Astral Pet Store Chapter 835

Chapter 932: The Elixir Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Su Ping was overjoyed, but he didn't expect these souls to talk so easily.

He didn't worry about these old men lying, and deliberately led him into the trap. With the number of dead souls here, Su Ping felt that if they directly attacked, it would be enough to make him face a hard fight!

This is because he has trained in the chaos and undead world and has a good understanding of the fighting of undead creatures. If you are someone else, even if the combat power is close to him, it is estimated to be choking!

"Thank you senior for your advice!"

Su Ping hurriedly clasped his fists and thanked him.

These dead souls are all people who have been killed in the battle in the fairy mansion. From their words, they should be pioneers who have made great contributions to the human race. Su Ping respected them in his heart.

"You dont need to thank you, anyway, Ill wait soon, and it will die. I cant stop the inheritance of Immortal King Mu. I only hope that if the little friend gets the inheritance, he can guard the human race and protect the human race. Although I heard from the little friend, the human race is now It is already the strongest race, but...some things still need to be vigilant!"

Don't say anything profoundly, the old man.

Su Ping was a little confused, "Need to be vigilant? What to be vigilant about?"

"It can't be said, it can't be said. If the little friend can successfully inherit and reach the height of the Twilight Immortal King, he will naturally know." The old man whispered, seemingly afraid of something.

The other souls suddenly calmed down from their excitement, a little trembling, as if thinking of something terrible.

Su Ping thought of the Golden Crow clan, even a race as strong as the Golden Crow, is also closing the clan to avoid disasters. What is it that makes the Golden Crow fearful?

"Is it the reincarnation of the heavens? Could it be that some supreme existence wants to punish it?" Su Ping asked tentatively, feeling that this would touch the deepest secrets of the universe.

The old man was a little surprised. He didn't expect Su Ping to think of this. He glanced at Su Ping, shook his head slightly, and said, "It's not the way of heaven, but an older and more terrifying existence..."

Speaking of this, his body trembled suddenly, as if suppressed by some kind of force, he hurriedly stopped talking.

He took a deep breath and said to Su Ping: "Little friend, I will pass on the treasure house of the Immortal Mansion to you. As for the inheritance of the Muxian King... Whether he has left the inheritance, we don't know yet, where will he stay? More I dont know, you can only find it on your own."

Su Ping saw him look so jealous, so he stopped questioning, feeling a little heavy in his heart, nodded and said, "I see."

Soon, a map appeared in Su Ping's mind, it was the map of the Immortal Mansion!

"I gave you the entire map of Xianfu, here is the treasure house." The old man said.

On the map, there is a place marked with golden light, which is what the old man said.

Su Ping's mood suddenly became a little excited. This is the map of the ancient fairy house. If there is a map, he can avoid many unnecessary dangers!

Although Su Ping did not dare to expect any inheritance, but with this map, he could also find many other treasures, at least a great harvest.

"Thank you senior," Su Ping said quickly.


The figure of the old man gradually faded, and other dead souls gradually turned into death, wisps of permeation into the soil, and some flew into some tombstones.

And the peach forest that had withered, instantly recovered its color and became pink and bright red.

Su Ping took a deep breath and walked towards the exit of the passage opened by the old man.

Leaving the passage, Su Ping returned to the square again. He carefully observed the map in his mind, and suddenly found that the map seemed to have changed somewhat from the Immortal Mansion in front of him.

On the map, the first way to enter the fairy house was not only the relic lotus pond and the Taoist garden, but also the floating fairy mountain and the fairy bamboo garden.

But they didn't encounter it when they came in before. I don't know if it was destroyed, or after the death of the old man and others, the Twilight Immortal King rebuilt and changed.

In addition, at the celestial steps he had just entered, there was also no abyss and gully. There was once a celestial land surrounded by cranes and strange beasts.

But now, there are corpses everywhere, floating like a mountain.

Going forward, to the square where he is now, it's the same here, nothing has changed.

The Xianfu palaces in front are generally the same, but on this map, there are no restrictions and formations, but Su Ping saw a lot of secret formations on the square, including killing formations!

Including the Taolin cemetery he had just stepped into, it was a restriction that was so secret that he didn't even notice it, and teleported him over.

Most of these prohibitions only appeared after the old man and others died.

Su Ping took a deep breath. Even though there is a map, he can't beat the map. The restrictions along the way have to be carefully avoided by himself.

"That's a prison for the beast, you can't go."

