Astral Pet Store Chapter 826

Chapter 923: Triple Purgatory Knife For Subscription And Monthly Pass

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With the obstruction of the small world, everyone on the outside was not seriously affected, but they could all feel the terrible confrontation inside!

Its hard to imagine that this is the power that the starry sky realm can burst out, and it feels like it can penetrate the void and the planet. Fortunately, it is in the small world of this star main realm. Otherwise, the battle between these two people will have the same effect on the surrounding environment. A terrifying devastation.


The purple-robed youth quickly shot, and the space solidified. If the scattered chains were spiritual, they were forced to stabilize under his super strong control, and then quickly flew back from various places and gathered into his hands.

As he retracted the chains, the expression of the youth in Zipao suddenly changed, and his pupils shrank slightly.

I saw a place on the chain, the light dissipated, and the above rules were also broken, leaving a very deep incision, and the chain was about to be cut off!

This is the top secret treasure of the starry sky, and the tearing rules attached to it, which can penetrate everything, coupled with his supernatural power and rule blessing, is actually injured so badly? !

You know, he is head-to-head with others, and it has always been the part of other people's secret treasures that are broken!

"What is the knife in that guy's hand?"

The purple-robed youth raised his head, his gaze fell on Su Ping's unpretentious, shining off-white blade. The blade was extremely small and had no hilt, but it made him extremely dignified at the moment.

"It seems that you still have more energy."

The purple-robed youth slightly squinted his eyes, looking away from the blade in Su Ping's hand, his eyes were chilling, and he realized that he still hadn't seen Su Ping's true cultivation level, it was the Void Cave Realm.

In such a fierce battle with him, he was still able to perform hidden secret techniques and fake decorations. This shows that Su Ping still has power to use.

For the first time in his life, others were not serious in fighting against him!

He took a deep breath. Behind him, three battle pets appeared, all of which were in the early stage of the Starry Sky Realm, two dragon beasts, and one demon battle pet.

These three-headed battle pets have been cultivated many times and have extremely high qualifications. Like the purple-robed youth, they have the ability to surpass the same level!

"Under one-on-one, it can make me really move. Although you are in the starry sky, you are enough to be proud!" said the purple-robed youth.

This is a compliment to Su Ping, but he is crazy.

He is in the Destiny Realm, but he has a domineering look down on the Starry Sky Realm.

This arrogance caused a strong psychological discomfort to the many starry sky realms outside the small world, especially those who had been transferred out of the group of youths who attacked the purple robe, and their faces were ugly.

In the face of their countless attacks, the purple-robed youth did not summon his own battle pet to assist, but now he said that he was going to be true!

A Destiny Realm is so arrogant, but the other party really has this ability!

Su Ping looked at him coldly, did not speak, just raised his hand again, the bright knife light condensed, and this time it was more dazzling and blazing than before.

The star swirls in his body shook together again after a short pause, bursting out billions of stars-like power.


The waves and star power like the Yangtze River rushed through his body, and the divine power shone again.



"Invasion of different demons!"

When the purple-robed youth saw Su Ping's attack, he also made his own preparations. He called out these three-headed battle pets not to let them fight, but to cooperate with him.

The more the top battle pet master, the stronger his own combat power, and it is more terrifying than the battle pet!

In an instant, a halo of amplification was released from one of the green scale dragon beasts, and the amplification reached the purple-robed youth. His aura doubled, and the star power came out from his body like a cyclone.

At the same time, the other red dragon displayed a series of weakening skills, covering Xiang Su Ping.

But that demon-type battle pet made a scream, a sharp and strange attack, directly shot out, to break through Su Ping's brain, and directly kill Su Ping's soul!

"Two dogs!"

Su Ping shouted.

The two dogs behind Su Ping suddenly jumped out, bursting out with a shocking and fierce might, and a fierce and reckless dragon roar shook out, deterring the world!

This dragon roar is a dragon roar that transcends the starry sky. Before the two dogs could not simulate the roar of such an extraordinary creature, but now their cultivation level has improved, they can barely simulate a bit.

Along with Dragon Yin's deterrence, a series of amplification skills and purification skills were released, and the degraded rules covered by the red dragon were immediately resisted.

The sturdy rules that Ergou comprehended, combined with the rules of Thor and Thunder, turned into an energy buckler, resisting in front of Su plane.

At the same time, a series of boosts flooded Su Ping's body. These boosting skills extremely consumed physical energy and star power. As the breath of Su Ping's body climbed again, the star power in Ergou's body was like a big river bursting by, quickly passing away. .

Silent confrontation appeared. This was a contest between the two dogs and the two dragons and beasts in the early stage of the starry sky.

In the confrontation, Ergou seemed to have the upper hand, and actually suppressed the two pets!

In the eyes of outsiders, Su Ping's battle pet must be at the top of the Starry Sky Realm, so it is not surprising. Although this purple-robed youth is strong and can be suppressed by a higher level, the battle pet is a major weakness that cannot be avoided!

The battle pets in the early stage of the starry sky, in front of the starry sky top battle pets, just can't see enough!

Unless you can cultivate your pet to be as enchanting as yourself, how is this possible? !

This is why until now, the purple-robed youth has been fighting on his own, but he has not summoned his pet, because he can't be defeated even if he is summoned!

When the two dogs resisted, the attack of the demon-type battle pet directly penetrated the two dogs defense and hit Su Pings mind. This was like an attack from another dimension, suddenly pulling Su Pings consciousness into An extremely dark world, with strange demons roaring around, a group of demons attacked, and stretched out countless pale hands to pull Su Ping into the abyss!

