Astral Pet Store Chapter 832

Chapter 929: Qualification Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Without a stick of incense, many star masters were forced back out of the steps one after another.

"How many steps are you up to?"

"I am eighteenth order."

"I am Tier Nine."

"I'm thirty-two!"

"This step is a bit weird. If you say that the weaker you encounter, the stronger the Thunder Tribulation is. That's not all. Some of them are quite strong. They also encountered the Dao-level Thunder Tribulation at first.

Everyone frowned, thinking and communicating.

Previously, when other star masters resisted the thunder robbery on the steps, they showed extraordinary power, and the other star masters had their own judgments in their hearts.

"The guys who retreated in the first ten steps are all quite weak, but the Heavenly Fist leader is quite strong, and his faith power is condensed like the Tao, and he is perfectly integrated with his own small world. He is definitely in the star master realm. The strong man in, was actually blocked out of ten steps. This is unscientific..."

The lord girl furrowed her eyebrows lightly, her eyes a little confused.

This ancient step is indeed so weird that it is unpredictable.

"This thunder robbery must be targeted regularly, not random."

"Yes, no matter how many times I go up, the intensity of the thunder tribulation encountered on every step is the same!"

"I'm thinking, since it has nothing to do with our strength, will it be... sorted by age?"


Many star masters looked at each other, this is indeed a possibility.

"How old are you who have stepped on more than 30 steps?" A star master realm immediately asked.

At this moment, everyone has been divided into several echelons. The first echelon is the step that they stepped on. There are more than 30 floors, and there are six people in total. One of them has stepped up forty steps.

"Before asking others, it is best to report yourself first." Qianyu leader said indifferently. He was also in the first echelon and was asked about his age like this. Although he was a male, he was a bit disgusted.

"Hmph, there is nothing to hide, for us, age is just a number, less than ten thousand years, who cares how old!" a star master coldly snorted, he is the second echelon, only reached more than twenty steps. But he showed great power, and he also watched several first-tier people.

By feeling, he felt that his strength was not lost to them.

Moreover, based on the information discussed and obtained by everyone, this level is not judged based on strength, so even if the leader of Qianyu and others are in the first echelon, he will not care.

"Everyone, we have to enter the opposite side now. There is only this channel. I hope you can actively cooperate. If we can find out the law of thunder catastrophe on this step, we can pass through this thunder catastrophe area as soon as possible, so we can each hunt for treasure."

"After all, we're here to hunt for treasure, not to fight, right?"

Someone stood up and said to the person in charge.

The others were disdainful and too lazy to respond, but they didn't refute.

Those present are all star masters, no one will obey anyone, want to order them? Unless you are a powerhouse of Fengshen Realm, it's almost the same!

"It's really good, everyone, let's talk about the next age. Everyone should report it. This is fair." Someone suggested, and then took the lead after saying: "I am a little older, and I am more than nine thousand years old this year. The specifics are I cant remember how much."

"I seem to be more than six thousand." Another star master said.

"If I count my physical age, I should be about 12,000 years old."

"What is the physical age?"

"I have entered some secret realms with a strange flow of time, and spent some time in that secret realm. It can be said to be a thousand years in the cave. A day in the world has only passed a few short years in the Federation, and I have been there for a few years. Thousands of years, if you count this way, my body age will naturally increase by several thousand years."

"If that's the case, it should be."

"Tsk tusk, you guys have lived for a long time. I have just reached three thousand years old this year, and I am preparing to celebrate my birthday!"

"I'm more than five thousand, five thousand and six."

"It seems that all of you here are my brothers. I have been aging for a hundred thousand years, haha."

Soon, everyone reported their age. The giants in the star realm have a lifespan close to immortality. They can use the small world to change the flow of time and reshape their bodies. As long as their beliefs are not extinguished, they will almost never die. They will live for hundreds of thousands of years. Relax, such a life span is enough to laugh at the clouds of some planets and the change of civilizations.

"Hmph, what kind of ability to live an old age, it's not like me, it's a star master realm, and it's not a Conferred God!"

"That is, it's been a hundred thousand years, and I'm still in the Star Master Realm. If I change it, I've already cultivated Conferred God."

