Astral Pet Store Chapter 838

Chapter 935: Outbreak Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Look again."

Fairy Bi furrowed her eyebrows tightly, with a worried look on her face.

Su Ping could see that she was not worried about the defeat of these immortal weapons, but that the body of the Twilight Immortal King would really be destroyed by these Conferred God Realms.

"I dug a hole for myself." Su Ping smiled bitterly. He hadn't mentioned this before. Instead of watching the battle here, he wanted this Fairy Bi to take him to search elsewhere.

The treasures everywhere in this fairy mansion cant be robbed of the inheritance, and Su Ping has no regrets, grabbing things from under the eyelids of the three Conferred God Realms, and all the benefits belong to him. This is the **** luck of the protagonist in the novel. It is impossible in reality.

Now that Fairy Bi wants to see, Su Ping can't leave her alone, sighing in his heart, and can only accompany him to wait and see.

Soon, the previous battle changed. The formation of the seven or eight immortal artifacts that was difficult to maintain appeared flaws. The three Conferred God Realm and their battle pets joined forces to kill a hole, and soon there was a fairy sword filled with immortality. He was beaten dimly by a Conferred God Realm and exploded tens of thousands of meters away.

The three Conferred God Realm took advantage of the victory and pursued, and the other immortal artifacts retreated steadily in time, and they were all beaten to sacred lights and severely damaged.

"Senior Bi fairy, let's withdraw first, or let them notice us, I'm afraid you can't escape." Su Ping quickly persuaded.

Fairy Bi also knew that the situation was over, her eyes were full of sorrow, and she sighed, "I have the Seven Realms Immortal Concealment Technique taught by the Immortal King, and ordinary golden immortals can't detect me... Nothing, I will take a look at the Tiankeng situation and leave ."


Seeing that he was finally persuaded, Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief.

Fairy Bi released a mist-like energy, enveloped Su Ping, turned and galloped away.

When they turned around, in the distance behind them, those immortal artifacts were gradually knocked down, and they were subdued by the three Conferred God Realms, each of which was collected into their small world.


Su Ping's vision changed, and he saw that the originally immortal palace was gone, and what appeared in front of him was an ancient void battlefield.

The corpses are everywhere, lying in the void, as if frozen in the years.

Many of these corpses were ancient immortals, and they were all war immortals under the command of King Mu Xian, among them there were many giant beasts, some were spirit beasts that subdued slavery, and some were invading monsters.

Inside, Su Ping also saw the corpse of the Abyssal Zerg.

This Zerg race is extremely huge, two stories high, and a red-gold fierce golden armor. At this moment, the carapace is shattered and its wings are broken.

In addition, there are many scattered and broken fairy artifacts floating everywhere, some sword blades are broken, some hammer handles are broken, it is not difficult to imagine the battle that once broke out here, how tragic.

At the end of the battlefield, there was a figure.

The moment he saw this figure, Su Ping had a sense of ten thousand years.

It was an extremely stalwart, majestic giant with a body like a straight mountain, with its feet on the ground and the sky above its head, holding up the sky with the supreme strength of its back!

He lowered his head, his hair was scattered, an ancient fairy armor was broken, and there were dense and innumerable scars on it.

Although there is no life energy in this giant, Su Ping feels that he is standing there alive, as if still in the long river of time, immortal!


Su Ping feels his heart beating involuntarily. This feeling is like seeing the elders of the Golden Crow clan, even stronger than that, because the elders of the Golden Crow clan suppressed his pressure when facing him. Although the giant has passed away, that stalwart body still has a terrifying power!

"Master Immortal King..."

The moment Fairy Bi saw this figure, her delicate body shook, tears welled up in her eyes.

The countless scars on that body made her feel distressed and painful. In that battle, she was charging, and was later injured by the Immortal King. He ordered her to stay in the Immortal Pill Hall and wait for the result.

This wait is tens of thousands of years!

But in the end... he was no longer there.

"You told me to wait, I waited..." Fairy Bi bit her lip, her cheeks were stained with tears, her eyes filled with endless sadness.

"You promised me that you will take me to the Xianxia Realm and take me to eat the candied haws of the Thunder Cloud Realm..." Bi Fairy held her chest, heartache that could hardly breathe.

There is a kind of heartache, which is to be able to feel the painful twitching of the heart!

It seems that the nerves of the whole body are all affected, and the pain is so painful that they can't help but curl up!

Fairy Bi bends down, tears streaming silently.

Su Ping looked at this pill fairy, who was still celestial and otherworldly, in a daze. He couldn't imagine how deep this kind of **** of thousands of years was.

What a pain this parting is!

But he knew that it must have been carved into the bones, even into the depths of the soul!

Su Ping was silent and had no comfort. He knew that any verbal comfort at this time was pale.

This stalwart giant is the Muxian King, the master of this immortal mansion, the supreme powerhouse of the gods!

Even tens of thousands of years after his death, he can't conceal his domineering posture that shone in the past and the present!

Soon, Su Ping noticed that in the void behind the Twilight Immortal King, some dark black shadows radiated out, and there seemed to be a huge hole.

Su Ping moved in his heart and couldn't help asking, "Is there a sinkhole?"

Fairy Bi was immersed in grief and did not hear Su Ping's words.

Su Ping didnt bother her anymore. He looked around and immediately aimed at the abyssal corpses. He summoned the abyssal blue beetle and said, "I remember you have a preference for the same race. Go eat and eat. ."

As soon as the Abyssal Blue Beetle came out, it was shocked by the stalwart Twilight Immortal King's battle body. After realizing that the latter was already a dead thing, he breathed a sigh of relief. Hearing Su Pings words, its eyes turned steadily. Looking at the corpses of the same clan, his eyes suddenly became round, revealing an incredible color.

