Astral Pet Store Chapter 843

Chapter 940: Hurry Up Seeking Subscription For Monthly Pass

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On Leiming Chau.

A Kyoho Mountain in the depths of the Leimu Forest.

At this moment, there are many thunder dragon beasts gathered here, surrounded by the mountain, some leaping into the air, some landing on the mountain, the inner three layers and the outer three layers gathered.

And in the center of many Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts, there is a deep pit stone pond, there is thick blood in the stone pond, about half the height of the pond.

A giant dragon squatted in front of this huge stone pool, crawling on the ground, all over his body wrapped in chains. In the dragon wings, shoulder blades, back dragon spine, dragon tailbone, etc., there were sharp black nails pierced and chained together. Make it immobile!

Beside this burly Hankong Thunder Dragon beast, there is a long white python covered with snow. At this moment, the white scales all over his body are stained red with blood, and the body is also pierced by black nails in many places and collapses on the ground.

"The mere inferior species actually seduce my clan, with a humble body, vainly attempting to conceive our clan dragon, clinging to our clan, and the crime should be punishable!"

A majestic voice was passed from the mouth of an old Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast nearby, cold and merciless.




Outside the court, many Hankong Thunder Dragon Beasts roared and roared. The unified roars echoed each other and shook the mountain.

On the ground, the snow-white long python was lying on his stomach like death, with sadness in his eyes.

Next to it, the burly thunder dragon beast, which was prostrate on its knees, suddenly opened its eyes that were so weak that they were half open!


A frantic roar came out from his mouth, and the entire audience suppressed the lengthy roar of killing!

"To move it, kill me first!!" The burly Thunder Dragon Beast roared with red eyes and raised its head. The chain on its body suddenly pulled straight, and the black nails driven by the chain were also shaking, tearing the wound. The blood gushed out again, sliding down the scales that had already dried up.

It raised its head and looked around the audience with unparalleled arrogance and nobility.

On the ground, the snow-white python's body shook and turned to look at it. There were tears in its eyes at this moment, and it made a sobbing voice: "Don't worry about me, you are the young patriarch, they will not How about you, I will die when I die. If there is reincarnation, I must be reincarnated as a dragon, and I will match you..."

"You don't need to be reincarnated as a dragon, you are a perfect match for me now!" The burly Hankong Thunder Dragon Beast lowered towards the haughty head of the group of dragons, with a gentle color in its eyes, and looked down at it.

The snow-white python had already burst into tears and screamed.

"shut up!!"

Suddenly, a roar sounded, and then, a detached terror pressure fell, shocking the audience.

The dragons all bowed their heads and looked at the descending figure in awe.


"Nielong! Even with a humble long worm, and gave birth to a nondescript freak bastard, when will you wake up!!" The patriarch yelled angrily, hating iron and making steel.

"It's not a long worm, it's my partner!" The burly Thunder Dragon Beast raised its head and glared at the huge figure that could not be resisted, which was far larger than its size.

This is the kingship that has been pressed on top of its head since childhood, and has never dared to resist, but this time, it looked directly at it, full of anger and sternness in its eyes!

"Shut up!" The patriarch roared again, feeling that the other party's words were unbearable and unbearable. It said to an old Hankong Thunder Dragon beast next to it: "Execution, execution of this humble thing, let it die in the dragon pool, it is already considered The kindness of my race to it!"

"Yes, Lord Patriarch." The old old dragon respectfully agreed.

At this moment, suddenly a burst of exclamation sounded.

The sky above my head suddenly became dark and the moon appeared.

At the same time, the stars swiftly passed by, and a neighboring planet in the ring could be clearly seen, but at this moment, it was also thrown into the distance until it disappeared.


When the patriarch saw this scene, he was taken aback, looked up, and his eyes suddenly appeared astonished, "Such a planet is moving? How is it possible! The guy Ren O'Neal has no such ability, is he encountering a major enemy?"

At this time, the surrounding dragons were all exclaiming again and again, shocked by this unprecedented sight that had never been seen before.

"Clan, patriarch, is this?"

Some elders couldn't help asking.

"Is it a phantom? What means is Ren O'Neill doing? Could it be that he noticed my star breaking operation?" The patriarch was also surprised in his eyes, unable to guess.