"Inferior things, get out of here!!"

Su Ping let out a contempt, and his soul burst out with a roar.

In the depths of his soul, a sphere of influence emerged!

The stalwart and ancient undead aura permeates from it. It is just a wisp of time, and the surrounding darkness is completely dissipated. In front of those ancient undead, this feeling of directly acting on the soul also makes the releaser feel extremely deeply. The feelings of ancient dead souls are as if standing in front of them in person!

How majestic that is!

Like an ant, looking up at a giant whose body reaches the starry sky!

With a whimper, the demon-type battle pet next to the purple-robed youth suddenly screamed, his body trembling, and dark blood flowed out of seven or eight eyes at the same time, which was a backlash of skills.

In fact, Su Ping didn't use any attacks, but was frightened by the real scene in that region.

Potential domains are things that the naked eye has seen with their own eyes, and only then can they be preserved and projected. Those stalwart existences are all seen by this human being! !

While the demon-type battle pet screamed, the **** eyes looked at Su Ping in horror, as if looking at the horror that did not exist in the world, with extreme fear.

The purple-robed youth who was about to take action felt the emotion of his battle pet, and was slightly startled. This demon-type battle pet was so fierce, how could he feel fearful? And it's so strong!

But at this moment Su Ping is about to make a knife, and he also wants to make a move, so he has no time to think and scrupulously.

"Double, four elephant purgatory sword!!"

Su Ping has taken the knife again, his vision returned to reality from the collapsed darkness, almost without any stagnation, as if the invasion just now did not exist, his shots were consistent, and Xingli also maintained the momentum of rolling and rushing forward. !

The power of the rules emerges. At this moment, it is not only the rule of four swords, but the rule of eight!

When merging with Little Skeleton, Little Skeletons four rules of Thor, Thunder Boom, Annihilation, and Slicing can also be used, which was borrowed by Su Ping and overlapped with his own four rules, which is equivalent to eight rules!

However, due to the overlap of the rules, Su Ping's combination is not as difficult as the combination of eight rules.

"Zhantian Chain!"

Seeing that Su Ping's aura became more vigorous, the purple-robed youth knew that he was correct in the previous inference, this guy really had spare power, and he was furious in his heart and roared and shot.

This time, his chain revealed its main body, and all the branches that extended were gone. It was an extremely strong chain.

The chain was in his hand, like a sword like a stick, slammed out, and smashed into the sky!

In the front part of the chain, the two rules are like a big axe, breaking everything open and falling down with great momentum!

boom! !

The crackling sound appeared again, the whole small world shook, and the previously broken ground had more cracks.

The heat wave in the air was violent, the elements were chaotic, and the disorderly fragments of rules flew around. What was shocking was that the chain flew upside down again, and a blade of sword shattered the chaos, killing the purple-robed youth directly.

The purple robe youth roared and slapped his palm to pieces.

There was only an empty shell left on this sword light, which was shattered by him, but this scene still shocked countless people.

"Die to me!!"

The purple-robed youth was really furious, and while smashing the blades of light, he shot again. He forcibly managed the battle body, repaired his injuries, and burst out terrorist power to kill Su Ping.

This is the advantage of the strength of the battle body. The tyrannical God-based battle body can recover quickly and is full of stamina.

But when he killed Su Ping, Su Pings eyes were cold, standing in the void, like a demon in the world, full of black air, his own war body of the witch clan put him in a dark space, in this space, The rules and restrictions of the small world seem to be loose and corroded!

"Little Candle Dragon, come and fit together!"

Su Ping whispered.

In his body, the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast was released, and his aura quickly fell back, but the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast that had been waiting next to him immediately turned into a fiery flame and merged into Su Ping's body.

With a buzzing sound, the moment this momentum fell, it rose faster and crazier!

It climbs steadily, reaching even more terrifying and terrifying heights than before!

The strength of the fit pet beast is different to the battle pet master!

"Triple, four-like purgatory sword!!"

Su Ping's movement of the battle body is not only his witch battle body. At this moment, his golden crow **** demon body also burst out with dazzling hot golden light. One of the advantages of the **** demon body is that the operation of the divine power is unimpeded, whether it is divine power. It's still magic, it can work easily!

On Su Ping's bone knife, one rule emerged, twelve in total!

The four rules that Su Ping himself understood were passed on to Little Skeleton and also to Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast.

They were all borrowed at this moment, combined by him, and tripled!

The purple-robed youth looked at Su Ping's soaring aura again, and was a little shocked. What kind of battle body is this, with such a powerful force, can he recover so quickly and inspire a stronger aura?

Could it be said that Su Ping still has spare energy? !

At this time, he noticed that Su Ping's cultivation base was actually in the virtual cave realm!

This guy! !

The purple-robed youth was furious. He gritted his teeth. For the first time, he felt humiliated.

Although he was facing the Starry Sky Realm, he felt that it was an insult to himself to be able to force him to this level!

"You **** it!"

He gritted his teeth, his face was gloomy, and a mirror appeared in his palm.

The yin and yang of the frame of this mirror intersect with black and white, condensing the power of strange rules, making the small world around it slightly rippling.

"What is this?"

"Okay, it seems to be a star master class secret treasure?!"

"How could it be possible that the secret treasure of the Star Master Realm can be used in a Destiny Realm? I can't even take it!"

Outside the small world, many star owners stared at the mirror suspiciously.

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