Astral Pet Store Chapter 836

Chapter 933: The Strongest Virtual Hole Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Just when Su Ping was speechless, a secret energy wave suddenly appeared.


Su Ping suddenly turned around, Little Skeleton and Ergou and Instant Ji Ling, quickly stood beside Su Ping and held him firmly in the middle, revealing a murderous aura.

At this time, a slender figure flew to Su Ping Ping, suspended several meters above Su Ping's head, and she was a young girl in a green skirt.

This girl is dressed in ancient fashion, but has an alluring beauty, and her eyes are smart. She is looking down at Su Ping, looking left and right, and curiously asked: "For so many years, the human race is still there? The restrictions outside have not been loosened, how are you doing it? Come in?"

Su Ping was also a little dazed. He didn't expect that there would be people in this Immortal Pill Palace.

"Senior, I don't intend to offend." Su Ping hurriedly said, he could not perceive the girl's cultivation, but based on his experience, the latter is definitely an existence beyond the starry sky.

But I want to know that the immortal mansion has been silent for an unknown number of years, and the living creatures that can stay in it definitely have the ability to approach immortality!

"Huh, the immortal palace has recently fluctuated, and the power of the immortal has declined. You should be an intruder who took the opportunity to come in?" The girl crossed her hands and said with willow eyebrows: "Come to the place guarded by the immortal. What's the situation outside? If I dare to tell a lie, I will make you a pill!"

While talking, a huge bubble flew up next to him, and inside was a cauldron.

Su Ping's scalp is numb, if this girl really wants to do something, he really may not be able to stop it.

"Senior, I, I... I'm the heir of Immortal King Mu!" Su Ping hurriedly passed on and replied.


The girl was startled, she couldn't help looking up and down at Su Ping, with a pretty face, and said: "You want to lie to me? You don't have any immortality on your body, how could you be the descendant of Lord Immortal King?"

"This is absolutely true..." Seeing that she was not in a hurry, Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that most of it was the word "Twilight Immortal King" and gained some trust.

Immediately take out the old craftsmanship and make up.

"Now its the federal calendar. The immortal ancestor gave up his life to protect the human race and resisted the tiankeng. Finally, the human race was peaceful forever. It was passed down to my generation. It was broken for various reasons that I dont know. I also passed the broken secrets in the family. Dian, I just learned that there is a map of the Xianzu Mansion..."

Su Ping said with his nose and tears. While speaking, he passed the old Taolin to his map, and then to the girl in front of him.

There was no reason to say anything. When the girl saw the map sent by Su Ping, she was taken aback, and the suspiciousness in her eyes faded mostly. After all, the sinkholes and blessings Su Ping said were all things that happened back then.

Although these secrets were recorded in the fairy house, the places where they were recorded were extremely secretive, and it was impossible to obtain them with Su Ping's cultivation base.

"It seems that Lord Immortal King's battle was successful..."

The girl murmured.

In the words, the glittering color welled up in her eyes, as if recalling the terrible battle that was earth-shattering.

Only by personal experience do you know how loud the battle was, and it was a feat that shook the world. Only the fearless brave can have the courage to sacrifice oneself and become benevolent!

"You do have an ancient aura in your body, that's all, no matter whether you are in the blood of the immortal king or not, the last words left by the immortal king at the time were that I assisted the human race and gave birth to a new fairy king for the human race. The mission is passed on..."

The girl's eyes were drooping, looking at Su Ping, her childish eyes, which were as agile as a girl, felt a sense of vicissitudes at this moment, but soon the feeling of vicissitudes subsided, and she recovered her calm, and said calmly:

"Tell me, what's the situation outside? The immortal palace has been turbulent recently. I sensed three golden celestial auras flying by. Are they invaders who invade the immortal palace and want to seize the inheritance of the immortal king?"

"Three golden immortals?"

Su Ping caught the words and was shocked.

Obviously, this refers to the three Fengshen realm powerhouses who entered the Xianfu first!

And this seal of the gods, in the opponent's mouth is a golden immortal!

Golden Immortal and Immortal King... Although Su Ping doesn't know which one is higher or lower, but from the name, he can also peek at one or two. The owner of this Immortal Mansion can't just be the Star Realm, right?

What's more, what is the king? Isn't it the king of immortals?

"This Immortal Mansion is the cave mansion of the Supreme God Realm? That Muxian King is the supreme powerhouse who transcends the Conferred God and reaches the real immortal God realm?!" Su Ping was shocked, but he did not expect that this was actually a powerhouse of the God Realm. The remaining Dongfu, if this spreads out, it is estimated that it will shake the entire Sylvie.

At that time, let alone the Conferred God Realm, even the God Realm would be attracted from other galaxies in the Federation.

Maybe when the time comes to seal the gods, you will not be qualified to come in and fight for it!

That is to say, this fairy mansion was exposed, and it was the first to explore the moon by these Conferred God Realm near the water platform.

"Yes, they are all intruders."

Thinking of the girl, Su Ping immediately recovered, and without hesitation, he sold the three Conferred God powerhouses who had broken the ban of the Immortal Mansion and allowed them to come in.


