Astral Pet Store Chapter 829

Chapter 926: Not Worthy Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Half an hour passed.

The purple-robed youth had already swallowed the seventh divine fruit.

Although he has no shortage of divine fruit, the more divine fruit he eats in a short period of time, the weaker the effect will be. When the next divine fruit is eaten, it will be used up before squandering two minutes.

"Damn it!"

The purple-robed youth had an ugly face, and he used a chain to force Su Ping back. When he saw him kill again like a wolf, his heart was furious and aggrieved.

This is the true background of the Starry Sky Realm?

He has already swallowed seven divine fruits, and Su Ping is like an abyss with star power, and there is still no trend of exhaustion!

For the first time, the purple-robed youth felt the huge difference between the Destiny Realm and the Starry Sky Realm!

This gap is like a gully, which makes him angry and aggrieved.

So much so that this thought grew in his heart: If you weren't in the Starry Sky Realm and had a higher cultivation base than me, I would have killed you!

In the past, he failed and would never use the cultivation base as an excuse. That was the rhetoric of the weak!

But now, he has this idea.

Realizing that he has such an idea is what makes the purple-robed youth the most angry, which means that his proud heart has begun to succumb!

"Die to me!!"

The purple-robed youth roared angrily, the chain waved, the above rules burst, and he exchanged injuries with Su Ping!

He has divine fruit and other healing secretions, even if it is consumed, he will consume Su Ping to death!


Su Ping still shot with all his strength, and the triple purgatory sword broke out, splitting the chain, and approaching the purple-robed youth.

As he shot, his pores stretched, and the star swirls in the cell were spinning fast, releasing the star power while pulling the surrounding star power into the body.

Chaos Star tried to make his star power far exceed the same level, vast as an abyss.

In addition, Su Ping had previously rubbed the thunder tribulation hundreds of times, purifying the star power in his body to be extremely pure, condensing and condensing it, and a ray of star power can penetrate the mountains and rocks and suppress the vast sea realm!

If you want to convert, the star power in his body is hundreds of times that of the same-level virtual cave realm!

Twenty times the Destiny Realm!

Although the purple-robed youths god-type warfare body, plus the liar that he had taken since he was a child, and the cultivation technique, the star power in his body is extremely vast, far superior to other destiny realms, but it is still inferior compared with Su Ping. a lot of.

Bang! Bang!

Su Ping's eyes were like electricity, and the swordsmans cut out one by one, the more fierce the battle became.

The little skeleton on him conveys a steady stream of star power. This is the little skeleton using the rules of death to create huge undead energy, and then using Thors rules to transform from death to life. The combination of these two rules, The energy of the little skull is almost inexhaustible.

If it is in the outside world and the space is not blocked, it can also use the bloodline ability of the Skeleton King family to ingest undead energy from the deep void. As long as there is undead energy, it can continuously break its bones and regenerate, and the ashes will be reborn!


The purple-robed youth hurried to parry, the chain was shaken, his body qi and blood surged, feeling that the star power was not good again, he gritted his teeth and pulled out a divine fruit to take it down.

As soon as he finished eating this divine fruit, he felt a sudden tremor in his body, and a little throbbing pain.

The dry star power in his body was replenished and gradually recovered, but his body seemed to be unable to hold on any longer.

"How is it possible that I am a god-type warfare body, and I will decline first?!"

The purple-robed youth's eyes widened, shocked in his eyes.

His physical strength was actually exhausted, and his body could no longer withstand the stimulation and energy replenishment brought by this divine fruit again and again. If he continued to fight, it would affect the battle body and hurt the foundation!

On the other side, Su Ping is still fighting like crazy, like a tireless beast!

Is this the gap between him and the Starry Sky Realm?

The purple-robed youth gritted his teeth, his heart frustrated.

If it were not for the hindrance of the cultivation base, he believed that he would never be inferior to Su Ping!

I glanced at the regular Tao tree in the distance. There were many fruits underneath, one by one, which contained Taoist rhyme and rules.

Unwillingness appeared in the eyes of the purple-robed youth. What he wanted was the first time he couldn't get it. It was so difficult to get!

Do you want to use that secret treasure?

But... that thing is mainly defensive, and once exposed...

The purple-robed youth looked out of the small world, where besides the dense starry sky, there were many star owners.

Although the cards are good, they are also invaluable, enough to arouse some star masters' greed!

"Are you distracted? Get me down!"

