Astral Pet Store Chapter 837

Chapter 934: Starland Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"This is the elixir of building foundations to consolidate bridges!"

"This is a psychic elixir to improve your understanding!"

Bubbles burst behind the girl, and bottles of all kinds of top elixir flew out from it. These were all made by the Twilight Immortal King for the juniors under his command, and they were all top grades of the same level.


Su Ping stood in the white mist, his eyes glowing. At this moment, there was a strong sense of fullness in his body. His whole body was full of strength, as if he was about to break his body, but Su Ping felt that he could continue.

The star snails in his body became more and more solid, like planets.

The star power inside has turned extremely slowly, gradually liquefying from the original mist.

Su Ping raised his hand and directly popped the bottles open, took out the elixir inside, chewed and swallowed it.


In his body, the immortal power rages, turning into a majestic star power into the limbs, Su Ping feels that he can use this star power to directly break into the destiny realm!

He can sense the bottleneck of the dome on the bridge and can break it at any time!

But Su Ping was not eager to break through. Instead, he compressed the star power so that all the star power in the cell turned to liquid. In addition, the foundation of the elixir made the bridge built by Su Ping stronger and stronger. The elixir was shattered, and Su Ping felt that the bridge was rising, and it would soon turn from a bridge to a big mountain!

The top of the mountain is the bottleneck, and the bottleneck can be smashed directly by the bridge!

Su Ping closed his eyes, controlled with all his strength, and constantly suppressed the bridge, making it more solid.

Under the psychic elixir, Su Ping's thoughts became extremely agile, and his thoughts surged, seeming to be able to capture many subtleties. When he suppressed the bridge, he faintly realized a wonderful mood.

Soon, this wonderful artistic conception gradually deepened, and in the end, Su Ping suddenly had an epiphany.

He realized a new rule, water system, fusion!

Everything can blend in!

With the help of these new rules, Su Ping will continue to integrate the power of the foundation building elixir, making the bridge more and more solid and indestructible!

"Not a breakthrough yet?"

The girl was a little surprised when she saw Su Ping swallowing the elixir pill. After taking so many pill, a pig should break through it?

She saw at a glance that Su Pings cultivation base was still in the Void Cave Realm, but the majestic star power exuding from Su Pings body was so powerful that she felt that even someone with a higher cultivation base would stand in front of Su Pingan. It's crippled at the touch of it!

"This force already has the upper fairyland in charge of the rules, and even surpasses most upper fairyland!"

"How can he hold so much power in his body? This physique is too scary!"

Although the girl's cultivation base is high, she was shocked by Su Ping's weird phenomenon at this moment. She has never seen such a terrifying guy, thrown on the immortal youth list, is it estimated to sweep the younger generation, right?

Thinking of the immortal green list, the girl's eyes fluctuated, and those ancient memories came to her heart, making her recall.

At that time, she was still following an elixir by the Muxian King, traveling with the Muxian King through the world, having seen countless young talents, and stepping into many ancient Jedi.


There was a buzzing sound in Su Ping's body again, and the liquid star power in countless cells had been compressed to the limit, and the actual star power was condensed from it, like strands of fiber, seemingly like aerosol strands, but in fact But it is an entity. More and more of these fibrotic star forces are filling the inner wall of the cell, causing the space on the inner wall of the cell to shrink more and more.

Su Ping was still swallowing the pill, one by one, the elixir entered his throat and turned into hot celestial power. After the transformation in the body, it turned into a majestic star power and injected it into the cells.

Those fibrotic star powers are constantly piled up, and soon the cells are filled into a solid round!

The cell becomes like a substantive astral sphere!

"This is... the real star realm!"

Su Ping was in the process of cultivating, suddenly his thoughts were gone, and he entered a state of ethereal meditation.

He can clearly feel all the organs in the body, including every cell, and even he can control every cell in the body!

This is incredible. You must know that it is difficult for ordinary people to control their ears. The strong cultivator has strong control over various parts of the body, and can even move the bones, but this is close to the limit.

But Su Ping can control every cell, which means that as long as Su Ping is willing, his body no longer has "shape"!

He can change into any form in the world at any time.

Big form is invisible!

There is no fixed form, this will become extremely terrifying in the case of physical warfare, and the enemy can't imagine his attacking posture.

The Star Realm is the third realm that Chaos Star tries to achieve.

The Star Power, Star Vortex, Stars, and the fourth realm are the Star Atlas Realm!

