Astral Pet Store Chapter 841

Chapter 938: Blue Star News Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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"Can you go to the Chaos and Undead world?"

Fairy Bi was stunned. She opened her eyes slightly, and said, "Do you know the way to go to the Chaos and Undead Realm? How is it possible, that place has already disappeared, and the way to there has been cut off. With your cultivation base, how could it be possible? where to"

Speaking of this, she suddenly stopped, her body trembling slightly, and a ray of hope slowly appeared in her eyes.

If she didn't see Joanna next to her, and this shop that she couldn't explore and perceive, she might sneer at Su Ping's words, but now, she felt a little bit unable to see Su Ping.

Maybe, this boy really has a way?

Or during their silent period, what happened in this world that they didn't know.

The chaotic necromantic world that has been cut off for a long time may be back in the world again!

Thinking of all this, she actually became a little nervous.

When Joanna next to her heard this, she couldn't help but look at Fairy Bi again.

Isn't this the person behind Su Ping?

Is it really a fool around halfway?

Chaos Undead Realm... Isn't this a world like the Primordial God Realm? How could it be cut off? What kind of existence can cut the way to the Chaos Undead Realm?

This is the ultimate destination of all the heavens and the creatures, all races and all things!

But looking at Fairy Bi's words, it doesn't seem to be a lie.

Joanna was a little puzzled, at least she had never heard of it during so many years of fighting in the Demigod Land.

Could it be the great war that broke out in the Primordial God Realm?

For a moment, she thought of all kinds of things, and she was silent.

Tang Ruyan next to him was stunned. She knew vaguely that what the other party was talking about seemed to be something extremely extraordinary, but she didn't understand it at all.

Sure enough, he was too weak, and he couldn't even keep up with his insights.

Tang Ruyan glanced at Su Ping, her eyes a little gloomy.

"I have my own way. You can rest assured that I don't have to lie to you." Su Ping smiled, but his tone was very sincere.

Fairy Bi looked at him with a bright smile, in a daze. If there is a way, doesn't it mean that she is only one step away from being able to resurrect the Twilight Immortal King? !

"Then can we go now?" Fairy Bi asked quickly.

Su Ping shook his head and said, "No way now. You must first become an employee of this store, and then perform well in this store and be selected by outstanding employees before you can have the right to enter."

"What kind of employee selection, what is this, I can give you all the elixir of Xianfu, you will take me there immediately!" Fairy Bi hurriedly said.

In the face of such major events, she didn't want to listen to the mere employees or anything.

Isn't this a joke?

What does going there have to do with being an employee, let alone being a good employee.

Joanna next to her is a weird one, come here again? Well, he is very familiar with this routine. In other words, is this guy serious, or is he fooling around?

Is it possible that the matter of going to the Primordial God Realm is also a fool?

The expression in her eyes became a little suspicious, but thinking of Su Pings various performances in the Demigod Land, especially the infinite ability to bring back to life, he felt that even the Supreme God might not be able to do it. The existence behind this guy is absolutely beyond. The existence of imagination, shouldn't it be necessary to deceive yourself like this?

"It has nothing to do with the elixir. This is a process that must be followed. Only if you become my employee and perform well, I can take you there. Don't ask me why. I can't tell you the specific reasons. In short, this is the rule!"

Su Ping showed some tough tone and said: "Senior has been waiting for countless years, so it's not too late. If you perform well, it is estimated that you will be a good employee in a few months."

Fairy Bi looked distraught.

There was no direction before, so I waited and waited. Now that I see hope, every second is hard for her.

"Can't I give you all the elixir?"

"No way."


Fairy Bi was a little speechless. The temptation of those elixir, even Jinxian would go crazy, Su Ping actually regarded it as nothing. Isn't these elixir worthy of being an employee?

"Well, I promise you."

Fairy Bi gritted his teeth and compromised.

She faintly guessed that there might be a reason, or a conspiracy.

For example, when this so-called employee, there are pits in it.

Otherwise, Su Ping would not be so persistent.

"Okay." Su Ping was relieved when he was persuaded, so he didn't have to spend any more words. Even though the Dan fairy was an employee, he would not be able to leave the shop, causing him to lose a Conferred God-level help.

But with this pill fairy's special circumstances, if she really takes her out to arrogantly scream outside, once she is noticed, and the news spreads, it is estimated that the entire Federation of Fengshen realm powerhouses will flock to her.

Even if there is a shop at that time, it can keep him worry-free, but he can't keep shrinking in the shop to practice until the Conferred God Realm before going out.

That is too long.

If he only cultivated to the starry sky, Su Ping could bear it.

After all, for him, the starry sky realm was just a blink of an eye, and if he wanted to, he could break through in place now.

"System, draw up an employee contract for me."

"Okay." The system agreed quickly, and it sounded very relaxed.

Su Ping feels more and more that this system is not a machine, but a living creature, and an extremely chicken-thief...


