Astral Pet Store Chapter 825

Chapter 922: Su Ping's Combat Body Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"real or fake?"

"Void Cave Realm...My vain eyes can't see through his cultivation level!"

"I haven't noticed before, this guy... is it a real virtual cave realm, or is it a hidden cultivation base?"

Many star owners are surprised.

Their secret method of perception is absolutely above the stars, and they can't perceive Su Ping's specific cultivation level at this moment, which is a bit weird.

Even some of them secretly used the power of the small world to detect, and still couldn't perceive the breath of the starry sky in Su Ping's body.

No matter how you look at it, it looks like a virtual cave realm.

But... now there are only three people left in the small world, a guy in the virtual cave realm, can actually stay in the finals? !

In addition to the many star masters, the scattered people in the starry sky outside are also shocked, and everyone is talking about it.

In the Xinghai League, many people have noticed Su Ping's cultivation base before, only that his camouflage secret skills are relatively top-notch, not taking it seriously, but at the moment when he hears the surrounding discussion, he is suddenly a little surprised.

Could it be that everyone present couldn't see through Su Ping's disguise? !

This disguise ability is also a bit too scary!

"Look, those star masters are all saying that Brother Baitian is a virtual cave realm, what's the situation?"

"No, isn't it possible that the star master can't perceive the true cultivation base of Brother Baitian?"

"This, this...what on earth does this newcomer come from?"

Many people in the Star Alliance cast their gazes at Ren O'Neal.

Ren O'Neal is also dumbfounded at the moment.

Although he knew that Su Ping was very strong, he didn't expect that his disguised cultivation base would not even be able to see through the Star Realm!

Is Su Ping the top class in the starry sky?

But with this kind of combat power, the previous solution to Garland and the others would never let anyone go.

Ren O'Neal was a little confused and messy. He couldn't figure out the reason. There was an overwhelming guess in his heart. He didn't dare to think about it, but if that is true, Su Ping... is definitely better than that. The purple-robed youth who swept through the many stars was even more terrifying!

After all, Su Ping's chief post is a trainer, or a trainer! !


In the small world, the purple-robed youth also noticed the breath released by Su Ping, raised his eyebrows slightly, but didn't care.

Virtual cave? If it is true, then he can solve it easily.

If it's fake, it's nothing. His perception ability is not what he is best at. Anyone who wants to disguise his own cultivation level may not be able to see through it.

After all, if all aspects are top-notch, beyond the late starry sky, then it is a real monster!

"Since you want to fight, don't hide your cultivation base, cover it up, let me see your true strength."

Zipaoqing said with a smile.

At this moment, everyone else is out, and only these two can resist beatings are left. He doesn't care. He regards the Rule Dao Tree as his own, and he feels quite happy.

"Do you see it?"

Su Ping was surprised and didn't hide it anymore. This purple-robed youth was very tricky. Even he didn't have absolute confidence to win. It depends on how many hole cards the opponent has.

With a move of his mind, he called the little skeleton to fly by his side and perform a two-fold combination.


Little Skeletons body quickly submerged into Su Pings body. The next moment, Senbais bones penetrated from Su Pings pores and spread to his arms, neck, chest, face, etc. All vital parts of his body were gone. Covered by white bones, combined with the body of the white scale Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, the body is humanized, looking like a white bone dragon demon!

The sharp dragon's tail swept across the void, and the air was shaken. If it was outside, just the dragon's tail would be enough to tear the second space apart!

With the integration of the small skeletons, Su Ping's momentum rose rapidly, like a scorching sun, glowing with a very expansive aura.


As Su Ping breathed, he felt that the breath he exhaled could penetrate the void.

His eyes gradually became solemn and sharpened.


"Duplex? That seems to be a parasitic beast!"

"That skeleton species... seems to belong to the Skeleton King clan. The Skeleton King is not a parasitic beast, but an attacking pet with the ability of a parasitic beast."

"There is a Skeleton King, but that Skeleton Species is a little different from the Skeleton Kings I saw. It's not that big. Could it be some inferior hybrid?"

"This guy seems to be in the Starry Sky Realm. This kind of aura cannot be possessed by the Void Cave Realm. So, his disguise secret technique is a bit scary!"

"Really, even mine can't be perceived, this is at least the star master's top-level secret method, right? Even some kind of Conferred God-level fragmented scroll secret method is possible!"

"It's really Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, probably another guy with a big background!"