Su Ping originally thought that he would only step into the star realm when he was in the starry sky realm or even the star master realm. When he was practicing the Chaos Star Force Diagram, he also had a description in it, the combat power corresponding to each realm, and the realm of cultivation.

Usually in the starry sky realm, it is possible to accumulate such majestic star power and step into the star realm.

Now, with the help of this fairy mansion, Su Ping has completed it in the virtual cave realm.

The countless cells in his body have all turned into stars composed of stars!

However, it is just entering the early stage of the stars, it is just the accumulation of energy. If you want to go further, you need to control the rotation of each cell to form an internal circulation.

As for the star map, it uses the power of cells to outline the ancient star map.

The star map is like an array, which can urge incredible power!

"My physical body seems to have become stronger..." Su Ping felt it carefully, and suddenly felt that his body had undergone a completely reborn change.

If he is allowed to shoot now, the purple-robed youth will not be his enemy of one punch!

In a short moment, Su Ping's strength has increased tenfold, completing a qualitative leap!


Su Ping did not stay, seizing the opportunity to continue to absorb and cultivate.

He merged the rules of cutting, Thor and others into the bridge and continued to consolidate.

As the rules are integrated into the bridge, there are rules and powers formed outside the bridge, defending the bridge like a patron saint.

Su Ping's breath became deeper and deeper, majestic like an abyss, and vast like a sea.

"Unexpectedly, I haven't taken it yet!"

The girl was a little surprised, with an extremely heavy color in her eyes. With her extensive knowledge, Su Ping in front of her is definitely an unprecedented existence in the same level!

Throw it into any era, it can be called a genius that shocks the ancients and the present!

After half a stick of incense.

Su Ping stopped gradually.

The bridge in his body has been built to the top, even if he uses the rules of fusion, he can't be solidified any more, and he will step into the destiny state if he goes further.

Su Ping is ready to wait for the rule tree of the leader girl, absorb the fruits of the many rules above, and then use these rules to break through the bottleneck and complete the greatest accumulation!

"You can eat the rest."

Su Ping threw the elixir behind him to Little Skeleton and Ergou, and at the same time called out the purple green snake, the white-scaled Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast, and the abyss green beetle that Su Ping rarely used.


The girl saw the abyss blue beetle, her eyes instantly condensed, "Abyss tribe? You actually enslaved an abyss tribe?"


Su Ping raised his eyebrows and looked at the Abyssal Blue Beetle that he had fed chubby. This little guy was captured in the Demigod Land, and was an alien invading the Demigod Land.

Unexpectedly, this girl also knew it, so the historical origin of this thing is quite long.

"This is a creature in the tiankeng, you actually have..." The girl said with a solemn face, "Could there be a tiankeng now again, is the Abyss Clan inside now alive?"

Su Ping was startled and asked, "Is this a creature in the tiankeng? That fairy king Mu...Is the tiankeng blocked by the old man, Xianzu, is this stuff?"

The girl shook her head slightly, "This is just a creature that lives in the sinkhole, but it has extremely weird characteristics. It feeds on thousands of races. Even the Protoss are afraid of them, but you are...too young and there is no threat at all."

"It's only Blue A-level, it hasn't evolved... Speaking of it, I have fed a lot of things, why don't you evolve yet?" Su Ping turned to look at the Abyssal Blue Beetle, his eyes are like seeing his own incompetence. child.

Abyss Blue Beetle: "?"

It looked at Su Ping aggrievedly and waved its claws to show that it was innocent.

"Delicious guy." Su Ping rolled his eyes.

Anyway, after being soaked in Joanna's sacred spring for so long, the evolution was so slow, fortunately, Demigod actually regarded this thing as an insect plague.

You are dragging down the damage of all the insects of your Zerg!

The girl glanced at Su Ping and didn't say anything. She felt that this guy who claimed to be the descendant of the Immortal King had many secrets in him, which was extremely strange and mysterious.

However, the girl was not stingy with the pill, anyway, they were about to expire, and they were all low-level pill, she didn't care.

Like those medicinal pills that can only be taken by the golden immortals, even if they are given to Su Ping, Su Ping can't digest them, but will burst suddenly.

Soon, a large number of various types of medicines were delivered to the mouths of Little Skeletons and Purgatory Candle Dragon Beasts under Su Ping's bottle, and they all had a full meal.

"You are the pill that Xianzu made by his old man. We are also considered as a family. I don't know how the seniors are called?" Su Ping was also free at this moment and asked the girl.

