Astral Pet Store Chapter 824

Chapter 921: Taunt Two In One

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The old man time almost spurted blood, "You can attack? Don't save your energy. When they are all defeated, we may not be able to beat that kid alone!"

Su Ping naturally knows this truth, but he feels that these starry sky realms have not really used his boxing trump cards.

after all.

Under such a full view, unless it is sure to win, who would easily expose all the cards?

After all, it's just to beat the workers and perform as much as possible.

These starry sky realms are not stupid. If there are only two or three people left in the end, it is probably the time to really fight hard, because it is only one step away from success.


Just as Su Ping was about to go to war, the battle ahead suddenly changed astonishingly. The blood mist of the purple-robed youth suddenly converged and shrank, and all of it was submerged in his body. Then a bright light burst out of his body, and his momentum climbed to the extreme. Overshadowing any starry sky realm present.

He roared and waved the chain, which was like a whip and a sharp blade, sweeping across the void and severing the earth.

At this moment, he hit some of his pets, and immediately broke his body and screamed and fell.

"In the late stage of the Starry Sky Realm, is it so vulnerable?!"

The purple-robed young man let out a low growl, his eyes are blood-red, full of tyranny, but he appeared extremely calm. He suddenly rushed towards an old man, chained to protect himself, and several of them intertwined into a sharp spear, which suddenly pierced out.

The old man was horrified, and several aegis appeared in front of him. Among them, two defensive artifacts were sacrificed, and they were spinning around. One was a big roulette and the other was a dead branch.

The big roulette was pierced by the chain and burst open, the light on it was shattered, and the secret treasure was abandoned.

But that piece of dead branch contained a strange power, and it actually resisted the offensive of the chain, but it didn't last long, and it broke and turned into ashes.


Seeing the two artifacts shattered, the old man's eyes were red with distress, but he clenched his teeth and quickly retreated, not daring to meet their sharp edges.

"Where to go!" The purple-robed youth ignored other people's attacks, and the chain jumped out, immediately blocking the old man's retreat. The chain that turned into a sharp spear, burning with crimson blood, rushed out indefinitely.

"I surrender!"

The old man was furious and hurriedly roared.

He still has hole cards, but he doesn't want to expose them. Once some hole cards are used, the cost is huge. You need to sacrifice your lifespan and even reduce the overdraft of your own battle body, which will have a great impact on your future cultivation.


As soon as the old man said his words, his figure disappeared from the small world and was transferred out by the star master outside.

The sharp spear pierced the air, and instantly stopped the momentum. The purple-robed youth turned around, looking coldly at the remaining few people. He suddenly grabbed a section of the chain with both hands, suddenly danced around and swept across the square.

The chain was like a mountain range. With his hands moving, all the nearby starry sky realms were pushed back. One of them was hit by the chain and immediately vomited blood, as if being hit by a mountain range, he flew out directly. Tens of thousands of meters away, he was caught by his battle pet.

"Who else?!"

The purple-robed youth forced back from the crowd, standing tall and tall in the sky. At this moment, he let out his rhetoric, without seeing everyone in his eyes, showing an invincible aura.

The many scattered people in the starry sky outside the small world, including those star main realms, were silent.

Too shocking.

Is this really something that a destiny can do? !

Not only does it challenge the Starry Sky Realm, but it is also the late Starry Sky!

You know, the three realms of the starry sky, the middle and the back, have a huge gap, no less than the gap between the starry sky and the destiny. This young man can be said to have crossed the third step!

"It's like this in my generation..."

In the distance, those forces who took spaceships and space aircraft carriers into the fairy house also saw the battles in this small world, and they were all shocked.

Especially some of the fate in the spaceship and aircraft carrier, it is even more enthusiastic.

The starry sky realm oppresses them, like a big mountain, cannot be disobeyed, cannot be disobeyed!

But now, this high starry sky realm has been swept by a destiny realm, and no one is an adversary. How majestic this is!


Seeing several starry sky realms breathing in the distance, the purple-robed youth sneered slightly, "Starry sky realm, but the physical body crosses the universe and lives in a vacuum. It has the ability to fly away from the universe and soar into the world. It is a pity that you are too weak and not real at all. The starry sky!"

"When I step into the starry sky in the future, I will let you see what is the real free universe and control the starry sky!!"

Hearing his domineering crazy words, several Star Realm faces looked ugly.

