Astral Pet Store Chapter 834

Chapter 931: Twilight Immortal King Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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It only takes less than a minute from Su Ping to step up the steps to the other side, because Su Ping's speed is so fast, it is so fast that he is on the ground, and it is extremely easy.

When they saw Su Ping's figure behind the steps and was concealed by a cloud of fog, everyone came back to their senses, and suddenly jealous and tasted.

If this step is really a test of the inheritance of Xianfu, wouldn't this Xianfu fall into the hands of this starry sky realm kid?

"There are so many of our star masters, who actually let a starry sky realm get a bargain?"

"It's hard to say, if this is really a heritage, the three Conferred God Realm powerhouses will definitely not be missed."

"Quickly stop talking, now the question is, how do we get there?"

Many star owners have a headache.

On the steps, the purple-robed youth's face was green, and his body trembled with anger. It didn't matter if Dao Shu was defeated by Su Ping in the previous competition for the rules. He still had no use to use his hole cards, but he only weighed the price-performance ratio between the rules Daoshu and the hole cards. In the end, Still bear it.

As a result, he was completely defeated in the test of his aptitude at this level!

This time, without any objective reason, I lost completely!


Behind the steps.

Su Ping looked at the Immortal Mansion in front of him. This Immortal Mansion was previously extremely misty, as if it were thousands of miles away, but now it is close to him and within reach.

The immortal mansion is majestic and majestic. With Su Ping's skills in the formation, he can see many places in his eyes, all of which are hidden and restricted.

These are all ancient barriers. Some Su Ping feels he can crack them, but some don't understand them at all.

"This is the Immortal Mansion... as if there is no inheritance?"

Su Ping looked around, without the imaginary inheritance coming. If there is an inheritance, wouldn't he leave a divine mind or some puppet to guide him by passing the test of the steps?

He waited for a while, still nothing happened, regretting in his heart.

But Su Ping didn't take it too seriously. After all, the three Conferred God Realm powerhouses had entered this Immortal Mansion first, and if there were real inheritance, it might not be his turn.

Picking up things like cheap...just think about it, wanting to pick up from the hands of the conferred gods, this is unrealistic.

Su Ping shook his head, no matter if he hadn't inherited it, he wouldn't be in vain to find other treasures.

If you can find something more precious than the Taoist tree, it will be more profitable!

Su Ping turned his head and glanced at the back of the steps, but his vision was blocked by clouds and mists. The clouds and mists couldn't even penetrate the starry thoughts, and there seemed to be special energy contained in them.

Su Ping couldn't see the figure of the leader girl and the star masters, and shook his head. They were all here to hunt for treasures. You can't get in, it's good.

He retracted his gaze and walked along the square in front of him.

The square is extremely vast, as if there are tens of thousands of hectares, it is not stained, and there are corpses floating around outside the square, like hell, but the square is as white as jade, and is filled with clouds and mist.


Without taking a few steps, a cold anger suddenly sounded.

Su Ping looked back and saw the figure of the purple-robed youth standing under the steps, looking at himself angrily.

The latters appearance at this moment is really a bit miserable. The purple robe that was originally brocade-clothed and luxurious, seems to be a secret treasure, but now it is in tatters, and the neatly combed hair has become fluffy. It is a bit of a rock and roll style, on the skin of the lower body The trousers were also torn, revealing the scorched thighs, almost showing their swelling.

"Huh? What's the matter?" Su Ping looked harmless.

The corners of the purple-robed youth's mouth twitched slightly, what's the matter? You are so super me!

"Remember my name, my name is Xinghe, the star of the starry sky, the river of the Tianhe!" The purple robe youth had a gloomy face and said word by word: "One day, I will challenge you again and win the battle. You beat!!"


Su Ping answered boredly, asking why.

Beat me? nonexistent.

And why should I give you the opportunity to challenge, do you have meat to win?

Oh... Hearing Su Ping's response, the purple-robed youth almost vomited blood, so I wrote you down a war book like this. How did you react? It stands to reason that geniuses should be sympathetic and sympathetic, at least they should reply to me: I am waiting for you to challenge!

If you speak more arrogantly, you will add: But if you meet me again, you will still lose!

Although he said that, he was very angry, but he would also respond with a sneer: Hedong for thirty years, Hexi for thirty years, wait and see!

In the end, you just screamed? What do you mean, don't care at all?

The greatest contempt is to ignore.

