Astral Pet Store Chapter 821

Chapter 918: Star Boy Two In One

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"What kind of increase can actually arouse the desire for murder and violence in my heart?"

By Su Ping's side, Hades was a little surprised to see the three crazy people.

The increase in his frenzied intent only stimulated fighting spirit, increased the intent to fight and resisted some surprise attacks by deterrence skills, while Su Ping's increase in killing intent made them bloodthirsty and brutal, like dead men.

Roar! !

The three of them had already blatantly shot out, all with hideous faces and extremely brutality in their eyes, but deep in their eyes, they were sober. They did not really lose control!

On the contrary, they are using Su Ping's killing intent to increase their energy to the extreme, so that they can reach the peak state at this moment.

With a bang, Shennong's three punches were the first to strike out. He is a multi-rule cultivator, and his shots are a series of rules entangled with the Shenquan. This boxing skill reaches the sky and has amazing power. It has made many starry people outside the small world I was dumbfounded.

The Queen of the Night and the Old Man of Time are not lagging behind. They are both a single rule system, but they have understood their own rules to a deep level. The rules are almost like the rules, and they can even directly affect the power of others.

"Darkness blinds people, but so can glare!"

"Dark rules, swallow!!"

The Queen of Night raised her hands, centered on her body, the light suddenly disappeared, and darkness swept like waves.

In this darkness, perception and rules are banned. Only she can perceive everything and control everything. This is an advanced version of the rules, which is close to the level of a small world.

When she enters the Tao further, she will be able to use these dark rules to construct her own exclusive dark world.

As the domain of Devouring Rules unfolded, the perception of the members of the Thousand Feather Alliance was immediately deprived, and all of them were a little dignified. There were also strong men stepping out and roaring: "Yan Dao, polar sun melting!"

In the void of space, the crackling sound of fire light rang out.

A hole was burned in the darkness, shining through the faces of a few people from the Thousand Feather Alliance. One of them was radiant, like a scorching sun. On the body of the beast incarnation after the fit, a series of fiery veins emerged, which was the strength of the battle body.

His battle body conformed to the rules of his own Flame Element, and burst out of power that was not inferior to the Queen of the Night, and quickly swept the surrounding darkness away, and then rushed towards the Queen of the Night with the blazing wave axe.

In it, there are also a series of amplification skills, making its strength rise to the point of extremely strong.


"Are these all from the late Starry Sky Realm? It's too exaggerated. The rules can be used to the extreme."

"Are they vying to carve up the Taoist Tree of Rules? It doesn't seem to be ours?"

"What do you think, this rule tree must have been divided up by these war alliances. Those of us who didn't join the war alliance, didn't even have to drink soup."

"Look, there is a battle pet over there that has fallen, my god, is that the Extreme Star Devouring Dragon in the late stage of the starry sky?"

Outside the small world, many scattered people gathered in the starry sky, marveling at the fierce battle in the small world, and a little jealous and helpless.

Obviously the treasure is right in front of them, but it has nothing to do with them, which is too awkward and uncomfortable.

"This newcomer's amplification skills are so strong that it can have such a deep influence on the three of them, and even those late-stage battle pets of the Starry Sky Realm have been affected."

"This newcomer is absolutely in the late stage of the Starry Sky Realm, and he hides so deeply!"

"Why did that fellow Zeus befriend such a big guy? We didn't seem to care about it when the other party came to say hello before?"

"Look, the European Union seems to be over."

Everyone in the Xinghai League was all talking about it, looking at the fierce battle inside, they were a little frightened.

There are seven or eight in each Starry Sky Realm, and some ten powerful pets are called out at this moment. Although the small world is vast, it also seems a bit crowded.

Coupled with the explosion of various skills and rules, there are dazzling battles everywhere.

When the battle broke out for less than three minutes, some people were sent out one after another. It was the Star Master Realm behind that shot, and used their dominance in this small world to save them.

But in the same way, this will also disqualify the opponent from continuing to fight.

"Huh, you guys from the Thousand Feather League are also worthy of grabbing us?"

"A group of despicable villains, trying to guide others in there."

The leader girl looked at the battle in the small world with her arms around her chest and made comments.

The opposing leader Qianyu sneered, and said: "Just because of your mental retardation, you dare to shout, I will see how long you can survive!"