Outside the small world, many star owners are talking about it, quite surprised.

Seeing Su Ping's momentum and approaching the late stage of the starry sky at this moment, they all felt that their perception abilities were not enough. This was definitely not something that a small virtual cave realm could do.

Perhaps Su Ping's own real cultivation base may not be the late Starry Sky Stage, but it is definitely the Starry Sky Realm!

"The Skeleton King..." Seeing Su Ping's fit, the purple-robed youth narrowed his eyes, but his expression was very calm, and said, "The dual fit is only barely comparable to the late stage of the starry sky. It seems that your own cultivation Because it should be only the early stage of the starry sky, and it can be considered a genius, but it is not enough!"

As he spoke, he suddenly shot, the chains rattled, traversed the world, and lashed towards Su Ping.

The divine light on this chain is dazzling, contains the rule power of the purple-robed youth and the power of the god-based combat body, which can break the mountains and rivers and the earth, and the destructive power is terrible!

Su Ping didn't speak. Of course he knew that the double combination was not enough, so he would directly combine.

"If you don't use your full strength, with this little method, you are not enough!"

Su Ping suddenly punched, and the billions of star snails in his body's cells suddenly rotated, bursting out a terrifying force like a torn planet, and the star power all over his body boiled to its peak in an instant.

The pure divine power concealed in various points in the body condensed on the fist at this moment, and the bright divine fist burst out.


The divine fist shines like a big day in the sky, surging force to vent, and hitting the chain.

In an instant, the entire small world shook, and the broken and desolate mountains and rivers below were shaking and shaking!

The chain was beaten upside down under the smash of the fist of the gods. The divine light on the chain was beaten to silence and dim, and the power of the rules was also shaken, like dozens of dead snakes, flying chaotically. Xiang Zipao Youth.

In this first confrontation, Su Ping had the upper hand!

Outside the small world, everyone is shocked, with an incredible look.

This martial arts, brilliant and domineering, seems to be able to shake the entire world!

"This, this martial arts..."

"It's so sturdy and indomitable, it's like destroying everything!"

In Xinghai League, Shennong's three punches looked at Su Ping shockedly. He practiced martial arts, so he was well versed in martial arts, but at this moment, Su Ping's punch made him push away the clouds and mist and see the feeling of the sky. .

This is similar to the martial arts he practiced, and they are both domineering and violent.

But Su Ping's martial arts is more domineering and invincible!

If his boxing skills can absorb the advantages of Su Ping's boxing, his power will rise by a level!


The purple-robed youth quickly controlled the chains, his face became cold, and a bit of murderous anger appeared in his eyes. He wanted to solve it easily, but he did not expect the other party to show extraordinary power.

However, do you really think you can compete with him with this little thing!

"Blood Demon Immortal Skill!"

With a bang, the purple-robed youth once again launched a magical technique, and a crimson blood mist appeared in his body, spreading out, and attached to the chains.

The divine light on the chain was mixed with the blood mist, glowing with a touch of red gold, and it became a little evil.

Su Ping closed his fist, staring like a torch, looking at each other coldly.

The reason why Gang's punch is so powerful is because he used his own techniques.

Some exercises can multiply one's own star power, some can squeeze one's own blood and stimulate unlimited potential, and some can swallow metal and convert it into energy.

And Su Ping's attempt to cultivate the Chaos Star was able to bring him extremely terrifying explosive power!

As the cultivation base deepened, Su Ping became more and more aware of the extraordinary of this set of exercises, which was also one of the capitals he faced.

"Thousand locks through the star gun!!"

The anger surged in the purple-robed youth's eyes, and he used methods that he hadn't used before. With the blessing of his divine body and techniques, coupled with his profound understanding of breaking the rules, the chains suddenly danced at this moment, hundreds of chains Like a mad snake, they all twisted together, and then they were intertwined and transformed into a golden gun!

This is an extremely powerful attacking secret of his, abandoning all defenses, attacking with all his strength!

With the destructive power of the chain artifact itself, even the rock battle pets of the late starry sky can penetrate with one shot!

"What a strong evil spirit!"

"This blood demon eternal life skill seems to be an ancient evil skill!"

"Unexpectedly, this guy still has the means. He didn't use this secret technique before. Is it because he wants to keep some of his power to defend against our attacks?"

"Now one-on-one, this guy is even more terrifying!"