A cold snort sounded.

Needless to say, it was issued by the system.

This guy has a peeping quirk, as always.

Soon, an employee contract appeared in Su Pings storage space. Su Ping raised his hand and took it out. He glanced at it. It was the same as the sales contract signed by Joanna... Bah, the employee contract is the same. of.

"OK, sign it, and leave your soul aura on it with divine mind." Su Ping said.

Fairy Bi's eyes suddenly condensed, and she felt that this paper contract contained a touch of extremely cryptic and inaccessible power, which was higher than her cognition.

The astonishment in her eyes became more and more intense. Back then, she followed the Emperor Mu Xian, and she was stunned by all walks of life. She was knowledgeable, but she had never seen such a peculiar thing.

"Are you sure you will take me to the Chaos and Undead Realm?"

"Of course, the person next to me as an employee is asking me to take her to the Taikoo God Realm. She is already an excellent employee. I am too busy during this time and will take her there if I take the time." Su Pingnu said.

Fairy Bi was stunned, glanced at Joanna next to him, and then said to Su Ping: "You can still go to the Primordial God Realm? Isn't the passage there also cut off?"

"Well, yes, I don't know, anyway, I can go." Su Ping shrugged.

Joanna stared at Su Ping and didn't say anything.

Fairy Bi looked at Su Ping, was silent for a moment, released his spiritual mind and signed the contract.

The moment she saw King Mus body shattered, her heart died. If it werent for Su Pings persuasion that those people would grab her and eat her, she would not care about her own life or death. Rush out directly.

She resisted, but she didn't want to take advantage of these guys who destroyed the body of the Twilight Immortal King.

"Okay." Fairy Bi said.

Even if there are any traps in this contract, she doesn't care. She originally planned to assist King Su Pingcheng to help him find the Chaos Undead World.


The golden light on the contract flashed and slowly dissipated. The next moment, Fairy Bi felt something in her mind, and soon she knew the sea and heard an extremely stalwart ancient voice.

To say it is sound, it is better to say that it is a kind of existence similar to sound, like...will!

This will contains irresistible majesty, unable to look directly and look up, even Fairy Bi, who has seen countless big figures following the Immortal King Mu, can't help but jump in shock in front of this ancient will.

She felt a sense of horror, it seemed that a slight movement of this will could destroy her soul!

What is this existence? !

Soon, this will spread out, and she informed her of a code.

This is a...employee code.

In addition, there are various tasks that employees should complete.

Fairy Bi accepted this will, and her heart was extremely shocked. After a long time, she recovered and returned to the store before her eyes. When she looked at the boy in front of her again, her eyes were shocked.

Is this the existence behind him?

The doubts in Fairy Bi's heart are now more than half dissipated, and the ancient will alone made her feel that this is an existence that is even more terrifying than the Immortal King, unimaginable!

Could it be some ancient immortal emperor?

That is the existence that governs the Great Thousand Immortal Realm and is equal to the "Heaven"!

At this time, Su Ping was also in the shop panel and saw the new employees.

Bi Xianzi's detailed information is in the employee panel.

Including the skills she has mastered, cultivation level, and the magical use of the body...

Well, this is detected by the system and has nothing to do with him.

"It turns out to be a **** pill with chaotic energy!" Su Ping was surprised. He didn't expect that this Jade Fairy was actually refined by the chaotic energy in the ancient world. No wonder he could help others conquer kings and break through from the Conferred God Realm. Supreme God Realm!

"From today, you are an employee of this store, and I am the owner of this shop. I will trouble the seniors to help me in the future." Su Ping said politely.

The Bi fairy had rescued him several times before. Although she is now an employee, Su Ping still respects her.

Fairy Bi also came back to his senses, her eyes were complicated, and said: "I know, if I become a good employee...you will really take me there, right?"

"Of course, it is clearly stated in the employee agreement that you can go anywhere, including the Primordial God Realm." Su Ping said seriously.

Fairy Bi nodded, with a smile on her face, which made the whole shop feel bright, like spring flowers blooming, and ice and snow melted, "I will do it well."


At this time, Su Ping thought of the cataclysm of Xianfu, and a flash of worry flashed in his eyes. Although he had a shop and worry-free, countless people on the planet Leia had nowhere to escape.

Moreover, in addition to the planet Rhea, the entire Zeruprun galaxy has an innumerable population.

"That Mias family seems to be the ruler of the Zeruprun galaxy. They should be notified." Su Ping thought of Mia who came to his shop. The latter initially reported his surname, and Su Ping later The Lords Order of the Star has checked that this Laifa family is extremely difficult, and it has ruled the Zeruprun galaxy for tens of thousands of years!

The leader of his family has lived for more than ten thousand years.

Only the lord of the Zeruprun galaxy of the previous generation, who violated the federal law and committed major incidents, was removed and replaced with the Leyfa family.


