Astral Pet Store Chapter 840

Chapter 937: Return Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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When Su Ping was surprised, the three conferred gods who were fighting in a melee seemed to perceive something, and suddenly stopped, and at the same time looked at the whirlpool deep in the cracked chest.

Fairy Bi, who was next to Su Ping, had a sad and sarcasm smile in her eyes.

"They are not dead, they are coming out."

"Oh, let's go."

Fairy Bi said indifferently, Su Ping turned the light and shadow in front of him, and came to a palace, which was the fairy ware library where the war had erupted before.

As soon as he arrived here, Su Ping suddenly heard a loud noise erupting in the distance, which shook the entire fairy house!


Fairy Bi didn't stay, her face became serious, and he moved again with Su Ping.

This time, Su Ping came to the steps that he had crossed earlier.

He suddenly saw that at the end of one side of the steps, there was a broken immortal stele with a few ancient immortal characters on it, which Su Ping didn't know.

"The fairy steps are still..." Fairy Bi took a look and wanted to take Su Ping to transfer again. At this moment, Su Ping suddenly saw a large number of figures in the square behind the steps. The leader of the girl and others.

At this moment, they didn't know what path they passed, and they all passed the abyss and gully, and came to the Xianfu Square at the end of the steps.

"and many more."

Su Ping hurriedly shouted.

Fairy Bi had a pause, frowning and looking at him.

Su Ping hurriedly said, "There is an old acquaintance of mine, can Seniors ask me to inform her."

Those three Conferred God Realms pierced through the chest of the Muxian King, allowing the blocked Tiankeng behind to appear. With Fairy Bi's words, Su Ping didnt even need to think about it. There must be something extremely terrifying to be released and stay behind. There is no doubt that this is a dead end, but the regular Tao tree is still in the hands of the middle and second girl.


Fairy Bi frowned slightly, and said quickly: "Give you a breath!"


Su Ping drums up his energy and conveys the star's thoughts, directly into the minds of the secondary two girls in the square, "Leave here quickly, there is a big danger!"

The leader girl who was looking around in the square suddenly heard the voice in her mind. She was startled and turned to look around, but she didn't see Su Ping, but she had heard Su Ping talking before and knew it was him.

"Big danger?"

Thinking of the vibrating sound just now, the leader girl's face changed slightly. Could it be that Gang's sound was not caused by the three Conferred God powerhouses in the depths of the Immortal Mansion?

She looked at the immortal halls in front of her, with some hesitation.

Seeing that the second girl in the middle school didn't respond, Su Ping was a little anxious. As expected, greed would kill people.

But he had no time to say more, and with a whistle, Bi Xianzi took Su Ping straight away.

"I knew this earlier, I shouldn't have deposited the ruled Tao tree with her before." Su Ping smiled bitterly in his heart, but he couldn't predict what would happen before.

When he reappeared, Su Ping realized that he had already arrived in the cosmic starry sky outside Xianfu.

"Is this the world today..." Fairy Bi glanced at the stars and stars in the deep universe, her eyes flashed slightly, without hesitation, she quickly moved away.

There are also a large number of space aircraft carriers and space battleships flying in outside this fairy mansion, all of them are starry sky adventurers who are exploring secret realms, who want to come here to pick up some treasures.


Su Ping saw that he came to an extremely empty starry sky. Through a dazzling and blazing star in the distance, he could judge that the place was already thousands of miles away from the fairy house.

Thinking of the grand gathering of countless people in front of the Immortal Mansion, Su Ping sighed in his heart, not knowing what was in the pit that day, if it came out, it could be resisted by the Muxian King, making this Bi Fairy so secretive, I'm afraid the three. Conferred gods are hard to resist, and they will burst out sooner or later.

"It's too dangerous. It really is to ask for wealth and danger. If you don't ask for it, you will die, or you are safe in the nurturing world." Su Ping secretly said in his heart.

"This place will fall soon, I will take you away." Bi Xianzi turned her head and took a look. Su Ping knew the direction she was looking, which was the location of the Xian Mansion.

He said: "I have a refuge, so seniors will take me over."

"Refuge? It's useless. No matter what kind of refuge, there is no way to resist it. You can only stay away from this place. Since you said that Human Race is the strongest race in the world, there are strong people comparable to the fairy king?"

"Yes, I just don't know if the news here goes out, if they can come over in time."

