Astral Pet Store Chapter 833

Chapter 930: Sprint Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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The aptitude of a battle pet can be detected by a test post. After some experiments, everyone finally determined that this level is really related to aptitude!

The higher the aptitude, the fewer and the smaller the thunder tribulation, the worse the aptitude. He was hacked as soon as he stepped onto the steps. This is just like a marriage proposal from a mother-in-law.

"These days, even the ancient immortals are so sophisticated."

"Hey, the introduction is just for real!"

"I seem to feel despised by a step."

"Be bold and remove the seemingly."

"So... how many of them have the highest qualifications? Not to mention, these guys are less than a thousand years old, and they have cultivated to the star realm and are equal to me. This qualification is really high!"

"Yeah, especially this one, 89 years old... Tsk tsk, my great-great-granddaughter is older than this."

Although the results of the test were found and the steps were found to be the cause of thunder, everyone was not happy.

If you have poor qualifications, you must be discriminated against?

If you have the ability to count, whoever is weak will be eliminated, so everyone has the opportunity to give it a go!

Some people are dissatisfied, but they can't say it. After all, the qualifications are worse than others. This is also a fact!

"Grandma's, although I know the reason, how can this be broken? It's too late for me to upgrade my qualifications now!"

"This is the only way? How did the three Conferred Gods get in? If they can find a place for them to pass, maybe they can take a shortcut."

"Don't think about it, how can we imagine the method of conferring the gods? It is estimated that they can directly tear the deep space into it. We can't get into the space they can enter."

"What's this?"

Everyone looked at each other, this step is so realistic, even if they know the reason, they can only get angry.

"Does it depend on qualifications?"

At this time, a voice came from a war alliance.

The two star masters inside looked at each other, and saw a figure walking out of their small world. It was the purple-robed youth who had previously shown great power and swept many starry sky realms.

He had a gloomy look before, and he was defeated by Su Ping and lost the rules of Tao Shu, which made him extremely unhappy, and even a little bit shocked.

But now, he felt that he saw a chance.

With qualifications?

He really hasn't served many people in this area.

Only the champions of previous cosmic genius battles or some amazing and brilliant Conferred God powerhouses can convince him.

Some conferred gods have been geniuses since they were young. They are top god-type warfare bodies. They push all the way and grow strong when they are strong, just like a legend and myth.

He admires such a person.

But other people, in his opinion, are just ordinary people, not worth mentioning!

"Master Xinghe, are you going?"

One of the stars saw him come out and was taken aback.

Another star master hurriedly persuaded: "Young Master Xinghe, the Thunder Tribulation on this step is not trivial, and contains complete Taoism. Although you are very strong, there is really no need to take such a risk!"

"I can try, and you can pick me up at any time."

Said the purple robe youth.

He was not blindly arrogant either. After all, it was an ancient fairy house with many weird things. Just the countless messy corpses that lay in the void in front of him were indescribable.

The two star masters were taken aback, looked at each other, and had no choice but to agree.

Other star owners also noticed this purple-robed youth. Although the opponent was only a destiny, these star owners did not dare to underestimate the opponent.

Only relying on the cultivation base of the Destiny Realm can make the giants of the Star Master Realm treat it dignifiedly, and this treatment is enough for others to brag about for a lifetime.

"This little guy...maybe able to make some flowers."

"If you really just look at the qualifications, maybe this little guy can go to about forty steps, or even further."

"Yes, this little guy's aptitude is more enchanting than I am waiting. If you say that there is no cultivation behind the Sealed God Realm personally, I don't believe it!"

"Of course, no matter how talented you are, in the deep mountains and old forests, the resources are scarce, and you can't cultivate tricks. No matter how powerful the battle body is, you will starve to death if you don't eat it!"

Others looked at it with curiosity, wondering how far this purple-robed youth could go.

Seeing the other party, the leader girl raised her eyebrows slightly and stared a little.

At this moment, the purple-robed youth had already come to the steps. Suddenly, he turned his head and glanced at the leader girl, and then his eyes fell on the illusory floating small world around her. To be precise, he looked at Su Ping in the small world. .


The purple-robed youth sneered slightly, without saying anything, turning around and stepping on the steps.

Su Ping raises his eyebrows, especially meowing. When you go up the steps, why do you sneer at me? Epilepsy?

Su Ping is also watching, so let this guy be a guinea pig, and see if the Thunder Tribulation he incurs is at the star master level or just at the destiny level.

If the Thunder Tribulation on the steps really varies from person to person, maybe he can try it too.

After all, it is difficult for ordinary people to meet such demanding requirements, but for others, it is just a chance!

Opportunities are unforgettable and must not be missed!

At this time, the purple-robed youth had already stepped onto the steps.

First step!

Everyone stared.

Nothing happened on the steps, let alone Lei Jie, even Lei Hua didn't even see it.

