Astral Pet Store Chapter 823

Chapter 920: Parasitic Beast Two In One

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With a few bangs, the sharp sound blade in Su Ping's mind suddenly shattered. His eyes were like candlelight, piercing the void, looking directly at the imprisoned red souls.

"Little Skeleton!"

Su Ping directly summoned the little skeleton and let it solve it.

In the battles of the nurturing world, the little skeleton killed and swallowed the dead souls, knowing how many, has cultivated a special murderous aura that makes the dead souls jealous.

As the little skull stepped out, the red souls obviously flinched, and immediately turned and rushed towards the others.


The purple-robed youth felt the consciousness fluctuations of the Red Soul, raised his eyebrows slightly, and looked towards Su Ping.

When he perceives that Su Pings cultivation base is only the Void Cave Realm, he raised his brows, but he quickly recovered calmly. His perception ability is not the best. Some starry sky realms want to disguise their cultivation level, but he cant perceive it. It's normal to come out.

After all, the cultivation base has fallen to a great level. If he can crush the late stage of the Starry Sky Realm in all aspects, that would be truly terrifying!


When the purple robe youth thought, Su Ping and the old man of time suddenly slaughtered the chain.

The old man's face suddenly changed, his hands danced, and a solid wall of God appeared in front of him, indestructible, even if the planet burst, he could not shake his condensed wall of God.

But the moment the chain shot came, the divine wall suddenly shook.

Cracks spread across the wall. The horrible tearing force on the chain quickly deconstructed and destroyed the rules contained in the divine wall. In addition to the breaking rules contained in the chain itself, the divine wall looked like a hazy gray-white mist at the cracks. Penetration, gradual deterioration and decay.

With a bang, the wall of God finally couldn't resist it and burst open.

The old man of time screamed, and a turquoise light appeared on his body. This was his battle body, the healing battle body of the elemental system!

With his battle body, coupled with the solid rules he mastered, it can be said to have pulled the defense to the extreme, and there are few people in the same tier who can defeat him.

Among the pets behind him, there are those who are good at augmentation skills, which are specially matched with his body. At this moment, the augmentation skills are blessed one by one. The green light on his body skyrocketed, and the whole person turned into a towering green beast. Brawny.

When the healing body was showing off his power, the exhausted energy in his body was filled again, a large amount of energy spawned from the cells, his hands danced, and several divine walls were suddenly erected in front of him, resisting the chains that were penetrating down.

"So strong defensive ability!"

"Tsk tusk, there are probably few people in the Starry Sky Realm who can defeat him in a short period of time, right?"

"If this person cultivates to the Star Master Realm, he is probably a super tortoise shell, too strong to be beaten!"

"Unfortunately, such a person must rely on the team, and his own light can resist beatings. It is difficult to obtain some treasures during the expedition. The monsters that guard the treasure can't beat you, and you can't beat them. You can only rely on team cooperation."

Outside the small world, everyone was amazed, and was amazed by the old man of time.

You deserve to be someone who can resist to the finals. The battle body fits the rules too much. If you encounter someone whose cultivation base is worse than him, it is estimated that no one will be able to fight the opponent standing up!

"Thor's rules, live from the dead, heal!"

Su Ping was shocked to see Old Man Time being so resistant to beatings. In that case, he didn't have to take the trouble to attack, so he reserved his physical strength first.

His Thors rules are used. This Thors rules are extremely destructive and at the same time capable of healing. Su Ping lets the little skeleton take in the breath of the dead in the void, transform it, and turn it into a steady stream of life energy pouring into the old mans time. In the body, add fire to his battle body.

"Cool!" With Su Ping's reinforcements, the old man time laughed.

In the distance, the purple-robed youth's face was cold. Beside him, a roar suddenly sounded, and a dark shadow shot out from the shadow behind him, with a sickle slashed towards his neck.

On the back of the purple-robed youth, a strange sharp claw suddenly appeared, and he grabbed the sickle.

While pinching the sharp claws, the upper body of the monster stretched out from behind the purple-robed youth, and it was a monster with an upper body like a beautiful snake.

This monster has a snake-like human face, scales like bones, and a terrifying face. His lips are slightly open, and his fangs are gradually exposed. The pair of standing pupils are dark golden and full of bloodthirsty.

"It's a parasitic beast!"

"This, this is the Demon Snake of Ah Chun!"

"The Demon Snake of the Star Realm bloodline? My God, this is a top-notch parasitic beast!"

"According to the legend, the Demon Snake that served the King of Hell Shura sat down, feeds on dead souls and blood, parasitizes among the dead and skeletons, and is expensive enough to buy several small galaxies!"

Everyone outside the small world was shocked.

Parasitic beasts are also a kind of pet beasts, but parasitic beasts have unique abilities, which can parasitize the pet master, which is equivalent to bringing the second superimposed body to the pet master.