At this moment, a loud roar suddenly sounded.

The purple-robed youth suddenly raised his head and saw Su Ping kicking him violently. He hurriedly waved the chain to resist. At the same time, thousands of fist shadows blasted out. With a bang, the chain was shaken, and the fist shadows dissipated, and only one punch was left. On the soles of Su Ping's feet, his body flew upside down and fell to the ground below.

Su Ping's body flew upside down for hundreds of meters, and then continued to kill at a faster speed.


The purple-robed youth hurriedly flicked the chain to block it.

Su Ping brandished the bone knife and chopped off the chains with a chuckle.

This bone knife is not only hard and sharp, but it also seems to contain Su Ping's incomprehensible and touchable power, cutting the chain made of this extraordinary material into a very deep gap.

Seeing this scene, the purple-robed youth was heartbroken and said, "What's your name!"

"You don't deserve to know."

Puff, the purple-robed youth almost vomited blood. This is the first time he has been said so.

Not worthy?

His master is an expert in the Conferred God Realm!

Not to mention his master, even if he is himself, when he becomes the starry sky realm, it will be enough to cross the starry sky realm, and wrestle with the star master giant!

When he becomes a giant star master, he will sweep the star master realm and have the right to talk to Fengshen realm!

It can be said that as long as there is no accident for him, the future is boundless, and it is a new star that will surely rise up and illuminate the entire federal universe!

Right now, some people say they are unworthy?

"You are crazy!" The purple robe youth gritted his teeth and said.

Su Ping looked down at him and said, "What I'm telling is only the facts. When you can compete with me without the help of external forces in the future, come and nominate me again!"


The purple-robed youth was angry and said: "Wait until my cultivation base is equal to you, you can say this again!"

If it wasn't for a realm of cultivation, he would need to use external force to eat the divine fruit? !


Su Ping looked at him like an idiot, "When your cultivation is really equal to me, you won't be able to catch even one of my tricks!"

The purple-robed youth was furious, almost mad.

What is the ability to suppress by cultivation?

He has shown various means to sweep across many starry sky realms, can't you see it blindly?

When he becomes the starry sky realm, he will be more than ten times stronger than he is now!

"You dare to report your name, and when I become a starry sky, I will fight you again!" The purple-robed young man gritted his teeth with anger in his eyes.

"Waiting for you to become a starry sky, it will indeed make me more enjoyable." Su Ping nodded, but did not deny this, "but you want my name, you don't deserve it, wait until you become a starry sky."


The youth in the purple robe was so angry that his face turned purple. He took a deep breath and didn't ask any more questions.

With his patience, he knew which war alliance Su Ping came from, and he would know when he looked back.

Do you really think I can't find you if you don't say it?

I remember you! !

"This ruled Taoist tree, my son gave it to you, it's a cultivation for you, I hope you don't let me down, wait for me to become a starry sky in the future, and give me a good training partner!" The purple-robed youth exhaled, coldly Said the face.


Su Ping raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes. This kid was crazy.

Obviously it's helpless, but still pretending to be forced!

"Let's talk about it when you become a starry sky realm. You are not enough to pretend to be a big tail wolf with me!" Su Ping sneered.

The purple-robed youth took a deep look at him, restrained his inner anger, and said nothing.


Outside the small world.

Everyone was a little shocked as they watched the ending battle.

Unexpectedly, the battle between these two people would last so long!

You know, they almost all shot with all their strength, they are all the strongest killer moves and unique skills, and the battle body is always in a state of full excitation, maintaining the peak!

But... the peak period of these two people seemed to last a little too long.

The most shocking thing was Su Ping. The purple-robed youth swallowed seven divine fruits without any energy consumption. This guy was too strong, and his star power seemed inexhaustible.

Is there a universe of stars connected to this guy's body?

"It's over, it's finally over..."

"Huh, it feels as long as the federal calendar."

"It's too fierce. Is this the top battle in the Starry Sky Realm? By the way, this guy, even though he is defeated, can be beaten to this level in a mere Destiny Realm..."

"Yes, with this strength, it is estimated that the top old monsters in the Starry Sky Realm are not necessarily opponents!"

"Destiny sweeps across the starry sky, it's terrible, but this big star in the starry sky is also terrifying, worthy of the starry sky, suppress this monster, and still have more power!"

"Yeah, fortunately, I won. I preserved the face of the Starry Sky Realm for us, otherwise it would be known that the Starry Sky Realm was swept by a Destiny Realm, which would be too shameful!"

