Astral Pet Store Chapter 822

Chapter 919: God Based Warfare Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"A Destiny Realm? How could it be possible!"

"The Destiny Realm was actually mixed in here, and is it still there for now?"

"Huh? That person really seems to be in the Destiny Stage, what's the situation?"

As the purple-robed youth shot, more and more people noticed him, and some scattered people in the starry sky outside the small world also stared at them, all with their faces full of suspicion.

Is it a disguised secret technique or a real cultivation base?


The leader girl, the leader of the European Emperor and the others all stared, and soon, someone recognized the identity of the purple-robed youth, and his eyes were shocked, "Is it him? I heard that some time ago, someone stepped into the depths of the sea of thunder and clouds. The eighth floor of the magical thunder tower has caused the sea of thunder to boil, this is the person!"

"I've seen this person. It seems that he is a direct disciple of a certain Conferred God powerhouse. He will actually appear here. Under what circumstances, is it possible that among the three Conferred God powerhouses who entered the depths of this Void Immortal Palace, there is his Master?"

"Able to enter the Phantom Leita? So he is a real Destiny Realm cultivation base? How could it be possible that the first blow not only has regular power, but also extremely high and deep, close to Dao, this kind of guy, you tell me that he is only Destiny Realm ??"

The many star main realms were a little shocked, looking at each other.

A personal disciple who is suspected of being a strong conferred **** would come to this unknown secret realm and explore with them. This is too exaggerated!

Moreover, the opponent is only the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm.

At this level of cultivation, if you don't go to the end and practice hard, won't you be afraid of premature death?

But what is even more exaggerated is that the opponent can severely inflict a late stage starry sky realm with just this kind of cultivation base!

"Hmph, even if they are the direct disciples of the old fellows in the Conferred God Realm, they are nothing great." The leader girl hummed softly when she heard the discussion around her.

There was some disapproval on her face, but the depths of her eyes were very solemn.

With the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm, it can be comparable to the late Starry Sky Realm. Once this regular Dao Tree is obtained, the strength will inevitably go further, and it is a powerful existence in the Starry Sky Late Stage.

She remembered that a cosmic genius war would be held soon.

The time node of the other party appears here, and the two are mostly connected.

In those days, she was also a member of the cosmic genius battle, but she was not too satisfied with her ranking.

In the small world, the rest of the people looked at the purple-robed youth with shocked faces, except for Su Ping.

"Fake it, there is no such exaggeration in the Destiny Realm, even those geniuses in the Five Great Shenfu Academy, it's good to be able to compete with the early stages of the Starry Sky Realm at best."

"My perception secret technique can only perceive that he is the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm. Even if he is disguised, it is very scary."

"Such a dangerous guy, let's solve it first!"

"Everyone, let's solve this person first, it's too dangerous to keep it!" someone suggested loudly.

The others didn't talk, but their eyes were staring at the purple-robed youth, taking him as the number one target.

"It really seems to be a destiny."

Su Ping stood behind the old man of time and watched the purple-robed youth who suddenly pierced his hand. He was a little confused. He didn't see the other party's cultivation level, but based on his experience and intuition, the other party did not look like a starry sky.

"Ha ha."

The purple-robed youth heard the loud yelling words and saw that he had become the target of the crowd, but he smiled calmly on his face. Chains gushed out from under the cuffs and trouser legs, and surrounded him like a group of snakes. .

"Since my son takes the shot, I am not afraid of your group attacks. Come on, let me be active!"


The previously injured companion roared and attacked first.

When he raises his hand, a gun shadow emerges vertically and horizontally. The gun light condenses the powerful rules of destruction and can penetrate everything. As the divine power in his body bursts, his power doubles, and the power of the battle body makes the attack extremely terrifying. To the point, if it were in the outside world, it would be enough to flood a city with one shot and shake the planet's continents!

"Small elemental battle body..."

The purple-robed youth smiled faintly, and a strong divine light suddenly appeared on his body, and the inexhaustible divine power radiated from his body. The whole person was like a **** glowing with golden light, and he could not be looked at.

The people inside and outside the small world were all shocked.

"God war body!"

"My God, it's the top god-type battle body, it's rare to see a million battle bodies!!"

"No wonder it's so powerful, just this god-type warfare body has unparalleled power!"

As the combat body of the purple-robed youth exploded, his body burst into stellar dazzling light and aura, he suddenly shot, and all the chains were slammed out frantically. These chains were accompanied by strange rules of power.

With a bang, the chain pierced the spear light, then danced in chaos and shot out.

"Help me!"

