Astral Pet Store Chapter 839

Chapter 936: The Sky Is Falling Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Beside, Fairy Bi was stunned.

The next moment her eyes burst into tears, a little red, and a terrifying celestial power erupted all over her body, which made Su Ping next to her feel like her body was crushed.

"Senior! Senior!"

Su Pings internal strength erupted, resisting this terrifying power, and hurriedly said: "Dont be impulsive. Once you appear, they will attack you. Senior, you are the supreme elixir. If they defeat you, they will still If you devour you and then increase your cultivation base, you can't let them succeed!"

"If Immortal King Mu is still alive, I definitely don't want you to sacrifice like this in vain!"

Fairy Bi had green hair flying, like a demon, a little crazy, eyes filled with celestial aquamarine tears flowed, these tears are the pill power in her body, with extremely strong pill power.

"Senior, if they eat you, they will only destroy the remains of the Twilight Immortal King even more severely. You must hold back!" Su Ping tried his best to grab her slender hand and persuade loudly.

Fairy Bi's body shook, and the violent celestial spirit on her body gradually stopped. Her eyes were full of ruinous madness, and she gradually woke up, her silver teeth clenching tightly and enduring desperately.

Seeing her finally regaining her sanity, Su Ping felt a little relieved, and said, "Senior, it is not too late for a gentleman to revenge for ten years. When we have the ability in the future, we will find them to settle accounts again. Don't be impulsive, you are the fairy king The biggest treasure left!"

When Fairy Bi heard the words "The Greatest Treasure", his eyes changed a bit and turned to look at Su Ping.

This is a pair of eyes full of sadness and pain, enough to pierce the hardest heart.

Even Su Ping couldn't help but feel tenderness gushing out of his heart at this moment.

"But I...nothing can help." Fairy Bi gritted her teeth, tears gushing out, but her breath became more and more restrained, and finally she was completely hidden.

She raised her head and looked over there, and saw that the three Conferred Gods had already been beaten on the chest of Mu Xian Wang and were caught in a melee. However, two of them were faintly attacking that with double teams. Red-haired youth.

During their battle, Twilight Immortal King's body became more and more severely damaged, and his chest was completely split.

Even if it is a strong god, after tens of thousands of years after death, at the last moment of the battle, the lamp has been exhausted, and at this moment, under the attack of the three Conferred Gods, the body that has lost its strength cannot resist.

Su Ping was also looking at this scene, in a mixed mood.

He thought of the words of the dead souls in Taolin.

The Twilight Immortal King opened up the future for the Human Race, and now his body stands here after his death, and was actually destroyed by the Human Race descendants. What a irony!

The war that year left the fairy king with scars all over, and he never maimed his body.

But now, his body was broken!

"Senior, let's not watch it and leave here."

Su Ping watched the increasingly fierce battle. His naked eyes could no longer see the movements of the three Conferred Gods. The magical skills they used had a kind of radiating power, which made Su Ping's eyes piercing. Pain, he wanted to take Fairy Bi to leave, lest the anger she had just suppressed burst out again.

Fairy Bi's hands were tightly clenched into fists, and the grief in her eyes had long turned into monstrous hatred. This hatred was engraved in the deepest part of her pupils, engraved in her soul.


At this time, one of the Conferred God Realm suddenly uncovered a weapon, which was a spear of immortality that had just surrendered not long ago!

This long spear was held in his hand and burst out into the heavens, piercing the wings of a fire phoenix in the Sealed God Realm, and the spear's afterglow made hundreds of meters of scars on the chest of the Muxian King.

This was originally a weapon collected by King Twilight, but at this moment it was used to destroy his body.

Fairy Bi stared at this scene, her body trembling. Suddenly, a crazy smile appeared on her face, and she muttered to herself almost like a demon: "They will die, they will definitely die, Lord Immortal King uses his own The body blocked the sinkhole for the human race, and they destroyed his immortal body, just opening the sinkhole..."

