Astral Pet Store Chapter 830

Chapter 927: Threat Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"The three of you have also contributed, and you will be rewarded when you look back!"

The leader girl looked at Shennong and punched them three times, and said with a chuckle.

She raised her hand and waved, four starry sky secret treasures appeared, shining divinely and brilliantly, all of which were quite high-quality secret treasures, including gloves, battle armor, sharp swords, and battle knives.

Obviously, they were prepared and selected for Su Ping.

The four secret treasures flew to the four of them one by one. The leader girl gave Su Ping a battle sword. She said: "This knife is not as good as your secret treasure, but it is also a high-class starry sky secret treasure. If you think it is useless, It's all right to exchange some money, star crystals, and secret skills."

Although these artifacts are expensive, they are not so coveted by the star master class, she generously gave them.

"Thank you."

Su Ping nodded and accepted.

This battle knife is not necessarily useless. The bone knife can be given to the little skeleton, and the battle knife is used by himself. Unless it is necessary, he will mate with the little skeleton and fight with the bone knife.

"Thank you, Lord Lord!"

The other three people also thanked them one after another, and then looked at Su Ping, and immediately thanked Su Ping, with all their faces full of admiration.

If Su Ping didn't win, the result of this rule would have nothing to do with them.

the other side.

The purple-robed youth returned to a war alliance. His amazing performance attracted many people's attention. When they saw the war alliance where he returned, they all stared slightly and noticed.

"Master Star, just a little bit, you don't need to care." A star owner saw the gloomy purple-robed youth and immediately reassured and persuaded him.

"Yes, in my opinion, if the Star Master uses the real hole cards, at any cost, this rule of the Taoist tree may not be impossible to obtain. Furthermore, the opponent is a realm higher than you after all, and the difference between the cultivation base of the destiny and the starry sky is itself. It's just unfair!" The other star master also nodded and said.

The purple robe youth's face was gloomy, and he didn't speak.

Is the cultivation base a gap?

Of course he knows!

But since he was young, he always liked to step on his cultivation base and challenge him to the next level!

He challenged it all the way and won it!

But today, he failed!

Although the difference in cultivation level can barely comfort him, he is still unwilling to do so. If he can be stronger, maybe even such a starry evildoer can be suppressed at the same time!

"Not enough, I'm not strong enough..."

The purple robe youth had cold eyes, staring at the figure in the distance.


"The prohibition seems to be loose!"

At this moment, suddenly a star master whispered.

The other star masters also felt at the same time. They raised their heads and stared into the depths of the garden, and immediately some of the star masters swept the people who swept off the war alliance into the small world, and then rushed to the depths of the garden.

"Go, let's go too!"

The leader girl said immediately, with a wave of her bare hand, Su Ping and the old man of time flew into the small world immediately, and then she stepped out in one step, as if shrinking into an inch, and spanning thousands of feet in a blink of an eye.

The other star owners also set off one after another, galloping out.

I crossed the path by the road and went deep along the flower path, and saw a swaying barrier appeared, resisting at the end of the road.

There, two star masters were cracking the formation, star patterns appeared all over the body, and the divine light was shining, cracking the dense patterns on the formation.

"How about it, how long will it take?"

Someone asked immediately.

One of the star masters who broke the ban opened his eyes and said: "At most half a stick of incense, this is the ban of the ancient fairy **** era, and it is only recorded in ancient books. Fortunately, we two have studied extensively and cooperated with each other to break it."

"Thank you two."

The leader of the European Emperor is polite and authentic.

Others also thanked them in a very polite manner.

The star master's expression was very indifferent, and said: "Thanks are not necessary. We are not obligated to take action. We don't want other things. Everyone gives two Star Master's Secret Treasures, and then you can enter. It is also for the two of us. s return!"


Many star masters changed their expressions slightly. Someone immediately turned their faces and thanked them with a smile in the last second, but at this moment they said angrily: "The two are too greedy! How precious are the star masters' secret treasures, even if we dont have much, lets talk about it. , Everyone will give it to you, how many pieces you got, you guys have earned too much!"


"The heart is too dark. Each person will give two pieces, one for each of you, and if we give them all, you will not say you have to take ten pieces. This is the Star Master's Secret Treasure, not the Starry Secret Treasure!"

"I thought the two were people of righteousness, but I didn't expect to be so nasty!"

"You guys are threatening us by breaking the formation. Isn't it too despicable? You offend all of us..."

Many star owners are dissatisfied.