On the ground, the burly Thunder Dragon Beast did not look at this vision, but gently bent down the dragon's neck, moved its body, shook its chains, pulled the black nails, and flowed like blood. It tried its best to bring its head closer to the head of the snow-white python, looking at it tenderly with its eyes. At this moment, for them, nothing can affect them or draw them.

If you are destined to die, be with you for a moment.

"The stars are whistling!"

"It seems that our planet is whistling!"

"What happened!?"

The dragons are all looking up at the starry sky, such a vision, so that they have temporarily put their executions on hold.


At the moment when the planet Leia sailed out of the Zeruprun galaxy, the lord of the Zeruprun galaxy, the Laifa family was also alarmed.

Some of them constantly monitor the conditions of the various planets in the galaxy. The detachment of Rhea's planet is too much to be detected in the first time.

"what's the situation?"

"Rhea ran away? Flew?"

"Did you throw out the gravitational ring? Could it be that the planet's gravity has a problem?"

"No, all the data on the gravitational instrument is normal. It seems that some external force pushed the planet out of the galaxy!"

"Strange, it was just detected that when the Rhea planet was leaving the galaxy, the fluctuations in the planet turned out to be green areas, which is only equivalent to the level of a ninth-level tsunami!"

"Isn't it possible? To escape at such a fast speed, according to the calculation of the impact force, there will be a global tsunami and landslide, at least 20 disaster levels!"

At the same time, a call for help from the planet Rhea came.

Soon, this information and the help message of Leia Planet were all sent to the hands of Patriarch Laifa.

"Planet Rhea flew?"

"Strange, you don't have to panic, I'll check it out."

The lord of the Laifa family set off immediately and went personally.

As a star master, he has his own special spacecraft, which is taken out of space, like a Void Shuttle, which instantly breaks through the planets atmosphere and flies into space, then the engine explodes, and a starry vortex appears in front of the spacecraft. The whole is like a sharp arrow ready to go, piercing violently into the whirlpool.


The spacecraft disappeared, and when it waited again, it had already jumped seven or eight light years away.


After the spaceship jumped one after another, it didn't take long to come to the planet Leia, sitting in the spacecraft, you can see that the planet Leia is like a mass of meteor fire at this moment, galloping forward in the void!


Immediately after catching up with the planet Leia, the lord noticed that he was extraordinary and was a little moved. "There seems to be a hidden and vast power covering it. This is... the power of the Conferred God Realm?!"

He was a little surprised. The Leia planet was actually being driven by the Conferred God Realm powerhouse, flying?

"The power of the gods, what do you want to rob the planet Leia?"

"The Leia planet is not a rich planet either. Could it be that I found it casually? It's strange that this conferred **** hasn't reported to me, so I'm not afraid of breaking the federal law..."

Lord Leyfa frowned, not knowing what to do.

He didn't dare to act rashly when it came to the great figures in the Conferred God Realm.

"Lord Lord, are we going to intercept the planet Leia?" a graceful and graceful woman in an exquisite aviation suit walked and said.

She speaks with a smile and has a vivid expression, but in reality it is just a robot, the skin is made of silicone, the touch is no different from the real person, and there is a warm system.

"No, follow me first." Lord Leyfa frowned.

Wait and see if you are undecided.


Rhea Planet, inside the shop in Warfite City.

Su Ping asked Tang Ruyan to send out the customers in the store, and it was closed today.

As for Bi Xianzis movement, although some customers attention has been drawn, these customers dont know what she is doing, and they will not associate things like pushing the planet horizontally with the beautiful girl in front of them. After all, all this is incredible. , And most people still can't believe that the planet is moving at this moment, but instead think that something is going on in the starry sky.

"too fast!"

"Senior, can you still hold on?"

Su Ping looked at the positioning of the lord Star Ling, a little shocked, this speed was not inferior to his riding in a spaceship.

"adhere to?"

Fairy Bi turned his head and looked, "What are you kidding? Do you need to persist in doing this kind of thing?"


Okay, excuse me.

"I'm about to jump the planet, it may be a little shake." Bi Xianzi said.

After speaking, the emerald-like green glow became more and more radiant in the fairy qi outside her body. With a thud, Su Ping suddenly felt a shock in her feet, and then heard an exclamation from outside the store:

"The starry sky has disappeared!"