Seeing this scene, the two star masters who were guardians of the purple-robed youths were secretly relieved, but they still didn't dare to be careless in their hearts and waited nervously.

The purple-robed youth raised his eyebrows, curved his mouth, and continued to walk forward.

I didn't encounter Thunder Tribulation on the first step, nor did I encounter the second and third steps behind.

Immediately afterwards, all the way up, the seventh and eighth...fifteenth-seventh... all the way to the twenty-fifth step, there was no thunder robbery!

The journey went smoothly, this is the first time this situation has appeared!

Even the evildoer like the leader girl, after the twenty-three steps, also encountered the thunder robbery!


The leader girl's face sank when she saw it, and she was a little annoyed.

Seeing her face, the deputy leader next to her immediately conveyed a message of relief and said, "Miss, you don't need to care. You were not inferior to this person when you were in the Destiny Realm. The aptitude is tested according to the cultivation level. Wait for this person. When you arrive at the Star Master Realm like you, it is estimated that the qualifications in the Star Master Realm may not necessarily be so powerful."


The leader girl snorted coldly, but her face eased a little.

At this time, the first thunder robbery of the purple-robed youth appeared.

This thunder tribulation breeds in the sky above the steps, there is no dark cloud, as if brewing from the void, it suddenly blasted down as soon as it appeared.

The purple-robed youth had long been aware of it, raised his eyebrows slightly, raised his hand and blasted out, and directly smashed the thunder catastrophe. This thunder catastrophe was much less powerful than the first thunder catastrophe encountered by many star masters, and there was no avenue. It is weaker than Thunder Tribulation in the Starry Sky Realm.

"It seems that this Thunder Tribulation is judged based on the cultivation base."

"Good fellow, he wouldn't be able to make it through if he were to count this way?"

Someone exclaimed, a little shocked, jealous, and jealous.

If behind the steps is the inheritance of Xianfu, it would be too cheap for this guy!

The other star masters also have ugly faces, feeling that the world is too unfair, drought due to drought, and flood due to waterlogging. The more capable they are, the more they get. How can they live and compare with others? !

On the steps, after the purple-robed youth repelled the first thunder tribulation, his nervousness was finally released, and his face was relieved with a smile, a little excited.

Sure enough, this step was built for him.

In terms of qualifications?

Fairy, you have my heart!

The purple-robed youth walked briskly and moved forward quickly.

Thunder Tribulation appeared one after another, and the purple-robed youth raised his hand and defeated it. After thirty-five steps, the power of Thunder Tribulation increased by an order of magnitude, reaching the level of the Starry Sky Realm.

But this is still trivial to the purple-robed youth.

He can kill the Starry Sky Realm by more than one level, and this point of thunder can be dispelled by raising his hand.

He sprinted all the way, and quickly crossed the forty steps, breaking the previous record of the first star master.

Immediately afterwards, he hurried forward again and came to the fifty steps!

At this moment, he has reached half of this whole step!

With such a rapid progress, the many star masters who were watching outside were a bit holding their breath and a little anxious.

Seeing others Depot, this is a bit fidgeting!


The chain appeared in the hands of the purple-robed youth, dispelling a thunder robbery that contained the power of the rules of terror, and then continued to move forward.

The thunder robbery encountered here has already made him take it seriously.

After the previous rest and he took the divine fruit again, the state of his body was basically restored at this moment.

Soon, the purple-robed youth came to the sixty steps, where the thundering power of the robbery made him have to use the pet beast to fit together.

It didn't take long for him to reach the seventieth steps, and the power of Thunder Tribulation skyrocketed, enough to threaten the top of the starry sky.

Without saying anything, he directly sacrificed the golden talisman to resist the thunder robbery, and then continued to move forward.

When the purple-robed youth strode forward and walking on the steps, suddenly a figure appeared on the first floor of the steps, it was Su Ping.

When he saw the treatment of the purple-robed youth, Su Ping was relieved that he could also cross this step!

After communicating with the leader girl, the pair let him out of the small world.

The leader girl had seen Su Ping's extraordinary performance before. Although Su Ping suppressed the purple-robed youth with the cultivation base of the Starry Sky Realm, her means and power were definitely a monster in the Starry Sky Realm.

This kind of qualification may be able to go to the depths of the steps, and even the end of the steps is unknown!

"Come on, suppress that kid for me!" The leader girl waved her fist and encouraged.

Hearing what she said, other people were surprised when they noticed that Su Ping had also stepped onto the steps.

Su Ping didn't say much nonsense, and moved forward quickly.


His figure is like a light smoke, and in a blink of an eye he rushed out of twenty or thirty steps!

Outside the steps, the eyes of many star masters protruded, almost staring out.

This Nima, this is almost like a race, what about Thunder Tribulation? Lei Jie, wake up, are you dead?


Su Ping dashed all the way, striding across, and in a blink of an eye he reached the forty steps.