"What do you know? Conferred gods can be sealed by you when you say conferred gods? Conferred gods must be approved by Heaven. Regardless of the possibility that you will be able to cultivate to the star master realm at a few thousand years old, you will stay in this realm for a lifetime. , At least ninety-nine percent!"

The star lord who had lived for a hundred thousand years turned cold and said, "I want to be a god, thats one from a hundred miles. Old man, I stepped into the star lord realm when I was less than two thousand years old, but the result? Didnt it still endure until now, you guys? The days are still long, huh!"

"That's true. I also entered the Star Master Realm when I was more than 2,000 years old. Now it is 30,000 years, and it's just a little bit of an inch. The gap between the Star Master Realm and the Conferred God Realm is not as simple as you think, it is better than the Starry Sky Realm. Its a hundred times more difficult to step into the Star Master Realm. Do you think that those who are powerful in the cosmoss Conferred Gods can be trained so easily?"

The other star master said in a voice.

When the other star owners heard this, their expressions changed slightly.

Many of them have only cultivated into star masters in their 2000s, or even later, so they still have to stay in this realm for tens of thousands of years, or even hundreds of thousands of years? !

can not imagine!

"A group of old antiques, haha." Hearing what everyone said, the lord Qianyu showed contempt in his eyes, and sneered: "I have just reached 800 years old this year, and I have been in the star realm for more than a hundred years. What you are talking about is just a routine. , And genius will break the routine!"

The implication is that you are all mediocre people!

The other people's expressions changed and they were a little angry.

Especially those star masters who have lived for tens of thousands of years are all glaring.

But thinking of the age he was talking about, his face couldn't help but change. He has cultivated to become a star master in 700 years? This is indeed rare and can be called a rare genius!

"This king is 629 years old this year."

Beside, the burly female overlord said.

She glanced at the Thousand Feathers lord with a bit of contempt with her beautiful face, really thought it was just you who were young? My mother is smaller!

She is quite proud. After all, the place she should be big is very big, and the place she should be small is very small. This is capital!

The face of Thousand Feathers leader changed slightly, more than six hundred?

He stared slightly, and he had seen this female overlord's shots before. Although it had only been a few short times, the power of belief was already extremely majestic, and it was definitely not like he had only cultivated for hundreds of years.

You know, the power of faith needs to be collected.

The collection takes time, the longer the time, the more collected!

Unless you have a strong believer, you can provide you with extremely majestic belief power!

"Haha, you really are all weak chickens."

Next to him, the leader of the European Emperor couldn't help but laughed out, saying: "This European Emperor is only 580 years old this year, he should be the youngest Star Lord here, haha, it seems that the Star Master Realm I have seen is older than me. Great, tut, is it difficult to cultivate this thing, it's not just relying on eating and sleeping?"

Other people's faces are slightly stagnant, 580?

Are you under six hundred years old?

You know, at this age, it is difficult for many people to cultivate to the destiny state!

And some geniuses are a little struggling to cultivate to the starry sky at such an age!

This guy definitely has an extremely terrifying talent for cultivation!

When Qian Yu heard this, the corner of his mouth twitched. He didn't expect that this brain-dead, who had always been displeased, was so young. Doesn't this mean that the other party's talent is higher than him?

It's so unfair!

The female overlord next to her also changed slightly, frowning, and snorted coldly.

Slightly older than a few dozen years old, she was a little uncomfortable.

Although these tens of years of time passed in a blink of an eye, the difference was not obvious in the entire cultivation, but after all, it was still a little behind.

"Have you finished talking?"

At this moment, the leader girl suddenly spoke.

She has a strange expression on her face, with a bit of excitement and a bit of pride, and the contempt and arrogance of everyone in her eyes, and the corners of her mouth that have been drawn up indicate that she is a little impatient.

It turns out you are so bad!

Go back, it's time for the goddess to open your eyes!


Others looked at her, Qianyu League lord saw the strange excitement on the girl's face, and suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart, and his face became more gloomy.

"Why, you are younger than me?" The European Emperor looked at her, startled.

This was the first time he encountered a star host who was younger than himself.

The color of ridicule and playfulness in his eyes is reduced and somewhat solemn.

Although he looks unfocused and full of gibberish, he is very calm in his heart, knowing what this age means.