"What nonsense!" The star master who broke the formation was said to be a little ugly, and said in a deep voice: "If you want to get in, you have to give it, or we will give up. The big deal is that we will spend it here. Before you competed for the rules of the Taoist tree, we But breaking the formation here is tantamount to surrendering Dao Shu. Now let you pay the entrance fee, just care about it!"

"We can afford it, or you will break the battle by yourself!"

"To the end, at most, wait until the fairy palace is closed and Fengshen leaves, we all come empty-handed and return empty-handed!"

"Use it!"

The star master said angrily.

"It's not a big deal!" Someone agreed, saying categorically.

The leader of the European Emperor said calmly: "I can afford it, anyway, even if you didn't get it in the end, I will definitely get the chance because of the goddess of luck, and I won't go for nothing!"


The lord Qianyu next to him glanced at him like an idiot, then turned his head and snorted coldly.

The lord girl had a calm expression on her face, and did not speak. Anyway, the Taoist tree is in her hands, she has already earned it, and it is someone else who should be anxious at this time.

Everyone in the small world of many star masters looked at each other. I didn't expect that these two star masters who broke the formation would use this to threaten them. Could it be that this trip to the Immortal Palace would freeze at this door?

This is a bit too funny!

However, at this time, no one dared to speak, about the star master giants, they couldn't talk about the starry sky realm.

In the back, many scattered people in the starry sky are plowing soil in the Taoyuan at the moment.

The soil that the star host realm can't look down on, but it is also a treasure to those who are scattered in the starry sky.

Rare earths such as the regular Dao tree can be bred. On rare occasions, although 90% of the energy in the soil has been absorbed by the regular Dao tree, the rest is not mortal earth, at least worth the cost of a trip!

As time passed, the restrictions were cracked more and more. Twenty minutes later, the two star owners stopped at the same time and looked at the many star owners faintly.

The meaning is obvious.

If you want to go in, you have to agree, otherwise you will freeze here together.

Let them help for free, it is impossible for them to do such kind of good deeds.

This world is like this. You have done good deeds, and others thank you on the surface, but they will call you stupid and ridiculous in their hearts!

"Do you really want this?"

"Everyone is a person with status, why should it be so ugly, for the sake of a mere secret..."

"Bah, I asked you to say something pretty. Since it is a mere secret treasure, then you give it to me!"


The atmosphere is a bit stalemate.

After half an hour, suddenly, there was a roar from the depths of the fairy mansion!

This roaring thunder is like a thunder outside the sky, it seems to be the roar of some kind of ancient beast, and it seems to be the thunder caused by the birth of the treasure!

The sound spread, misty and distant, everyone outside the restriction heard it, all the star masters changed their expressions and looked up into the depths of the majestic fairy mansion.

But it seemed that there was a long and ethereal distance between them, and nothing could be seen.

"Damn it!"

"That's fine, we handed in this secret treasure, but we only handed in one, you distribute it yourself!"

"Yes, there is only one out. This is our bottom line, otherwise don't blame us for working together to kill you!"

"Go on if you don't agree, what a terrible dog, I'm so mad at me!"

Many star owners are a little angry, this feeling of being pinched by someone is very uncomfortable.

The two star masters glanced at each other, did not insist anymore, and agreed.

They had previously proposed two secret treasures, which had left room for bargaining, and the abnormal noise in the depths of the Immortal Mansion at this moment also made them stunned.

They mastered the secret technique of prohibition, and if there were any other places in the depths of this fairy mansion, they would have to rely on them to do it.

Even, they can rely on the formation to obtain secret treasures that others can't get!

Consumption with these guys here is not a good deal for them!

Soon, many star masters handed in secret treasures one after another, all choosing their own worst star master secret treasures to deliver. Some people had extra star master secret treasures, and they didn't feel distressed.

In the small world, Su Ping watched the two star masters collect the secret treasure and break the restriction.

His eyes flickered slightly, which restrained him a bit familiar, but he wouldn't say it.

Prior to learning the formation from Joanna, the formation knowledge that Joanna imparted to him is from the Protoss, some of which are improved, and there are also ancient gods.

The principle is quite similar to the restriction in front of him. He feels that if he takes a shot, it will take a little more time to break it, but he will naturally not show the limelight.

In this fairy palace, if you can break the formation, you will definitely get more secret treasures. Others will know this, so they will get more people's attention.


Su Ping suddenly felt eyes converging on him.

Turned his head and looked, tusk, it was that guy.