"The one over there is the Immortal Pill Hall. There are the elixir of elixir, but you can go and take a look. The treasure house is behind the immortal mansion. It is estimated that the conferred gods are all over there, so it's not anxious."

Through the map, Su Ping can find the general direction and act immediately.

He aimed at an extremely huge palace and walked cautiously along the square.

He tried his best to avoid the restrictions along the way.

Su Ping didn't try to crack these restrictions. After all, cracking took too much time. Unless it was really blocking the way and couldn't get around, he had to crack and destroy.

Fortunately, although these prohibitions are ancient, some of the prohibitions are not of a high level, and Su Ping can even destroy them with brute force.

These restrictions, at first glance, weren't given by the Immortal King himself, otherwise he would never let Su Ping's formation half-hearted see it.


Su Ping suddenly stepped into a hidden restraint, and a golden armored fairy guard suddenly appeared in front of him, full of golden light, holding a sword and killing him.

Su Ping's face changed slightly, and he quickly called the little skull to join the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast, and fought against him.

After the battle that lasted for several minutes, Su Ping finally defeated the Golden Armored Immortal Guard, who dissipated into a mass of immortal energy, and Su Ping returned to the square before his eyes.

Su Ping gasped slightly. The combat power of this Golden Armored Celestial Guard was already in the late stage of the starry sky. Coupled with the ancient celestial arts and its own hard defense, it was several times stronger than the current federation's late stage of the starry sky, comparable to the top starry sky power!


Su Ping continued to move forward.

A few hours later.

Su Ping fought all the way, tumbling, and finally came to the edge of the square.

The fairy mansion at the end of the square seemed as majestic as a mountain, but it was as far away as a million miles away. When Su Ping finally arrived in front of the fairy mansion, he felt that the fairy mansion looked like a giant mountain, so high that the previous eaves could not be seen.

There are several immortal characters on the door plaque on the fairy mansion, and Su Ping doesn't know it.

One immortal illiterate.

"Sure enough, there is a formation..."

Su Ping saw outside the Immortal Mansion, there was a golden light of forbidden looming, and it was quite a superb formation.

At this time, Su Ping suddenly missed Joanna a little.

If she is by her side, she should be able to easily help herself crack it, right?

Unfortunately, employees are not allowed to go out, at least with the current store level, it is impossible to apply for this permission.

Su Ping sighed and made him feel a little better. He could barely understand this restriction. This was due to the knowledge of formations taught to him by Joanna. Although Su Ping was still very basic in learning, it was all ancient. Knowledge of the gods.

Protoss is ahead of the heavens in all aspects, just like a superpower. In addition to technology and finance, all aspects of people's livelihood and infrastructure are also at the leading level, and they are beyond the reach of others.

In terms of formation, the Protoss is not inferior to the ancient immortals.

To put it plainly, this fairy race is an advanced race of the human race, while the **** race is born and does not belong to the human race. On the contrary, the human race is a derived race of the **** race.

Later, the human race gave birth to the strong existence such as Tianzun, and created the ancient fairy race, and gradually got rid of the status of the lower race.

But in spite of this, based on what Suping learned from Joanna, the Protoss is still aloof and despise the Humans and other races.

Su Ping stepped onto the first floor of the steps in front of Xianfu.

As soon as he stood here, Su Ping felt a piercing wind swept across his body like a blade, but fortunately he was strong and could bear it.

If it is another favorite warrior, even in the late stage of the starry sky, he will have to be injured.

Su Ping's thoughts settled, and he quickly set out to break the prohibition.

He didn't want to break the prohibition completely, but only needed to pry a corner so that he could get in.

Completely cracked, he did not have this ability.

Time passed, and without knowing how long it had passed, Su Ping finally managed to find a weak spot, which could be regarded as a "horn", and he immediately stepped onto the second step.

This weak prohibition was triggered immediately, and Su Ping immediately felt his body burnt, and the immortal palace plaque above his head became more and more bright, shining with brilliant golden light, like a spiritual god, looking down at him, and could not be underestimated.

Whether it is the pain on the body or the deterrence of the immortal on the head, it is enough to make people retreat. This is still the weakness of the ban. The bans in other places are more powerful, even in the Star Master Realm, it is estimated that they have to evade and cannot set foot!

Su Ping's face was calm, and he continued to crack the ban behind.