"Huh? Is it Boss Su?"

The communication was quickly connected, and Mias surprise voice came from the other side. At this time, another female voice came from the side: "Mia, who is so happy, boyfriend?"

"Ah, no..." Mia's voice sounded extremely shy, speaking to the **** the communication side.

Su Ping felt that she was blushing and blushing in her mind. She couldn't help but cough lightly and said, "It's me, I have something important to tell you."

"What's the matter, Boss Su." Mia's voice regained some composure, and said to Su Ping.

Su Ping said solemnly: "You know the recently opened Void Immortal Mansion, something happened there, I just fled back, there is something incredible in the Immortal Mansion, I don't know if it will be released, but it is likely that you will Its best to inform your family, investigate it quickly, and think about how to deal with it by the way."


Mia did not expect that Su Ping would talk about the Void Immortal Mansion. She thought that Su Ping would talk about petting beasts. She was stunned, and then said: "Boss Su, is what you said is true? But I didn't hear about it there. , Have three Conferred Gods power in? Even if there is something, the three Conferred Gods can suppress it, right?"

Su Ping was a little speechless, just the three guys pierced through the basket, they can suppress a fairy ass!

"I don't think it will work. I don't know. You should let your family hurry up and investigate." Su Ping solemnly said. He didn't directly say the danger of the sinkhole. If he was tracked down, he would know that he had entered. Through the depths of Xianfu.

Moreover, directly speaking out the harm, it is estimated that the other party may not believe it, after all, no matter how he is, it is only a starry sky.

And the family behind the opponent is a giant star master, and countless starry sky realms under his command. How can it be so scared that it will send people to investigate because of the alarmism of a starry sky realm.

That being the case, Su Ping stopped talking, and when they found out, he would naturally understand.

"This..." Mia hesitated. She has no right to speak in the family. There are many members of the Leyfa family, among which there are millions of elite members. But her line is still a concubine, although she herself He is an elite, but he is not qualified enough to speak in the family.

Moreover, if the news is wrong, it will bring her and the parents behind her a lot of trouble and be attacked by other collaterals.

"Xiao Mia, what did you say about the gods, what's the situation?"

"Sister Offit, it's like this..." Mia quickly explained the situation.


"Well, that's what Boss Su said. He is a cultivation master and shouldn't lie."

"Master Cultivation... OK, I will contact my father and let him talk about it."

"Thank you Sister Offit."

"Thank me for what I am doing, if it is true, it would be dangerous..."

The two girls on the opposite side of the newsletter were talking, and as they were talking, Mia reacted and quickly apologized to Su Ping. Su Ping didn't care. Since the other party had already reported it, he was relieved.

After hanging up the communication, Su Ping thought for a while, took out the lord's star order, and entered the war alliance.

But found that the war alliance was empty and there was no one.

Should the group be destroyed?

The corner of Su Pings mouth twitched slightly, and the Rule Dao Shu was still in the hands of the second-degree girl. Sure enough, a woman would affect her growth rate...

Su Ping sighed after quitting the Lord's Star Order. Suddenly, he thought of Ren O'Neal. This guy was probably dead in the small world of the second and second girl. In this case, wouldn't the planet Leia become an unowned thing?

In other words, that super **** spirit fruit... isn't it just let him pick it?

Without Raine O'Neal, the Raine family Su Ping can knead it at will.

And with his current strength, even if Ren O'Neal comes back, he can easily defeat and grab directly.

However, as a gentleman, it is better not to grab it directly, or not to grab it...

"How about the pet fight, is it the final?" Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan.

Tang Ruyan woke up from his thoughts and saw Su Ping's concerned eyes. There was a touch of warmth in his eyes. He nodded and said: "It's almost here, you are leaving for almost a week, and it will be the finals soon."

"Almost a week?" Su Ping was startled, he hadn't been to Xianfu for a long time.

Is the time flow rate different...

Su Ping came to understand a little bit, this was a day in the cave, and his body was weak...Bah, a week in the world!

"Okay, you go entertain customers."

Su Ping didn't say much, and said to Tang Ruyan: "Senior Bi Fairy has just arrived, if you don't understand, please take her to order."

"Yeah." Tang Ruyan nodded, looking very well-behaved.

Su Ping suddenly felt a little uncomfortable seeing her so obediently. If this guy didn't talk back to him, it would be a bit abnormal.

Now there are three employees, and the two of them are officially temporary. Su Ping can be considered retired. He sat on the sofa in the store and continued to turn over the Lord's Star Order to pay attention to the situation of the War League.

At this moment, a piece of news came out suddenly.


When Su Ping looked at the title, he suddenly felt excited and suddenly sat up.

The ancient homeland of mankind, the mysterious ancient tree of Blue Star, whose flower will fall?

Su Ping quickly clicked in, and immediately saw paragraphs of text and some accompanying pictures.

The Blue Star mentioned above is his hometown!

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