"All of you, go and assist the Xinghai League. Don't worry about winning or losing, drag the Thousand Feather League to me!" The European Emperor on the other side suddenly roared, and his words directly penetrated into the small world and spread to the remaining three. A member of the European Union.

The three of them were struggling to support the siege, and when they heard the words of their leader, they couldn't help crying.

They even have difficulty defending, how can they still have the strength to attack?

However, since the leader said that regardless of winning or losing, they can give it a go.

"Are you sick!"

Hearing these words, the leader of Qianyu almost lost his breath and had a nosebleed. You were disqualified, why are you pulling me into the water?

"Although I can't understand the brain damage of the Star Sea Alliance, I look down on you old silver coins even more!" The leader of the European Emperor said with a look of gaze, standing high, it seemed that he could not look down on the leader of the Thousand Feathers.


Ten thousand cute little heads in the heart of Qian Yu lord flew past.

Sure enough, the two groups were divided into groups, and the two groups of brains finally reached an agreement on certain things.

damn it!

"Who do you think is brain-dead? Believe it or not, I will beat you!" When the leader girl heard the words of the leader of the European Emperor, she raised her brows and looked at it coldly.

"Who speaks to who." The leader of the European Emperor snorted: "You still have to thank me, believe it or not, and let them attack your Star Alliance?"

"Then try it, who is afraid of who!" The leader girl said unrelentingly.

The leader of the European Emperor's face sank, and said: "Since I don't appreciate it, don't blame me for being ruthless, you guys..."

As soon as he was about to give orders, his expression suddenly changed. Several of his members, while attacking the Qianyu League, were already surrounded by other alliances.

If you don't rescue it, you will die!

Whoosh whoosh!

The only three people left were taken by the European Emperor, including their battle pets.


Seeing this scene, Qianyu lord laughed suddenly.

The lord girl also sneered and teased: "Come on, let your people show me what is cruel!"

The European Emperor's cheek twitched, and finally he gave a cold snort and said nothing.

Anyway, it's just self-inflicted.

After being attacked by the group, he took this grudge in his heart.

At this time, the Thousand Feathers leader who had just half smiled suddenly changed his face slightly, and a figure suddenly appeared beside him, it was the previous battle body that had exploded, releasing the starry sky realm that had been melted by the sun.

At this moment, the opponent was full of scars, bleeding from the corner of his mouth, and was seriously injured.

"Haha, dare to take the Shennong Three Punch boxing skills, it really is a brain bag, your people have this IQ, dare to taunt me?" Seeing this scene, the lord girl couldn't help laughing.

When they talked, they always paid attention to the battle situation in the small world.

If this Thousand Feathers leader doesn't make a move, the opponent will be killed.

"That guy is from the boxing star, there is indeed something!" Qianyu's lord's face was cold.

Fist Star, this is a super first-class planet in the Federation. It is said to be a planet, but its area is extremely huge, thousands of times the size of Leia's planet!

The Reya planet is dozens of times that of Blue Star!

This fist star gave birth to a powerful man in the Conferred God Realm, who sits on the planet, and is a great power in the Federation.

"You still have some eyesight, you can see his boxing skills." The leader girl chuckled.

In the small world, the battle became more intense.

Five minutes later, two people were rescued from the Thousand Feather League, and the first loser appeared in the Star Sea League, the Queen of Night.

Eight minutes later, the Thousand Feather League was completely wiped out. The other war leagues saw that the Qian Feather League was weak and attacked, and they were disqualified.

Although several stars outside are talking and laughing, but in the small world, they are practicing the most primitive rules: in the jungle battle, whoever is injured first, and who is exposed, will die first!

"Hahaha, you Qianyu League still want to have the last laugh? I think it's the last laugh, do you want to cry, so happy!"

At the moment when the Thousand Feather League was disqualified, the leader girl laughed, and the leader of the European Emperor on the other side also sneered, and also ridiculed: "I thought you could make it to the end, that's it? It's not as good as us, earlier. Come out and watch the show!"

"Tsk tsk, I'm seriously injured, it's so pitiful."

"It's really sad that you have such a leader!"

The lord girl laughed like silver bells, gloating and gloating.

Qianyu's face was as black as the bottom of a pot, unable to refute, but soon his expression returned to normal, hiding his anger in his heart, and sneered.

