Astral Pet Store Chapter 819

Chapter 916: No One Can See Through Su Ping Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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The mentality of the leader of the European Emperor also burst.

Target whoever is strong, can you be more shameless? !

The answer is yes.

Others all agreed, including the proposed war alliance, and the European Union, have become everyone's target, and will basically be kicked out!

Although it sounds like a joke, this is the trend.

When one party must be overthrown, the choice of the majority cannot be resisted by the minority.

The truth is in the hands of a few, but the power is in the hands of the majority.

"Just do it this way, hurry up, all parties will send five people, random melee, three minutes to choose, shouldn't this be enough time?" someone stood up and said.

No one else disputed.

At this moment, more and more starry sky realms are chasing here, and if you delay it, it is just a waste of time, and there are treasures in the depths of the fairy house waiting!

These star masters didn't personally play, and they didn't want to play to the death here and expose their cards.

Let the soldiers under your command play, if you can grab the best of nature, if you can't grab it, you can only blame bad luck. After all, so many war alliances are staring at the same tree, no one is sure to grab it.

"you you you"

The leader girl turned around, looked at the people in the small world, and quickly picked it up.

She selected all the late Starry Sky Realm, and in a blink of an eye she selected all the four late Starry Sky Realm, but one person was missing.

Her gaze scanned the crowd, passing by a group of figures, many people were swept by her gaze, all a little dodge.

Just kidding, everyone realizes that playing at this moment is a pit.

So many people selected by the war alliance will fight together, or they will die!

Moreover, the late Starry Sky Realm in the alliance was selected, which means that this battle must be in the Starry Sky Late Stage. They jumped into the Starry Sky Stage and the early stage and were beaten out every minute.


Suddenly, the gaze of the leader girl stopped for a moment, and a flash of surprise flashed in her eyes.

Virtual cave?

She immediately perceives it carefully, and suddenly realizes that it is still a virtual cave realm!

Her perception can clearly see the opponent's body, and can even sense the divine power in the opponent's body. This divine power is extremely pure and heavy, and it seems to be more pure than the divine power in her body!

"Is there someone that this lady can't perceive?" The leader girl looked surprised, looked up at this person, and asked, "What's your name?"


Among the crowd, Ren O'Neill, Liudao Immortal Venerable, Yaochi Saintess and others around Su Ping couldn't help turning their heads and looking at Su Ping beside him. No one had expected that the leader would have a glance at Su Ping.

In the middle stage of the starry sky realm in front of him, he was relieved and turned his head in surprise.

"Name? My name is Baitian Xianzun." Su Ping blushed inexplicably when he saw the crowd's attention.

"Baitian Xianzun?!"

The leader girl was startled, her eyes suddenly blooming, and said: "Good name, good name! This name is very tasteful, you...very good, you come and play, I will give you back."


Su Ping is a little speechless, so he will match me?


Ren O'Neal next to him was also dumb. With so many people in front, why did he choose Su Ping? He knows that Su Ping is very strong, but Su Ping's job is just a trainer, not good at combat. Previously, he was able to defeat Garan and the others in 1V3 because of Su Ping's own cultivation base and strong secret technique.

Mostly because of the cultivation of masters, there are many strong people in contact, so they can get top combat secrets.

But Su Ping's cultivation level should not be in the middle of the Starry Sky Realm. This was Ren O'Neill's judgment.

Furthermore, even in the mid-starry sky realm, it is incomparable with those in the previous mid-starry sky realm. People are true pet masters, and the gap in combat power cannot be made up by secret methods. Combat experience, methods, and various aspects. Ability can affect combat, which is crucial.

However, since it was appointed by the leader, Ren O'Neal didn't dare to say anything, but gave Su Ping a look of care.

"If you can win, stand till the last moment and take down this ruled Tao tree for me, and the ruled Tao fruit on it, I will reward you!"

"In addition, whether you win or lose, I will give you a good rule secret afterwards!"

"Who can stand last, who can give priority to picking the regular fruits on this tree, this is also your chance, and it can even make you soar into the sky. If you take it well, you may not be able to take this opportunity to step into the star realm!"

The leader girl said proudly.

Hearing this, everyone was shocked, and their eyes became frenzied. I didn't expect the benefits of participating in the war so much!

Even if you lose, you can reward a rule secret treasure. Since the leader said it is good, it must not be a **** rule secret treasure!

"I knew, I signed up too."

"Tell you, do you sign up to die? The leader must be able to fight."

"I can't fight, but should I beat that newcomer?"

"It's hard to tell. Didn't you find that the newcomer's cultivation base is only hidden in the Void Cave Realm, and I can't even perceive it. With such a strong hidden secret, it is estimated that other combat secrets will not be too bad."

"Really, this guy will not pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger, but is also a late starry realm boss?"

Everyone noticed Su Ping, and there was a lot of discussion. Some people were jealous and jealous, but they couldn't perceive Su Ping's cultivation and did not dare to show it.

If someone is a late starry realm boss, then it's normal to be selected.

And from the eyes of the leader, since Su Ping was chosen, he must have seen Su Ping's true cultivation level!


Hearing these people's comments, Su Ping was speechless, and finally understood why he was selected.

I pretend to be your sister's pig, this is my true cultivation base, OK?

These years, the true cultivation base is revealed, but no one dares to believe it. Will you be too tired to live?

Su Ping shook his head and walked forward. I have to say that the reward given by this leader is quite good. If he chooses the rules on the tree, his combat power will surely increase again. If there are the fruits of spatial rules inside, he can also fill the bridge and step into the fate!

The four starry sky realm ahead also noticed Su Ping in the late stage, with dignified eyes.

None of them saw Su Ping's true cultivation base, which made them immediately understand why the leader would choose Su Ping.

"In the name of the goddess, I will give you blessings and fight for me, warriors!" The leader girl stretched out her hand, and cast her divine glory on top of Su Ping, and said proudly.

This divine splendor looks gorgeous, but it's actually useless.

Su Ping was a little speechless, and the leader was really sick.

At this time, the other war alliances also selected the fighters.

"Everyone, let them fight in our small world, so that we can also stop them in time to avoid casualties." Someone suggested.

The others have no objection.

Soon, everyone joined forces to divide a part of the small world and evenly connect them together to form a small world battlefield.

"Go, warriors!"

The girl cried again.

With a black line, Su Ping followed the four stars next to him in the late stage, stepping into this small world.

At this time, more and more scattered people from the Starry Sky Realm in the distance rushed to this place, dozens of hundreds, among them, the well-informed ones, immediately recognized the regular Tao tree, and suddenly exclaimed.

Soon, more and more people knew about the rule of Taoism, and the outside was boiling.

This is a fatal attraction to the Star Realm. If they can get this tree, they are even expected to step into the Star Realm!

However, seeing that many war alliances have surrounded this place, and many star master realms are sitting here, although these starry sky realm scattered people are jealous, they can only lament.

Resources are always occupied by the strong, and they can only divide up the surplus.

As the fighters sent by all sides entered the small world, the battle broke out under the order of a star master.

As soon as the war started, all of them rushed towards the European Union and the previously proposed war alliance, but some people rushed too fast, and suddenly they were attacked by other war alliances. Soon, the small world fell into a melee.

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