Astral Pet Store Chapter 831

Chapter 928: Ancient Corpse Steps Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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After the ban, the clouds dispersed, and a step across the sky appeared in front of everyone.

This step is like a bridge, running through the heaven and earth and Xianfu, one end is at the end of this garden, and the other end is outside the Xianfu Hall ten thousand meters away.

The world in this fairy mansion is like a void of space, with lonely palaces floating like islands, mysterious and magnificent, and there are celestial fairy formations in the void.

There is no immortal atmosphere in the fairy house that everyone imagined, the beautiful scene surrounded by immortal sounds, but there is a kind of weird tranquility and loneliness.

It seems that this place is already in ruins, Jedi!

"The Immortal Palace... it seems that the distance from us hasn't shortened!"

"It should be some kind of regular force, no, maybe it's a deeper force, the kind that we can't understand and comprehend..."

"How do I feel the breath of death, my greedy ghost beast seems to be afraid of something, there seems to be something hidden here!"

"This immortal mansion may be forbidden by ancient immortals, please be careful," someone reminded.

Many star owners are horrified, and their faces are solemn. Although they don't see any danger, they have an inexplicable creepy feeling, like entering a cemetery late at night, making people feel chilly.

"There is another prohibition!"

In the small world, Su Ping's eyes flashed, and he caught a streak of emptiness.

At this time, the two star owners who broke the ban also changed slightly, and one of them whispered: "There is another ban!"


Several star owners were startled, their expressions slightly changed.

But the other people's eyes flickered, and they didn't show any different colors, and they seemed to have seen it too.

"Since the two have received things, they will break them together!" A star master said immediately.

Others nodded one after another, not wanting these two to sit on the ground and raise the price.

The two people didn't mean to bid any more, mainly because they saw that the restriction in front of them was not as complicated as the previous restriction, but just an ancient illusion.

"Let me do it."

The star master with a rounder figure said, he immediately broke the formation.

A series of star patterns appeared, matching with the array patterns in the void, such as inserting a key, the stars were intertwined, and they looked like a large plate.

In less than a quarter of an hour, this ancient phantom array suddenly dissipated.

As the formation dissipated, the world in front of him seemed to be pulled away as a prologue like a film of water, revealing its true face.

At the moment when they saw the real scene, the people who were still a little noisy suddenly fell into a dead silence.

Everyone held their breath, their eyes widened, unbelievable!

The scene in front of you has not changed!

It's the palaces and the steps that are as old as bridges.

But the only change is that there are dead bodies everywhere in the empty space around that place!

These corpses were all killed in battle, or tragic death!

Some are tiny human corpses, the blood has long solidified, as if dried up, some are giant beast corpses that are as tall as a mountain, and the blood on the hair is stiff!

There are still some corpses, only empty gray and white skeletons are left, and some are half-rotted.

This quiet land of immortals is full of corpses!

Everyone saw their scalp numb, is this the real scene in the fairy house?

Some timid starry sky realms, at this moment, both legs are trembling, a little weak.

Su Ping's face changed slightly and his expression was solemn. What happened in this ancient fairy mansion? Did these dead bodies fall along with the fairy mansion, or were they the bodies of the intruders later? !

In the distance, those scattered people in the starry sky who robbed the celestial soil in the Taoyuan also approached, seeing this scene all suffocated, and could not speak.

The silence lasted for several minutes before it eased. A star owner rushed out first, saying: "Since the restriction has been broken, I will take a step!" After finishing speaking, he jumped directly across the void and broke into the area of floating corpses.

He waved the star power, pushed the floating and still corpses away, and flew towards the opposite Xianfu Hall.

Under his impetus, those corpses were easily pushed away, and indeed they were all dead.

Seeing someone moving, other people also came back to their senses. Although they were a little shocked and scared, they were still jealous when they thought of the treasures in the fairy house, and moved quickly one by one and flew into it.

The world after this ban is very big, and it is no longer a single tree crowd. You can sprint with them and hunt for treasures individually.

Boom! !

Suddenly, a roar of thunder sounded, followed by a roar.

When everyone looked around, they saw that the star master who rushed in first flew over the cliff, and in the void in front of his eyes, thunder thundered and knocked it back.

The star master cast several rules of astrology before removing the thunder, but he was still hit and fell back hundreds of meters.