Everyone outside the small world looked at the chain sharp spear that gathered the blood evil spirit and divine light, and their faces changed color.

Those who were transferred out of the starry sky later stage all looked sad, a little lucky, did not stay in the small world with such a monster, this is simply living in the same cage with the beast!

"Brother Defeated Heaven!"

When the old man saw this scene, his face changed drastically. From the sharp gun, he felt the irresistible power of Huanghuang. He had encountered a rare encounter in his life, and he was not sure to resist an attack.

This turned out to be something that a destiny realm could display, it was incredible!

Su Ping also saw the terrifying gun, his eyes were dignified, the stars in his body were shaking, and the endless star power was surging like a big river in the tenacious veins, bringing him extremely powerful aura.

"You have a combat body, and so do I!"

Su Ping's eyes suddenly became pitch black, the white of his eyes disappeared completely, and he was drowned in black.

In the real world, he rarely used the power of the war body. This is the divine body that he passed the trial in the golden crow world and was inspired by the golden crow supreme. It is known as the witch **** body!

The Wu Clan, in the ancient times, was an extremely powerful ruler of heaven and earth!

As Su Pings battle body turned, in an instant, the light around his body dissipated, and endless darkness emerged from nothingness. The light was not swallowed, but collapsed, just like a flood seat, too late to escape. , Was submerged and ablated.

"It's a combat body!!"

"This is a demon type battle body? No, it's so terrifying!"

"It's indeed a demon type battle body, but it feels terrible!"

"There are 3,700 types of Demon Type battle bodies recorded in the Federation, of which only 22 are the top Demon Type battle bodies. It feels like this is a top Demon Type battle body!"

"His aura has become emptiness, unable to perceive, what a weird body!"

Outside the small world, everyone was a little shocked.

The top of the battle body is the god-based battle body. In the federal record, there are more than seven hundred kinds, of which the top god-based battle body is listed as nine types!

But any one of these nine battle bodies is a super genius who astounds the universe!

The second is the demon type battle body, there are more than 3,000 kinds, the top is 22 kinds!

Secondly, there are elemental warfare bodies, with tens of thousands of types.

The battle body that Su Ping showed at this moment, although not a god-type, did not seem to be inferior to the purple-robed youth's god-type battle body in terms of momentum!

If it is the top battle body of the Demon Type, then it is completely capable of slinging a normal God Type battle body!

"Four Elephant Purgatory Knife!"

Su Ping flipped his palm, and the bone knife of Little Skeleton fell into his hand.

In the past, he used the Shura Divine Sword, but that Shura Divine Sword has lost the regular power of the Starry Sky Realm, and only the material of the sword itself is hard.

But compared with the chain secret treasure of this purple-robed youth, it was obviously inferior, and it would probably be crushed.

But this bone knife is different. This is the bone fragment of a certain unspeakable creature in the Chaos and Undead world. It has existed for an unknown number of years, and it is immortal and immortal. Su Ping has never seen anything harder than this.

The four rule forces of Thor, Thunder Boom, Annihilation, and Cutting, as Su Ping raised his hand, all poured into the blade, and the bright blades were covered by divine light and burned.

"Bring me off!!"

Su Ping rose to the sky and roared up to the sky, carrying endless darkness all over his body, like a great demon rushing out of hell, facing the bright sharp spear.

Cut it out in one fell swoop!

The whole world fell into a brief silence. Under the super-accelerated attack, the blade light became incredible in an instant, as fast as thunder!

Outside the small world, the person from the Thunder Mountain who had previously used the Thunderbolt Sword instantly widened his eyes when he saw Su Ping's blade light.

Although I don't know how Su Ping did it, the super acceleration at that moment is quite the charm of their Thunderbolt Magic Sword.

"A mere demon type battle body, break it to me!!"

The purple-robed youth looked at Su Ping, who was full of demons, his face also showed real anger and roared.

With a bang, the sharp gun penetrated down, as if to tear this entire small world apart!

If this gun falls on some asteroids, it is enough to shoot through the planets!

With a bang, the sword light covered the world. At the moment of the collision, the world lost its voice, and then an extremely terrifying sound wave and shock vented out.

The ground rumbling and huge earthquakes, flying sand and rocks, are like landslides and tsunami.

The bright gunshot suddenly broke, and then turned into chains and was beaten into chaos. Some chains fell to the ground, and a large ditch hundreds of meters deep was punched out, and some chains flew farther. In the sky, disappeared.

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