Astral Pet Store Chapter 828

Chapter 925: Rolling Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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boom! !

The shock wave swept across the small world outside instantly, like the bursting sound of thousands of thunder rushing, under this terrifying impact, all the mountains, rivers and land in the small world collapsed and annihilated, and the ground was shaken by the shock wave into pits thousands of meters deep. , The range is extremely wide, like a super cauldron.

Amidst the vibration, a golden light burst out, and it was Su Ping.

His body was flying by the edge of the shock wave, and the bones outside his body kept falling off, splitting and reorganizing, and the dragon scales on his body were regenerating repeatedly to resist the impact.

This is not the power of the starry sky, enough to easily obliterate the creatures of the late starry sky!

But at this moment, relying on the bloodline ability that Little Skeleton had just realized, the guardianship of the Dragon Demon Bone Shield, plus the dragon scales of the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and the rule of Thor's life to death.

Su Ping just carried it down, and was attacking!

His whole body's bone shield repeatedly collapsed, the dragon scales shattered, and the golden crow **** demon body was shaken to glow with divine light, and the golden crow phantom emanating from behind also faintly wailed like an ancient phoenix.

Change to be someone else, already fully defending at this moment.

But Su Ping brazenly shot out.

Triple Purgatory Knife! !

Su Ping roared in his heart, the blood in his eyes cracked, his hair was scattered, and he stared at the other purple-robed youth with shimmering golden eyes.

Beside the opponent, a series of golden talisman appeared.

This golden talisman resisted the Leibo Divine Sword of the Thunder Mountain, and only a golden talisman weakened the power of the Leibo Divine Sword by nearly half!

At this moment, the golden charms flew out like cheap toilet paper, surrounded by the purple-robed youth, and disappeared continuously.

Under the shock wave, the golden talisman tore quickly, but there were too many golden talisman, flying out one by one, turning into a golden shield, keeping the purple robe youth behind.

Under this shock, no one expected that Su Ping would actually attack. Such a terrifying shock would obliterate him a little carelessly, but Su Ping not only resisted it without borrowing the secret treasure, but also dared to continue fighting!

"This guy is crazy!"

"It's crazy, it's life-threatening!!!"

"I have to say that this is indeed an excellent opportunity to attack, as long as it can be held... but it is too courageous!"

"Look at the guy in the fate that day, this is too arrogant!"

"Grandma's legs, this top defensive treasure, is almost like white paper. Does this guy have a paper mill at home?"

"This kind of guy who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth is actually robbing us of the Taoist tree, it's unreasonable!"

Outside of the small world, many starry sky realms are full of complex moods, not only the domineering madness that shocked Su Ping, but also the magnanimity of the purple-robed youth who was jealous of that.

At this moment, Su Ping's body was on the edge of the shock wave and shot out with a weird route, and the triple purgatory knife traversed the void, seeming to aim at a flaw, and instantly slashed in front of the purple-robed youth.

The purple-robed youth who was behind the golden talisman had no time to perceive the situation outside at the moment, but when the sword light suddenly arrived, a sense of crisis of blessing to the soul caused him to erect his cold hair instantly, and his pupils shrank.

At this time, he saw Su Ping rushing through the gap between the alternating annihilation of the golden talisman, and saw the fierce murderous aura and blood in his eyes!

This is a lunatic!

The purple-robed youth reacted for the first time in his mind, and was a little shocked. This was a desperate way of playing!

Is a regular Tao tree worth it?

He is also a little angry. From childhood to adulthood, there is nothing he can't get that he wants to get!

A regular Tao tree is not worth his hard work, but he just doesn't like failure!

"Do you think I am a flower in a greenhouse? Who is afraid of whom, come on!!" The purple-robed youth also roared, and blood appeared in his eyes. At this moment, the blood demon's immortality art was urged to the extreme by him, and even burned. Battle body!

A raging blood rushed into the sky, surrounding his body, blood lines appeared like a **** lock, wrapped around his body, and his skin became red and angry.

"I use the devil's blood to town the common people!!"

The purple-robed youth roared, the chain appeared in his palm, and the rules that tended to be complete were burning. This time, he borrowed the rules of his own body-fitting pet, and also borrowed the rules of the parasitic beast, the demon snake.

However, because of the limitations of his own cultivation level, his battle pet is not as good as the rules he comprehends.

Although it is also the best pet, he has limited qualifications after all.

boom! !

Several chains intertwined with rules, burning with **** light, slashed down towards Su Ping from the sky, like a sharp blood blade!

