Astral Pet Store Chapter 842

Chapter 939: Push The Planet Horizontally Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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Su Ping's eyes tightened and he took a quick tour.

Soon, after reading the news, his face was terribly ugly.

I don't know when on the Blue Star, a mysterious ancient tree grew, which is extremely extraordinary, attracting the attention of other planetary forces nearby, and a war broke out on the Blue Star, fighting and fighting.

This battle has been going on for three days!

The Blue Star natives called in the news wanted to defend this mysterious ancient tree and robbed these forces, but they were suppressed at the very beginning!

What are vying for each other now are the forces on other planets.


Anger erupted in Su Ping's eyes. He remembered the cutting-edge power on the Blue Star when he left the Blue Star, that is, Nie Huofeng and Old Qin.

This mysterious ancient tree did not know where it came from, but no matter what, it was all on the Blue Star.

Other planetary forces dared to fight on the Blue Star and suppress the Blue Star people. It was a robbery and lawlessness!

"Dad is a Skywalker, and he has strong combat power. I will leave him with some defensive things before leaving. He won't get ahead..." Su Ping's heart tightened, and his face became more ugly.

"what's happenin?"

At this moment, Fairy Bi noticed Su Ping's face and couldn't help asking.

Joanna and Tang Ruyan, who were busy, also glanced over, and when they saw Su Pings face was really wrong, they were all startled. This guy is usually calm, and everything is clear. They rarely see Su Ping so angry. Looks like.

Generally, when he is so angry, something big will happen.

"What's the matter?" Tang Ruyan ignored the customers in front of him and hurriedly walked over and said with concern.

Su Ping restrained the anger in his eyes and stood up and said, "I want to go back to Blue Star!"

"Are you going back to Blue Star?" Tang Ruyan was startled, his face suddenly changed, "Did something happen on Blue Star? I'll go too, I'll go with you!"

"You stay here, I can go back alone."

Tang Ruyan bit her lips tightly, feeling very uncomfortable as a burden.

Su Ping turned to Bi Fairy and Joanna next to him and said, "The shop will be handed over to you."

"I'll be with you." Fairy Bi frowned slightly, and said: "You are my only hope now. I will not let you disappear under my nose. I will go wherever you go!"

Su Ping shook his head and said: "If it was before, I could still take you there, but now you sign an employee contract, you can only be in my shop, you can't get out of the shop, so I can't help it if I want to take you there. "

If I saw the news earlier, Su Ping would be able to ask her to help take him home.

A strong man in the Conferred God Realm leads the way, faster than he takes a spaceship.


Hearing Su Ping's words, Bi Xianzi's face changed slightly, her figure flickered, and she suddenly appeared on the side of the road outside the store, but in front of her, there was an invisible force blocking her.

At the same time, the ancient will that disappeared in her mind gave out an extremely majestic thought.

This thought was telling her that if she tried to step out of this area, she would be obliterated!

Fairy Bi gritted her teeth, still a little unbelieving, she stretched her hand forward with divine light in her palm.


The divine light dissipated like ice and snow, and her fingertips were also shattered like fly ash!

There is no power fluctuation, but there is a kind of obliterating power, destroying her!

Fairy Bi's pupils tightened, and hurriedly retracted his hand, only to see that half of his fingertip had been cut off.

The immortal power flowed in her body, and it took some pill power to regenerate the wiped finger.

The sudden appearance of Fairy Bi caused everyone in the line to be in a daze. When they saw the divine light gathered in her palm, they were all shocked, feeling an extremely stalwart power that completely surpassed them.

This feeling is even scarier than seeing the starry sky!

Could this beautiful girl be a giant in the star realm? !

Thinking of this, everyone in the line looked jealous. This boss Su went out and actually hugged Bai Qiangmei's thigh!

Young people know that soft rice is fragrant, and old girls will suffer!


Fairy Bi didn't give everyone a chance to see more, and she returned to the store with a flash, her face was a little ugly.

"It's useless, this is one of the employee agreements. It was clearly written in the previous employee code contract. You should remember..." Su Ping said.

Fairy Bi was stunned. He didn't expect that what was written in the contract was actually true.

At the time, she thought it was just verbal rules and regulations. She really wanted to violate it, but could she stop herself?

And now the truth is... it really can.

"I can't let you leave my eyelids!" Bi Xianzi gritted her teeth, staring at him, and said, "Although I can't leave this shop, I can move this shop away. I'll go wherever you go. !"

"Can you move this store?" Su Ping was taken aback, and asked the system in his heart, "Is it true?"