"Tsk tusk, I feel that this battle is better than my own retreat for a hundred years and I have gained too much!"

"Yeah, an eye-opener!"

The many starry sky realms that stopped were shocking and sighing.

The battle was over, both Su Ping and the purple-robed youth made them amazed and moved.

Although the purple-robed youth gave up and was so arrogant, no one dared to underestimate him.

A Destiny Realm can do this step, it is extremely terrifying, it is incredible.

Such a genius will sooner or later shine in the Federation and become an existence that attracts worldwide attention.

Of course, the premise is that the opponent did not die!

"Master Star actually lost..."

"This guy is also a monster. Although it was suppressed by the Starry Sky Realm's cultivation base, there are a few in the Starry Sky Realm that are like this. No wonder we can't even see through the whole body of cultivation base!"

"Yes, when this guy is in the Destiny Realm, it is estimated that he will not be much inferior to this one. He was probably a monster before!"

"There are so many terrible guys in this world..."

Many star owners, their eyes flickering, all looked solemn.

Many of them took Su Ping seriously and wrote down his appearance and breath.

Although the purple-robed youth was terrifying, he was still in the destiny state after all, and there was still some way to go in the future.

And Su Ping... this guy couldn't see through, but he was obviously already in the Starry Sky Realm, and he was only one step away from these Star Masters!

With such a genius, no one would doubt that Su Ping would be stuck in the bottleneck of promotion and would not be able to become a star lord.

And once Su Ping breaks through and becomes the star master, it is estimated that in time, he will be a powerful one in the star master realm!

"Unexpectedly, in our war alliance, we actually recruited such a big man!"

"This is definitely a proper starry sky evildoer!"

"Tsk, we have one more thigh!"

"Baitian Xianzun, this is his name, really has the power of defeating the sky!"



Many people in the Xinghai League were excited, some took the lead and shouted.

Hearing these bursts of cheers, the European Huangmeng and Qianyumeng next to them all squinted over. These mentally retarded people are also talking about these scalp-numbing brains.

However, they admit that the guy in that small world is indeed a very scary guy!

"Rule Taoshu actually got it..." The leader girl was stunned. She didn't expect the surprise to come so quickly. She could see that the purple-robed youth had a background, and even his hole cards were not used. If there is a Conferred God Realm behind the opponent If so, the hole card will never be just a secret treasure that can carry the power of faith.

Whatever the matter, it is necessary to prepare a self-defense secret treasure that is difficult to kill in the star realm, or some kind of extremely powerful destructive secret treasure.

She is quite familiar with the "quotes" in it.

After all, the circles she has been in contact with have cultivated her juniors in this way.

If you are not even prepared for this, it would be too stupid.


The lord girl moved Su Ping out, her gaze swept away, and she saw the old time man shrinking in a golden tortoise shell in a small world, and she also moved him out.

The previous impact of the power of belief made the old man of Time scared his face green. At a speed that broke the record of his life, he hid in the distance, shrank into a corner of the small world, and tried his best to survive.

Once swept in, he felt that his tortoise shell would also be broken.

"Everyone, I would like to bet and lose, this rule tree is now owned by the deity!" After the leader girl moved out of Su Ping, she couldn't wait to say.

Many star masters looked at each other, but helpless.

Up to now, it doesn't make sense to renege on the account. The basic face is still necessary, and even if someone reneges on the account, he may not be able to make a profit. After all, there is only one thing, so many people are staring at it.

The leader girl ignored the crowd, and after speaking, she raised her hand and a majestic power of faith shook out, pulling out the regular Tao tree and the nearby soil, and transferring it to her own small world.

Seeing the vast power of faith she unleashed, many star owners narrowed their eyes and felt a bit of deterrence.

"Rookie, you performed well, I remember your name, haha!" The lord girl turned her head to look at Su Ping, and smiled indifferently: "I will keep this rule of the Taoist tree for now, so that no one will covet it. After I go back, I will find you again and give you the fruit of the above rules."


Su Ping glanced at her twice, and had no choice but to agree.

There are so many star host realms around, even if Su Ping took this thing and left this immortal mansion immediately, it would be dangerous.

If there is a star owner who is really frantic and does not fight for the treasures of the fairy mansion, but chases out secretly, he really can't stop it!

This leader girl accepted it for him, which also helped him block the prying eyes of those around him.

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