The more she said, the more ferocious smile on her face became, she didn't have the demeanor of a fairy at the moment, but she looked like a witch.

Anger makes people crazy.

No matter how beautiful a woman is, she will shit, and her **** is smelly.

Su Ping was stunned when he heard Fairy Bi's words, his pupils contracted slightly, and couldn't help saying: "What happens if the tiankeng is opened?"

This is the place where the ancient Immortal King blocked it with his own **** battle, Su Ping couldn't imagine it.

He looked at the dark area behind the immortal body, and sure enough, it was like a huge black hole radiating from the body of the Twilight Immortal King.

Only to the edge of his body, there are only some shadows that are reflected, not obvious.

"Will die... will die!"

Fairy Bi smiled grimly, but tears kept pouring out of her eyes. She knew how tragic the World War I was, how many strong people were assembled, and how much determination she had made. Now, all these efforts have been wasted, even though she hates it. Three human beings, but she was even more heartbroken that the great effort of the fairy king was wasted.

Su Ping's cold hair stood up and his scalp was numb. What could be something that a divine realm could resist? If it comes out...Unless you come to the Divine Realm again, who can stop it?

But the powerhouse of the gods, in the entire federation, is the top existence, scaly phoenix!

"These three Conferred Gods... have pierced a big hole!" Su Ping was also a little angry, as a powerful Conferred God Realm, he had a catastrophic disaster!

"Senior, let's leave now!" Su Ping said quickly.

If it is really dangerous, it is safest to escape back to the shop.

Fairy Bi turned his head and glanced at him, her eyes flickered slightly, as if he was examining Su Ping, as if he was examining a human being.

Su Ping's heart jumped when he saw her eyes, but he didn't avoid it and still looked at her sincerely.

Fairy Bi stared for a long time before she retracted her gaze and said, "Whether you are a descendant of Lord Immortal King, with your secrets, you have a bright future. I can take you away, and I will also assist you and help you become a king, but Before that, you must sign a contract with me. When you become a king, you will find the chaos and undead world that has long since disappeared, and look for the soul of Lord Immortal King!"

Su Ping was startled, and said quickly: "I promise!"

At the same time, he was a little puzzled, "Has the Chaos Undead World disappeared?"

He can obviously enter the system... Could it be that the system has channels?

"The Chaos Undead Realm disappeared as early as a great war in the ancient times." Fairy Bi said, with a gloomy look in his eyes, "Otherwise, I would have left here long ago to find the Immortal King in the Chaos Undeath Realm. The soul is gone, help him reshape his body and regain the throne!"

"I promise you, I will help you find Lord Xianzu's soul." Su Ping said seriously.

He didn't directly say that he has a way to go to the Chaos and Undead world.

After all, even this Fairy Bi said that this place has long since disappeared, and he can't find a way to go. If he says that he has a way to go, the other party will only treat him as a nonsense, without credibility.

"It's useless to say that I will sign a contract with you, but this place is not suitable, let's go first." Bi Xianzi said coldly.

Su Ping smiled bitterly. Seeing the performance of the three Conferred God Realms, this Jade Fairy had obviously changed his mentality, and he became less friendly to Human Race, even hostile.


At this moment, a huge sound suddenly appeared.

Su Ping was so frightened that his soul was trembling with the sound. He turned his head and looked around, his eyes shrank suddenly.

I saw that the chest of the Mu Immortal King was completely split, and the three Conferred God Realm had already been shot out of the Immortal King's body, fighting in the void.

Thinking about it, they didn't want to destroy this divine corpse too much.


Su Ping's expression changed abruptly. He saw a black vortex exposed deep in the broken chest of the Mu Immortal King. On the other side of the vortex, there was a vague scene, distant and ethereal, but faintly visible, It is an extremely turbid and barren world, full of death and strange breath.

Is that the sinkhole?

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