"what's the situation?"

Others were surprised by the sudden thunder. Except for the two anomalies of Su Ping and the purple-robed youth, those with the lowest cultivation bases were all in the Starry Sky Realm. They were knowledgeable and could see at a glance that the thunder contained a strange sky. The power of robbery has unique rules in the world, and it is not an ordinary thunder power.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A series of star masters pushed the bodies floating in the air away, and flew to the edge of the cliff. The star masters immediately noticed the strangeness, and stared, "It seems that there is a peculiar avenue that has blocked this space. No, to be precise, this It is a space in another world, it is forbidden to step into it!"

"How is it possible that the small world collapses when people die, unless the owner of this space is still alive..."

"Perhaps when I was alive, I dug out the small world and sealed it here, maybe...this is a small world constructed by the master of the Immortal Palace."

"I heard that the small world of the Conferred God World will last forever. It should be like this."

The stars gathered on the edge of the cliff, whispered, and met each other.

"Why are those corpses all right?"

Suddenly, someone noticed this. In the sky above the cliff, there were a large number of corpses floating, including all kinds of dragon corpses, phoenix corpses, and the corpses of humans and giant beasts, but they were all mutilated. Some wings were broken. Some hearts were smashed out of large holes, and the flesh and blood became a piece. They were already dry and hard, and looked like specimens poured out of molten iron.


"Could it be that they are dead? This rule can actually distinguish life and death. It seems that this is not a single rule, but a complete Tao, which contains multiple rules."

"I'll try."

A star master suddenly took action, and a creature exuding a terrible and deadly aura appeared around him, covered in carrion and bones, and hideous and terrifying.

The battle pet gave a low roar, and suddenly crawled out of several skeletons on the ground at his feet. Wings grew on the back of the skeletons, and they were armed with battle knives. They were all powerful high-level skeleton species with good combat power.

Moreover, this hand summoning, without the help of the corpse on the ground, is an advanced spiritual summoning technique.


The skeletons that were summoned immediately flew towards the cliff.

But as soon as it flew in, several thunderbolts were born out of nothing, crashing down, smashing several skeletons to pieces, and dropping bone **** into the depths of the cliff.

The cold wind coming from deep in the cliff seemed to be some kind of terrible existence, blowing air outside, making people stand up.

"These are undead creatures, and they won't work. Why is that?"

There were originally some inferred star masters. Seeing this scene, their inferences were suddenly overturned, and they frowned.

The summoned skeleton is no different from a dead thing, and it actually triggers Thunder Tribulation, which is weird.

In the small world.

Su Ping frowned, staring at the floating corpses around him, her eyes a little scary.

"This is a fairy house, it feels like hell."

"So many corpses have been preserved to this day. Is it a matter of prohibition, or are these corpses too terrifying before death and will not rot after death?"

Shennong Sanquan and others were talking in a low voice, and they were a little frightened as they watched being surrounded by corpses.

"These corpses... seem to be suicides."

Su Ping stared outside, his palms cold.

At this time, outside the small world, many star masters tried various methods, some mastered the rules of the dark system, tried to use the undead power to cover their own aura and sneak, but they were still detected by the thunder tribulation and repelled.

Others tried to force the Thunder Tribulation with their own strength, but at the beginning, it was OK, and the power of the Thunder Tribulation was still able to resist. As it went deep for tens of meters, the power of the Thunder Tribulation increased sharply and could only be retreated.

"Huh? There is also Thunder Tribulation on the steps over there, but the power seems to be much smaller."

At this time, a star owner noticed which steps lay across the abyss.

A star master has already climbed the steps and walked to the opposite side.

On the steps, thunder robbery emerged, but it was less powerful and could be blocked.

Seeing this scene, others came to the front of the stairs one after another.


As a star master stepped out, an extremely violent thunder robbery suddenly chopped down, powerful and powerful, comparable to the thunder robbery on the nearby cliff.

The star master's face changed drastically, and he hurriedly parried and resisted, and was blasted backwards.

Seeing this, the other star masters were a little puzzled. The thunder calamity suffered by the star master in front was far less violent.


The other star master nearby also encountered Thunder Tribulation, but with less power, it was easily resisted.