"What do you think? The store created by this system can be carried by others!" The system is not in a good mood.

Su Ping automatically made up for a pair of white eyes that were turning. He didn't know whether he should be lost or happy. If he had any choice, he also hoped that Fairy Bi could move the shop and move directly back to Blue Star.

Su Ping was also more at ease with this Fengshen Realm sweeping the formation next to him.

Happily, the ability of the system is still as strong as ever, which makes him quite at ease.

"It's useless, you can't move this store, otherwise you won't be confined to it." Su Ping shook his head and said.

Fairy Bi closed her eyes and opened them after a moment, with a gloomy face, and said: "This shop seems to be a peerless fairy, I really can't shake it!"

Su Ping nodded and said, "It can be understood that, the store will be handed over to you, I will take a step first.

"and many more."

Fairy Bi cried immediately.

Su Ping frowned and looked at her.

"I just tried it. Although my people can't get out of the shop, my strength can be passed on. I can't move this shop, so I will move this planet!" Bi Xianzi said astonishingly.

Su Ping's expression was stagnant, and Tang Ruyan next to him was also stunned, his eyes widened.

Only Joanna had a calm and unsurprising appearance.

"You... are going to move this planet!?" Su Ping reacted and looked at her in astonishment.

Carry a planet? !

Does Fengshen Realm's boss all speak like this?

"Yes, where are you going, I will push this planet over!" Fairy Bi said seriously.

"Uh..." Su Ping didn't know what to say for a while, pushing a planet, which was a bit weird to him, but for the Conferred God Realm boss, it might be no different from playing marbles.

"I'll find the map."

Su Ping didn't say more, now that time is running out, he just wants to return to Blue Star as soon as possible.

Pulling out the Lord's Star Order, Su Ping searched for the position of the Blue Star, and quickly found the position of the Blue Star on the east side of the Sylvie Galaxy.

After the blue star migrated, it migrated to a galaxy called Morx in the Sylvie galaxy.

This galaxy is about ten times larger than the solar system, with hundreds of planets sharing a super-solar star.

"Route selection, space battleship, interstellar rail, walking..."

Su Ping chose to walk.

Other ways require detours, jumping to different galaxies, and occasionally jumping back and forth, and walking is the most direct distance.

"At this position, but the distance is very far, it has to span many small galaxies." Su Ping projected the map on the lord Star Ling, and showed Fairy Bi the way.


Fairy Bi took a look, took a deep breath, and shot out ethereal snow-white celestial air from her body, and said, "Let's go now!"

Su Ping was startled.

At this moment, suddenly an exclamation came from outside the store.

Standing in the store, Su Ping also felt the ground shake suddenly. His eyes widened. Could Fairy Bi have exerted his force to push the planet? !

Su Ping was shocked. This is the power of the Conferred God Realm. It is nothing to explode a planet, it is terrible to push!

If it explodes, Su Ping's current strength is enough to explode. He only needs to sneak into the depths of the planet and explode in the star core to detonate the heat in the star core and destroy the planet.

But life and life push... This is an unimaginable force!

You must know that this planet is spinning and is affected by the gravitational force of the Zeruplun galaxy. If you want to push it, you have to stop the rotation first, and then pull it out of the gravitational circle of other planets.

"What's the situation? Earthquake?"

"Impossible, we have a seismograph in Warfitt City, besides, there are rock beasts guarding the ground, how could there be an earthquake!"

"My God, look, the moon is out!!"

"Really, what's the situation!?"

Shocking and astonished exclamations sounded outside the store.

Su Ping's figure flashed and rushed to the outside of the store. He immediately saw the sun-drenched sky at the moment before it turned into a dark night, and the stars flew past his head!

In addition, a silver moon appeared in the sky, and the moon was shining all over the city.


Tang Ruyan, who walked out next to him, was shocked to see this scene.

Promote a planet?

That woman has such a terrifying power!

This is the person Su Ping brought back? !

The shock in her eyes quickly faded and the curtain came to an end.

Su Ping did not notice Tang Ruyan beside him. When he saw the starry sky outside, the shock in Su Ping's heart was beyond words. When he returned to the store, he saw Bi fairy in the store, surrounded by immortal spirits, and his figure Submerged, in the depths of this immortal Qi, a jade-like light flashed.

"She doesn't seem to be a human..."

Beside, Joanna appeared next to Su Ping at some point, staring at Bi Fairy and whispering.

"she is."

Su Ping stared at the fairy and said seriously.

Joanna glanced at him and frowned slightly.