Parasitic beasts are relatively rare. If they are of average quality, they are nothing unusual, but if they are parasitic beasts in the Starry Sky Realm, the price is definitely the best among pet beasts of the same tier. Even some popular dragon-type pet beasts cant be compared with Compared to!


The leader of the European Emperor and some other star host realms, their faces twitched slightly when they saw this scene. This is so rich and handsome, this kind of parasitic beast of blood, even if they are jealous.

The leader girl frowned slightly, her expression becoming more solemn.

With the Devil Snake parasitic, it is no wonder that this person can burst out such terrifying energy. The rules and exercises he used all require energy as the core to drive, and the combination of the god-based combat body and the combination brings it. Energy can't be squandered so much. Seeing this Demon Snake, everything makes sense.


In the small world, the Demon Snake suddenly appeared from the back of the purple-robed youth. On the snake's body were a pair of skeleton claws. The sickle was pinched and suddenly snapped, and then another claw quickly grabbed it. With a bang, pierced the body of the undead war pet that sneaked in the shadows.

The blood spattered, and the body of the undead type battle pet misted and wanted to get away, but it seemed to be caught by some power, unable to escape, and the body twisted and struggled.


The purple-robed youth's face was slightly cold, and the Demon Snake behind him felt the master's will, and his pupils burst out with a terrifying light, and suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed out, actually holding the body of the undead battle pet in his mouth. The body twists, swallow it!

"Damn it, let go of my pet!"

When an old man saw this scene, his face was pale, and he cursed angrily.

The purple-robed youth raised his eyebrows and sneered, "Since you are here, you should be ready to die in battle, or get out of here!"


The old man had an ugly face, gritted his teeth, wanted to admit defeat, but did not dare to offend the leader behind him.

"Fine, give up."

Outside the small world, a star owner saw this scene and sighed.

He knows that with this purple-robed youth, it is probably difficult to **** this ruled Taoist tree. Even if they continue to be stubborn, there is only this old man on their side. Without that battle pet, their combat power will be damaged, and it will be difficult to stick to it. At last.

Hearing the words of the star master, the old man heaved a sigh of relief and immediately said: "Quickly let go of my pet, I will give up!"

"Hehe." The purple-robed youth chuckled, but ignored it.

The old man's face changed suddenly, and he said in anger, "What are you going to do?!"

He hurriedly summoned his battle pet, but his contract power was blocked by a strange rule, and he was unable to summon the struggling battle pet back in the snake's mouth.

"Little friend, this is too much!"

When the star master outside the small world saw this scene, his face was slightly dark. You are in the destiny state. How thin is it for you, and you still have to take an inch?

If it weren't for the power of the Sealed God Realm behind you, I would have shot you to death!

With a hum, in the small world, the swelling Shekou suddenly loosened, and the battle pet inside suddenly disappeared and was taken out of the small world.

But the appearance of this pet at the moment is a bit scary, which makes many people look at it.

I saw that most of his body was corrupted and dying, and his body was obviously very poisonous. If he is not treated immediately, he will basically be ruined.

The star main realm's face was a little ugly, and immediately released a stream of ethereal energy that enveloped the battle pet, and the wound on his body gradually healed, and the poison was relieved, and it was temporarily suppressed.


The old man also left from the small world, looking at his pet, resentment appeared in his eyes, but he soon hid it.

Others are geniuses. If there is no opportunity for revenge, but showing the heart of revenge, it is undoubtedly stupid.

"Thank you, the leader." The old man sincerely thanked his leader.

"The toxin is temporarily suppressed, so turn around and find a place to cure it." The star master waved.


In the small world, the purple-robed youth saw the star master's move, his eyes squinted slightly, and a bit of anger emerged, but he quickly hid it. With his current strength, it was already at the limit to suppress some late stages of the Starry Sky Realm. It is impossible to wrestle with the Star Realm.

After all, the Destiny Realm and the Star Master Realm are completely different by two big realms!

He started practicing almost from his mother's womb, to be precise, passively practicing.

When the mother's fetus was pregnant, his mother took Tiancai Dibao, plus some powerful people, to moisturize the fetus with energy, help him to sort out the meridians and body, and cut the hair and wash the marrow in the mother's womb.

After he was born, he was leading his peers in cultivation everywhere, and the resources for cultivation continued to flow. Basically, he achieved the ultimate in everything he could do.

This enabled him to suppress the late stage of the starry sky with the Destiny Realm. This kind of power can be proud of his peers in the entire Federation universe.

Only the cosmic genius can show his extraordinaryness and let the world see his power.

"When I step into the starry sky, you and the other star masters will be nothing more than ants!" The purple-robed youth had cold eyes and looked away from the small world.