"Don't give the hope of life to others, we'd better stay away from here." Fairy Bi taught, at this moment, she seems to have cultivated Su Ping as the successor of the Immortal King.

Su Ping cautiously said: "Senior, you can just take me back to my refuge, it should be the safest place in the universe."

"The safest place? Is there a fairy king?"

Fairy Bi didn't have a good air.

Su Ping snorted, scratching his head and said, "No, but there is a guy who is more difficult to deal with than the fairy king. Even the fairy king... shouldn't be able to break it."


Fairy Bi was a little surprised, looked at Su Ping, and saw that he didn't seem to be joking, so she couldn't help asking: "Are you sure?"

"Yeah." Su Ping nodded affirmatively.

Fairy Bi would like to say that you dont know how the Immortal King exists, but seeing that Su Ping is so confident, she still refrained from saying this, go and take a look, anyway, this place is already some distance away from the Immortal Palace. Even if the things there really come out, they won't be killed for a while.

"Okay, I will accompany you to have a look first." Fairy Bi said, "Show the way."

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief and immediately took out the lord star order. This lord star order has the effect of cosmic positioning and can show where he is at the moment.

In this space, there are satellites all over, and the signal is extremely strong.

"In that direction." Su Ping pointed.


Fairy Bi directly took Su Ping to move without saying a word.

Each time it moved across several planets, Su Ping was amazed.

Soon, Su Ping found the planet Rhea, which was in the distance to the northwest of the Zeruprun galaxy.

"It's there."

"It's here?"

Fairy Bi raised her eyebrows, looked down at the planet in front of her, and quickly said: "The spiritual energy on this planet is thin, and the highest cultivation base is only Shangxianxian. You are sure that the refuge on this top can withstand the attack of the fairy king. ?!"

Her face was a little unsightly at the moment, and she felt that Su Ping was despising the Immortal King.

What kind of status is the Immortal King, his majesty, and his contempt for the Immortal King, which was thrown away in the time of the year, is enough to be imprisoned by the nine races, and will never stand up!


Su Ping didn't know how to answer, and she sighed in her heart. He knew the situation on the planet just by looking at it. Is this the horror of the power of the Conferred God Realm?

"It's here, seniors will know if I go there." Su Ping smiled.

Fairy Bi frowned slightly, but didn't say anything. As soon as his mind moved, the two jumped directly from the space station outside Rhea into the planet.

The atmosphere and the detection barriers blessed outside the atmosphere failed to capture them.


Standing high in the sky, with the vast ocean at his feet and land around him, Fairy Bi asked Su Ping.

Su Ping looked at the positioning, and immediately said: "It's on the continent ahead, I'll lead the way."

Star power burst out of his body, this time he did not allow Fairy Bi to continue to move, and directly galloped forward at the fastest speed, tearing the deep void, and galloping through the fourth dimension.

In just a few tens of seconds, when Su Ping rushed out of the fourth dimension, he had already reached the sky above Camp Chau.

To him now, spanning a continent is nothing more than a minute.

In the fourth dimension, the rules of space were chaotic, and Su Ping realized that he could resist it with his physical body and was unharmed!

He hadn't felt how much his strength had increased before, but he had a deep experience at this moment. It is estimated that even at the top of the Starry Sky Realm, he would not be able to achieve this level.

Fairy Bi was walking quietly beside Su Ping like a leisurely garden, looking at the scene below at will. Her spiritual thoughts were already outside the planet, and she had covered the entire planet, completely seeing through.

Including the depths of the seabed tens of thousands of miles deep, including some volcanoes, and the thundering continent full of monsters and beasts, she also probed carefully, but she did not find any refuge that Su Ping said.


Su Ping quickly found Warfelt City and drove away.

In a short while, Su Ping returned to the sky above the city, he tore the void directly, and teleported out of the shop.

Two figures appeared outside the store out of thin air, shocking the customers who lined up around them. When they saw that it was Su Ping, they suddenly uttered surprises.

Soon, someone noticed that Fairy Bi, in a green skirt, was stunned and a little suffocated when she saw her stunning, mortal face.

The street that had just been a little turbulent suddenly became silent.


Tang Ruyan at the entrance of the store immediately noticed the people around Su Ping, and was also shocked by Fairy Bis stunning appearance, but soon her eyes became a little bit savoury, and when she went out, she turned back another girl, and she was shocked by Fairy Bis face. Not losing to Joanna in terms of value, she is a beauty of another style.