All this happened in an instant. When the blood light chain was sacrificed, it was disturbed by the shock wave, the blood light light on it quickly dissipated, and the power was weakening, including the trajectory of the attack, and it was also deviated, which was difficult to control!

Similarly, the rules of the triple purgatory knife that Su Ping shot on the other side were also rapidly breaking down, and the blade's blade was splitting rapidly, unable to withstand the surrounding shock waves.

But the two attacks still bluntly collided together, and both sides were doing their best to control it.

"Cut it again!!"


Su Ping roared, the star power in his body burned, and the qi in the cells rotated to the extreme, escaping the violent star power. At the same time, from the violent shock wave, he ingested the weak star power to fill his body.

Regardless of the result, when he shot, he cut out the triple purgatory knife again.

Cut out with one knife, and then another!

The blade light smashed into a passage, and after Su Ping followed the blade light, he rushed out quickly and approached the purple-robed youth.

The chains of the purple-robed youth smashed Su Pings swordsmanship and gained the upper hand, but seeing Su Pings two swords one after another, his complexion suddenly changed. Such a strong attack, with Su Pings star power reserve, could actually Show so much? !

Is there a sea of stars inside this guy!

He gritted his teeth to control the chain attack again, chopping the sword beam, and tied with the second sword beam, the chain flew backwards, the **** light on it had disappeared, the power of the rules had also been shattered, and this secret treasure was also extremely affected at this moment. For heavy trauma, most of the terrible power above dissipates, and it needs to be recast and tempered.

Looking at Su Ping who came close, the purple-robed youth showed a deep murderous look in his eyes and looked at him savagely.

"Well come, let you see what physical skills are!"

He put away the chains, and a pair of pointed claw gloves appeared on his hands, which was also a top secret treasure.

In the Federation, physique is a very important secret technique, and many war pet masters will practice it.

Astrology, Combination Secret Art, Body Art, three factions, any kind of cultivation to the top, can have extraordinary power!

Unlike some small planets, which have serious subjects, some specialize in physical arts, some only practice occult art, and others like the blue star, which emphasize astrology. Although there are also physical arts, there are fewer and very few practitioners. Few physical achievement achievers.

At this moment, the surrounding shock wave also dissipated, leaving only the aftermath.

This aftermath is extremely hot, like the temperature of the inner core of a planet, enough to melt the rock and let the sea water evaporate.

The air in the small world is distorted due to the high temperature.

The purple-robed youth was full of blood and energy, using exercises to resist the blazing heat, but Su Ping rushed towards him in a stride, ignoring the high temperature with his own powerful special-class inflammation resistance.

Although this high temperature can also injure Su Ping, the damage caused by the operation of Thor's rules in his body has been repaired, and there is no need to pay attention.


The purple-robed youth slammed a punch and slammed Su Ping in the face. The punch was swift and sharp, like a sharp knife.

As he punched, his body shook, splitting into three, and rushing towards Su Ping at the same time. The shadows of his fists were all over the sky in an instant, dazzling people.

Su Ping opened his eyes, the divine light shot out, he turned around suddenly, threw up his thigh and kicked out, with a bang, the void vibrated, the shadow of his fist dissipated, and the body of the purple-robed youth flew upside down and was kicked out. Thousands of meters away, a golden talisman appeared on his chest, resisting Su Ping's foot, but the impact still made him uncomfortable.

"How can it be?!"

The purple-robed youth was shocked, and instantly recognized his real body? This is impossible!

The people outside the small world were also shocked, but Su Ping was so sharp.

"The boxing and clone that this guy just used has no flaws, and it's actually broken!"

"How did he find that guy's true body? He didn't even look at it, so he just shot it!"

"My God, shouldn't these two guys be abnormal in physical skills?!"

The many starry sky realms are incredible.

Many people also practice physical skills, but they all have their own biases. If you want to master them all and cultivate to the top, this is definitely greedy.

But this kind of thing... doesn't seem to be a problem for the two in front of you.

Is this a genius?

"Look at it, that person's cultivation is still in the Void Cave Realm, which shows that he still has spare energy!"

"Grass, really!"

"This Nima is too monster!"

"It's all in the Starry Sky Realm, why is the gap between you and me so big? It still prevents me from living!"

"Don't talk about the Starry Sky Realm, the Destiny Realm on the opposite side has already exploded into the sky, and we can only rely on this brother to save the face of our Starry Sky Realm!"

In the small world.

After Su Ping kicked the young man in a purple robe, his whole body was covered with bone spurs, and his bones protruded to form sharp bone spurs on his hands. He strode out and stepped on the light of God. At the approaching moment, he suddenly accelerated and lowered. And so on power increase, and speed increase!