"You will regret your arrogance today!" Xinghe gritted his teeth and said.


Su Ping is a little confused, why am I arrogant? Who on earth is it arrogant? You are a man of destiny to challenge me to a virtual cave, and you say I am arrogant?

"Nothing else, I'm leaving first." Su Ping said lazily. Instead of wasting this tongue, it's better to hurry up and hunt for treasure.

If it wasn't for the opponent's life-saving hole cards, Su Ping wouldn't even mind, so deal with him first.

I don't have to leave myself a curse, although whether it can become a curse... is not yet known.


Xinghe calmly watched as Su Ping turned and left, his fists were about to smash.

He had never experienced this feeling of complete ignorance. He had always responded with such indifferent responses to those who were defeated by him. Now, he has become one of them.


"Wait, when I step into the Starry Sky Realm, I will step on your head and make you kneel to beg for mercy!" Xinghe stared at Su Ping's back, with a vicious heart in his heart.

He didn't delay any more, and turned away.

After a few steps, I suddenly thought of ignoring something.

This step is like a test, what about the inheritance behind this step?

Has it been obtained by Su Ping?

No, even though he was a step late, he was also fierce afterwards, using a lot of hole cards, and soon followed in Su Ping's footsteps, and he didn't see any inheritance from Su Ping.

"It seems that the test of this step is not to select inheritance, but just normal screening, also, if there is a inheritance, how can the three Conferred God powerhouses miss it?" Xinghe's eyes flashed slightly, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

If Su Ping really got the inheritance of the Immortal Palace, then if he chased the other party, it might really be a long way off, and it would become empty talk.

The more proud people are, the less likely they are to brag or speak big words.

On the contrary, the more incompetent people can't reach in their lifetime, they can only gain a sense of vanity by bragging.

After thinking about it, Xinghe didn't stop, and ran away from Su Ping, moving quickly toward another place in the square.


Su Ping didn't walk forward for a long time, and suddenly felt a sway of consciousness. Clouds and mists appeared in front of him. When the mists dispersed again, they appeared in a peach forest.

This peach forest is full of flowers, Su Ping is a little surprised, is it just a hidden formation, teleportation formation?

Or phantom array?

He looked at the peach forests around him, feeling extremely real.

He tentatively walked forward. Not long after he walked, Su Ping suddenly saw a tombstone. The moment he saw the tombstone, the surrounding peach forest suddenly became a little weird.

Su Ping's gaze stayed on the tombstone. He couldn't distinguish the ancient fairy writing on it, but one of the words was actually an ancient divine word, and it was written in heaven!

When Su Ping stared at the tombstone, the surrounding peach forest suddenly faded. The original pink peach blossoms were eclipsed and turned into grayish white. A strong death spirit emerged from under the trees of the peach forest, and the shadows and shadows turned into roads. Undead figure.

Those pink peach blossoms also withered in an instant, fell on the ground, and withered quickly.

Without the petals, Su Ping immediately saw the peach forest. Except for the withered trunks like dead corpses, there were many cemeteries in the peach forest.

This is a cemetery!

"Undead?" Su Ping frowned as he saw the humanoid silhouettes condensed by the death spirit, and with a move of thought, Su Ping summoned the little skeleton.

After all, this place is an ancient fairy mansion, and Su Ping dare not care about it.

As soon as the little skeleton appeared, his body exuded a strong breath of undead, like a death king, with scarlet light emerging in his eye sockets, looking down at the surrounding dead figures indifferently and coldly.

These lifeless figures didn't seem to be deterred by the little skeletons, and gradually surrounded them.

The star power in Su Ping's body turned, ready to fight at any time.

But at this moment, a faint voice suddenly came out: "Tonight...what year?"

This voice came out through thoughts, and it worked directly in Su Ping's mind, so Su Ping could understand what he meant.

He was taken aback for a moment, his gaze fell on one of the deadly figures of one of the figures, like an old man, this idea came from the latter.

The purpose of Su Pingning was that the figure of this old man stood there, but he felt like a mountain, indestructible, and seemed to be able to withstand everything!

"It is now the seventh dollar in the federal calendar, 5694!" Su Ping said.

This is what he found with the Lord's Star Token on the planet Leia, and it is also the current universal year for humans in the universe.

"Federal calendar...what is that, can the Twilight Immortal King still be there?" The old man asked again.

