader of the Tianquan and the leader of the European Emperor also looked suspicious, and they felt the extremely surging aura of divine power.


Standing in the small world, Su Ping was also a little stunned. This was real divine power, and it was quite pure. It was many times more pure than the divine power in the Starry Sky Realm in the previous Xiumia Academy.

Is she serious?


At this moment, the leader girl suddenly let out a low growl, her left hand tightly grasped her right hand, and let out a low growl.

The next moment, the divine light on her right hand gradually diminished. Soon, she calmed down, panting, and a few clusters of hair from the tips of her hair fell in front of her eyes. She raised her head and stared at the lord of the thousand feathers, saying: "Fortunately, I restrained in time. , Otherwise you are now a scum!"


Qianyu leader almost vomited blood.

Is this Nima kidding me?

A bit of supernatural power, pretend to be the right hand of God with me!

This year, who doesn't have any supernatural power in his body yet!

The leader of the Heaven Fist and the leader of the European Emperor also looked dumb, what is the situation?

"Give you another chance, get out of here immediately!" The leader girl took a breath and looked at the leader Qianyu coldly.

"You think I'm scared?" League Master Qianyu rolled his eyes and said: "If you have the ability, you can unlock your right hand and let me see and see. I really want to see how you pinched it to death with that god's right hand. I!"

"Solve you, I don't need to unlock the seal yet!"

The lord girl had cold eyes, raised her foot and stepped out, and suddenly a long sword appeared in her palm. This sword was radiant, like a forged glass and spar, rippling with colorful luster.

She suddenly cut out with a sword, and an extremely terrifying sword aura suddenly condensed in the void, roaring out like a dragon.

If it weren't for the space in this fairy mansion to be imprisoned, the strength of this sword would be enough to cut the fifth space!

With such a terrifying sword aura, the faces of the leaders of the European Emperor and the Tianquan who were still a little surprised by the side were suddenly changed, and they saw this little girl's extraordinary.

Regardless of whether the right hand of the **** is true or false, the power erupted by this casual sword is enough to traverse the planet, terrifying!

The face of Qianyu League Lord changed, and a weapon appeared in his palm. It was a folding fan. At this moment, it suddenly shook, as if countless wind blades were flying.

Every wind blade is a rule of wind!

The power of this fan alone is enough to easily obliterate the late stage of the starry sky!

Dozens of hundreds of wind rules overturned and intertwined into an angry dragon, welcoming sword energy.

With a loud bang, the space trembles, the leader girl stepped forward without retreating at all, her aura rose more and more, in her small world, Su Ping people suddenly felt the incomparably surging and majestic energy rising, surprisingly The power of faith flew out of its small world.

The power of this belief condensed on its sword, bursting out more and more brilliant divine light.

The face of Qianyu League leader also became icy, moving true, and also borrowed the power of faith to condense on his folding fan treasure. Seeing the war is about to start, suddenly, one after another silhouettes are flying in, it is the stars that are reaching deeper. Home.

"Not assigned yet? Haha, I guessed it."

"It's just right, let's divide the points together."

When everyone returned here, they were relieved to see that the Taoist tree was still intact.

"You? Why are you back."

When the leader of the European Emperor saw the crowd, he couldn't help but was taken aback, thinking in his eyes.

"There is a restriction in it, blocking the way. There is no way. It has to be cracked slowly. Before cracking it, let's talk about how to allocate this rule Dao tree." A young star master shook his head and smiled bitterly.

"What else is allotted? Since you are given time, none of you can tell, this thing belongs to the king."

The female overlord who was carrying a big sword said domineeringly.

"You go cool, and you want treasures when you come back. Who do you think you are?"

"Okay, don't make a noise, it's better to fight."

"Since no one is convinced, we can't tell the difference. Let's fight for a tree here. It's meaningless. Instead, we don't take action. We will send five people to fight each. In the end, who's under them is still standing. Who does this rule tree belong to, what do you think?" someone suggested.

"Huh? That's a good idea, or your Thousand Chance Alliance is cloudy enough, oh no, smart enough."

"Huh, I heard that among the members of the Thousand Chance Alliance, there are several top stars in the Starry Sky Realm. This wishful thinking is so exquisite!"

"I agree with this idea, guys, anyway, there are five people from each, dont say anything about drawing lots, its a chaotic battle, whoever is the one standing last will belong to whoever, I propose, lets work together to bring together the Thousand Chance Alliance. People kicked out, how do you feel?"

"This is a great idea, great!"


The lord of the Thousand Chance Alliance who said the proposal turned black, Miao Nima, I will give you an idea, but also get me out first?

"You are too much, it's not fair!"

"Hey, this is not like what our cultivation base should say, is it necessary to discuss this fair thing? Anyway, I think this proposal is good, I agree!"

"Yes, my Bawang League also agrees!"

"My Tianquan League also agrees!"

"The European Union also agrees. Anyway, we are the most European, and it must belong to us."

"Really, solve the Thousand Chance League first, and then kill the European Union, what do you think?"

"good idea!"

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