Astral Pet Store Chapter 827

Chapter 924: Hole Card Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Su Ping stared slightly, that strange mirror gave him a super ethereal feeling, like a phantom, visible but not touchable.


The purple-robed youth was no longer in the mood to speak wildly, and Su Ping forced him to use this secret card. He was in a very bad mood at the moment, even if he killed Su Ping, he would not answer his hatred.

As soon as the mirror fell, the dark air on the frame surged, coiling behind the mirror, and then, coming out of the mirror, turning into a cloud of black mist, and condensing in front of him.

In a short breath, the black mist condensed into a fierce dragon, and as the black mist dissipated, the skin and dragon scales were exposed, and it looked like Su Ping!

Everyone was in an uproar.

Those star masters also changed their faces slightly, and their eyes showed extremely solemn colors. The real star master-class secret treasures, not to mention the fate, even the starry sky, cant be touched, just like mortals cant touch a spirit body, yes. Two-dimensional things can't be taken at all and can't be used!

However, on the mirror in front of me, the breath of the power of faith just revealed!

To say that this is not a star master-class secret treasure, it is definitely the top-notch first-class secret treasure in the starry sky realm!

This kind of secret treasure is even more expensive than the ordinary star master-class secret treasure, because the requirements for the user are not so high, and the starry sky realm can also be used, and even the purple-robed youth in the destiny realm in front of him can also use it!

The other starry sky realms were all shocked by the duplicated Su Ping, feeling that the duplicated body and the breath of Su Ping are generally the same, and it can be completely fake.


The purple-robed youth's face was gloomy, his thoughts passed, and the copy quickly shot out.

As soon as it was killed, this replica showed amazing power, and extremely strong star power burst out of its body, and raised its hand to display four rules, which are exactly the same as those used by Su Pinggang!

Even the rules of the enemy can be copied!

This scene shocked the many starry sky realms outside.

Such a terrifying secret treasure, this secret treasure alone can be invincible!

How do you fight this?

But soon, someone discovered that although this replica had the same rules as Su Ping, it didn't seem to have the breath of a combat body!


The purple-robed youth also noticed this, his face changed slightly, a little shocked.

The function of the secret treasure of his trump card is extremely terrifying, it can completely replicate the creatures below the star realm, in all aspects!

Even the rules of cultivation that tend to be the great ones can be copied in the same way!

Because of this, by relying on this mirror alone, the enemy can beat himself half to death!

But now, this mirror can't reproduce Su Ping's battle body? This unscientific!

This guy's battle body is so strong that even a mirror can't replicate it? !

The purple-robed youth's eyes were shocked, and even his god-type warfare body could be copied. At this moment, he was a bit slapped in the face, and he was slapped in the face by his own secret treasure.

Such a difference can only show that his combat body is not as good as Su Ping!

The opponent is only a demon-type battle body, but it can surpass his god-type battle body. It can be seen that it is an extremely rare and extremely top battle body!

"That's it?"

Seeing the clone rushing, Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly. Although this is a bit magical, he tried to defeat him by this? Too naive!

He stepped out suddenly, his eyes like torches, and once again displayed the triple purgatory sword!

The blade lights are as bright as a golden galaxy, and they emerge vertically and horizontally.

And that copy also used this sword technique, which is also a store of divine power, and the star power is fierce!

Seeing the copy of the shot, the purple-robed youth hurriedly said, "No!"

But it's still slow. This copy is based on the re-engraved combat experience to fight. This move is indeed the most suitable move to counterattack, the strongest versus the strongest!

But... the replica does not have a combat body, which makes his power unable to compare with Su Ping at all.

With a bang, the blade light was submerged, and Su Ping's blade light went forward, and with a bang, he directly cut and tore the body of the clone!

While cutting off the annihilation, Su Ping discovered that, apart from not replicating his body of war, this replica could not even replicate his golden crow **** and demon physique.