In the small world of a star master realm, the purple-robed youth who had previously competed with Su Ping stood in it, surrounded by a crowd of starry sky realms, but he looked over like a group of chickens with cold eyes.

Su Ping raised his eyebrows slightly and hooked his fingers.

Are you here?

Seeing Su Ping's actions, the corners of the purple-robed youth's eyes twitched slightly, and his heart was furious. He snorted coldly, turned his head and retracted his gaze.

"Brother Baitian, you have to be careful, that guy is so strong, there must be a big background behind him, even a force beyond the star realm!"

Next to him, Old Man Shiguang said in a voice transmission.

At this moment, beside Su Ping, several Star Alliance's starry sky later accompanied him, and Su Ping was faintly led.

Ren O'Neal was also squeezed to the side. He could only watch this happen, smile in his heart, and it turned out that gold would shine, even in the late stage of the starry sky, he is very polite to Su Ping and is willing to make friends, and he wants to please him again. Su Ping's difficulty is even greater.

The greatest joy in his heart at this moment was that he had made the most correct decision before and did not become an enemy of Su Ping.

Otherwise, that grandson would be enough to destroy their Ren family!

The family that has ruled a planet for thousands of years is spreading its branches and leaves. How large is the population of the family? If it were destroyed by one person, this person would definitely be an eternal sinner in the family!

"Previously, I only kept Garland alone. It is estimated that I should let others come back to report. Maybe they don't care at all, but they don't want me to bother him..." Ren O'Neill wondered in his heart and couldn't help but sigh.

This is the big brother's world.

He doesn't care about other people's revenge at all. Everything is an ant. If he retaliates, it is estimated that others will just slap him to death.

Some warnings were given only because he was too lazy to raise his hand to pat.

"It doesn't matter to him, even if he is in the Conferred God Realm, it has nothing to do with me." Su Ping said to the old man of time.

Su Ping thought about this since the opponent showed his power in the small world and swept the starry sky, and he also considered that even if the opponent had a master of the Conferred God Realm behind him, they would not be the three in the depths of the Immortal Mansion. One of the Fengshen Realm.

In other words, the Conferred God powerhouse behind the opponent is not here at all.

Otherwise, with the means of the power of the gods, this ruled Tao tree can be easily pulled out, and if you want to take it, you don't need to let your junior come out to fight.

Is it coming out to show off? Who will show it to?

If you really want to show it, wait for the federation universe genius war to show up again.

Considering this, Su Ping was not afraid to provoke this guy, anyway, as long as he left the fairy house and returned to the store, even if the Conferred God powerhouse behind him came over, he couldn't do anything.

Moreover, Su Ping didn't think that a Conferred God Realm would fight for this thing.

This is too compelling!

When the old man of time heard Su Ping's transmission, he was shocked and stared at him.

In this tone, could it be that Su Ping also has a powerful conferred **** behind him?


How could a celestial evildoer like Su Ping not worship the Fengshen-level power behind him?

Even a genius like Su Ping, who was born in the Five Great Shenfu Academy, will be sheltered by the Academy even if he graduates. If other Conferred God Realms want to deal with it, they have to ask the Conferred God behind him!

"That's right, so what about the Conferred God, the husband should stand upright and look at everything, I admire your courage!" At this moment, a bold and clear voice sounded, appearing in the ears of the two, it was the girl of the leader. .

Su Ping was startled, and was shocked, "You can hear us?"

"Of course, in my little world, you can't hide anything from me!" The leader girl smiled lightly.

Su Ping: "..."

So, you even know what kind of underwear your brother wears?


Su Ping turned to look at the people around him, and suddenly his scalp became numb.

Thinking of so many people, in the eyes of this leader girl, it was like running naked, and there was an extremely weird feeling in his heart.



The leader girl suddenly frowned, feeling that Su Ping's eyes were strange, but she couldn't tell what was wrong.

At this time, there was a wave of waves in front, and the restriction was disillusioned like a whirlpool.


The star master who broke the formation said with a sigh of relief.

After that, his eyes suddenly became vigilant, looking at everyone, at this moment the restriction was broken, if everyone wants to work together to recover the secret treasure, they can only hide!

Although they are small in number, they are all of the same rank. If they run away with all their heart, it is difficult to kill the other party. This is why they are confident and dare to rob.

"what is that?"

Those star masters obviously knew this too, no one thought about asking for it again, and after the restriction was broken, the scene revealed inside immediately attracted everyone's attention.

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