Maybe they will stay in the Star Master Realm for tens of thousands of years in the future, but in the early stage, they will become the Star Master Realm as soon as possible. Although not absolute, it basically means that they are more talented!

The road to the future, looking at the opportunities in the future, maybe some people are more talented, but some things happen before they die?

Maybe some have dull aptitudes, but they suddenly realize it when they meet the guidance of the nobles!


The lord girl smiled contemptuously, her mouth crooked, her posture indescribably arrogant.

She stretched out her hand and pressed her eyebrows, and in an extremely cold and enchanting tone, she said in a calm voice that suddenly suppressed the change of tone: "This goddess is eighty-nine this year!"


be quiet!

Everyone looked at each other, all looking at her like a lunatic.

Eighty-nine years old?

Eighty-nine? ! !

All the star masters were shocked, and the many starry sky realms in their small world had their eyes widened, and their jaws were about to fall out.

This girl is only eighty-nine? !

Well, eighty-nine is no longer a girl, but... compared to the lifespan of the star realm, this is simply a carcass level, and it hasn't been born yet!

"How can it be!"

Although Qianyu leader had expected it, he blurted out shockedly when he heard such a young age.

Even if you start to cultivate in the womb, you can't cultivate to the star realm in just a hundred years, right?

Moreover, the power of faith of this young girl is extremely powerful. With such a small amount of time, even if it is not enough to find believers, how can it be possible to gather the power of faith?


Seeing everyone's reaction, the leader girl was extremely satisfied, and ended with a contemptuous smile.

Su Ping was a little dumb when she saw the second girl... grandma's ecstatic appearance.


you sure?

What's the difference between a kindergartener at such a large age and sophomore in secondary school?

But soon, Su Ping was relieved again.

The younger she is, not only does this guy have a high talent, but it also shows that she is diligent in cultivation!

Relying on talent alone, if you don't work hard, no one in this world can succeed. This is the iron law of reality!

If you focus on cultivation, in terms of other things, you are indeed a child, and your mind is immature.

"Eighty-nine... I'm still in the Void Cave Realm at this time."

"My grandma, did she lie?"

"I stepped into the destiny realm in a hundred years, and I have already been regarded as our super genius. As a result..."

Many starry sky realms are choking in their hearts, a little sad and speechless.

People are really maddening than people.

The other star owners looked at each other, but they were silent.

Eighty-nine...If it's true, then you're really good!

Although age does not represent strength, many people are in awe of such a terrifying talent. Some of what the leader of Qianyu said is correct. Genius will break the routine. Maybe this girl will not be like them in the stars. The main territory stayed for tens of thousands of years, or even longer.

After a moment of silence, everyone returned to the subject. As everyone reported their ages, everyone was divided into three echelons, and suddenly they found that age seemed... it was really possible!

Although not absolute, it is a tendency!

In the first echelon, except for the one who stepped onto the fortieth floor, who was two thousand years old, the others, like the leader girl, the leader of the thousand feathers, and the leader of the European Emperor, were all young.

However, there are problems in the second echelon in terms of age.

There are 30,000-year-olds and 70,000-year-olds. In the third echelon, those who have only entered the first ten steps, but there are 7,000-8,000-year-olds.

"Age does not seem to be absolute, but the younger one is indeed advanced."

"I think it has something to do with age, but it has something to do with age...Wait, is this sort of ranking based on talent?"

Everyone was shocked, and they were considered to have been to many secret realms. Some secret realms were left by ancient powerhouses, with inheritance set up, and through some trials, people with excellent talents and aptitudes would be selected to inherit the secret realms.

This kind of thing is not uncommon and not uncommon. After all, the concept of "inheritance" is the genetic instinct of human beings, or psychic creatures!

Just like reproduction, it is also a kind of inheritance.

This habit is carved into the depths of the soul.

"Could it be that this level is determined by qualifications? On the other side of the level, is it the inheritance of Xianfu?"

Some people couldn't help but guess that when they thought of this, everyone else's eyes became brighter, faintly red and crazy.

Xianfu inheritance? On the opposite side? I can't even think about it!

"It's not necessarily an inheritance, maybe it's just a test to pass the door, anyway, try it first, and use our battle pet to test it!" someone suggested.

No one else had any objections, and someone immediately summoned their pets and sent them to the steps to take a test.

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