The many scattered people in the starry sky outside the small world are also a little angry. Even if you are strong, you are too despised of people!

"Grandma's, this kid is so crazy!"

The old man of time was also angry at hearing, but a little weak. They were crushed by the starry sky, which is really ugly!

People say that, they can't refute it yet, even more angry!


"By the way, why are you not angry?"

The old man time suddenly saw Su Ping's expression, very calm, even with a bit of appreciation, can't help but be strange and authentic.

Su Ping was taken aback and asked, "Why should I be angry?"

"Damn! People even said such things, you are not angry? This kid is too mad, but his words offend the entire Starry Sky Realm!"


Su Ping's reaction was dull.

It is your starry sky realm that is offended by others. What does it matter to me?

Besides, what people said...I think it's quite right!

The starry sky, isn't it just going to escape the universe and control the starry sky?

"You..." Seeing that Su Ping hadn't made any waves, the old man was speechless. This guy is really faceless and skinny. Everyone slaps his face like this, and he is not angry at all. Even if they are strong, they have the ability to speak wildly. , But being insulted by others, it is very angry!


A middle-aged man stepped out suddenly, full of anger, "You are too crazy! You can take this trick from me, I think you have the ability!"

"bring it on!"

The purple-robed youth sneered and said dismissively.

The middle-aged man was furious, and a violent thunder burst out of his body. It was an elemental thunder body, and the thunder energy on his body seemed to be a rather high-level thunder body.

He raised his hands, and all the thunder suddenly condensed on his hands.

Then, a black war knife appeared in his palm, and the thunder spread, the war knife was wrapped and turned into a thunder knife!

"Leishen Mountain's unique knowledge, Leibo Magic Sword!!"

Someone recognized the middle-aged man's sword technique, and he was shocked.

Thunder Mountain, this is a big power in the Federation. It is said to be a mountain, but in fact that mountain is bigger than a star and stands tall in the universe!

Sitting on the mountain is a digital Conferred God Realm, and its power is so strong that even if the five major colleges of the gods see it, they all have to bow their heads!

And this Thunderbolt Magic Sword is a combination of the Thunder Element and the Light Element. It contains extraordinary power. Both are known for their speed. This sword technique is world-famous for its speed and ruthlessness!

"It's kind of interesting, but it's a pity that you are too superficial!"

The purple-robed youth raised his eyes and stared slightly, but said with a sneer on his mouth.

The next moment, his chains danced suddenly, gathered in front of him, and turned into a big net.

But at this moment, the pupils of the purple-robed youth suddenly shrank!

With a shuddering sound, a popping sound rang out.

The dazzling and hot Leibo divine sword was still condensed in the middle-aged man's hands, but in front of the purple-robed youth, a golden talisman suddenly flew up and torn apart.

It was as if the purple-robed youth was attacked.

But none of the other Starry Sky Realms moved, and this scene was extremely strange.

Soon, someone saw that behind the bursting golden talisman, there was a secret treasure that was transparent like a water ball. The water ball swayed, revealing a dazzling sword light inside!

This sword was thunderous and thrilled the water polo treasure.

This is amazingly the Thunderbolt Sword!

Looking at the other side, the glow of the burning sword in the middle-aged man's hand has gradually disappeared at this moment.

It turns out that the real sword light has already come out, and it is so fast that it surpasses everyone's vision and capture!

This is the unique school of Thunder God Mountain!

With a bang, the water ball secret treasure suddenly shattered in the thunder boiling, and the water shone in all directions, but the falling water fell at a very fast speed, hitting the broken mountains and rivers below, splashing and rumbling. The heavy sound of Long, a drop of water, is like a meteorite!

However, after the resistance of this water polo treasure, the purple-robed youth had time to react, his chains danced, and quickly shredded the blades that lacked energy.

"Destroy my two secret treasures, you **** it!"

The purple-robed youth narrowed his eyes and stared at the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man's face changed slightly, and he was a little bit frustrated. He had already used the bottom of his press box, but he still couldn't help this young man.

In addition to his own ability, the opponent is also the second generation of super rich. Just the two secret treasures that have just been broken are the top star defense secret treasures.

Like this kind of secret treasure, I don't know how many others still have.

But think about it, the big man behind the other party certainly did not only prepare these two artifacts.

Other people realized this too, their expressions changed, and they sighed.

This face was beaten a little harder.