The girl said calmly: "Bi Fairy will do."

"Senior Bi Xianzi has any plans? Now that Xianfu has been born, there will be more invaders coming here. Those three golden immortals must be looking for Lord Xianzu's legacy and want to inherit." Su Ping said with a worried expression: "If the light is passed down, it will be enough. I am afraid that they will be too greedy and destroy the body of the immortal ancestor."

Fairy Bi raised her eyebrows slightly and was silent for a moment, before saying: "I have been here for too long. The first battle caused my pill power to be greatly consumed. Those three golden immortals...I am not an opponent."

Su Ping's heart suddenly felt regret.

Originally wanted to fool this girl and help him rob the fairy king's inheritance.

Even so, it is not very friendly to the three conferred gods, but... who can bear the inheritance of a **** realm?

Not to mention the inheritance of the strong in the gods, even if it is hundreds of millions of assets, it is enough for brothers to turn against each other. The most fragile thing in the world is emotion.

But the same, the most indestructible, is also emotion.

"However, I can't deal with it. There are a few guys who have this ability. Take these elixir first and let me find them." Fairy Bi turned around.

Su Ping was taken aback, his eyes suddenly brightened, and asked, "There are other seniors in the fairy house?"

"That's right." Fairy Bi didn't elaborate.

Seeing this, Su Ping didn't ask any more, and asked Little Skeleton and Ergou to stop and absorb first, calling the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Little Skeleton to join together to maintain the strongest combat posture.

Afterwards, the Violet Python and the Abyssal Blue Beetle were collected into the summoning space.

"Let's go."

Fairy Bi raised her hand and waved, all the elixir in front of her disappeared, and she was taken into another space.

Then Fairy Bi released a force and enveloped Su Ping. In a blink of an eye, a flower was in front of Su Ping's eyes, and he came into a void. Not far in front of him, there was a floating fairy palace floating.

boom! !

In front of the fairy hall, a loud noise suddenly erupted.

I saw dozens of figures appearing outside the floating hall, fighting.

There are three of them, all half-beasts, exuding extremely terrifying power, and they are accompanied by huge, mountain-like beasts on their sides.

Su Ping saw at a glance that one of the giant beasts was the old dragon clan who had appeared outside the fairy mansion before it was opened.

Those three terrifying figures are obviously the three Conferred God powerhouses who entered this fairy mansion!

At this moment, they are fighting with seven or eight figures. When these figures are fighting, their figures change from time to time, sometimes turning into a spear with immortal energy, and sometimes turning into a blade of devilish energy.

"how come"

Fairy Bi's face suddenly changed when she saw this scene, and she moved further away with Su Ping.

"They all have Golden Immortal-level mounts and spirit beasts..." Bi Xianzi's face was a little ugly, which made her unexpected.

Su Ping was stunned, and immediately knew that the opponent was not yet familiar with the current pet system, and felt that it was just three golden immortals.

In fact, these three Conferred Gods and their battle pets are comparable to more than a dozen golden immortals!

Even if it is the Conferred God powerhouse, their battle pets are not all Conferred God Realm, but despite this, it is still very terrifying.

"The one over there is..."

"They are the top immortal artifacts collected by Lord Immortal King!"


Su Ping was a little speechless, but he didn't expect Fairy Bi's helper to be these fairy artifacts.

These immortal artifacts are also psychic, capable of transforming into humanoid battles, and are inseparable from those Conferred God warfare pets, and most of them are Conferred God-level combat power.

"It's a pity that Lord Immortal King's supreme artifact is broken, otherwise it will be enough to suppress them!" Fairy Bi's eyes were complicated and a little uncomfortable.

Upon seeing this, Su Ping immediately knew that it was unrealistic to want to **** the inheritance from these powerful conferred gods.

He sighed secretly in his heart, but he was not too disappointed. Although it was quite regrettable, he had already gained a lot from this trip.

"Senior Bi Fairy, since this is the case, let's leave this place." Su Ping turned his head and spoke.

If this girl can be abducted, Su Ping feels that it will not be inferior to that inheritance, after all, this is an elixir that can increase the probability of becoming a king!

Those strong conferred gods probably did not expect that there was such an incredible elixir in the fairy mansion, so they went straight to the heritage and treasure house.

If there is only one Conferred God Realm here, they may search the past one by one from beginning to end, but the three Conferred God Realms, restricting each other, all set the first goal on the inheritance, and no one wants to miss the deepest biggest. treasure!

This led to the omission of the top elixir around him.

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