This arrogance made him more eager for power and wanted to do more extreme and more extraordinary things.

"Wait, let you appreciate the real exercises!"

The purple-robed youth's gaze fell on the few people in front of him, and a thick blood-red mist appeared on his body. This is an ancient exercise method he cultivated, and it has reached the federal two-star rating. This is the exercise method cultivated in the star realm, and It's a two-star top!

This **** fog rushed, his whole body cells were joyous, and the strength in his body was rising several times.

"This, this is the blood demon eternal life skill!"

"It is said that this is a technique in the ancient fairy and devil era, extremely strange and terrifying!"

"This technique is cultivated to the final state, and it is rumored that it can reach eternal life. This is something that the Conferred God Realm can barely accomplish!"

"It's too exaggerated, what's the origin of this person?"

Everyone outside the small world was shocked, including those star main realms, their eyes were shocked.

This guy in the Destiny Realm has a richer background than them.

None of them have such top-notch exercises.

Gongfa is the core of the battle pet master. The level of the power can affect the rate at which the star power is absorbed, including the conversion rate of the star power, the release speed, and so on. The advanced techniques also have some special uses, such as being able to draw star power from the grass and trees, and star power from the blood.

There are other exercises that can greatly increase oneself by using battle pets as an array.

Therefore, top-notch techniques are extremely rare and more expensive than top-notch pets!

"Devil blood cuts the common people, and see my name!"

The figure of the purple-robed youth soared into the sky of the small world, looking down at the people and the dilapidated mountains and rivers. He suddenly raised his hand, and a cloud of black and rolling blood condensed in his palm.

This demon blood seemed to be alive, and suddenly spread to his chains.

The chain suddenly made a joyful tinkling sound, turning very bright red.

Whoosh whoosh! !

The next moment, the chains were like a group of snakes, shooting at everyone, like javelins, piercing down.

Three of the chains shot at the old man of time, but they were blocked by the wall of gods.

It just burst open without resisting it for a moment.

But soon the second **** wall greeted.

Su Ping also had a solemn expression, and he had met such a powerful Destiny Realm for the first time.

If the opponent is a pet beast, based on this combat power span, it must be a high-level qualification, right?

The attacks of the purple-robed youth were scattered, and many of the battle pets were pierced by chains, and they immediately fell into blood and were seriously injured.

Those battle pet masters are not well, some evade, some choose to counterattack, and some directly perform exercises, hiding their shadows, and completely disappearing in the small world.

However, his hidden figure was forced out, and the chain seemed to be spiritual, and he could perceive the location of his hiding.

"Just fate, don't give me crazy!"


Someone roared wildly, and a sky-shaking blade slashed out, rubbing a rainbow-like arc spark on the chain, and then directly slashed at the purple-robed youth.

The Devil Snake behind the purple-robed youth suddenly shot and resisted the blade, but soon the bones and claws cracked and they were shocked backwards.

The other pet masters also roared, making various shots. After all, they are in the late stage of the starry sky. They all have their own unique stunts. At this moment, they all displayed them. The chains of the purple-robed youth fluttered, resisting some, and some, inside his body. The Demon Snakes of Ah's help to resist, but the Demon Snake of Ah's is an attacking pet and is still slightly weak in defense.

Under a series of attacks, the purple-robed youth retreated steadily, and suffered serious injuries.


The purple-robed youth roared furiously, and the divine body became brighter and brighter, accompanied by the blood mist outside his body, whistling towards the battle pet masters, choosing a close-in-body technique attack, assisted by chains.

What is surprising is that this purple-robed youth has extremely strong physical skills, and his moves are fierce and unpredictable. In a blink of an eye, two battle pet masters were knocked down by him and fell into the sky.

"You guys do it too!"

A pet master nearby saw that Old Man Time and Su Ping had not been attacked, and couldn't help but exasperated.

The old man time cried out: "We can only defend, what can we do!"

"Then you block it for me!"

"I don't know you!"



The pet master turned his eyes straight with anger, and was distracted when he was speaking. He was hit by the purple-robed youth with a punch in the face, knocked over to the ground, and smashed a huge hole.

"Come and clean up both of you later." The purple-robed young man glanced at the old man and Su Ping with cold eyes.

The old man of time looked at the fierce fight in front of him. This purple-robed youth obviously had the upper hand. It would be a matter of time for the others to lose. He secretly groaned and turned his head to Su Ping and said, "Are we two surrendering later?"

"Why admit defeat?" Su Ping was taken aback.

The old man time was dumb and said: "Why? Do we have a way to defeat each other? If the guy with three punches is still there, we still have a little hope, but for the two of us, I can only defend, and you can only heal and increase. It's just going to be beaten for a while, what's the point."

"I will attack too."

Su Ping said, "I'm just saving energy."

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