"Haha, I just said that I am the Emperor of Europe, you **** don't believe me!" This star lord is the leader of the Emperor of Europe, he readily resolved this thunder tribulation, looking at the person who was forced to retreat, laughed loudly.

After speaking, he strode forward.

The other star masters looked at each other. Does this really depend on luck?

The star master who was forced to retreat looked ugly, and rushed up again, but this time facing him was the same violent thunder robbery as before!

"what happened!"

The star lord was forced to retreat and couldn't help yelling angrily.

This Nima is simply unbearable!

He was unlucky once, but what happened twice in a row?

In these days, even Thunder Tribulation is just looking at people's dishes!

"Tell you, it has something to do with appearance."

Next to him, the Thousand Feathers said indifferently that he had already reached the sixth step. At this moment, he encountered the first thunder tribulation, but his power was not great and he was easily smashed by a fan.

"Haha, I think so." The overlord of the Overlord League, the female overlord laughed loudly.

Although she is sturdy and sturdy, she has a face that can overwhelm all living beings.

"Is it?"

The other leader of the Tianquan League was a little suspicious. He was also experiencing a violent thunder disaster when he first stepped onto the steps. Is it really related to his appearance?

He immediately controlled his bones and adjusted the skin bladder on his face. Soon, his face became deep and his brows straightened, and then he stepped up the steps again.


Still a violent thunder appeared and forced it back.


This day, the fist leader is anxious and frustrated, a little annoyed, is it really that different?

Isn't the thing that thundered your special mother a dead thing?

Everyone in each small world is also surprised. The situation on this step is too weird. Some star owners easily walked up ten steps before encountering Thunder, and some were targeted by Thunder Tribulation as soon as they stepped on. And no matter how many times you try, it is the same. Obviously, this thunder robbery is not random.

It seems that there is a certain pattern, which is aimed at certain people!

"It's not right, why can they?"

"damn it!"

Many star masters who were targeted by the steps stood outside the steps and jumped with anger.

If they are all treated the same, that's fine.

But it happened that I was targeted, which is very annoying!

Watching other people stride forward, they are desperate, and if this goes on, the baby inside will be preempted by others.

The two star masters who broke the ban were all pale at the moment. They were also targeted by Thunder Tribulation. They only walked three or four steps before encountering Thunder Tribulation. The deeper they were, the stronger the power of Thunder Tribulation. return.

Going further, they felt that they were going to be hacked to death by Lei Jie.

This Thunder Tribulation is stronger than the Star Master Realm Thunder Tribulation they had crossed at the beginning, and with the distance they walked, it was far less than the point where they stepped on the opposite side.

"What is the difference between us and them?"

"Is it from birth?"

"No, this Thunder Tribulation will not recognize any origin. What's more, their origins are not all the same. As far as I know, the leader of the European Emperor and the leader of the Thousand Feathers are from two places, and the galaxies are different!"

"Strange, could it be that they have all eaten the same thing?"

"How can it be!"

"Wait, is this thunder tribulation targeted according to power? The stronger the thunder tribulation is encountered, the more fierce it is? Aren't we like this when we cross the tribulation?"

"Huh? It seems to make sense. So, those of us who are forced down are all strong?"

"According to what you said, I still feel a little relieved. In other words, don't go the other way. If the weaker Thunder Tribulation is stronger, then..."

The star master who was helpless could only stand in front of the steps, in a hurry.

Soon, the Thousand Feathers leader, Overlord leader and others returned one after another, and more and more leaders were forced to retreat by the strengthened Thunder Tribulation.

And on dozens of steps, the leader girl is stubbornly moving forward.

The thunder disaster she suffered was already extremely terrifying, containing a terrifying will to make everyone in the small world, including Su Ping, frightened.

Su Ping was not afraid of Lei Jie, but was afraid that this second-second lady could not hold it.

Moreover, the dead state of the messy corpses here always made him feel a kind of creepy, as if he was being stared at by something.

"Damn it!"

After another dozens of steps, when she came to thirty-eight steps, the leader girl finally couldn't hold on, and was forced to retreat by thunder.

She looked at the Immortal Mansion in front of her. She had stood elsewhere and looked at the Immortal Mansion before, as if it were thousands of miles away, extremely far away, but from this step, the Immortal Mansion was just behind a hundred steps, close at hand!

However, there are hundreds of steps in this area, but it is difficult to climb to the sky!

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