"Business is good?" Su Ping returned to the store, finally letting go of his heart.

He chuckled and greeted Tang Ruyan.

Tang Ruyan came back to his senses, his face was stern, and he coldly snorted, "I don't need to talk about business, I can't entertain you, Anna and I are here to help you make money, you actually..."

"What is it?"


Bi Xianzi glanced at Tang Ruyan and saw through his whole body at a glance. There was nothing hidden inside and out, including the cells and meridians in the body.

"This is the refuge you're talking about?" Fairy Bi's gaze fell on the shop, but he didn't expect that the refuge Su Ping was talking about was a shop.

Let her focus a little bit is that the two sculptures outside the store are quite valuable, and the real monsters and spirits are actually sealed inside, making the sculptures look very imposing.

The obese mouse under the sculpture is also a bit peculiar, with a very low cultivation base, and the energy in the body has actually expanded a bit, far exceeding the energy that this cultivation base should have.

"Yes, this is my refuge. I will take you in and have a look, and introduce a friend to you by the way. There should be some common topics between you."

Su Ping said with a smile.

When I return to my home, I am always happy.

After arriving home safely, Su Ping felt very rewarded when looking back at this trip. If the second-second girl could come back alive, he would be in a better mood.

Fairy Bi said nothing, and followed Su Ping into the hall.

"My God, who is this fairy!"

"It's so beautiful. I thought that Miss Anna was already at the level of a celestial being. I didn't expect that there could be a comparable existence in the world!"

"I don't know if this beauty likes someone kowtow, I want to kneel!"

"Boss Su is too mighty. I heard that when I went out to do business, he actually brought back such a beauty. Is Boss Su a beauty harvester? How can I find such an extreme beauty?"

"It feels like the first female soldier **** in our federation is similar to them, right?"

"I don't know if Boss Su accepts pets in his shop, I want to show Boss Su to the door!"

The people lined up outside the store came to their senses, and it was boiling. All the males from the teenagers to the gray-haired old men felt a kind of enthusiasm at this moment.

In the shop.

Su Ping saw Joanna who was entertaining customers behind the counter, and immediately said: "Anna, introduce you to a friend."

Joanna raised her head, a flash of shock suddenly flashed in her eyes, is it an illusion?

This feels a bit familiar!


Fairy Bi also saw Joanna. In addition, she was a little surprised to find that her spiritual thoughts could not penetrate into other rooms in this store.

Not to mention this shop, as long as she wants to, she can directly peer into the star core of this planet!

Previously, when she scanned the planet, she did not pay attention to these residential areas. After all, in these ordinary urban areas, you can know what is going on with a little perception. The refuge that Su Ping said can resist the fairy king, it is impossible to be in such a noisy area. , At least it must be an extremely special Dongfu.

I didn't expect it to be in the downtown area, and it was still a shop!

"Pure-blood Protoss?" Fairy Bi's eyes narrowed slightly, and she was a little surprised. Such a pure-blooded Protoss is rare, and she can feel that this woman has an extremely powerful physique, and may be the royal family of the Protoss!

"This is Joanna, my employee, this is Senior Bi Xianzi, Anna, Senior Bi Xianzi and your deity have similar cultivation bases." Su Ping introduced with a smile.

A shock flashed in Joanna's eyes.

Similar to her deity's cultivation base?

Order **** level? !

Su Ping went out and brought back a **** of order, which was so scary!

Is this the manpower behind Su Ping?

"Similar to her deity?" Fairy Bi was also shocked by Su Ping's words. Is this Protoss girl in front of her just a clone? She couldn't perceive this, but she could feel that the energy in this girl's body was indeed inconsistent with her cultivation level. If she had to say it, she would be a peerless wizard!

If it is a Jinxian clone, it is understandable.

After all, with the cultivation of the deity, it is normal for the clone to have such a terrifying qualification.

"You said she was your employee?" Bi Xianzi turned her head and looked at Su Ping suspiciously. A golden fairy actually let her clone work for Su Ping?

Even if it is a clone, it is also majestic!

"Yeah." Su Ping nodded with a smile, and said: "If you want to come to our shop, I can also sign an employee contract with you. By the way, as my employee, the Chaos Undead World you mentioned earlier, I can Take you there."

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