Astral Pet Store Chapter 820

Chapter 917: Increase Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Let's work together!" said an old man.

He is the late Starry Realm selected by the lord girl, and his name in the alliance is Old Man Time.

Just listening to this name, some people will definitely think that what he understands is the rule of time, but in fact he has nothing to do with the rule of time, but simply likes to call it that way.

"Since we are going to stand till the end, we must unite." Another middle-aged man nodded immediately.

His name is Hades, which echoes Zeus of Raine O'Neal, but the difference in strength between them is not as evenly matched as the name.

"We are already familiar. Old Man Time, you are in charge of defense, and I and Shennong are in charge of offense. Hades, you are in charge of controlling the overall situation and giving us increase and reinforcement. This newcomer, what are you good at?" The woman said, her face was hazy with a dark mist, and her name was Queen of the Night.

I heard that it was originally intended to be called the goddess of the night, but the leader was the goddess of the nine heavens, and the word goddess was directly changed to queen.

The Shennong Sanquan next to him is a burly man, his name is very close to his own strength, and his secret skill is boxing, and few of the same rank can catch his three punches.

"I can do it, basically a little bit." Su Ping said truthfully.

Being able to cooperate in a group is naturally a good choice, and it saves much effort than fighting alone.

"Really, then you and Hades will be responsible for the increase and reinforcement. By the way, I think you have a strong disguise ability and your perception ability. If possible, perceive the danger for us." The Queen of Night said.

Su Ping nodded and said: "Yes."

High-level perception not only detects the enemy's cultivation base, but also predicts.

Before the enemy attacks, you can perceive that the enemy's energy fluctuations and possible attacks are equivalent to the eyes of a team!

"Xinghaimeng, why are you so surprised, come on!"

"Xinghaimeng wants to pick up the leaks, I think it's best to kill them first!"

When several people discussed the time, someone shouted in the distance.

Several people looked up and saw that it was the Thousand Feather Alliance who had had a feast with the leader girl before.

Hearing the words of several Qian Yumeng, everyone else looked at Xinghaimeng with bad eyes.

They are all attacking, but the Xinghai League is watching a show, wanting to sit back and reap the fishermen?

Hearing Thousand Feather Leagues choice, Su Ping's expression turned cold. At that time, Old Man Guang sneered: "Thousand Feather League guys, I dont think you guys are doing much. You are still saving effort. Who doesnt know that your Thousand Feather Leagues best Sinister and mean?"

"That's right, come here from the Thousand Feathers Alliance if you have the ability, let's fight a fight and see who is the best!" The burly Shennong three punches touched his fist and said proudly.

"Xinghaimeng, let's help you, get rid of these miscellaneous hairs of Qianyumeng!"

"Let's come too, we hold together!"

A few people from the European Union who were being besieged by everyone shouted.

On the other side, the besieged people who first proposed the war alliance also thought about it.

Hearing what they said, Su Ping-ping people want to vomit blood. You are so hard to protect yourself. Can you not get involved with us?

Sure enough, when they heard what they said, other people looked at Xinghaimeng, their gazes became worse, and there was a tendency to shift firepower.

"Xinghaimeng still wants to cooperate with them? Get rid of the brains of the Xinghaimeng first!"

"They are all crazy, what is the name of the Immortal Venerable Demon Lord, and what is the name of the saint, they are extremely arrogant and domineering, give it to me!"

The people of the Thousand Feather League were even more noisy and rushed towards the Xinghai League first.

"This group of miscellaneous hairs is really mean!"

Hades took a sip and said, "Everyone, kill them first!"


"Don't show mercy to this bunch of miscellaneous hairs!"

"I saw them being upset a long time ago, and I actually looked down on my Shennong three punches, and I didn't make them look for teeth!"

Several people are calling out their own battle pets. For a time, in their world, heads of battle pets in the late stage of the Starry Sky Realm, and even the top of the battle pet stepped out, exuding a powerful and unmatched aura.