Su Ping was puzzled, "Xiang Mu? Are you talking about the master of this Immortal Mansion?"


"Well, it should not be there anymore. This fairy mansion has long been abandoned. I heard that some of the restrictions have been loosened, and it has emerged from the deep space. This place is already in ruins." Su Ping said truthfully, since these lifeless energy Communication, he is not willing to fight easily, after all, it will consume star power.


Su Ping's words revealed that the life around him was a little shaken, and they seemed to look at each other.

The black death spirit on the old man's body fluttered for a while, and it seemed that his emotions were quite turbulent. After a while, he calmed down a little, and said: "So, are you an intruder who came here to hunt for treasure?"


Su Ping felt that the word was a bit offensive, and he had a vague premonition in his heart, and quickly said: "I am not an intruder, and I have no malice in coming here. If you disturb your sleep, I am here to apologize to you."

"I think you have pure divine power in your body, and you are a human race. Don't worry, I won't embarrass you." The old man said.

His voice is full of death, but the tone at the moment has a kind and soft feeling, saying: "The human race is declining and should be united. How can we internalize it? Since you have come here, you can be regarded as being with Mu Xian. Wang Youyuan, if he leaves any inheritance, he also hopes that someone can inherit, carry forward, and become the fairy king of my human race again and lead the human race to rise!"

Su Ping was stunned. He was a little more relieved when he heard that he was not malicious. He curiously said: "The human race is declining? Now our human race is the strongest race in the universe. It has footprints all over the universe and colonized countless planets, whether it is monsters or monsters. The undead, as long as they are aliens, are our pets, and we are not weak anymore."

"The universe? The strongest race?"

Not only the old man, but the other dead auras around him are also fluctuations. Although I don't understand the meaning of "universe", it can be understood as the largest world through the translation of ideas.

And the strongest race is easy to understand, the human race has become the strongest race among the hundred races?

"You, what you said is true?" There was a wave of waves on the old man's body, and his voice became a little trembling.

Su Ping stunned: "Yes."

What he learned from the lord's star order is indeed the case.

Mankind is now the overlord of the universe!

"It turns out that there will really be this day..."

"Really waited, waited for this flourishing age..."

"The sacrifices I waited are not in vain!"

"The Immortal King Mu is gone, he must be the last moment to plug the tiankeng with his life, he is the one who traded this prosperous age, haha..."

The many dead figures around, fluctuated violently at this moment, and some made sounds like weeping like laughter, which sounded creepy, but what they said was shocking.

Others laughed frantically, like crazy.

"My human race is no longer as humble as the ants, no longer look to the nose of a hundred races, hahaha..."

The old man laughed, but smiled, but he stretched out his hand to wipe his tears. Although he had no tears at the moment, this was a subconscious action.

Su Ping stared at this scene in a daze, surrounded by a lot of lifelessness at this moment, watching them cry with excitement, and deeply felt the atmosphere and emotion.

This flourishing age... is it not easy to come?

"Thank you, thank you for bringing us such good news..." After the old man calmed down a little bit, he expressed gratitude to Su Ping.

The other lifeless figures also thanked one after another.

Su Ping suddenly became a little at a loss. He thought he was going to fight hard, but it turned out to be like this.

"Unexpectedly, I can see the prosperous world in the future again, I waited, died...no regrets!"

"Yes, no regrets!"

"We are worth it!!"

The silhouettes said excitedly.

"This is the fairy peach garden where the King Mu buried our fairy peaches. It is a pity that all the peaches here have withered in order to nourish our fairy souls. I will wait for them soon, and they will dissipate and enter the reincarnation again." The old man was right. Su Ping said.

Su Ping looked at the withered and scorched tree trunks around, and understood.

"Senior, do you know how to leave this place?" Su Ping asked politely.

"It's simple." The old man raised his hand, and a crack appeared beside him. Outside was the Immortal Mansion. He glanced at the majestic Immortal Mansion, with a little nostalgia in his eyes, "Unfortunately, I am a dead soul, so I won't be defiled. The palace of the fairy king is now, you can go out from here."

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief and quickly thanked him.

"Since you can come in, it means that Immortal King Mu is indeed gone, but his immortal mansion is still there. I know where the immortal treasures of Immortal Mu is located. You can go and look for them. I don't know if there are any immortal treasures. Rotten by the years, if you find them, let them regain their light, it is considered that these magic soldiers have not been buried." The old man sighed.

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