Soon, this shock turned into ecstasy, and its figure flickered, and it rushed to the nearest golden beetle corpse at the fastest speed, and bite.

It began to bite from the broken internal organs of its body, but the internal organs of the corpse were also extremely tough, and the Abyssal Blue Beetle ate a bit harder, like chewing a piece of beef that could not be chewed.

But it is very smart and swallows it without chewing, anyway, its stomach acid is far more terrifying than its sharp teeth.


At this moment, Su Ping suddenly sensed an extremely powerful force pushing him, and his heart was shocked, and his entire body was erected. He turned his head and looked at him hurriedly, but he couldn't see anything.

"Senior, the three invaders are probably coming!"

Although he can't see the figure, Su Ping can basically guess that apart from the three conferred gods, who else can be so rampant in this fairy mansion?

The opponent is like a star, creating a huge impetus between actions, and he is just a dust.

If it weren't for Fairy Bi's secret technique, Su Ping estimated that he would have been exposed to the perception of these three Conferred God powerhouses a long time ago.

Hearing Su Ping's anxious voice, Fairy Bi came over from her sorrow. Her expression changed, she made a judgment within a ten-thousandth of a second and sensed the surrounding situation.


The Abyssal Blue Beetle that was gnawing on the corpse of the gold bug disappeared with the corpse and was taken into the small world by her. This speed was several times faster than Su Ping summoned it back!

At the same time, she shook Su Ping's figure, then disappeared in place, and then appeared in the broken body of a dragon corpse.

Less than three seconds after their figure disappeared, a few figures whizzed out, it was the three Conferred God powerhouses.

They are still following their battle pets, but the supporting battle pets have been put away, and only the battle pets who are also in the Fengshen realm are accompanied by their sides to prevent sneak attacks.


The first one stopped at the edge of the battlefield, his gaze crossed over the empty battlefield with corpses in front of him, but his brows were slightly frowned. When he saw the stalwart figure at the end of the battlefield, whose body was like an ancient god, his face couldn't bear it. When the color changed, his eyes became more solemn, and there was also a hint of surprise hidden.

The same is true for the other two Conferred Gods nearby. The three quickly glanced at each other, and they all saw their defense against each other.

With just a glance, they judged that the ancient figure was mostly the true supreme beyond the Conferred God Realm!

"This ancient corpse should be the master of this Immortal Palace."

"Unexpectedly, so long after death, there is still such a deterrent and courage, it is really immortal!"

"This is the Supreme Divine Realm... the realm that I can't wait for."

The three Conferred Gods looked at the body of the Muxian King, a little amazed and a little bit sorrowful.

A realm as strong as this, but eventually died.

"Two people, this is a corpse of the Supreme Divine Realm, and it is so completely preserved. There should be great secrets hidden in the body. Perhaps we can see the secrets of divine cultivation through its internal structure. We might as well divide it into three parts. Lest we fight each other and hurt our peace!"

One of them, with white hair and a very refined look, smiled.

Another young man with red hair raised his eyebrows slightly and said indifferently: "It's so well preserved. If it's destroyed by us, wouldn't it be a pity? Why don't we go in together and take a look, and then we will allocate it after we finish reading it."

"That's great."

A woman with dark blue hair next to her also agreed. Her skin was snowy, she was ashamed of the moon, and there was frosty arrogance in her eyebrows that looked down on everything in the world, but her eyes were very deep, as if she had gone through endless years.

The opinions reached an agreement in an instant, and the three of them didn't delay, and quickly rushed towards the body of the Twilight Immortal King.

They didnt evade anything in their conversation. Perhaps their attention was focused on the body of King Mu Immortal, and they didnt take a close look at anything else around them, but their words fell into Su Pings ears, what the three said. They are all federal lingua franca.


Su Ping felt something unspeakable in his heart. This Immortal King Twilight must have been the most powerful and mighty figure before his death. After his death, his body was to be divided. What an insult?

However, Su Ping couldn't comment on it. After all, these three Fengshen Realm came here to hunt for treasure.

"What did they say?" Fairy Bi turned her head to look at Su Ping.

She noticed the change in Su Ping's face and guessed that he could understand the language of the three people.

"Hmm..." Su Ping was a little bit at a loss as to how to answer. Given this Fairy Jie's feelings for the Mu Immortal King, if he knew these three Conferred God Realms, he might have jumped on the spot.

When the time comes, her head is hot and she rushes out. Not only can she not run away, but she also has to bury her with her.

After all, the strong man of the gods allowed them and other soldiers to come in. It was expected that they could only pick up the tatters on the outside. When they found out that he, the stranger, actually ran to such a deep place, he would definitely be searched inside and out. Kill!

"This one"

Just as Su Ping was trying to use his words, a loud noise erupted suddenly.

Su Ping and Fairy Bi looked at the same time, and saw a divine light burst out of the chest of Immortal King Mu, shining outside, and the damaged armor with countless scars reached its limit at this moment and cracked to pieces.

With a bang, a dragon beast roared out of the broken chest of the fairy king, and then slammed in again.

Su Ping looked dumbfounded.

The three people reached a unity of opinions so quickly, he thought it would be a peaceful distribution in the end, but he didn't expect that they had just entered the corpse of the fairy king, and a big battle broke out.

Sure enough, in front of the Supreme Treasure, no matter how high the cultivation level is, there is no way to restrain it.

Sometimes character has nothing to do with cultivation, just like quality has nothing to do with wealth.

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