Some battle pets turned into rays of light and merged with their masters, while some battle pets released their regular power to kill everyone in the Qianyu League ahead.

The space in this small world is imprisoned and cannot be torn apart, but the regular forces burst open, like a nuclear bomb bursting in a very small space, emitting terrifying energy.

The high temperature surrounding the battle and the radiation of energy alone are enough to kill some pet masters in the vast sea realm!

Seeing the four of them full of firepower, Su Ping did not show any mercy, and called out the little skeleton, the two dogs, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and the White Scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast.

After being cultivated by Su Ping, this white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast already has a combat power comparable to the Starry Sky Realm, and its own cultivation base has reached the peak of the Void Cave Realm.


Su Ping merged with the little skull, and then merged with the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon.

Among the four-headed battle pets, the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast has the weakest combat power. Although it has the power of the Starry Sky Realm, it will still be injured or even hang up under such circumstances. After all, it is facing a group of late Starry Sky Realm, Even the top opponent, with its combat power that is barely close to the starry sky, is a bit choking.

boom! !

Under the double combination, Su Ping suddenly broke out with a powerful aura.

The old man of time and others in front of him also entered a state of integration, one by one, like a rainbow, climbing to the peak of the starry sky, like rumors like a blazing sun.

"Take my Shennong punch!!"

The burly Shennong roared with three punches.

He suddenly punched out, and the entire void shook. There was a strong divine light on his fist, and the eight rules were entangled. This punch was so strong that other members of the war alliance who fought in the distance were looked at and a little surprised.

Eight rules, the fist blends into one punch, this power is too domineering!

Su Ping's eyes condensed when he saw it, and he immediately saw that the rules of Shennong's three punches were very cleverly integrated, and there was not much rule force wasted.

The power of this punch is even more terrifying than his Four Elephant Purgatory Sword!

This is the late starry sky powerhouse in the Federation!

Not to be outdone among the five members of the Thousand Feather League in front of them, they immediately burst out with transparent spear lights and sword aura, destroying and destroying this fist.

"Amplification, the source of star power!"

"Amplification, superb power!"

"Increase, crazy!"

Standing relatively back, Hades, who was next to Su Ping, immediately controlled his pet, releasing a series of amplification skills, covering Shennong Sanquan and others.

Soon, the aura of the three of them surged again, climbing to a more extreme point.

Upon seeing this, Su Ping also threw out a series of amplification skills.

Although he didn't mainly learn boosting skills, he had seen too many different types of skills in battles, and he also realized some boosting skills.

"Fengshen increase!"

"Dragon Scale Stone Skin Increase!"

"Thousand eyes share increase!"

"Kill intent, increase!"

Su Ping quickly shot, increasing skill coverage one after another.

Each of them feels that their bodies have become much lighter, and tough dragon scales grow on their skins. The dragon scales contain the power of Thor's rules, which regenerate and can resist regular attacks.

Especially when the killing intent was increased, the three punches of Shennong, the old man of time, and the queen of night all felt a feeling of enthusiasm. They suddenly poured out from the depths of their hearts, and the desire to kill hidden in their hearts was completely destroyed at this moment. Aroused, wishing to explode the whole body strength, tearing everything in front of me to pieces.

In addition to the three of them, the many battle pets they had summoned, which were still under the pretentious order, were affected by the increase in killing intent at this moment, and their eyes were all red.

"I feel that the magic in my body can't be hidden!"

"Ahhhhh, I really want to kill someone!!"

"These beasts of the Thousand Feather League, kill!!"

All three of them looked savage, with angry murderous aura in their eyes. This sudden momentum made the people of the Thousand Feather League on the opposite side start to look at them, and there was a faint chill in their hearts. They felt that the opposite Star Alliance looked like Going crazy, this look is clearly to fight them to death!

They are all doing things for others, so how about that?

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