Su Ping looked down at the lord Star Ling, the location on it was still there, his eyes widened slightly, and he saw the location of the planet Rhea, really moving forward in the space dimension at a speed visible to the naked eye!

The planet Rhea really broke away from the Zeruprun galaxy, being pushed by Fairy Bi, flying towards the blue star like a meteor!


At this moment, everyone on the entire planet Rhea shook.

The stars above his head were changing, and the speed was so fast that they were visible to the naked eye. Everyone was a little confused and didn't know what was going on.

Some people even thought it was an illusion.

The media news in all parts of the state exploded, and all investigators and media personnel were sent to investigate the matter.

In Zhongzhou, all important branches in the Wren family headquarters were alarmed.

Especially the Ministry of Astronomy.

The Department of Astronomy, which is responsible for monitoring outer space, is now collectively confused and shocked by the entire department.

"I, what did I see, we are... leaving the Zeruprun galaxy?!"

"Is the planetary thruster activated... It seems that the energy fluctuation signal is not detected, what's the matter?"

"Hurry up, hit me, I stay up too late, have you hallucinated?"

Except for the Department of Astronomy.

Another department in charge of planetary thrusters was also dumbfounded, and sent people to inspect the planetary thrusters at the first time. This planetary thruster is convenient for adjusting the trajectory of the planet, and can also be used to avoid some unavoidable cosmic meteorites.

However, most meteorites will be destroyed by the Star Destroyer in space.

"Report! The planetary thruster in Zone One is stalling, but it didn't start!"

"Report! The planetary propeller in Zone 2 is stalling, but it didn't start!"


News came out one after another, and soon, the top executives were a little confused.

The planetary thruster didn't start, why did the planet behave like a demon, throwing itself out of the Zeruprun galaxy? !

Soon, the news was reported to Leifeng, the territory of the Rennes family. Many senior members in the family and the big figures in charge of various departments all gathered in the conference hall in the first time through virtual projection.

The emergency meeting starts!

"The reason is not found?! Bastard, what did you eat, did you eat?!"

"A mysterious power is detected covering our planet Rhea? Is the source of this power detected? What kind of energy is it?"

"Quickly, go to the Zeruprun galaxy, use the planet calling device, and let Lord Leyfa help!"

"Quickly calculate, at the speed of our planet, if you hit a meteorite, how much impact will you receive!"

"Quick, go quickly, dispatch all warships to escort, and before Lord Lord arrives, be sure to protect the planet!"

"The Star Destroyer is ready to warm up. If it encounters a meteorite, it will be destroyed directly!"

"Around the world, immediately start emergency disaster avoidance!!"

"Let all the cities, open the energy shield, we have to pass this level together!!"

The entire conference hall resounded with the roar of the head of the Wren family. Now that the real lord of Wren O'Neill is absent, the head of the Wren can only make his own choice.

The entire Rennes family was in motion, and it was a mess.

This suddenly flying planet caught the Lane family off guard.

At this moment, everyone on the planet Rhea walked out of their homes and looked up at the space above their heads.

The stars changed, they saw many galaxies that they could only see on TV before, and the appearance of those galaxies now flew by before their eyes!

Some planets are extremely huge, as if they are passing by the atmosphere, and there are also huge meteorites, whizzing away from the top of their heads.

All these changes make people feel an illusion.

The planet is moving fast, like a train, galloping forward!

It's just...Is it possible! ?

Everyone was a little confused.

The only thing that calmed them a little bit was that although the astrology above their heads kept changing, there was no bumps or vibrations in the ground under their feet, except for the initial shaking.

However, as time went by, someone soon felt that breathing began to become a little quicker.

The oxygen in the air seems to fluctuate violently, making breathing somewhat difficult.

In some areas, people felt their legs were weak, and the gravity under their feet seemed to become stronger. An impulse was pressed down from above, causing them to bear more atmospheric pressure.

"What happened?"

"Is it the end of the world?"

"I seem to see the Centaur, but it seems to be far away from us, how could it..."

At this moment, people on the entire planet are paying attention to the abnormal star above their heads.

Even some adventurers hunting in Leiming Island were shocked by this vision at this moment and at a loss.

"If the planet is pushed, will the astral body collapse?"

Su Ping looked at the positioning of the lord Star Ling, his position was advancing quickly, he became a little worried, and asked Fairy Bi who was exerting his strength.

Fairy Bis face was inhaled, revealing her exquisite and vulgar cheeks, and calmly said: "No, I have wrapped the entire planet with my strength to offset the impact, otherwise, the people on this Will die!"

Su Ping breathed a sigh of relief. This method was no longer to the extent he could understand.

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