His special inflammation resistance was effective. The intense high temperature was enough to burn the starry sky, but he only felt the heat, and the immortal was intimidated. Su Ping was shocked and trembling at first, but he quickly returned to normal. , After all, he had seen too many giants, like the great elders of the Golden Crow clan, thrown into the Federation, it is estimated that they would easily destroy the existence of the Conferred God.


In a trance, it seems that a few days have passed, and it looks like a few months.

Su Ping was immersed in the cracking of the prohibition, and could not feel the lapse of time outside.

There are no stars in this fairy mansion, and it will always be hazy. Su Ping considered giving up in the middle of the way, both because it was too difficult to break the formation, but also because it was too time-consuming.

If you have this time, go to other places to hunt for treasure, and you may get a lot of good things.

But in the end, Su Ping resisted the distracting thoughts, and he likes to die.


Su Ping let out a long sigh, and defeated the three Golden Armored Immortal Guards. Watching the mist dissipate, he returned to the outside of the hall again, finally showing a smile on his face.

He has passed the last weak restriction, and in front of him is the giant gate of the Immortal Mansion.

Su Ping pushed the door with both hands, bursting out with all his strength, and then pushed the giant door open.

It's like pushing a fairy mountain!

With a squeak, this sound seemed to be silent for thousands of years.

Once countless years ago, perhaps this door was often opened, but now it is being pushed again.

The dust on the door fell, just pushing a gap open, and Su Ping quickly stepped into the hall. His mind had already sensed it first, but he hadn't noticed the formation buried inside.

This hall is extremely vast and huge, like a treasure world.

Su Ping saw huge and towering shelves. In the frame of each shelf, there were hundreds of bubbles floating. These bubbles are basically about half a meter in diameter. A single shelf frame alone can hold thousands. The entire shelf, and even the entire hall, is so huge!

In these bubbles, some contained a cauldron, some were immortal bottles, and some were naked elixir.

Su Ping suddenly became a little excited.

This is like stepping into the treasure house!

Too much, too much to explode!

In the Federation, there are also medicines for sale, and those medicines are all made in the ancient secret realm, and other civilizations, like the things similar to the medicines manufactured by the Federation, are called potions and pills.

These elixirs in the secret territory have brought tremendous development to the medical technology of the Federation, and have also developed a lot of medicines specifically for pet masters.


Su Ping flew to a shelf with a lot of air bubbles floating on it.

Su Ping touched the bubble mentally, and a message suddenly appeared in his mind, showing the name of the pill inside, but it was only the name, but there was no description of its effect.

"This is so good, it can't be eaten directly, it's not a cultivation world, it can be resurrected, and you can experiment with your body." Su Ping suddenly got a little bit troubled, so many pills, all taken away... He doesn't have such a large storage space!

If it's a giant star, it would be able to accommodate them all in their own small world.

Su Ping couldn't help smiling wryly, how good he would be if he were in the Star Master Realm now!

"By the way, Little Skeleton, your regeneration means are strong, but you can come and taste it." Su Ping's eyes flashed, aiming at the little Skeleton beside him.

Little Skeleton looked up blankly, glanced at Su Ping, and quickly understood... he had no choice.

It is also used to it, and Su Ping also "spoofs" it in cultivating the world.

Beside, the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Ergou were there. Su Ping was worried about the danger and let them stay by his side so as not to have time to summon.

Both Ergou and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast looked at the little skeleton with sympathy, Ergou glanced around, then turned his head and licked his paw.

Don't pay attention to this dog...

Su Ping glanced at it. Although Ergou has many life-saving capabilities, there is no bloodline-level life-saving means like Little Skeleton. Otherwise, you can't let it miss this opportunity...

Raising his hand and grabbing, Su Ping took out an emerald green medicine bottle in the bubble and opened the mouth of the bottle. It felt like he was popping champagne, and he let out a bang.

A foul smell suddenly wafted out of it, and Su Ping couldn't help but hold his breath.

"Under what circumstances, will it expire?" Su Ping couldn't help but stare at the instinctive reaction in his mind.

Will the elixir expire?

This answer... I guess Du Niang might believe it.

Immortals are not immortal, after all, they are not called immortals, they can reach the Conferred God Realm, or even the God Realm.

Just like many protoss of the demigod, even though they have a high start, they still have to practice step by step on their own. It is already extremely difficult to reach the main divine realm.

Since the immortal is not immortal, why should the elixir not expire?

After figuring out this logic, Su Ping was a little bit weeping.

After finally breaking the prohibition and sneaking in, do you want to tell him that the elixir here has been backlogged for too long, and it has long expired?

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