Until here, he hasn't encountered Thunder Tribulation!

Some people even wondered if Su Ping walked too fast and Lei Jie didn't react?

Shouldn't, you are Thunder Tribulation, how can you be so slow?

On the steps, Su Ping walked briskly and wandered forward. He was also a little surprised. After more than forty steps, he has not encountered Thunder Tribulation. It seems that his aptitude is better than he thought.

It's a pity that the system can only assess the aptitude of the pet beast. Otherwise, Su Ping would like to see if his aptitude is first-class or special-class?

If you judge his aptitude, he must be compared with the human race.

Unfortunately, he could not identify himself.

In a blink of an eye, Su Ping has already reached fifty steps, halfway through!

At this time, the purple-robed youth had already stepped onto the eighty steps. He heard the exclamation from behind, and swept away from his side, his face changed slightly, and he saw Su Ping.

Seeing Su Ping appearing here, his face was a little gloomy, but he was not too shocked. After all, he recognized the strength of the opponent in the previous battle.

With the other party's qualifications, they are even qualified to reach the sixty to seventy steps.


The purple-robed youth snorted coldly, took out the golden talisman to resist, no longer relying on himself to fight the thunder robbery, it was a bit time-consuming.

Su Ping saw that the purple-robed youth suddenly quickened his pace, raised his brows slightly, and immediately used his feet to sprint out.

Sixty, seventy, eighty!

In a blink of an eye, Su Ping caught up with the purple-robed youth!

At this moment, the jaws of all the star masters outside the steps were about to fall out.

Their eyes widened, their faces were inconceivable, and they were beyond shock.

Is Thunder Tribulation broken? Su Ping rushed all the way to the eighty steps, but didn't actually trigger it? !

Didn't even the first thunder calamity come down? ! !


At the moment when he staggered and transcended, the purple-robed youth felt that there was wind around him. When he saw Su Ping's lightly passing figure, his original indifferent and firm face suddenly cracked open.

"Hurry up!" Su Ping turned his head and chuckled lightly.

After speaking, he rushed out quickly like oiling the soles of his feet, and came to the ninety steps in a blink of an eye.

With the immortal mansion in front of him, Su Ping also thought of the issue of inheritance. Naturally, he did not know how to draw ink, so he sprinted directly, and soon, the 100 steps were over.

When stepping on the hundredth steps, there was a thunder tribulation surging in the void, and just a little bit of brewing, it dissipated.

Because Su Ping on the steps has already stepped down.


The purple-robed youth who was stepping on the eighty-five steps had a dull expression.

The steps crashed down, and several golden charms flew out of his body, blocking the thunder robbery and dissipating.

The thunder light shattered, and the top of his head shone brightly, but the heart of the purple-robed youth was chilly.

He walked for a long time, but Su Ping actually trot all the way, so he surpassed so easily? !

This Nima, you are a starry sky realm, and even the star master can't deal with it. Why can you surpass me in terms of aptitude? Why? !

The mentality of the purple-robed youth collapsed a bit and burst.

He felt that if he stepped into the starry sky, he would at least be able to compete with the star master. Although he could not win, it would not be easy to provoke.

But Su Ping, a guy hiding in the small world of the star master, actually surpassed him in terms of aptitude? !

"Could it be that Thunder Tribulation has failed?"

Outside the steps, a star master was surprised and stepped onto the steps.

Before walking a few floors, he encountered Thunder Tribulation, and he repelled it, somewhat dumbfounded.

Thunder Tribulation did not fail, it was too weird. Could it be that Su Ping possessed the treasure of lightning protection? But it's impossible, I've never heard of such a treasure!

Is it just based on qualifications? When they reached the end, they had just encountered the first thunder tribulation, and it was over before the preparation was completed, so that they could not see what kind of power the thunder tribulation was.

"If it is really based on qualifications, this guy...presumably still has hidden power before!"

"Hidden? So, he could easily defeat that little guy before, but he has been playing with him?"

"Although I don't know what the concept of aptitude is to go straight to the end, at least...should be able to challenge more? This guy may have the power that is not inferior to me!"

"Damn, this is a ruthless person who pretends to be a pig and eat a tiger!"

Many star masters looked at each other and were shocked.

Can a starry sky realm be comparable to a star owner?

If it weren't for this step to reveal his qualifications, no one would have expected that this guy had hidden a hand before!

"This guy"

The leader girl was also shocked, a little confused.

Although she was very proud, she asked herself that with her own qualifications, she would never be able to easily walk through this ancient step like Su Ping. This qualification was simply against the sky.

"Really, Brother Baitian didn't trigger Thunder Tribulation!"

"It still triggered one, but before it took shape, the others ran away."

"Brother Baitian is too bad, no wonder you dare to be called such a name, Baitian!"

"Tsk tusk, only our leader can surpass Brother Baitian, too strong!"

Everyone in Xinghai League was shocked and talked a lot.

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