"The stars are gone, what's the matter?"

Everyone was shocked and frightened, not knowing what was happening on this planet.

Su Ping came to look outside the store, and suddenly jumped up a little bit frightened. Fairy Bi has squeezed the entire Leia planet into deep space!

How dangerous the deep space is, the Void Realm can cross the second space.

At this moment, the dark space outside the planet, Su Ping felt that it might be the third or fourth space.

The deeper the space, the faster the speed. Suddenly, Su Ping heard a misty whisper, which disappeared as soon as it appeared, but just for a moment, Su Ping's cold hair stood up.

Is this the paleontology of the fifth dimension whispering? !

When Su Ping was shocked, stars suddenly appeared in the starry sky above his head, and there was also a scorching sun shining on, and an extremely huge star in the distance could be seen glowing and heating, which was a jump into a galaxy.

Soon, these scenes disappeared again, and the planet jumped again.

Su Ping returned to the store, looked at Fairy Bi, and saw that her expression had become dignified, not as casual as before. It seems that driving a planet to shuttle through deep space is also quite for the Conferred God Realm powerhouse. A labor-intensive thing.

Su Ping lowered his head and glanced at the location, which was immediately shocked.

With just this jump, the distance has been shortened by one-fifth!

There are at least seven or eight small galaxies in the middle, hundreds of thousands of light-years away!

"Blue Star..."

Su Ping looked at the blinking light spot before the positioning, where the blue star is, father, mother, sister, waiting for me, I am coming!

Su Ping began to make preparations, summoning the Purgatory Candle Dragon Beast and Little Skeleton to adjust their status.

Soon, the second space jump ended.

The distance has been greatly shortened again.

time flies.

The people on the entire planet Rhea are in shock.


On the other side, Blue Star.

Since the seal of the abyss was unlocked, the soil area of the entire Blue Star has been greatly increased, and the size of the planet far exceeds the original size, and the disaster is over. Soon after Su Ping's departure, the Blue Star gradually recovered and was destroyed by the abyss beast wave. In all states, there are builders returning.

So far, the abandoned base cities on all continents have basically been restored.

At this moment, in a deep sea adjacent to the Blue Star sub-land area, the deep sea is full of turbulent waves, and an ancient tree like the sky is standing here. The lower half of the ancient tree is located in the turbulent deep sea, with only the exposed part. , Has penetrated through the clouds and directly connected to the sky, seeming to extend beyond the atmosphere.

The canopy of the tree is surrounded by clouds and mist, with branches and leaves scattered, and the emerald green leaves circulate golden clouds under the sun's rays, which is extremely extraordinary.

This is the mysterious old tree that appeared on the Blue Star a few days ago.

This ancient tree was so huge that after it appeared, the news quickly leaked out and couldn't be hidden!

Now that Blue Star has been in line with the Federation, there are many travelers who come to Blue Star, and the tourism industry is very developed. After all, Blue Star is an ancient planet and has a reputation for the origin of life. Many people want to see what this old antique planet is. kind.

Under the sightseeing of these alien tourists, the news could not be blocked. In just a few days, various forces were attracted, and as time passed, more and more people came.

At this moment, above the old tree, many figures are all around, all watching.

"There is a mysterious force field under this tree canopy, you can't get close!"

"My rule force can't be broken, this tree is too mysterious, and it feels like it will give birth to incredible fruits!"

"This may be a plant in the Star Home Realm!"

"Everyone, our Baloya family was the first to come here, don't we have any opinion on this old tree?"

"Fart! You have a share, and you want to swallow it alone, but your Baloya family is not enough!"

Everyone sneered at each other, and those who came here were all competitors of each other.

In the distance, several figures were suspended on the sea, looking up at this ancient tree and the many figures on it.

"This old tree has grown to such a big size as soon as it appeared. It must be an incredible treasure. Are we really going to give it to these outsiders?"

"What can you do if you don't let it? The lord is not here, Senior Nie has been injured, and he is still recuperating. The guys here are all in the same starry sky realm as Senior Nie. We don't have the ability if we want.

"Damn it, it's something on our planet, so why don't we even get a share of the pie for them!"

Several people gathered here to observe the trend report, but everyone's face was a little gloomy and angry.

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