The speed suddenly increased, and he shot head-on.

The purple-robed youth's pupils shrank, and quickly raised his hand to parry, at the same time, the Demon Snake at the back suddenly stretched out and swallowed it towards Su Ping.

Su Ping's body shook suddenly, appeared directly to his side, and hit the head of the Demon Snake with a punch!

The Demon Snake Ah-chun obviously didn't react, and it didn't expect it either. This human seems to have expected its attack, and even came specifically at it!

With a bang, the bone spurs on the fist pierced the scales, and the Demon Snake screamed.

When the purple-robed youth reacted, he became more and more furious, and he felt that his actions seemed to be seen through by Su Ping.

When the purple-robed youth wanted to retract the Demon Snake, Su Ping suddenly shot, grabbed the demon snake's body, suddenly opened his mouth, and a dragon roar shook out.

The purple-robed youth obviously did not expect that Su Ping would be able to use sound waves, and it was Dragon Yin's deterrent, his head was slightly shaken.

But in the next moment, a secret treasure in his mind unlocked this deterrence for him and restored his sanity.

But at this moment's pause, Su Ping had already beaten the Devil Snake with a few consecutive punches to the skin, dripping with blood.

The purple-robed youth fought back with a move, and Su Ping easily avoided it. With the help of super acceleration, as long as he perceives the opponent's movement, he can easily avoid it.

This is definitely a magical melee skill!

Coupled with the countless fighting experience he has accumulated in the nurturing world, only in terms of fighting, only the ancient Order God who fought against the demigod like Joanna can surpass him.

"This is your confidence? Immature!"

Su Ping's eyes were filled with contempt, showing absolutely powerful power, and in a blink of an eye he punched the purple-robed youth with a number of punches, and every punch flew out with a golden talisman to resist for the purple-robed youth.

The purple-robed youth was shocked and angry. Although he was resisted by the golden talisman, he was not injured much, but...humiliated!

He was actually crushed by this man in terms of physical skills!

His various methods of attack have been seen through by the other party, which is simply bullying!

"Don't be too arrogant, wait for me to step into the starry sky and kill you like a chicken!"

The purple-robed youth was shaken with a punch by Su Ping and flew hundreds of meters away, his face was extremely ugly.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly and sneered: "That depends on whether you have the ability to step into the starry sky!"

With the patience of this purple-robed youth, Su Ping admitted that the other party stepped into the starry sky and was definitely not an opponent with his current power.

But he will also grow!

This is why he tried so hard to get the rule tree!

The purple-robed youth was angry and stopped making tongues. He took out the chains again to kill Su Ping. In close combat, he was crushed to a mess by Su Ping, and he no longer continued to fight.

His gold talisman also consumes about the same amount, and if he uses some more, he can only expose his biggest hole card.

But once that hole card is exposed, if someone is concerned about it, he may be in danger of his life!

Seeing the opponent's chain swinging, Su Ping was also unceremonious and slashed out with a bone knife.

The star power in his body is long, and the star snails in the countless cells in the body are also rapidly absorbing the power of the surrounding air when they are consumed. The melee combat just now has less energy consumption. He took this opportunity to absorb a lot of energy. Energy, fill itself.

Moreover, Little Skeleton has been helping, helping him to absorb undead power from nothingness and transform it into star power.

The chains waved, and the blades intersected.

The small world was caught in a war again, but this time, Su Ping and the purple-robed youth didn't have any more means, they just used the strongest means to fight again and again.

Both sides want to defeat each other, but each other's strength is very balanced, it is difficult to kill each other in a single shot.

When the strongest means becomes continuous output, it only depends on whose background is deeper.

Outside the small world, everyone looked at the continued battle between these two people, and they were a little shocked and speechless. They felt that this battle would continue for a long time, until one of them ran out of energy!

But these two are monster-level, it seems that the star power is inexhaustible!

Change to another starry sky realm, already weak at this moment.

"Compared with me in physical fitness?"

The purple-robed youth showed contempt in his eyes, and a divine fruit appeared in his palm, and he swallowed it directly. Soon, the divine fruit was like rain and dew, nourishing the exhausted veins in his body, and star power surged up again.

Su Ping's face was dark and did not speak, and continued to use the knife again and again.

five minutes later.

The purple robe youth's star power was squeezed dry again, his face was gloomy, and he took out the second divine fruit.

Nine minutes later, he looked ugly and took out the third divine fruit.

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