The eyes of the late starry sky realm showed shock, and he hurriedly roared.

At this moment, no one fell into the pit anymore, and someone rushed out immediately. At this moment, no one cared whether this purple-robed youth was in the real destiny state or not, this god-type combat body alone was enough to make everyone jealous and shocked.

In the entire Federation universe, the battle pet division with a battle body is one of a billion!

The god-type battle body is the most powerful battle body among them, just like the dragon-type battle pet among many pet beasts, it has an absolute dominance!

God-based warfare bodies are extremely rare, like the entire Sylvies giant galaxy, thousands of planets, it is a fluke to be able to give birth to one or two!

Roar! !

There are dragon and beast battle pets roaring out, and other battle pet masters coming out. All kinds of combined secret skills and astrology secret skills are displayed. A series of different rules and methods, disrupting elements, and ordering forces containing various rules. This purple-robed youth directly bombarded and killed.

Under the scuffle of the crowd, the devastated ground collapsed and cracked, and the small world was shaking, like hundreds of super-yield nuclear bombs, detonated in the same area, and even the confined space in the small world had signs of loosening. !

The purple-robed youth sneered, and a **** deer with all eyes suddenly appeared behind him.

This sacred deer turned into light, merged with its body, and the sacred light erupted from its body became more dazzling and dazzling, and then its chain became pure gold. This chain is a unique rule secret treasure, forged with the power of rules. Many special materials can easily tear the general rules of strength.

With a bang, his chains suddenly condensed and turned into a ball, covering his body and being overwhelmed by numerous attacks.

Accompanied by a fierce concussion, dozens of chains were suddenly shot out from the chaotic energy, rushing towards the attacking people and their pets.

"Not dead!"

The old man Shiguang and Su Ping were watching. Seeing this scene, the old man Shiguang stared slightly.

Even he is not sure that he can withstand the crazy attack of the people just now. The remaining people are all outstanding in the late stage of the starry sky. With special means, under a joint attack, it is enough to easily kill any of the late stage of the starry sky!

And this guy whose cultivation is only a mere destiny, actually resisted it?

This scene not only shocked the people in the small world, but also the many starry sky scattered people and star master realms outside, and their expressions changed, and the eyes showed a deep and solemn color.

Including the leaders of Qianyu and the leader of the European Emperor who had previously quarreled with each other, they were not in the mood to speak any more at this moment, their faces seemed to have changed, and they were very solemn.

Seeing such a terrible junior, they were a little jealous.

The most important thing is that this person has a background, and they can't kill them casually.

If in the depths of the fairy mansion, there is a master of the three Conferred God Realm powerhouses, and it is estimated that the other party is paying attention here all the time.

"Hundred ghosts lock and kill, bind!"

A low groan sounded, and the chain that flew from the chaotic energy suddenly flashed, and it immediately reined the five pets and the three pet masters.

This chain is unpredictable, in addition to the terrifying rule power contained above, it is also an extremely advanced technique!

"This chain technique seems to be a legendary technique!"

"I heard that there is a one-star chain technique that can be cultivated to the top, which can lock a galaxy. Any chain can penetrate the planet and call hundreds of millions of undead to assist in battle!"

In the gaze of some star masters, a red light suddenly appeared on the chain. Then, the battle pet and the three battle pet masters who were imprisoned by the chain all screamed bitterly, and red light gushed out from their bodies. The red light condenses into a human form, and as the chain retracts, the red light human form is also chained and dragged back.

But the bodies of these people fell weakly.

This chain actually has the effect of imprisoning the soul!

"Fight for me!"

The purple-robed youth smiled indifferently, the aura exuding from the divine body became more and more majestic. He was able to fight the late stage of the starry sky with the fate of heaven. In addition to his own skills and rules, the most important thing was that the divine body could provide a steady stream of energy, which made his body. Able to unleash so many super powers.

Following the will of the purple-robed youth, the red soul imprisoned in the chain roared out in the struggle, rushing towards Su Ping and the old man of time, as well as the rest of the people.

The old man's face changed slightly, and he hurriedly used strong rules to resist.

But the red soul screamed sternly, with a mental penetrating effect, which made the old man's face painful.

Su Ping frowned, facing the sharp sound blade pierced into the soul of his mind, there was a murderous look in his eyes, and a sudden roar from the bottom of his heart.

This roar was his imitating the cry of a certain undead creature in the world of chaos and undead. When he heard this cry from a distance, he felt that his soul was trembling, and he was deeply impressed.

Later, after many attempts by Su Ping, it was discovered that this roar had the effect of deterring the souls of the dead.

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