The girl wasn't angry, she just nodded, and said, "How is the situation of the human race now, these three golden immortals, aren't they the strongest among the human race?"

Su Ping immediately shook his head, "No, the human race today is the noble one of a hundred races, and there are also supreme immortal kings like the ancestors."

He repeated what Tao Linnei had said to the old man.

After hearing this, the girl was a little stunned. After a long time, she breathed a sigh of relief. There was some sadness and relief in her eyes, and said: "So it seems that Lord Immortal King's decision is correct. This grand event, as he wished... "

She sighed for a moment, and said to Su Ping: "Since you are the descendant of the immortal king, it doesn't matter if you give you the things in this pill room. What kind of elixir do you want, just tell me, I will choose for you."

Su Ping's eyes lit up, and he didn't expect to win the trust of the other party so easily.

However, Su Ping also understood that the other party didn't seem to study too deeply, and it seemed that the golden crow **** and demon aura in him also gave him some extra points, which made his words more credible.

"Senior has been guarding here for many years, I wonder if Senior is?"

Su Ping was not in a hurry to take the pill, but cautiously said.


"I'm just an elixir refined by Lord Immortal King." The girl said with a light smile.

Su Ping was stunned, the young girl in front of him was an elixir?

Is this... edible?

"When you reach the Golden Immortal rank, I can help you increase the probability of becoming a king." The girl chuckled and said: "But now, with your current cultivation base, tusk, it's too low, it's suitable for your cultivation base. Although there are a lot of elixir, although they have been well preserved over the years, it is a pity that they are still decayed."

"However, there are still some high-quality ones left, I'll get them for you."

The girl's figure shook, then she turned and flew away.

Su Ping was in a trance.

The girl's words made his scalp numb.

Can increase the probability of being a king

The Sealed King in the mouth of the girl, but from the Sealed God to the Divine Realm!

This is definitely a super treasure for the Conferred God Realm powerhouse, and it is estimated that it will make all Conferred God powerhouse jealous and go crazy!

After a few minutes, the girl returned to Su Ping, followed by a long string of bubbles.

Su Ping thought that there was not much left, but when she saw the endless string of bubbles floating behind her, she was immediately dumbfounded.

The leftover in people's mouth, and the leftover that he understands, seem to be two concepts.

How many elixir are there in this hall!

"This is a forge medley that can wash the marrow body and improve the qualifications of the bones."

"This is an immortal pill that cuts the hair and washes the marrow to increase the strength of the physical body."

"This is an immortal pill that condenses energy."

"this is"

As the girl said, the bubbles burst, and the pill bottle inside flew in front of Su Ping.

Su Ping's breathing became heavy, and he asked, "Can I eat it directly?"

"Of course you can, your current cultivation base is too weak, not to mention these pills will decay if you don't take them for thousands of years," the girl said.

Is that a product that is close to expiration?

Su Ping didn't mind, even if the month expired, wouldn't he still be able to eat it at the beginning of the month?

Not to mention that there are still thousands of years before the expiration date, this is a fart!

Bo Bo Bo Bo!

Su Ping quickly opened the pill bottle, poured it in, chewing and swallowing.


These elixir are round and round, filled with the scent of various plants and trees, and some have a strange smell, but Su Ping asked if it had expired, so he ate it with ease.

This girl herself is an elixir, and an expert in this aspect, there is nothing wrong with trusting her.

After eating a few bottles, Su Ping suddenly felt his body change, a volcanic eruption-like heat swept through his body, and then, his muscles were contracting.

"If you eat like this, you will eat dead people." The girl couldn't help but see Su Ping's thirsty way of eating.

Su Ping was too late to say anything. He closed his eyes and felt his body. He felt that his bones were hot, his muscles were shaking, and the stars in the numerous cells in his body were also injected with a breath of fairy spirit, this fairy spirit. Qi is like some kind of additive, making Star Swirl excited and spinning more intensely.

During the rotation, the star power in the star swirl became more and more majestic, but in terms of purity, it seemed that there was no improvement.

Su Ping's star power has long been tempered by the heavens, and it is so pure that this immortal energy pill that condenses energy has no effect on him.

However, the energy in the Immortal Qi Pill was crushed by star swirls and transformed into star power, making the star power in Su Ping's body more powerful.


Su Ping's skin was red and steaming, and the golden crow **** and demon body in his body was also excited to release a wisp of ancient gods and devil energy.

Behind Su Ping, a huge golden crow phantom appeared.

When the girl saw this scene, her eyes were shocked. She could feel that the spirit of the gods and demons in Su Ping's body was extremely old, even surpassing the age of the Twilight Immortal King, and it was a more ancient creature!

Is this really the descendant of King Mu Xian Wang?

The girl's eyes flickered, but there was no sound. A bottle of immortal medicine still flew to Su Ping's face, all of which were used to improve combat power.

Su Ping swallowed a bottle of bottle, and his body shook like a dragon from time to time, and occasionally thunderous and vibrated. His physique became stronger and stronger, and the heat emitted from his body was like on a steam train. Its body is almost covered.

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