On the other side, the two star masters stood on the side of the small world, quietly watching the battle inside.

Hearing the "joy and laughter" on the opposite side, both of them stared slightly, and then withdrew their eyes somewhat speechlessly.

From those conversations alone, it's hard to imagine that the Star Master Realm can tell it, it's too naive!

"The leader of the Xinghai League seems to have a very large background. As expected, he has no training or experience."

"Huh, it's just that the three brains are disabled, and they are fighting with each other. As everyone knows, this rule of Tao tree must fall into our hands."

"Yeah, this rule is simply made for us. The Star Master should be very satisfied. I found him so many free training partners."

"Hey, it's really hard to imagine that a Destiny Realm can actually have such a terrifying combat power, even the latter stage of the Starry Sky Realm can be easily suppressed, this should be the champion of the cosmic genius fight?"

"Who would say no, but all previous cosmic geniuses and champions seem to be at this level."

"This kind of person, if he doesn't fall in the future, he will surely become a god. The gap between man and man is so big. Some people are destined to illuminate the entire universe and become a figure of millions of people."

While the two talked, their eyes remained on a figure in the small world, and they did not dare to be distracted.

Once the other party is in danger, they have to move it out immediately to avoid trouble.

Something really happened, neither of them can afford it!

However, after seeing the opponent's strength, they felt that this situation was still relatively small. After all, if a group of starry sky realms could deter the opponent's life, then the opponent would not step into this void fairy house to take a risk.


as time flows.

The number of people in the small world has been greatly reduced, and people have been transferred out continuously, and they have lost the qualification to continue fighting in it along with their pets.

After half an hour, there were only seven or eight people left in the small world.

Among them, only two members of the Star Alliance, Su Ping and Old Man Time.

Hades was also hit hard when filling the attacking position and was transferred out.

The old man of time majored in defensive skills, and its rules were also the defensive rules of the rock system. He was extremely resistant to beatings. Even with one block and five, he could withstand it.

However, at this moment, the old man is also a little close to the limit, and he can survive until now because Su Ping is by his side and has been treating him as his solid backing.

"Resolve the Star Sea Alliance first, this turtle shell is too hard."


Someone yelled, choosing Xinghai League as the target of attack. After all, in the previous battle, the old man Time showed his defensive power and would only be beaten. Such an opponent is not threatening, even if he can't break the defense of the old man. He will not be injured by the counterattack, it is safe.

"Then try it." The old man time panted, but his eyes showed sharp light.

Su Ping stood beside him, did not speak, just the divine power in his body, once the old man of time couldn't resist it, he would take over.

He didn't take the initiative to attack. If there were too many people before, if he showed too much sharpness, he would be attacked by a group.

No matter how confident Su Ping was, he would not dare to fight alone with dozens of guys in the late Starry Sky Realm.


The two talking, in coordination with the pets around them, suddenly rushed towards Su Ping and Old Man Shiguang.

The old man's eyes were cold, but his heart was bitter, but he didn't shrink back. He has persisted until now. He also wants to win the ruled Taoist tree. He takes this opportunity to jump over the dragon gate and step into the ranks of the star masters!


A dragon pattern suddenly broke out on him, the golden dragon pattern intertwined and turned into a giant dragon tortoise phantom, covering him and Su Ping.

The above is a very tough rule that is condensed, and this rule is nothing special, it is the "firm" rule of the rock series.

Ergou also understands the rule, but it is far from the depth of the sentiment of the old man of time. This firm rule has reached the level of almost the law, even if it is applied on a piece of thin paper, it can make it hard enough to resist the attack of the destiny. Missiles can't blow through!


At this moment, the sound of a chain suddenly sounded, and then, the two starry sky realms who were rushing over suddenly halted their bodies, and a dark chain came across the sky, as fast as thunder, piercing the shoulder of one of them!

After piercing the hole, the chain turned abruptly, shook his body and slammed it into the mountains and rivers of the small world below, smashing a huge hole.


The other companion was shocked, turned his head and looked around, but saw that the chain operator was actually a young man in a purple robe.

His eyes condensed silver-white light, and as soon as he felt it, his eyes suddenly shrank, revealing a color of horror.

In his perception, this young man is actually only a destiny realm cultivation base? !

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