A Heavenly Fate Realm swept all the faces of the Starry Sky Realm, and no one could counterattack yet.

"It's nothing, it's boring to fight with such a guy."

"The Gangna Golden Talisman contains the power of Conferred God, and I suspect that it may be something made by someone who is strong in Conferred God."

"A few more pieces of defensive treasures like this are invincible. It's unreasonable for such a guy to come to us to grab this rule of Taoism!"

Outside the small world, several star masters were shaking their heads, giving up the idea of continuing to fight.

This purple-robed youth is terrifying in its own combat power, and coupled with a defensive secret treasure, it is simply invincible!

Unless their star master personally suppressed it, they obviously would not offend such a guy for the sake of a regular Taoist tree. In case the three Conferred Gods in the depths of Xian Mansion will have their masters, it is estimated that they have not waited yet. When they shot, they were killed by the other side's thought!

"Is this a genius? It's horrible."

"It's just too crazy, so angry!"

Everyone in the Xinghai League was shocked and lamented. Originally, Su Ping and Old Man Time persisted to the end, but they still had a bit of advantage. As a result, the evildoer was killed halfway, and he could only surrender the rule of Taoism.


The already defeated Shennong Sanquan, Hades and others also sighed.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The figures were transferred out one by one, and the remaining few starry sky realms were transferred out by the star master behind them, and no longer competed.

The leader girl pouted her mouth, a little puffed up, but she also knew that there was no point in fighting any longer.

"If you met me a few years ago, see if I won't beat you down!"

"It won't work now. It's boring to bully the small with big ones."

The leader girl was very angry.

The deputy leader next to him saw the appearance of his own lady, smiled, and said, "Miss, dont care. Although a genius like this is rare, I dont know how many people fall in the middle of it. They can truly cultivate to the Conferred God Realm. Young lady, you just need to accumulate your background as soon as possible and become a **** as soon as possible. For you, such a demon can only be your student."

"Well, this is true, but this young lady doesn't want such a proud student!" The leader girl said proudly.

The deputy leader couldn't help but smile.

I really want to say proud, miss you the most spoiled one, right?

"Finally recognize it, huh, they are gone, you two, still want to continue to be beaten?"

In the small world, the purple-robed youth looked at the starry sky realm that was transferred out, knowing that the star master behind them bowed their heads.

With the fate of heaven, forcing the star masters to retreat, this made him feel a sense of accomplishment in his heart.

For him, it is no surprise that it is easy to kill the same level in a flash, and it will not bring him any pleasure.

"In the future, when you become a starry sky realm, you can really step on the head of the star master realm!" The purple robe youth said in his heart, his eyes swept over the remaining two people, a little impatient.

He can't wait to get this rule tree, absorb the many rule fruits above, his combat power will once again rise to a level, suppressing these late stages of the starry sky, it will be easier.

"It's crazy!" The old man Shiguang was so angry at this, but he didn't dare to refute it. Even the three words "Too crazy" were spoken to Su Ping.

After all, judging from the demonstrating ability of others, in the future, it will definitely jump over the dragon gate and shine brightly in the entire federation. There is no need to offend such enchanted evildoers for the fight of tongues.

"It's a bit." Su Ping nodded, and said: "It's time for us. As long as we defeat him, the rule Dao Shu is ours."

The old man of time was about to say let's retreat. Hearing Su Ping's words, he almost spurted blood and said in shock: "What nonsense are you talking about, just the two of us? Haven't you seen this guy's defense treasure? No one else is sharing it. Firepower, I may not be able to withstand his attack, let alone beat him."

"If you don't go, then I will go."

Su Ping said.

Rule Tao Shu is close in front of him, so precious, how could he miss it.

With the many regular fruits on this regular Tao tree, he can build a firmer foundation, and can even attack the destiny realm!

While talking, Su Ping has already stepped out.

The old man of time can only defend, and Su Ping can't count on him to cooperate.

"Damn, you really want to go!"

Seeing Su Ping's actions, Old Man Shiguang was shocked.

The leader girl who was about to take out Su Ping and the old man of time, saw Su Ping's actions, she was taken aback, and her eyes showed some doubts, "He wants to fight?"


The deputy leader also frowned slightly. Suddenly, he realized that he couldn't see through the cultivation level of this newcomer.

Virtual cave? !

At this moment, everyone noticed Su Ping, and when the star masters of the various alliances cast their perceptions, they were a bit stunned.

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