It feels no different from cutting tofu. If it is his Golden Crow Demon Body, although he can't hold it, at least he can feel the obstacle, so that the whole body can't be left behind.

"Come again!"

Su Ping gathered his strength and displayed the triple purgatory sword again.

This violent sword technique once again appeared vertically and horizontally. Such a huge and massive star power reserve shocked everyone. This should be considered a trick, but how can a trick be used again and again?

The many starry sky realms present, with their star power reserves, it is difficult to continuously perform such a large-scale move.

The purple-robed youth looked at the sword light, his face was ugly, the star power of his palms gathered together, and he suddenly roared, "Die to me!!"

The mirror suddenly lifted into the sky, glowing with dazzling light. The black and white of the yin and yang on the frame suddenly moved, and then separated from the mirror, turned into black and white, and slaughtered towards Su Ping.

The appearance of this black and white two qi tears the surrounding small world into the void, drawing out the deep gray space, ignoring the restraint of the small world!

"The power of faith!"

"Sure enough, it is the spirit of faith, and it is still two ways!"

"What material is this mirror that can actually seal the power of faith?"

With the appearance of black and white two qi, the faces of many star masters have changed. Such an attack is enough to hurt them!

The purple-robed youth in front of him is just a fate!

It's terrifying to such an extent!

In other starry sky realms and the fate realm on the spaceships and aircraft carriers, they are dumbfounded. The black and white two auras are like two meteorites, piercing the sky of the small world and the deep space, with irresistible momentum and strength. Su Ping killed him.

"Damn it!"

Outside the small world, the leader girl's face changed. This is the power of faith, completely beyond the level of the starry sky, and it is no different from the ultra-dimensional strike.

"You even have such a secret treasure, despicable!" The leader girl is very angry. Without this secret treasure, Su Ping has the upper hand, and if he fights on, he might win!

But now, a secret treasure directly changes the result!

There is no way to block it anymore. No matter how strong Su Ping is, he can't compete with the power of the Star Master Realm. This is irreversible!

Just when the leader girl was so angry that she was about to move out of Su Ping, suddenly, her beautiful eyes widened and an incredible color appeared on her face.

The other star main realms also felt it, and when they looked at it at the same time, they were all astonished for a moment.

In Su Ping's hands, a blazing white light suddenly erupted, like a boiling white flame. The unpretentious gray-white bone knife exuded an extremely terrifying aura at this moment, and the three faith powers were permeated above it!

So, this bone knife is also a top secret treasure? !

Many star owners are silent, and there is silence outside the small world.

"go with!!"

Su Ping shouted violently.

He brandished a bone knife and escorted him with the blade of the triple purgatory sword, and the three faith powers were thrown out.

With Su Ping's current power, it is not yet possible to directly manipulate the power of belief, and can only be operated with a bone knife.

But the same is true for the purple-robed youth on the opposite side, unable to manipulate this power, and can only use the secret treasure to push it, just like playing billiards, the secret treasure is a cue, and the power of belief is the ball. When pushed out, the route is easy. It cannot be changed. Whether it can be hit or not depends on the accuracy of the aim, and there is no return!

"Fengtian lock!"

At the moment before the black and white two qi flew out, the purple robe youth had already secretly made a move, and his chain secret treasure was used in conjunction with this trick to block the enemy.

He can't change the trajectory of black and white, but he can adjust the position of the enemy!


At this moment, the chain has reached Su Ping's side and is about to be blocked, but the purple-robed youth is a little confused, the power of the three beliefs?

At the moment he was stunned, the two powers of faith had cut through the deep space and collided at a speed beyond teleportation. At the moment of impact, the world was silent and silent.

Sound waves cannot be transmitted in the deep space, but everyone can see that the deep space gradually collapses, from the fourth to the third space, the shock wave spreads outward.


A star master reacted and suddenly shouted.

With just one word, the other star masters understood the meaning, they all came over in surprise, and hurriedly moved to strengthen the small world.

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